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Mlko Riohards looks atthe new AOR AR6000 supe`widooood mu timode rece ver
M ke R chards iakes a c ose
look at the latesi prolesslonal
AOR AR6000
grade,super lll deband
mu‖ mode rece verf「 om
OR has maintained a strong
reputa(on in the proressiOnal
scanning、 vor d for many
years,with its AR5000 series receivers
being pa"icular y pOpular The new
AR6000 1olows n the loolsteps ofthe
much oved AR5000 ser es but extends
the f「
equency coverage and adus some
new l・ atures
The luning iesolu(on is l Hz lo「
What You Cel
frequencies up t。 3 15GHz a■ d2Hzf「om
The AR6000 is houseO in a stu「 dy steel
3151o6GHz ln add tion to opeiatn9 as
enclosure、″th a speaker mounted
a lvide range standalone receivei the
AR6000 inclJdes soivlale to p「 Ovide Fu‖
beneath the top panel The side panels
have fJbbelieet on one side and a
contiolじ ■ng
carry handle on the othe「
a PC
The AR6000 also featules an optonal
in phase and Ouad「 atule lQ)output
i e10、
laclty This a‖ 。vs the leceiveito be
k t the receive「
Jseo wth the suppled ARJQJ sonwale.
lyhichけ o9s al the usual benefts of
coveiage oFthe rad o frequency(曖
spectrum from 9kHz thfOu9h to 6GHz
can also be 19in iack
The reaf Oanel is br stin9 w th
connect ons including t、 ″o high qJ8 ty
sharO coni nuously var able Fiters point
N― T/pe
anO cick tu面 ■9 and lQ fecoiding The
and include a video decoder ior
monlo「 ng analo9ue closed― c
te ev s on(CCTV)inkS
icu t
conΠ ectors
antennas― see
Powe「 「oqurements ale 40 6 to 16V
DC at2A mak■
9 1 veⅣ easytO powe「
om a vehicle supply The AR6000 was
suppled、 ″th a 9ood quaity 12V pOwer
︱ ﹁雷 ︲
The AOR AR6000 su,er w,oband m」
″o「 k ln add tion using an optOn31
solware deined ttd o(SDR)such aS
Oemodulaton modes are comprehensive
The Aほ 60000子 ovides cont nuous
vhich makes
the rece,ver easy to t「anspO「 t
limod3 reo3 vel
supply using a standard UK pOwei plu9
1oi ma ns operalon
The review model also iЛ
cluded the
Op10na Q outpJtOoard and AR QJI
soヽ ″ale that provioes an SDR interace
to the AR60oo
lve inclJdeO a br ef spec ficat on
foithe AR0000 in Table` The FJ,
specrca10n can be lound on the AOR
」apan webste
www aoっ a comlrece vers18r6000 html
F19 1:AR6000 iear,anel connecl ols
Des,9ning a receivei v th conlnuous
S● ptemЬ
o1 20,3r7m¬ T「Fロ
bands as folows be ow 4 GHz,996MHz
the signal path is sp1l intO five b「
Table l:Brief Specification for the AR6000
Frequeney Range:
lHZ OHZ above 3 15GHa
equency Resolut ont
「 Roceive lⅥ odesl
are appled tO a mlχ er and converted to
USB 6B CW AM FM WFM FM Stereo APCO P2510pion,
Memo町 Channe s
a nrstlF oF 294 51И Hz Signals belo、 v
l GHz under9o funher itelng wth seven
2000(40 banks t1 50 channels)
100 ohannelysl● ps per second(″ pica)
Scanning speed
D mens ons
5GHz 1 51o 2GHz 2 0to 2 5GHz
an0 2 5 to 3 2GHz Signals aOove`GHz
banks oF iter ng Signals in the range
2201o360MHz would clash、 vth the
294 5iИ Hz lF frequencメ sO these are
m xed uplo 1 7045GHz belore m x ng
Table 2:AR6000
Superheterodvne Stages
the AR6000 is due to the use oi sw tched
do、 vn
local n ters to contiol the output lrOm
beO″ een 25iИ
the mixer stages and to reduce the level
convened to the 294 5,И Hz lF where
of out of band signals ln cheapei less
they are amp r ed and llefed before
again to 294 514Hz S19nals
Hz and l GHz are then
sOphist cated designs,you、 v11 lnd that
being sent to the nnal mixe「
This bi ngs
Frequency Ba■ d
Co■ verslon type
9kHzto 25MHz
much ofthis llleing is absent
the signals do vn to 45 0514Hz Here they
D root oonversion
25 to 220MH2
220 1o e6oMH2
Double oonvelも ion
are funher ampined and l tred belore
Tr ple oon ersion
360MHzlo 3 15GHz
Double conveslon
ln Fi0 3 1ve shown a simpifed block
ofthe AR6000 Starting atthe
top end ofthe tequencv ran9e,s19nalS
315 0 6GHz
Do″ l oonVerS on
between 3 15 and 6GHz va Anti aЮ
diag「 am
appled lo a Oownconvene「 bOa「d io
blngthem beow 2GHz■ ″o m χers
coverage as、 ″ide as that ofthe
AR0000 is not an easy task To achieve
th the latest ln dig tal
prOcess ng ln very s mp e terms
the AR6000 uses RF up and down
converslon technlques as sho、 ″n
Signals via Ant 2 take a sighty
direrent rOut because this inputis
employed lor this process,One loi 3 45
such vide coverage,l is necessary
to combine the best analo9ue RF
being passed to the analogue tO di91al
des19ned to cover 9kHz lo 3 45GHz
S,9nals belo、 ″25 v Hz use a d recl di01al
lo 3 8Gttz and a second lorthe 3 8 1o
route via a sA tchable attenuator and
6GHz ttnge Each m xei s precede0
on to a bank of eighi band pass n ters
by band pass fiters and the outputis
as lolo、vsi
ilered w th ow pass llers toに move
1 6MHz 4 6to 3MHz,3to 5MHz 5
any un、 ″anted
to 10MHz 10to 15MHz.45 to 20MHz
mixing pfoducts Next
40 1o 500kHz.500kHz lo
Table 2 to converlthe incoming RF to a
4505,И Hz inalintermediate frequency
(F)This lF slgnalis then appled to
an ana ogue to digta cOnvetter(ADC)
to create a d191al「 epresentat on of
the signalthatis processed by a fleld
prOgrammab e gat・ array(FPCA)to
complete the s19nal prOcessinO and
demoOulalon― see Fig 2 1n ad011on
HF signals up to 251.lHz are bandイ ,lered
and difect sampled in practice the
s Ona path s rather mof・ comp ex so
lets take a closerlook at ho、 ″its done
Much ofthe addl ona comtte対
Fi0 2:A sim,1led bloGk」
lOr the AR0000
FI(● ,
F t●
3o● k●
a,子 am
360MH′ to 1 3H`
iCH′ to 3 16GH′
F90:A IIook dia9ram ofthe AR0000 s,9na path
S・ 。
F, 4:Froli v ew oithe AR6000 showing the specI『
um sOOpe d s,la,
and 20 1o 251.lHz The outputfiom
lmproved frequency slabl ty tO± O o4
the nloi bank ls appled io a 2511Hz
low pass n tei ampifed and passed
lvlanagement of the inteinal s、 ″lching
and loca1 0scl alorfundions is handled
d reelly tO a separate ADC running at
65 Mega sam口 es per se∞ nd(MSps)
This in tuin feeds a specialst di91al
S Ona process ng(DSP)deV Ce that
leeds the ma n Cyc On‖
by a second FPCA、 ″hich is also a
Cyclon‖ running a SuperH reduced
nst「 uclon
set eompute「 (RISC)
This FPGA handles al the nnalil。 lng
and demOdulaton fequ remenis of
the use of a burered 45 051・ lHz final
the receivei FPCAs are used in this
lF output、 vth a band、 ″ldth of 1 5'И
pOstiOn because ofthe r high prOcessin0
speed and ne対 Ыl,sCnds,Om Ant2
b“″een 25MHz and 3 45GHz folow the
same cOnversions as Ant`,endino up
Feed ng into the FPCA
VV“ h the comp ex m x ng arrangements
with n a rece ver lke the AR6000 a rock
so10 1ocal oscl aloris essenial The
AR6000 emp Oys a loMHz temperature
∞ n"dЮ d ewstJ osdlator(TXCO〉
analoOue leVel meter and a larOe lquid‐
cr.s● l displa´
The tuning knob dives a rota●
encoder wlth approχ imately 20 steps
perrevOluton Hov・ evei the steps are
arch teclure
The front panel has a tra011。 nallook
wlh a arge rota"tun ng knOb,keypad,
nex b市 ty s prov ded through
not ev dent n the rola‖ On,wh ch、 ″as
vew smooth Personaly l wou d have
preleFed a bi more we ohilo the knob
so that t eould be spun butthis is a
7 5MHz)The Outputlevel at th s
po nt s∽ brabO lo be+10dB wth
m no「 po nt
respecllo the RF signalinput sO is ideal
the、 vide
lor conneclon tO cuslom measulng
keys had a pOsilve Feel、 vth a subte
nstiumenls or demodu alon systems
The optona lQ modu e prov des a
usB Output wth an lQ stЮ am thars
900kHz、 vide but ri cOver more on this
beep to conl『 m operat on Operators
As yOu can see,the AR0000 is a
The keypad prOvided easy access to
range of tatures and althe
have a love‐ hate relat onship、 ″th beeps
and youll be glad tO hear thatthe
AR6000 can be adlusted from slentto a
veけ oud Oeep v a an 8 stp adluЫ menl
Fo『 manualtuning l lound the best
″th a basic stablly of 0 1 parts per
sophist cated beast and a lot of care
technique、 ″as to keyin the requ red
mmOn(ppm)Th S OSCmalor prOv des the
has been putinto opt mising the mix of
reFerence fOrthe 999 5MHz phase locked
anal。 9ue and dig taltechnologies
oop(PLL)and the 45 05MHzlo 440MHz
d red d gi● I synthes sei(DDS)
many proless Ona appicatons
The ful specincat On 10r the AR6000
can be found on the AOR Uapan、 veOs te
luSt have to type the s19n icant di。 ls
vrww ao"a com′ rece vers′ ar6000 h〔 ml
and hl Enlei Forexamp e,to enti
the malne VHF Channel16 01stress
frequenり ,you lusttype 158 6 Enter
such as d reclon inding and special
modulalon systems Frequeney slablly
0`ppm s notsumc ent TheЮ
quency and then use the tuning knob
lo comp ele the process Keypad entr.
″orked exacJy hO″ it should,thatls yOu
Desp te the cOmplex infrastructure oF
(MHZ bu● O Tuttno b any tequency h
the AR6000,opera10n is remarkably
the ineredible range ttas instantaneous,
external relerence o「 the l pulse per
stra ghぬ n″ ard and fo10ws the
sO yOu cOuld Oo from 60kHz to 6GHz
secc nd(PPS)「 Om a dObd pO● 1。 面ng
system(GPS)r・ Ce vertO prov de
conven10ns oF previOus receivers in the
in an instant The AR6000 also has ive
the AR6000 can accept a 10,И
ab e iequency OscmatOrs(vFO)
that can be setto di「 erent Frequencies
any、 ″here
in the 60kHz to 6GHz range
One ofthe prob ems assoc ated wih
such a wide tuning range is antnna
seleclon As l ment oned ea「 lei the
AR6000 has two antenna inputs one
of、″hich handles the ful iange up to
6GHz,whie the other handles a reduced
iange but OfFers O recl samping of the
HF Oand Antenna sedion can be set via
fiont panel contiol computer interlece
or automatcaly ln aulo mode,antenna
tchinO Is determined by the tuned
frequenw butis user conngurable,
sO yOu can setthe changeover point
between Ant 4 and 2 to sut your anlenna
system For nslalalons that ac more
complex the optonal AS5004 automa‖ c
antenna s″ ith unt is avalable
The coniguraton ofthe AR6000
enables recep10n of up to three separate
frequencies simu taneously To achieve
this,one fr・
queney has lo be below
Hz and the other tr7o have to be
above 251MHz.within 517 Hz,less than
viOth and using the same
`00kHz Oand、
One ver・ pO、 ″elultuning oplon On
the AR6000 was the bultln spectium
scope(Fig 4)Th s waS aclvated by
pressinO and holding the Func button lor
a couple oF seconds ヽ
Vhen at‐ livated,
lns」 e
the AR6000 wlh the ld lemove`
the spectrum display shoヽ ″s a spectrum
through i。
loMHz w de The refresh
(DCS),dua卜 lone mulイ requenw
(llTMF)s gnalng and vo ce nveβ
t had been inked to the squelch,so
thatthe recording could pause bel″ een
A arge memo「 .capac ty s impOflant
Wい いに,pe
Computer Control
Scanning and Searching
These are segregated into 40 banks
The AR6000 receiverincludes al the
of 50 channels each to help A th the
So“″are for d iect computer control
ofthe AR6000 is avalable free of
charge from the AOR suppOrt ste Th s
standard scanning and searching opt Ons
yOu、 ″ou10 expectto ind on this type
memo"organisat on ln add tion to
holdinO the frequeney and mode each
ofrece ver The memoゥ OankS Can be
memorv can slore al the ma n iece ver
inked to create advanced scanning
patterns and individual memo「 es can
be excluded、 ″here necessar. Pr olty
setings alono wth CTCSS′ DSC toneS
and a 42 characler comment
P「 Ogramm ng memoles ffom the Front
scan is included so yOu can keep an eye
pane was very easy AI hadlo do was
on a Favourte channel、 ″hle seaiching
tune to the requ red lrequenc“
out other aciv,e seWhere The seach
and hold the Enter key and the receiver
funclon、 ″as particular y easy to use
aulomat caly seletled the next avalable
rat was very last so l cou d study band
actvly n rea■ ime,wh ch was a great
way to check lor oca aciv,
Of rece市 er and lle AR6000
has inteinal space lor 2000 channels
because the search range could be set
memOn′ ′u this
by puting the starlfrequency in VFO A
choose a direrent banに
and the end frequeney in VFO B
li necessarv
The AR6000 a so has whars knOwn
point l coじ ld easly
memory number
sottware is based on that proviOed lor
the eaHier AR5004 D and AR2300 range
of receivers but、 ″th optOns changed
to match the AR6000 s tatures The
sollware is standalone but l found l had
to run itin VVindows XP compat blly
mode on a Windows e system
Control oithe AR6000 s features is
achieved using a numOer of separate
″indo、 ″s including One that sho、 ″s the
ful spectrun display、 vth a very 9ood
refresh rate
VVhie PC controlls very usefut one
You wi note from the photographs
ofthe main benefts oFthe soll、 ″are is
for memoⅣ management because l
as a Cybei search Th s is able to search
thatthe AR6000た atures a secure
at100 channels per second and stores
d91a(SD)oard制 。t
the h ts ln signat strength ordet,Ⅳ th the
Ths can be usedto hoO mOre memo"
The use of a PC also gives vl蔵 ualy
strongest stat ons f rst
The receiver also includes decoding
of conlnuous tone coded squelch
system(CTCSS)di91a「 cOded squeloh
S・ ptomb.12013
On the front pane
makes the p「 ocess so much simp er
channels orto make au01o recordings
lmt ess memory capac w ln a praclca
thus further expanding its capa01 ties
s tua‖ on,yOu
The aud o recom ng● clly worked wel
solll are in the omce tO load the
but could have been so much better f
AR6000 wth althe memo「 v and search
could use the oontrol
data necessar・ lor a panに uar
ln ad01lon to ena01ng Ful cont「 ol of
and in some cases s10hJy bette「
the mouse cursoi to drag the bandwidth
var able width bul● in,spectrum display
lo the des fed setung
was panicular y helpltllorlocat ng Oand
band、 ″idth in preset steps Or you can use
the AR6000 via a connected computei
the controlinte face makes t easy to
create yOur own cusOm sotware lorthe
AR6000 To help wlh this the iece'ver
One ofthe most pOweru Features
aciv tv
is the 10 recording because this can
iMoving On to the VHF and UHF bands
be used to recom the enire 900kHz
the Cyber search was a rea lavoulte oF
is suppled w th a separate manualthat
spectrum to d sk as an lQ stream
m ne Nol on y O d l search verv qu ck y
descr bes al the avalable commands in
formated as a vvバ ′lle The sorヽ ″are
is conigured to lmt eachヽ ハ
it also produced a lo9 11e that shovled
detal The commands、 ″ere al plain text
Oased fo「 example to set the frequency
to 436MHz yOulustSend cF`36 over
the selalinterace using the cOntiol
manual l was able to「 econfgure one of
y PythOn Oand occupancy programs tO
(1 00 Channels or steps per second)but
to a max mum of2GB(3 m nutes 40
seconds)wth new mes beぃ O created
the number of hiも lof each frequency
and the siOnallevel ofthe last h t This
automalca y asthe imt s I・ ached
Recorded 10 11es can Oe played back
through the same sonware and l
AaS OeSt used wth the computer control
soヽ ″are and the resut was a ver.clear
indicalon oFthe acJve fr・ quencies in
use the AR6000 in no time at al
panicula‖ y‖ ked the laclly the diag the
le SDR Software
replay curs。「10 the appropr ate seclon
ofthe nle The main advanta9e oflQ
As l mentoned eariei the review
recording is the leclty b repeatedly
mode was supp ed with the op10na lQ
examine a portion of the spect「
output boam and the Att Q-l solware
package The lQ Output board extracts a
ma,Or agenc es make exlens ve use of
イ125Msps lQ stream frOm the AR6000 s
spedrum loi automatc ana ys s us ng
As you can see.the AR6000 is
main DSP device and sends this via a
ma nfttme computers
blsuin9 wllた atures and 1 0nly
72 Megabis per second(MbpS)Th S
most siOn ncant and int・ rest nO The
IQ stream s then used by the AR Q―
l sollwac to prOv de a 900kHz w Oe
Assessing the pero「 mance ofsuch a
combinat on offul computei contiol
wide range receiveris something Of a
″lh lQ recording and an excelent
spectrum sice thats centred on the
chalenge and l can t possibly assess
AR00oo s dialfrequency
everyth ng t does so rve chOsen to
any O ven search band Sensi v,on
the hlgher bands、 ″
as excelent and
compared lavouttb y wth othertop end
rece vers that lve rev ewed n Radο で
um The
this technolo9y and ieco d s、 ″athes of
standard∪ sB pon wth a data rate of
have space lcr、 ″hatlthink are the
ont panellnte face makes the
The ARJQ― ‖sonware has been
look atthe most pOpular act vty areas
AR6000 a ve"allractive rece ver
that wi appea to many d leЮ nt
produced by,И iciotelecom in ltaly so
Antenna choice is also di″ icul and at
users The Frequency range is one
l uses a very simlarinterace tO the r
least lvo antennas are requ red lorth s
oi the v・
Perseus SDR recelvel The sol、″are was
frequenw range Fo「 the rev evv l used
suppled on d sk and is a slandalone
productthat can be placed in a directory
the new We‖
Юce ver and l was impressed by ls
peぼ ormance across that range ln
of your cholce Also ineluded oo the
discone lor evervthing above that When
lF and lQ outputs along、 ″th the
you getinto the higher UHFlmic「 owave
Faclly lo use an externalfrequeney
brook ALA1530S+lmpelum
lorfrequenc es be ow 30MHz and a
idest available in a single
addilon to the cllntrol lacl t es,the
were the som″ aに 。lvers for
the interace and the instalat on p「 Ocess
frequencies you realy need to move
relerence or GPS rece ver furlher
lvas veⅣ wel covefed in the suppled
onto specialst antenna systems
extend the AR0000's usefulness in
pr nted manual
prOless Ona applcamons
vey stra ghtlo,″ ard and iolowed
At lo、 ″ equeney,the 60kHz MSF
transmission came booming in and the
tuning accuracy appeared spot on A
the convenlons used by most ofthe
pOpular SDR soい ″are packages The
bioadcast bands in the evening sho、
screen display was dominated by the
thatthe AR6000 can handle stiong
board and soヽ ″are costs£ 54995
spectrumlvvate fal display and included
signals extremely、 ″el The hlgh gain
the AS500,automat c antenna
measurement markes so l was easytO
VVelbrook antenna can deiver s19nal
s″ tch uni costs£ 134
use the mouse curso「 to make frequency
levels of around 30mV atthe anlenna
CP6001 GPS「 ece ver lor improved
tequeney゛ abity lo± 0 01 ppm
Opeialon ofthe sollware was
and s19nalleVel measurements
Tuning around v thin the displayed
The AR6000 s avalab e from
lVaters&Stanton and・ tals fOf
£5699 95 The lolowin9 op10ns
ookthroughthe ong and med um wave
are avalable the lQ5001 1Q output
terminals and the AR6000 handled this
95 and the
″th no slgn of oveloaO problems Simia:
oosts£ 34995 A‖ pi ces include
spectrum was best done using the
mouse cuisOi where a douO e clck
con01lons apply on the lo、 ″er lrequency
20%VAT and deiveryto a UK
tuned the receiverlo that point The
Waiers&Stanton PLC,Spa
of nine preset values between 3 5 and
aga n the AR6000 hand ed them wth
ease Ho、 ″eve`the most ikely use ofthe
AR6000 s lor signa s nterceplon and
900kHz w th the nariovver band、 vidth
this is wheie it s searchin9,scanning and
Telephone1 04702 206835
being panicular y helpFul lof signal
spectium ana yserleatures come nto
therown Fo「 HF signals,l oompared
Mythankslo Wabβ &Stanton for
spectium bandwidth eould be setto one
Uust belo、
″the main display is a
oadcast bands in the evening and
mainland costs£
House,22 Main Road,Hockley,
Essex SS5 40S
the AR6000 to my dedicated amateur
secondarv spectrum display that sho、 ″sa
ladlo kt using an´ υB sl・ 71th and the
the loan ofthe fevie、 ″model and to
AOR uapan 10r generous y supp y ng
closer view Of the current y tuneO signal
perOfmance、 ″as
techn ca suppon lorthe rev e■
Here you can adlustthe demodu ator
a卜 ″
ays atleast as
good in lerms ofsenst v″ and no se
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