Samsung P200 User guide

BT Fusion
Set-up Guide
Samsung P200
Welcome to BT
Thank you for choosing BT Fusion
Use this guide to help you find your way around your new mobile
service so you can keep in touch with friends and family wherever you
are. It provides you with essential information such as what you need
to do before you can use your mobile, safety and security, and some
useful features to make managing your calls easier. It also contains
information on other useful services you can enjoy such as BT Call
Minder Multi, Multi Media Messaging and how to access the Mobile
Internet for fun ringtones, games and news alerts.
Get the most out of BT Fusion
When you’re out and about, your new mobile works like any other. However, when you use
it at home, your mobile connects with the BT Fusion service automatically using Wi-Fi and
your BT Home Hub. Wi-Fi technology not only gives you great value on your voice calls, it
also allows you to surf the Internet from your mobile at super fast speeds.
You can make up to five simultaneous calls when connected to the BT Home Hub – and all
can enjoy the lower call rate. You can even pair your handset with someone else’s BT Home
Hub, so you can even get lower rates at your friends’ house.
BT Fusion intelligently switches calls seamlessly* between the wireless broadband network
when you’re at home and the BT Mobile network when you’re on the move. The wireless
broadband icon will appear on your mobile screen to tell you that you are connected to the
wireless broadband network.
What’s more you can use BT Fusion at any of the thousands of BT Openzone hotspots.
You’ll find them in a wide range of locations: bars and pubs, BT payphones, cafés, health
clubs, hotels, libraries, museums, motorway service stations, railway stations, restaurants,
shopping areas... or by viewing available wireless networks on your mobile screen.
*Calls will continue to be charged at the rate applicable to wherever the call was started.
BT Fusion checklist
1 - Prepare your mobile
2 - Get started with BT Total Broadband
3 - Connect your mobile to BT wireless broadband
4 - Ready, Steady, Go
Your new mobile
Frequently asked questions
Voicemail 1571
BT Call Minder Multi
Managing your calls
Multi media services
Going abroad
BT Mobile World
Mobile security
Useful numbers
BT Fusion checklist
Use the simple checklist
overleaf to ensure you are
ready to use BT Fusion.
1 Prepare your mobile
Insert your BT SIM card
2. Install the battery
1. Insert the SIM card.
Make sure that the gold-coloured
contacts on the card are face down
Charge your battery fully
3. Plug the adapter into a standard
wall outlet
4. When the phone is fully charged,
unplug the adapter from the wall outlet
Switch on your mobile
Switch off your mobile
1. Open the phone
1. Open the phone
2. Press and hold
2. Press and hold
3. If necessary, enter the PIN and press OK
Copy your phonebook to your new mobile
To find out how to copy your phonebook to your new mobile,
please refer to your handset user guide.
Save your phonebook before porting your number
Ensure that you save your phonebook before you port your
number, otherwise you will lose all your existing names and
numbers when you swap SIM cards. To do this:
• Save your existing phonebook from your old SIM onto your
existing mobile
• After you port your number, insert your newly activated BT
SIM card into your existing mobile and copy the phonebook
to this SIM
• Finally, remove your BT SIM card and insert into your new
BT Fusion mobile
Check your voicemail
Any text messages, voicemail messages and personal greetings
you have on your old SIM card will be lost, so make a note of
anything important before you swap SIM cards.
Get started with BT Total Broadband
Before you use BT Fusion ensure your BT Home Hub installation is complete and your BT Total Broadband service is working.
Check your BT Home Hub’s Broadband and Internet lights are steady green.
Please note: The Wireless light may also flash.
Whatever your query, we’re here to help.
Call Customer Services on 0800 783 2326.
Connect your mobile to BT wireless broadband
If your Samsung P200 and BT Home Hub arrived in the same delivery, your mobile will already be set up to use BT Fusion
so you can benefit immediately from great call rates. This will be clearly marked on your mobile.
However, if you already have a BT Home Hub and only received a Samsung P200 in your current order, you will need to set up BT Fusion by
following the simple step-by-step instructions below.
1 From the idle screen, press
the Menu soft key to access
Menu mode. Then, using the
Navigation keys, highlight
Settings and press the Select
soft key to enter the menu.
Highlight the Wi-Fi option and
press the Select soft key
Highlight Available Networks
option and press the Select soft
Your mobile lists all available
networks. Highlight desired
network such as:
Then press the Options soft key.
Highlight the Connect option,
and press the Select soft key
Note: For a regularly used Wi-Fi connection
i.e. your BT Home Hub save this first before
Enter the Key and select Continue.
The Key is the wireless key that is
displayed in the GREY box on the
label located on the back of your
Note: To enter a number quickly, press and hold a
number key until you see *. (You will not see the
number appear).
our phone will now register and
connect to the network. You are
now successfully connected to a
BT Wireless Broadband connection.
To save your preferred network
return to the list of available
networks, highlight the
network you’d like to save,
then choose Options, then choose Save.
Wi-Fi status indicators
If in range of the Home Hub you will also see the
Wireless icon active on your Home Hub
Wi-Fi Signal strength indicator.
GSM Signal strength indicator.
Enter the Wireless Key, then select Save.
Wi-Fi Status (Flashing Red icon): Searching for
an available network.
The next screen will be the profile screen and shows the
default name of the saved network. Choose Options and
press Save.
Wi-Fi Status (Blue icon): Connected and using an
available network
Wi-Fi Status (Grey icon): Not Connected to a network
Yellow Star: Saved networks within range
Blue Star: Available networks within range
Lock: Secured network
Ready, Steady Go
Now you are set up and ready to start making great value calls and can enjoy fast internet surfing using your Fusion enabled mobile.
Remember too that with your phone already set up to use BT Openzone you can connect immediately to any of the thousands of
BT Openzone hotspots, recognisable by the distinctive BT Openzone sign
or by viewing available wireless networks on your
mobile screen.
Please note: Ensure that you have these icons present
. The Blue Wi-Fi icon lets you know when a Fusion call is possible.
Frequently asked questions
What is Wi-Fi and wireless broadband?
How do I find out how strong my wireless broadband signal is?
Wi-Fi is ‘wireless fidelity’ or ‘wireless’ network. It’s a great way to
connect your BT Fusion mobile to the Internet without using wires,
in a wireless-enabled location. ‘Wireless broadband’ gives you
Wi-Fi connectivity to the Internet at broadband speed - faster than
standard dial-up or as fast as 3G access. You can use your mobile via
a BT wireless broadband network to connect instantly to BT Fusion
so you can benefit from great call rates.
You will see the Wi-Fi icon
appear on your handset screen
with signal strength bars. For example, for an area with maximum
coverage there are 5 Wi-Fi signal strength bars
and for an
area with little coverage it may display 1 signal strength bar.
What happens to my BT Fusion service if I’m in range of my BT
Home Hub and my broadband line is not working?
In the unlikely event of a fault on your broadband or landline, your
BT Fusion handset will automatically work as a mobile until the fault
is repaired. You will still be able to make and receive calls using your
BT Fusion handset as a standard mobile. Once your broadband line
is fixed your BT Fusion service will automatically revert back to full
What is the maximum distance I can be from my BT Home Hub to
make calls using the BT wireless broadband network?
Range in ideal conditions is up to 18-25 metres from the BT Home Hub.
This can vary depending on type of building structure and where you
place the hub. To be certain that you are connected to the BT wireless
broadband network, make certain the Wi-Fi Network Indicator
displays as a blue antenna. When Wi-Fi is disconnected, the antenna
is light grey.
How many wireless BT wireless broadband networks can I save?
You can save up to 6 BT wireless broadband networks including the
BT Openzone network on your BT Fusion handset.
Will my BT Fusion mobile number replace my landline phone number?
No, you’ll still keep your landline phone number and your landline
phone. People will still be able to call you on your landline phone.
They will only get through to your BT Fusion mobile if they call your
BT Fusion number.
What is BT Openzone?
BT Openzone is a wireless broadband (Wi-Fi) service that you can
access in public places (hotspots) such as cafes, airports, hotels
and motorway service stations. You can connect to BT Openzone
hotspots to use the BT Fusion service throughout the UK and
Ireland, and at selected locations abroad. BT Openzone hotspots
are identifiable by the distinctive BT Openzone sign
To find out where BT Openzone hotspots are located, go to
BT Openzone
Your phone has already been set up to use BT Openzone. However,
in case of accidental deletion please follow the steps below:
1. From the Home Screen select Menu, Settings, Wi-Fi.
2. Highlight Available Networks and press Select.
3. Your mobile lists available networks. Highlight BT Openzone.
4. Select Options, then Connect.
What call charges do people pay when they call me on my BT Fusion
All calls made to your BT Fusion number will be charged at the
caller’s standard mobile rate.
What happens to a call charge if I move in or out of range of
wireless broadband during a call?
The call will continue to be charged at the rate applicable to
wherever the call was started. So if you started the call in range of
your BT Home Hub, you will be charged at your agreed Fusion tariff
rates. If you started the call when away from your hub, the call will
continue to be charged as a mobile call.
Whatever your query, we’re here to help.
Call Customer Services on 0800 783 2326.
Can several people use BT Fusion in range of my BT Home Hub all
at the same time?
Yes. You can have up to six people on your BT Fusion account, each
with their own BT Fusion or standard BT Mobile handset. Up to five
separate calls can be made in range of your BT Home Hub at any
time, regardless of whether they are making or receiving a call. This
means that you don’t have to wait for your phone line to become
free before making great value calls in range of your BT Home Hub.
Voicemail 1571
Your voicemail automatically takes messages when your mobile
is switched off, engaged, or if you aren’t able to answer it.
Plus it sends you a text message to let you know a voicemail
has been received. Up to 50 messages, each up to 3 minutes
long can be stored which are accessible not only via your
mobile but any touch-tone phone.
Set up a voicemail PIN
This allows you to access your messages from any other phone
whether you are at home or abroad.
• Dial 1571
• Press 1 for the Main Menu
Messages are stored automatically for:
• Press 4 for Mailbox Settings
• New messages: 28 days
• Press 2 for Security Options and follow the voice prompts
• Listened-to-messages: 72 hours
• Saved messages: 7 days
To listen to voicemail
• Dial 1571
There is no charge for calls to voicemail using the BT wireless
broadband network (i.e. through the BT Fusion service).
Set up your personal greeting
A personal greeting reassures callers that they’re through
to the right person. You can change your greeting as often
as you like, and it’s easy to set up.
Personalise your greeting
• Dial 1571
• Press 3 and follow the voice prompts
• Press # to save your recording
How to check your messages from another phone and when
you’re abroad
To listen to a voicemail message from another phone or when you
are abroad you must first set up your voicemail PIN. (You need to do
this before you leave the UK.)
• Dial your mailbox number, which is included in your text
notification in the international format (prefixed with +44
without the leading 0)
• Key 9 when hearing the greeting
• Enter your voicemail PIN and follow the voice prompts
Please note: To find your mailbox dial, *#104#
BT Call Minder Multi
Voicemail shortcodes
When listening to your messages you can:
2 Repeat message
3 Delete message
4 Rewind message by 8 seconds
5 Hear the number of the person who has called you
(works on current message only)
55 Return the call
6 Fast forward 8 seconds
66 Hear the next message
7 Save the current message
9 Help
Please note: Call Return will not work if the caller has withheld their
number, or if the call originates from outside the UK.
Access your mobile and landline messages from one place
Now wherever you are, by simply dialling 1571* from your home
phone or BT mobile, you can access all your messages from one
convenient place.
BT Call Minder Multi enables you to record your own greeting and
lets up to 8 different mobile users to link up per household, via their
BT handsets. What’s more, it also gives everybody access to their
very own private mailbox.
It couldn’t be any easier. Simply call 0800 028 2321 from your
home landline and follow the prompts to create a new mailbox and
to invite other BT mobile users in your household to be added.
Once you have completed the registration you will be sent a
confirmation letter and a user guide in the post.
* 1571 access is restricted to UK only. For international message retrieval there is a separate number,
+447836901571 which needs to be called, then you need to enter a PIN in order to replay messages.
Managing your calls
Call Waiting and Call Holding
Call Waiting alerts you that another caller is waiting if you are on your
mobile to someone else. You can either end your current call or put
the caller on hold to answer the new call. If you don’t answer, the
new call is handled as if you hadn’t answered it.
To activate Call Waiting
• Press *43#
To cancel Call Waiting
• Press #43#
To accept incoming calls and end the original call
• Press 1
To keep the original call on hold and accept the incoming call
• Press 2
To end a present call and return to the holding call
• Press 1
To swap between calls
• Press 2
Conference calls
Say you’ve left work and want to get together with a few friends.
Now, you can dial up to 5 friends at once and sort everything out in
just one call.
Prepare your conference call
• To allow other callers to join your conference, activate
Call Waiting, press *43#
To conference call
• Make your first call
To add a second caller to your conference call
to put the call on hold. You may then start or
• Press 2
receive your second call as usual
• Press 3
to connect the calls together
To add more people to the conference
• Press 2
to temporarily leave the conference call
To make an additional call
• Press 3
to add call to the conference
To end your conference call
Individuals can drop out at any time by simply ending the call
*Handset specific. Exact handset instructions may vary, please check Handset User Guide for full details.
Multi media services
Picture messaging
Video messaging
Send pictures and up to 1,000 characters of text to any phone
and even email addresses. And for that truly personal touch,
you can add a voice-message or sound to your picture.
With a compatible video messaging mobile, record a few seconds
of action with movement and sound, then add some text and press
send to add expression to your message. And, you can share your
messages with anyone – they don’t have to have a video
messaging mobile.
How to take and send a picture message*
• Go to Camera to activate the camera on your mobile
• Press Capture to take a picture
• Press Store/Save to save the picture
• Select Send (Or Send in Message, Send as MMS,
Send as Multi media)
• Type any additional text you want to add
• Select the number of the person you want to send
the message to
Send your video messages to your friend’s:
• Video messaging mobile – where they can receive and watch
your message on their mobile
• Picture messaging mobile – they will receive your video message
as a series of still pictures on their mobile
• Standard mobile – and they’ll receive a text message directing
them to a website where they can view the message at any time
for up to 30 days
• Click
To record and send a video clip*
• Go to Multimedia and select Videos, New Video
• Point lens at subject and press Capture to begin recording
• Press Stop to stop recording
• Press Save/Store to save the video message
• Select Send (Or Send in Message, Send as MMS,
Send as Multi media)
• Type any additional text you want to add
• Select the number of the person you want to send
the message to
• Click
For more information about Multi media services,
visit and click on FAQs.
*Handset specific. Exact handset instructions may vary, please check Handset User Guide for full details.
Going abroad?
You can use your new mobile in any country in the world, but please
remember to call Customer Services on 0800 783 2326 three days
in advance of travelling, to confirm that your roaming service has
been activated.
International call charges – please note
While there is no charge to set up international roaming, call charges
differ greatly from country to country, and international calls are
charged at the prevailing rates. Please be aware that while you’re
abroad, you have to pay for any calls you receive as well as those
that you make. Eligibility for roaming is subject to status, and you
may be required to show a satisfactory payment history before this
service is activated.
Dialling from abroad
It’s easy to make calls when you’re overseas. All you need to
remember is to dial [+] and the country code before the number
you wish to dial. e.g. [+44] for the UK. Remember to leave out the
first ‘0’ from the number. E.g. to call from Spain to London, dial
‘+442071234567’ not ‘+4402071234567’.
To call the UK from abroad
• Insert +
• Then 44
• Delete the ‘0’ prefix
• Then, dial your number 2071234567
A time-saving tip
Why not put the [+44] prefix in front of your friends’ numbers
in your mobile’s address book before you go overseas?
They’ll work just the same in the UK, but remember to
drop the ‘0’, as above.
Before going abroad
How do I know if I have a voicemail message?
To be able to pick up your messages overseas, you’ll need to do
the following before leaving the UK:
You will receive a text message to notify you of any
voicemail messages.
• Note your personal mailbox number – find out what this is by
dialling *#104#
(Please note that, once you’re abroad,
you will not be able to use this function)
To listen to your messages
• Set up your own voicemail PIN code
With a voicemail PIN, you’ll be able to pick up your voicemail
messages from abroad either using your mobile, or any
other phone
• Don’t forget to pack your charger and a travel adapter
To set up a voicemail PIN code
• Dial 1571
• Dial your mailbox number which is included in your
text notification in the international format (prefixed
with +44 without the leading 0)
• Key 9 when hearing the greeting
• Enter your voicemail PIN, then follow the voice prompts
Calling Customer Services from abroad
You need to dial +44 1324 452 143 from a landline or from
your mobile.
• Press 1 for the Main Menu
• Press 4 for Mailbox Settings
• Press 2 for Security Options and follow the voice prompts
BT Mobile World
BT Mobile World gives you instant online access to great ringtones,
games and graphics to personalise your phone, as well as the latest
news and sport, direct from your mobile Internet-enabled phone.
Whether you like your music straight from the Top Ten or you prefer
something more retro, you’ll find the track you’re looking for among
the hundreds on offer.
Get a free ringtone!
Choose and download from our wide range of Java games
– adventure games, arcade classics, puzzles and many more.
Go to BT Mobile World using your mobile or PC and sign-up. It’s quick
and easy and we’ll give you a free ringtone as our way of saying hello.
To access BT Mobile World via your mobile
• Click on the Web Access/Web or Browser icon on your phone’s
Main Menu
To access BT Mobile World from your PC
• Go to
Graphics and videos
Personalise your phone with your favourite celebrity, exotic scenery
or quirky animations. You can also download video clips to your
mobile to get a real multi media experience on the move.
Keep up to date while you’re out and about - read the headlines that
matter, when it matters. Have breaking news sent to you, or access
it in your own time through your mobile Internet enabled phone
– you’ve got it all under your thumb.
Get match updates straight to your phone, or catch up on the
sports news.
How do I order downloads from BT Mobile World?
To order the downloads you want, follow these easy steps:
From your PC:
• Visit to choose the item you would
like to download
• Type the product code shown with your item into a new text
message on your mobile
• Send text to 83373
• Open the link we send you
• Save the download to your phone
If you don’t receive your download
The network may be temporarily unavailable and you should try
clicking the download link again in a few minutes. If the problem
persists, go to the My downloads link on the BT Mobile World mobile
Internet home page. You will be able to see all the downloads you’ve
made in the last 7 days and you can try again to download your item
(for free). If you still have problems, please contact BT Customer
Services by calling 150 from your BT Mobile.
We will charge all items you order from BT Mobile World to your BT
Fusion account, where you’ll find the charge for each download/service
fully itemised.
From your mobile:
• Click on the Web Access/Web or Browser icon on your phone’s
Main Menu
• Choose the item you would like to download and click on the
‘buy now’ link shown with your selected item.
Please note: texts to 83373 and mobile Internet calls are excluded
from inclusive minutes and text bundles.
Mobile security
Unfortunately, thieves will find a mobile like yours irresistible.
We recommend that you never leave your mobile unattended
or visible in a car, and also try not to use your mobile in busy,
public places.
Activate your SIM PIN, then change it to a secret one
To protect your SIM card, the security settings on your mobile
allow you to activate its preset PIN number. This number is
1210. Once it’s activated, you will need to enter it every time
you switch your mobile on.
For extra protection, we recommend that you change your
SIM PIN to a secret number of your choice – your handset
user guide gives you specific instructions on how to do this.
Call us if your mobile goes missing
You can contact us free from a landline on 0800 783 2326.
Call straight away and we’ll bar your mobile so no-one else can
use it. Remember, you’ll be charged for any calls made on your
mobile until we hear from you.
To stop calls being made on your account, we just need your mobile
number. If you give us your SIM and IMEI numbers as well we can
bar your mobile completely. You’ll find the IMEI number by pressing
on your mobile’s keypad. Please jot them down now
and hang on to them for future reference.
My mobile # .....................................................................
My SIM #
Keep your SIM cards separate
If you have more than one mobile on your account, make sure you
don’t mix up or swap their SIM cards. That’s because each SIM is
paired with a specific mobile, and we need to know which mobile
is missing in order to stop anyone else using it.
To protect it, register it
Many thousands of mobile phones are lost or stolen each year in
the UK. The National Mobile Phone Register already holds the
details of over 10 million phones.
Register your phone for free at
To register all you need is your mobile phone. When you register,
you will need to enter your contact details and your IMEI number.
Once you have registered your phone, you will have a better
chance of getting it back if it is lost or stolen.
When not to use your mobile
• When flying. Switch off to prevent interference with the
aircraft’s navigation systems
• When driving. Never use a mobile while driving.
Allow voicemail to take your calls, and listen to them when
you’re away from the vehicle
• In hospitals. If in doubt, keep your mobile switched off until
you’re outside the building
• At petrol stations. Or anywhere else where a spark from your
mobile could ignite flammable fumes or explosive materials
All mobiles supplied by BT conform to the highest safety standards on
exposure to radio frequency emissions. You’ll find government advice
on mobiles at
Useful numbers
BT Directory Enquiries – 118 500
ICE ‘In Case of Emergency’
The easy to use 118 500 BT Directory Enquiries service gives you
access to any listed UK residential or business fixed line phone
Enter the number of the person you would want to be contacted ‘In
Case of Emergency’ into your phonebook. In an emergency situation,
ambulance and hospital staff will then be able to quickly find out
who your next of kin are and be able to contact them.
• 118 500 is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year
• With one call you can make as many phone number requests as
you need
• All numbers will automatically be sent via text message
• You can be connected straight through to the number you wish to
Need an international number?
For BT International Directory Enquiries, just call 118 505 when
you’re in the UK.
2222 Travel and Weather Information
2222 keeps you informed about travel and weather information,
whether you’re planning your journey from home or stuck in a traffic
jam on the way to your destination.
You’ll be given a traffic update for your specific location and the
option of checking for road news and weather forecasts from any
region across the UK.
• Go to Contacts
• Select Add New Contact
• Enter the letters ‘ICE’ under the name followed by the telephone
number of your next of kin (ensure both daytime and evening
numbers are included if possible)
ICE advice
• Make sure the person whose name and number you are giving has
agreed to be your ICE contact
• Make sure your ICE contact has a list of people they should
contact on your behalf – including your place of work
• Make sure your ICE contact’s number is one that’s easy to reach.
For example a home number could be useless in an emergency
if the person works full time
• Make sure your ICE contact knows about any medical conditions
that could affect your emergency treatment – for example
allergies or current medication
To make an Emergency Services call (999, 112 or 911)
There may be circumstances when your mobile phone, like any
other mobile, cannot guarantee a connection and an emergency
call cannot be placed due to network, environmental or interference
issues. You should never rely solely upon any mobile for emergency
services calls. We recommend a fixed line phone is retained and
is used for emergency services calls. When making an emergency
services call, ensure that you give all the necessary information as
accurately as possible including your location, as this will enable
emergency services to pinpoint your exact location.
We cannot guarantee that the telecommunications products, services and offers
described in this publication will be available at all times, and we may change them
from time to time. We will provide services and equipment in line with our standard
conditions of contract. Nothing in this publication forms part of any contract.
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