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Polycom® SoundStation2W™
Frequently Asked Questions
Remarkable Voice Quality. Wireless Freedom.
What is SoundStation2W?
What about security?
SoundStation2W is Polycom’s next-generation, wireless
The SoundStation2W is a highly secure voice communications
conference phone that gives users the freedom to conference any-
solution. There are four factors that contribute to the
where team collaboration is important - even in rooms where there
robust security.
are no phone lines. With better voice quality than the original
SoundStation, standard 2.4 GHz WDCT or 1.9 GHz DECT technology
with voice encryption, up to 24 hours of talk time, and the ability to
dial through a cell phone, the SoundStation2W is the new standard
for everyday conferencing. Requires analog connection.
What is so special about SoundStation2W?
1. Unique pairing between console and base station.
2. WDCT digital spread spectrum technology provides
secure transmission
3. The frequency hopping WDCT implementation makes it even
more difficult for voice signal to be intercepted.
4. We have added 64 bit voice encryption between the base
The SoundStation2W provides the best value proposition of any
station and console. This adds yet another layer of security
conference phone under $1,000. Aside from being Polycom's first
in order to provide utmost confidence in the
wireless conference phone, the SoundStation2W introduces new
SoundStation2W solution.
features like cell phone dialing and a fully featured graphical LCD
display and user interface.
Why would I want a wireless conference phone?
Wireless provides two important benefits: 1) it enables mobility
What SKU’s are available?
within the facility so people can use the phone in a wide variety of
There are two versions of SoundStation2W: SoundStation2W Basic
work spaces where group collaboration may be important but
(non-Expandable), US MSRP $699 and SoundStation2W, US MSRP
where it is not appropriate to have a wired conference phone.
$899. As a step up from the basic version, SoundStation2W EX
Some examples include: personal offices, temporary work spaces,
provides excellent value with a 24 hour talk time battery (vs. 12 hr.),
hospitality lounges, and lab settings. 2) For situations where the
and microphone expansion. At launch there will be three complete
phone is dedicated to a conference room, wireless provides a clean
system SKU’s and three accessory SKU’s. The table below shows a
solution, alleviating the clutter and installation headaches of run-
map of the available products.
ning cables to the table.
Can this phone be sold in markets outside of the U.S.?
SoundStation2W models use either 2.4 GHz WDCT (Worldwide
Digital Cordless Telecommunications) or the 1.9 GHz DECT (Digital
Enhanced Cordless Telecommincations) standards, depending on
the wireless requirements where the phone will be used.
SoundStation2W Basic
SoundStation2W EX
2 EX Mics
P/N 2200-07880-001
P/N 2200-07800-001
P/N 2200-07840-001
P/N 2200-07803-001
P/N 2200-07804-001
12 hours Talk Time
64 bit Encryption
Cell phone connectivity
Graphical UI & features
USB upgradeable
All the features of Basic+
24 hours Talk Time
12 Hour Talk Time
24 Hour Talk Time
Package Contents
Basic Console (Non-Expandable)
Base Station
Base Station Power Supply
Console Charger / PS
Analog RJ-11 cable
Cell phone extension cable
2 cell 12 hour battery
User Docs
Package Contents
Expandable Console
Base Station
Base Station Power Supply
Console Charger / PS
Analog RJ-11 cable
Cell phone extension cable
4 cell 24 hour battery
User Docs
Connect. Any Way You Want.
Polycom SoundStation2W Frequently Asked Questions
What are the applications for the cell phone connector?
DSS technology breaks the voice stream into small fragments and spreads
There are two primary usage scenarios. First, for locations or facilities that may
them over a wide range of frequencies for transmission to a receiver. Only
not have any phone lines, you can use a cell phone as the dialing and network
the receiver that is uniquely registered to the transmitter will be able to
interface for the conference phone. This feature enables people to conduct a
reassemble the signal to deliver the voice stream. The SoundStation2W
group speakerphone call with the advantages of a conference phone in loca-
console and base station act as both transmitters and receivers. The console
tions like construction and production trailers, hotels, conference centers, and
and base station pair are uniquely matched to each other. The console will
other temporary facility setups.
only reassemble the signal sent from its matching base station and vice
Secondly, the cell phone connector provides people working on the fly the
convenience of instantly dialing a call using their personal phone book and taking advantage of the conference phone acoustics. Please see
www.polycom.com for a list of compatible cell phones.
How does the SoundStation2W audio quality compare to the other Polycom
conferencing units? Do you get the same voice quality even though
its wireless?
Like all the SoundStation units, the SoundStation2W provides excellent
two way simultaneous conversation flow with Polycom’s industry leading full
versa. Accordingly, the console will operate within 150 feet of its matched
base station – not within 150 feet of any base station. The one to one pairing
of console and base stations ensures secure voice signal transmission.
The SoundStation2W implements DSS using frequency hopping encoding.
Frequency hopping transmits the audio signal fragments over rapidly switching frequencies in the 2.4 GHz and 1.9 GHz bands. Frequency hopping
enables the SoundStation2W to automatically detect and avoid sources of
potential interference such as other SoundStation2W phones or 802.11x
WLAN clients.
duplex Acoustic Clarity Technology. In terms of room coverage and loudness,
What is the warranty for SoundStation2W?
the SoundStation2W is on par with SoundStation2. The SoundStation VTX
Standard warranty is 12 months in which the customer returns the defective
1000™ has even greater room coverage capabilities as well as unparalleled 7
unit to a Polycom factory for repair or replacement, and the unit is returned
kHz wideband voice quality capabilities. Wireless operation does not degrade
to the customer within 30 days.
voice quality compared to other Polycom conference phones when used in
similar environments.
What Support Services are available on SoundStation2W?
Premier Service offerings are available. Premier Service Offerings include:
What is the maximum room size and maximum number of participants
advance parts replacement/repair shipped for next business day delivery
SoundStation2W can effectively handle?
(Customs delays may affect actual delivery time in some regions), telephone
SoundStation2W can handle a medium size conference room and can effec-
technical support, and software upgrades.
tively cover people seated around the table up to 10 feet away from the
phone. With the EX mics, the phone can extend to cover a larger room with
a single row of overflow seating around the table.
What do I need to set it up? Are there special requirements?
The SoundStation2W ships with everything you’ll need to enjoy the benefits
of wireless conferencing. Installation is easy – much like a cordless phone.
How does the SoundStation2W compare to other wireless
The Base Station plugs into a standard Analog phone jack and power outlet.
conference phones?
The console automatically registers to the base station once the battery is
The SoundStation2W is superior to other products on the market in six
inserted or power is applied. The phone is now ready for use. There is no
key areas:
configuration required.
1. Voice quality and room coverage
Does the SoundStation2W run over an 802.11 wireless network?
2. Wireless talk time
No, the SoundStation2W operates completely independent of WLAN’s, or
3. Security
the data network. However, the SoundStation2W, is likely a great fit for any
4. Ease of use and user interface
organization that has deployed or is considering deploying a WLAN. The
5. Cell phone connectivity
radio is tuned to ensure that it will not pose interference issues with
6. Software upgradeability
802.11 communications.
The SoundStation2W is the world’s only product to combine this range
What about interference with 802.11 wireless data networks?
of valuable features in an affordable everyday conference phone.
Under ordinary conditions, you should be able to have a high quality voice
conversation using the SoundStation2W and use an 802.11 client application
What is the wireless technology? How does it work?
side by side without any interruptions. The WDCT frequency hopping imple-
SoundStation2W™ comes in two different formats. The product uses either
mentation enables the SoundStation2W to detect and avoid channels in the
2.4 GHz WDCT (Worldwide Digital Cordless Telecommunications) or 1.9 GHz
2.4 GHz band where there is WLAN or 802.11 activity.
DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) standard technology.
WDCT is widely used in North America, South America, and China, while
DECT is used in Europe, parts of Asia, and Australia. WDCT and DECT are
Digital Spread Spectrum protocols which are reliable, secure, and support
excellent voice quality and a wide range of dialing features. Digital Spread
Spectrum has been used by the military for many years because there is a
low probability of signal interception and interference.
If I buy the SoundStation2W for an analog connection (circuit switch)
Why isn’t the battery providing the specified amount of talk time?
today, how do I upgrade to IP? Can I use the SoundStation2W in a
Li-Ion batteries usually require 3-4 charge and full discharge cycles, in order
VoIP environment?
to perform to their peak capacity. During the first few cycles, talk time could
Many IP PBX manufacturers, such as Avaya and Cisco, provide Analog
be 20-25% lower. After cycling the battery several times, it will provide the
Terminal Adapters (ATA) for use with PC modems and fax machines (which
specified talk and standby time.
use analog line connections). You will need to use the manufacturers’ ATA
to connect your current SoundStation2W base station to the IP PBX. Polycom
does not provide ATAs for IP PBX manufacturers as many of today’s IP PBX
manufacturers use proprietary IP protocols to communicate with their tele-
What do you do to replace the battery?
There is an easily accessible battery compartment on the bottom of the
phone. No tools are required to remove and replace the battery.
phones, similar to current enterprise PBX solutions.
How does the cell phone connector work?
Will all the features work on an IP network if I use an ATA?
The connector is a four foot cable that links the console to the headset jack
of a cell phone. The plug is a standard 2.5mm headset connector. Once the
two phones are connected the console acts as a speakerphone for the cell
Does SoundStation2W work with my digital PBX?
SoundStation2W is a circuit switched (analog) conference phone and the base
station can be attached to a digital PBX (enterprise phone system) via
an analog connection from a PBX analog line card, and will operate to its full
capabilities. No PBX-specific digital versions of SoundStation2W are planned
in the foreseeable future.
phone. Dial the call using the cell phone interface and speak hands free
through the SoundStation2W console. You can transfer back and forth
between speakerphone mode and normal cell phone mode by unplugging
the headset connector. The phone call transmission takes place through the
cell network in this case rather than the landline. Accordingly, this feature
has powerful benefits in environments where there are no landlines available.
Can I attach SoundStation2W Base Station to my digital PBX using an
The only requirement is that the base station is plugged into AC power and is
analog adapter?
registered to the console.
Does the cell phone connector cable work with all cell phones
Is there a battery? How do you recharge it? How long does it last?
Yes, the cable will work with all cell phones. However, some cell phones may
Yes the SoundStation2W ships with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion two cell or
require a headset plug adapter to accept the 2.5mm plug. The adapters are
four cell battery pack. Recharging the battery is similar to recharging a note-
the same as used in universal hands-free kits for cell phones and are widely
book PC. You leave the battery in the phone and plug the charger directly into
available. Please visit www.polycom.com for a list of compatible cell phones.
the side of the phone. You can continue your conversation while the phone
is charging, or unplug the charger without any interruption once the battery
is charged. There are two battery options for the SoundStation2W as highlighted below:
Is the voice quality the same everywhere you use the phone? The same over
a cell phone vs. landline?
When using the SoundStation2W in conjunction with a cell phone, performance may be affected by quality of the cell phone connection. However,
2 Cell Lithium-Ion Pack
4 Cell Lithium-Ion Pack
the SoundStation2W will still enable simultaneous two way conversation
(Comes Std. W/ Basic Version) (Comes Std. W/ EX version)
(full duplex). In addition, you may experience some variations in the
Talk Time
12 hours
24 hours
SoundStation2W full duplex quality if using the phone in very large
Standby Time
80 hours
160 hours
open spaces.
Recharge Time 4 hours
8 hours
The SoundStation2W is designed to accept either battery pack. Both
batteries are available as accessories. Based on normal usage conditions,
the batteries will last 12-18 months. Replacement batteries can be purchased
through any Polycom reseller.
How do I know how much talk time I have left?
The LCD on the console has a continuous battery power icon that indicates
remaining talk time. The phone is designed to send audible and visual alerts
when the power is running low.
What do I do if the battery runs low during a call?
With the portable charger, you can simply plug the power cable into the
phone during the call and continue the conversation without any interruption.
Why would I buy the 24 hour talk time accessory battery?
Based on our estimates of normal usage, the 24 hour talk time battery will
provide over 1 week of continuous wireless operation without the need to
recharge. This dramatically simplifies managing wireless deployment in
your organization.
Is there a base station for every console or do multiple phones work with the
same base?
Yes, there is a unique base station for each console. Only one console will
work off of any given base station. Other features such as the console locating button on the base station, and the ability to program the console UI with
a “home” location facilitate keeping track of console-base station pairs.
Are the EX microphones wireless as well?
No, at this time the EX microphones are wired.
Can I use my SoundStation2W EX Microphones with other Polycom
conference phone EX microphones and vice versa?
No. The SoundStation2W extension microphones are designed specifically for
low power consumption for the SoundStation2W EX and will not work with
any other Polycom voice product.
What kind of Caller ID does SoundStation2W have? Will it work with
Are software updates Free?
my PBX?
Software “Updates” are free, but there will be a fee for Software
SoundStation2W supports a variety of Caller ID standards allowing this
“Upgrades”. A software update fixes a specific “bug” and does not add new
feature to be used worldwide. The standards supported include Bellcore
features. A software upgrade is defined as “a post-sale software addition
Standard Type 1, ETSI, DTMF, and BT. Caller ID may require activation by your
that adds features, increases functionality, or facilitates an increase in func-
local telephone company for a small monthly service fee.
tionality”. If you are under a Polycom Premier Service agreement, you are
Due to the diversity of Caller ID standards, some features may not be available in all areas. In addition, the quality of the telephone line connection may
entitled to software upgrades for free and will be automatically notified of
Software updates and upgrades as they are available.
affect Caller ID functionality.
Some PBXs use proprietary Caller ID protocols, so only the telephones
manufactured by the PBX manufacturer are able to decipher these proprietary
signaling schemes. Therefore, the Caller ID feature on SoundStation2W may
not work in all PBX environments.
Is a remote control available with SoundStation2W?
No, SoundStation2W does not have a remote control available. However, by
virtue of being wireless it is easy for the user to move the phone closer to
dial and then reposition in the center of the table during the call.
Does SoundStation2W have independent auxiliary connections for external
audio and inputs and outputs?
The SoundStation2W does have AUX out capability. The RCA port is on the
Base Station. The Aux Out function is activated through the console user
interface to ensure intentional recording. The SoundStation2W does not support Aux In capability.
Does Polycom sell auxiliary audio input and output accessories to the
SoundStation2W system?
No, Polycom does not sell any Aux out accessories for the SoundStation2W.
Can I buy a speaker system myself to use with SoundStation2W? Can I route
it through my PA system?
SoundStation2W can be configured for a variety of audio output devices,
and if a device falls within the settings specifications highlighted in the
SoundStation2W Users Guide, theoretically the device(s) will work satisfactorily. However, Polycom is not responsible for poor 3rd party product performance, and attaching certain 3rd party devices to SoundStation2W may hinder
full duplex performance on the system.
Can the SoundStation2W be connected into a Vortex® system?
No, the SoundStation2W cannot be connected to the Vortex system. We
recommend the SoundStation VTX 1000 for integrated solutions with the
Vortex product line.
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