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Ascotel ISDN telecommunications system.
Individual telecommunications freedom.
Corporate freedom generates strong performance.
Efficient and reliable communications is increasingly becoming
a decisive factor for success in
daily competition. It calls for a
communications system with
maximum reliability and flexibility. Ascom's answer to this requirement is the Ascotel product
family, consisting of a range of
modular ISDN switching systems
with a number of suitable terminals, add-on devices and applications with an attractive price/
performance ratio. This modular,
expandable Ascotel system can
be quickly and easily adapted to
new conditions thanks to a wide
range of integrated interfaces
and impressive features.
Good made even better.
Ascotel is already a very
successful product family,
with over 100 000 systems
installed in Europe. The new generation of systems grew from Ascom's
wide range of experience in ISDN
telecommunications and promises
further attractive and future-proof
communications through the use
of innovative and pioneering technology. With its user-friendly and easyto-configure communications systems
and terminals, Ascom meets the
requirements of small and mediumsized enterprises in particular.
Tailor-made solutions.
Thanks to mature functionality and
extremely flexible configuration capabilities, Ascotel is able to provide
tailor-made solutions for the most
varied organisational and operational
customer requirements. And because
Ascotel systems are completely
modular and scalable, they can be
adapted to new conditions, such as
company growth or organisational
changes, with minimum expense.
This means that you can always be
flexible to changes in the market and
in your company without making
large investments.
The heart of Ascotel systems.
The heart of an Ascotel telecommunications system is one of the three
ISDN exchanges, Ascotel 2025, 2045
or 2065. These are state-of-the-art,
highly efficient systems distinguished
by their configuration and switching
capacities: while Ascotel 2025 can
handle up to 30 subscribers, Ascotel
2045 has capacity for 60 and Ascotel
2065 for 200.
Interfaces and terminals.
Fixed or
virtual link
Radio paging system (teleCOURIER)
Euro ISDN telephones, Fax4, ISDN-TA
PC attendant console, fax server, etc.
Office terminals
Pocket adapter V.24
DECT radio unit
Analog telephones (DTMF/pulse),
modems, Fax3
Telephone answering machine
Printer, AIMS
Ascotel 20XX
All-round compatibility.
Ascotel systems can be operated
on digital (ISDN) or analog public
networks, as a single system or
networked over several locations.
As well as the range of digital subscriber interfaces for connection of
Office terminals, industry standard
analogue and ISDN interfaces allow
connection of a wide range of voice,
fax and ISDN data terminals. For
this reason, Ascotel is completely
compatible with digital or analog
telephones, with modems, PCs, fax
machines or radio paging systems.
Even door intercom and opening
systems or music sources are compatible with Ascotel.
Ethernet AIMS, CTI Telephony server
10 BaseT
Convergence Strategy with IP.
To cater for the ever increasing
demands for convergence of voice
and data over the same network,
Ascotel is “VoIP” (Voice over Internet
Protocol) ready. Ascotel’s optional
AIP6450 module is an “IP Gateway”
allowing voice calls to be routed over
suitable Local or Wide Area Networks.
This can eliminate call charges and
greatly simplify System management,
benfitting organisations with multiple
Open for the environment.
Ascotel systems are open communications platforms that use international standards. Conformity to
international standards is necessary
so that a telecommunications system
is also compatible with the terminals
and devices of third-party suppliers
and can be smoothly integrated into
the customer's existing communications infrastructure. The key standards that Ascotel supports are DECT
(Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony, the standard for operation
of cordless units), QSIG (the protocol
for networking telecommunications
systems from different manufacturers), Microsoft TAPI (Telephony
Application Programming Interface,
the application interface for computer-supported telephony) and
H.323 (the standard for voice
communications via an existing data
Business freedom has a system.
The secure system.
No company or organisation can
manage for any length of time
without a communications system.
You can be sure that Ascotel will
not leave you in the lurch if there
is a power failure. The optional
integrated UPS electronics ensure
an uninterrupted supply of power.
The easy-to-install system.
There is always enough space for
an Ascotel system. Thanks to its compact construction, it can be attached
to a wall, or installed in a 19-inch
rack together with other transmission
and network equipment.
The highly efficient system.
Ascotel provides the whole range of
telephony functions, always with
the aim of making the external
and internal telephone traffic
as user-friendly and efficient
as possible. Features such
as call forwarding, team
functions, user groups
and deputy allocation,
accommodate the
fact that people are
increasingly working in teams.
Call charge functions are a further
significant group of features. Call
charges can be displayed on the terminals or printed out. Charges can
also be reduced via telephone barring
functions, office access restrictions
and the powerful integrated leastcost routing function (LCR). One
especially practical function is remote
control, which allows you to control
your office telephone from home,
for example, to switch the call forwarding to your mobile on or off.
It is also very convenient to be able
to use other business telephones
with a personal PIN code so that call
charges are billed to the person
making the call.
The user-friendly system.
Even the most efficient communications platform can only be put to
good use if there is a range of compatible terminals. The Office family
of terminals therefore also offers
outstanding internal and impressive
external value: As well as excellent
design, all devices have the proven
Foxkey principle, allowing intuitive
operation without the need to study
the operating instructions at length.
Users feel comfortable with it straight
away and never want to be without
the offered convenience again.
Freedom means keeping track.
In the business world, telephone
traffic can often get hectic. Making new calls, leaving messages,
forwarding correct and complete
information, noting telephone
numbers and names, giving information quickly, and much more.
Quick and well-managed call
handling is a company's calling
card. To allow you to achieve
this and keep track of telephone
traffic, Ascotel takes on some of
the strain. The Office 1550 PC
attendant console and the efficient
Office 45 attendant set handle
much of your work, giving callers
the feeling that they have come
to the right address.
Office 1550
PC attendant
This PCbased attendant console supports
full switchboard functionality. It gives you
new capabilities for
handling business calls
correctly and efficiently. On the
clear graphical user interface, you
can see at a glance who is on the
telephone, making internal calls or
is absent. Calls can be answered and
put through at the touch of a button
or click of the mouse, and all internal
and external telephone directories
are available in an instant. The best
part is that PC programs, such as
word processing and spreadsheet
applications, can be used at the same
time without losing a single call.
This means that you save time and
money without losing track.
Office 45 attendant set.
Well connected.
Office 45 is an alternative option to
the PC attendant console, but is
just as convincing for handling daily
telephone traffic. The compact device has an eight-line display that
can show waiting calls, the call list
or engaged subscribers, as required.
Office 45 also provides information
on calls in the queue, such as the
time of the call, the number and
– if stored – the name. The optional
alpha keyboard and expansion keypads increase ease of operation
when creating or editing telephone
lists, writing text messages, etc.
In addition, the customer himself can
carry out basic system Programming
for example “Moves & Changes” via
the Office 45, without having to
call in a specialist. For example, when
a new employee takes over the telephone of their predecessor and the
old number is to be shown with
the new name.
Freedom with each terminal device.
Just what you need.
The Office system terminals meet all your needs
both with regard to the numerous
functions and the ease of operation.
The range of desk telephones
extends from the economical basic
model to the high-powered luxury
model. Mobile devices range from
the elegant lightweight model for
use in the office to the robust industrial model.
Office desk telephones.
A strong family at a
Office 10.
High tech at low cost.
This economic alternative to analog
telephones can be wall mounted
or placed on the desk.
Office 25.
An understatement that
promises much.
This space-saving telephone has an
attractive price/performance ratio.
Office 35.
Extra features for frequent callers.
This device has advanced functionality
and can easily cope with a large
volume of calls. It is also particularly
suitable when teams are jointly
responsible for customer contacts.
Office 45.
Meeting the highest demands.
The Office 45 terminal device is not
called the “boss” telephone for nothing! It is a versatile telephone featuring a large display, 22 number and
function keys, extensive telephone
directory and high-quality handsfree function. It is therefore suitable
for use as an advanced feature telephone, as a key set or as an attendant telephone set. Office 45 is also
available in the Office 45pro version,
which additionally has a backlit display. Office 45 and 45pro allow the
customer to make common settings
directly on the system, thus dispensing with consultation by a specialist.
For even easier telephoning.
Expansion keypads increase
the operating convenience
with additional, configurable number or function
keys. An alpha keyboard
provides extra convenience
when selecting names, generating telephone lists, writing
text messages, etc.
Office 20, 30, 40 and 100 telephones
can continue to be used.
Cleverly thought-out.
Thanks to the cunning
Foxkey and identical menu
guidance on all sets, the
Office telephones are easy to operate
at the touch of a button, without
the need to consult the operating
Attractive design.
The Office series was awarded the
iF design prize for its ergonomic and
well thought-out designer telephone
The art of functionality.
Office telephones offer a great deal,
even if the space-saving compactness
of some models is deceptive. To list
but a few of the many advantages,
integrated team functions, caller and
call lists, a private telephone directory
and a hands-free function, which
with the Office 45 achieves the highest voice quality, are all available.
Other functions that the user will no
longer be able to do without include
sending text messages and dialling
by name. Both are particularly easy
with the alpha keyboard that is offered
as an optional extra with the Office
35, 45 and 45pro models.
Freedom means staying in touch without being
tied down.
Office 130 and 130pro.
Mobility in the workplace.
Ascotel has taken the need
for mobility fully into account
with its digital cordless solution (DECT). DECT technology is
seamlessly integrated into the system
and is available for the entire Ascotel
family. This attractively designed
mobile Office telephone means that
you can stay in touch even if you are
elsewhere in the company. At 130
grams, the Office 130 and 130pro
models are particularly lightweight.
Employees who also wish to remain
discreetly available in meetings will
be especially thankful for the vibraalarm on the Office 130pro.
Office 150.
This spray-proof and shockproof
Office 150 handset, with vibracall or as an intrinsically safe
version as required, is
GAP-compatible and
is especially designed
for use in heavy
Distinguishing features.
Practically all Ascotel system features
are also available on the cordless
sets. All cordless versions include long
standby and talk times, as well as
the clever Foxkey. As on the Office
desk telephones, this intuitive user
guidance function forms the basis of
the calling convenience of the Office
cordless models.
The choice is yours.
All Office cordless telephones have
a backlit display; Office 130pro also
has an illuminated keypad. The handsets are charged directly using a
mains adapter and, as with the Office
150, the telephone can be used with
a headset. The intelligent Twincomfort function ensures that calls can
follow you wherever you go. As soon
as you leave your desk and take the
cordless phone from its charging
station, calls are automatically forwarded from your desk telephone
to the cordless handset and viceversa. The call lists and telephone
directory entries are also transferred.
Office 130 and Office 150 can also
be used directly in the charging
station. Both these models also
have a hotkey feature to
allow direct access to six
numbers or functions
and the low-volume
ringing and vibra-call
functions further
enhance their
powerful range
of features.
Freedom means optimal networking.
Many companies have their offices
spread over several sites. The
Ascotel systems in the various
company premises can be linked
together as a private corporate
communications network. This
brings advantages within the company, since work processes can be
executed more quickly and efficiently even at a distance. However,
customers and business partners
benefit most from the optimal networking in a large company, because they can always be directly
connected to the right person,
regardless of the latter's location.
Company-wide communication
– as if under a single roof.
Thanks to Ascotel's system
networking, employees at
different company sites can
call each other using an internal
extension number or by inputting
a name, just as if they were in the
same building. Because Ascotel uses
the internationally standardised QSIG
protocol, networking with other
manufacturer's telephone systems
is also possible. For the same reason,
advanced features such as inquiry
call, call transfer and call back if the
called party is engaged, are also
The optimum networking
concept for every situation.
Ascotel networking concepts provide
optimum solutions for customers,
always taking into consideration the
existing technical, organisational and
tariff-related requirements. Decisive
factors in determining the choice
of networking type are the volume
Ascotel systems can be connected to
an existing IP data network that is
suitable for voice traffic (networking
over IP), whereby the connection
costs to the ISDN network operator
and the rental costs for fixed lines do
not apply. However, the systems can
also be networked via digital leased
lines, whereby only the rental cost is
incurred. As a third option, Ascotel
provides “virtual” networking via the
public ISDN switched network. This
final solution is only advisable between premises that only generate
a small amount of traffic.
Virtual networking is also used to
connect employees working outside
the premises to the company systems.
Staff networked in this way can be
easily reached on their internal extension number. If they call into the
company they are signalled as an
internal caller with their name.
Some network operators offer a private numbering plan (PNP). Together
with ISDN added value services, the
customer has access
to a virtual PBX. This
can easily be integrated
into a private network.
at peak times.
For cost reasons, network
resources are generally set
up for a medium volume of
telephone traffic within a network. In order to guarantee
sufficient capacity at peak times,
Ascotel is able to route excess
traffic via the public switched network if necessary.
and type of communications between the premises. There are several
distinct possibilities for selecting the
optimum network.
Freedom means linking the telephone with
the computer.
For Ascotel's open system architecture it is actually just the next
logical step – Computer Telephony
Integration (CTI). Based on Microsoft's standard TAPI-2.1 protocol,
the Ascotel first and third-party
interfaces support commercially
available TAPI-2.1-CTI applications.
This improves access to information when in direct contact with
customers and, in particular
within companies with intensive
communications, for developing
a more efficient order process.
Ascotel Computer Telephony Integration combines telephony and
data in small and medium-sized
companies into one functional and
purposeful process.
Third-party Computer Telephony
Integration (CTI).
PC-supported telephony.
Ascotel's computer telephony integration is based
on three fundamental
components: The Ascotel third-party
CTI interface, the Microsoft telephony server (part of Windows NT)
and task-oriented CTI applications.
Whereas the stand-alone terminal
solution (first party) requires every
PC to be directly connected to a telephone, the multiple-terminal solution
(third party) needs only a single link
between Ascotel and the telephony
server. The existing infrastructure of
Ascotel Office terminals can be easily
linked to the computer-supported
telephony system.
One step ahead with Ascom
Office Call.
The Ascom Office Call application
effectively supports customer telephone contact by accessing existing
customer data. When an incoming
call is received from a customer, the
relevant data appear automatically
on the screen. This means that the
sales or service staff are well informed before answering the call and
can deal quickly and efficiently with
the caller.
More efficient calling.
Ascotel's third-party CTI interface increases the possible number of outgoing telephone calls with its automatic dialling capability, for example,
directly from a central database. This
Power Dialer option is an efficient
and therefore profitable solution
particularly for call centres or in telemarketing in particular. Whole lists
are dialled directly and the numbers
not reached are stored in a repeat list
so that they can be called again later.
Directly to the correct person.
If you sell your products or services
in several different language regions,
it is advantageous to have calls received by the customer advisor responsible for the relevant region and product. The Ascom Agora call centre
application meets these requirements
exactly. This brings clear advantages,
particularly when dealing with regular
customers, as they can be served
more quickly and in a more individual
manner. For example, the order service can be channelled to save time.
In addition, intelligent call distribution
allows calls to be shared more equally
among staff.
Freedom means always being well informed.
Business telecommunications are
intensifying, the number of calls
grows by the day – and is increasingly exceeding available capacity.
The integrated Ascotel Voice Mail
System can offer valuable support
in these circumstances. It guarantees efficient call management in
small and medium-sized businesses
and provides increased availability
around the clock.
Your personal assistant.
The Ascotel Voice Mail System provides up to 128 staff with a personal
answering machine function. If the
called party is absent, messages can
be left in the individual mailboxes
and picked up at any time from within the company or from outside.
Depending on the settings chosen,
calls are recorded, inquiries channelled or information simply passed on
to the called party.
Keeping in touch.
Being far from the workplace does not
have to mean being away from the
information flow. With the Ascotel
Voice Mail System you can always
keep up to date, even if you are somewhere else. You can dial into your
personal mailbox from outside and
pick up messages using your password. Or the system can automatically call you anywhere you choose
when a message has been left.
Right to the point.
If callers reach the required person
directly, then time, money and patience are saved. Ascotel's Voice Mail
System answers every call and correctly assigns it to the required person,
the mailbox or the audio text information. The support and switching
capabilities of the Ascotel Voice
Mail System mean that productivity
increases. The advanced call connection features of the Ascotel Voice Mail
System provide an efficient automatic
answering service. No wonder from
a system that is capable of much more
than just taking a message.
Automatically customer-friendly.
The Voice Mail System goes one step
further than an automatic attendant
console. It can record up to 39 different spoken messages and play them
at certain times depending on the
company circumstances, such as
breaks or holidays. The caller can select
criteria such as language, department
or information requested and is connected accordingly. Your staff will be
relieved of routine work and standard
information requests, for example
repeatedly having to inform callers
about opening times and office hours,
or company address and directions.
Easy operation.
Since the Ascotel Voice Mail System
is fully integrated in the Ascotel telecommunications system, easy installation and efficient maintenance are
guaranteed. In addition, it can be
easily controlled and operated from
an Office terminal. It is easy to configure and has flexible applications
that can be adapted for any type of
Freedom means having the system under control.
A good communications system
is one that can be adapted to new
conditions in the company. The
Ascotel system therefore not only
guarantees outstanding performance of all products, but also
has a high degree of flexibility:
All systems can be easily planned,
configured and monitored using
the AIMS (Ascotel Information
Management System) software
package. AIMS is modular and
comprises various program managers. These are the tools with
which a system is set up and tailormade for every requirement.
Information and management
systems (AIMS).
Tools for system settings.
The Ascotel AIMS software
package includes several
integrated program management functions, which the telecom
specialist can use on-site or remotely
for setting up the system. Configuration data can be changed during
operation, and labels for the terminals
can be printed, to name but a few
of the varied functions that can be
easily and quickly performed using
Prompt installation to your
Your engineer will clarify how many
staff are to be connected to the
system, how many desk telephones
they require, whether cordless telephones are required, how much
incoming and outgoing telephone
traffic is to be expected, etc.
Finally, your system will be dimensioned directly and quickly on site
by a project manager and the most
favourable configuration can then
be determined.
Uninterrupted service with
off-line configuration.
Your engineer can also make configuration changes off-line. This means
that he configures system setting
and then load them remotely at a
convenient time so that service is
not interrupted during office hours.
Always state-of-the-art.
With the upload manager, you are
able to have your system updated
to the latest technological status at
any time, as the embedded software
system can be easily and remotely
updated by your installer. As there
is no need to exchange memory
modules, both time and money are
Control at a glance.
Thanks to the event manager, a telecom service centre can receive and
monitor system messages from your
Ascotel system from a central location. Problems are therefore detected
immediately and intervention can be
made in good time.
Ascotel ISDN telecommunications system.
Individual telecommunications freedom.
Feel free to order our demo software!
The advantages of Ascotel:
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ISDN telecommunications system
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High availability, thanks to mature
Modular design with step-wise
expansion capabilities.
Broad range of terminals with
intuitive user guidance.
Compact designer telephones.
Emphasis on comfort and team
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Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland,
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Product availability and technical
specifications subject to change
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Integrated cordless telephony
with the DECT standard.
Integrated voice mail system.
Networking via fixed or virtual
Networking over IP (NoIP).
Choice between attendant
telephone set and PC attendant
TAPI interface for computer
telephony integration.
Open system architecture
supporting international
communications standards.
Efficient system management.
Remote maintenance/alarm
Wall mounting or installation in
a 19" rack.
Optional uninterruptible power
supply (UPS).
IP ready.
Ascotel Ascotel
Expansion slots
Total subscriber interfaces
(AD2, S, a/b)
Subscriber interfaces AD2
Subscriber interfaces S
Subscriber interfaces a/b
Subscribers with own number
(incl. DECT subscribers)
Radio units
DECT subscribers
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