Marechal Switch Rated Plugs Sockets for Industry

Marechal Switch Rated Plugs Sockets for Industry
Benefit from Marechal’s DECONTACTOR
switch rated plugs, socket-outlets and elec
Common applications at power generation facilities:
critical motors
Portable power
Safety and code compliance
Marechal DECONTACTORTM series products combine the safety
and function of a switch with the convenience of a plug and
socket-outlet. They are EN 60309-1 compliant for “motor
circuit” and distribution switching and offer visible evidence
of disconnection. Key features, including silver-nickel butt
contacts, enclosed arc chambers, socket-outlet with safety
shutter and high short circuit ratings, ensure user safety and
eliminate the potential for exposure to arc flash or live parts.
OR™ series
ectrical connectors…
your plant.
Marechal installed base includes
nuclear, hydro, fossil fuel and “waste to energy” plants.
Fans and
Heat lamps and
portable lighting
Performance with cost savings
Marechal DECONTACTOR™ series plugs and socket-outlets
help power plants enhance safety and performance while also
reducing equipment and labour costs. Their switching ability
eliminates the expense of interlocks and auxiliary disconnect
switches, and their flexible mounting configurations simplify
installation. Decontactors unique combination of safety
features and plug and play simplicity allows technicians to
quickly and easily make and break electrical connections
during equipment replacement. The electrical work can be
performed efficiently in the workshop.
What you should know about…
DECONTACTORTM series switch rated plugs and socket-outlets
Decontactors are industrial plugs and socket-outlets using
silver-nickel butt contacts instead of brass pins and sleeves.
Moreover, they have an integral switching device allowing
the making and breaking of mixed resistive and inductive
loads in complete safety, as specified in the international
standard, IEC/EN 60309-1, clause 2.8 for industrial plugs
and socket-outlets as well as the international standard
IEC/EN 60947-3 for switches. A full description is on page 10.
High safety connection
Thanks to its integral switching device (AC22 /AC23 according
to standard EN 60947-3), the decontactor can safely connect
and disconnect devices up to 250 A. Just pressing on the
button will separate the decontactor. Thus, the plug is
de-energised before it is removed. As it prevents any risk of
drawing an electric arc upon removing the plug, this system
provides total safety to the user. In the event of a short-circuit,
the Marechal DECONTACTOR™ guarantees safe handling:
it is the only industrial plug and socket-outlet that has
successfully passed short-circuit closing tests.
Operation of a
connected, its ‘high safety’
technology makes any accident
Main advantages
• Switching ability offers visible evidence of disconnection
• Short circuit ratings up to 100kA help ensure user safety in
overload conditions
• Safety shutter prevents unintended access to live parts
Just pressing with the finger on the
button will switch off the
DECONTACTOR™. The plug then
travels back automatically into a
parked position.
• Enclosed arc chambers prevent arc flash exposure
• Switch function eliminates the need for expensive interlocks
and auxiliary disconnects
• Plug and play simplicity helps reduce equipment
replacement time by up to 50%
A quarter of a turn is enough to
separate the plug from the socketoutlet. This is done very safely since
the device has been switched off.
• Optional pilot contacts allow control and power circuits in
one connection
Wide range to cover all the needs
The plug and socket-outlet are then
separated. Thanks to the safety
shutter located in front of the socketoutlet, live parts are inaccessible to
touch and contact by wires exceeding
1 mm in diameter (IP4X lid open).
MARECHAL ELECTRIC’s range includes decontactors, plugs
and socket-outlets, distribution boxes and connectors.
Made either of polyester or of metal, they are ideal for
standard industrial applications from 10 to 250 A, but also for
potentially explosive atmospheres. MARECHAL ELECTRIC also
manufacture high current equipment.
Focus on power generation
Typical DECONTACTOR™ ranges used in power generation plants
DS 30 - 250 A
1000 V AC max
The quality standard for
the manufacturing industry
Rugged construction
IP54/55 (IP67 optional)
Up to 4 auxiliary contacts
Polyester or Metal casings
≥ 65 kA short circuit rated
DB 30 - 125 A
690 V AC max
Air-break separable motor
High horsepower capacity
IP 67
Up to 4 auxiliary contacts
Zinc aluminum alloy casings
100 kA short circuit rated
20 - 63 A
1000 V AC max
The only industrial plug and
socket-outlet with an automatic
Compact, lightweight design
IP 66/67
Up to 4 auxiliary contacts
Polyester casings
100 kA short circuit rated
You can find Marechal decontactors on…
Portable equipment
Wastewater mixer
Portable oil filter
pump and cordset
Welding machine
Process pump
Power socket-outlets
Other application spotlights: see next page
Application spotlights
DECONTACTORTM series switch rated plugs & socket-outlets…
Welding machine connections
Mobile facilities power supply
Decontactors allow welders to safely connect and disconnect
welding machines even under overload conditions.
Decontactors provide convenient power supply connections
and local disconnects for mobile facilities.
Ensure user safety
Easily meet regulations requirements
Significant safety and cost advantages make
Decontactors the ideal choice for connecting power to
welding machines and other equipment. With their
switch ratings, 65 kA or greater short circuit ratings,
enclosed arc chambers and dead front construction,
they not only allow users to safely make and break
resistive and inductive loads under full load, but also
eliminate the potential for arc flash exposure and
provide protection in dangerous overload situations.
The need for expensive interlocks required with other
plugs & socket-outlets and the common problem of
defeating the interlock with extension cords are
Regulations require motors to have readily accessible
disconnects. Marechal Decontactors are rated for
‘Motor circuit’ and distribution switching. With models
rated up to 250 A, and with configurations available
for wall mounted, equipment mounted, and in-line
connections, Decontactors provide the most
convenient and cost effective means of meeting
regulations for local disconnects.
Decontactors provide an ‘inline switch’
when used on extension cords
… at power generation plants
Downtime critical equipment
Hoist Connections
Correct motor rotation can be ensured by pre-testing motors
at a test bench with receptacles that match the polarization
in the field.
Decontactors used as in-line disconnects facilitate quick and
safe servicing of hoist equipment.
Simplify motor replacements
Ensure arc flash protection
Motors that are prewired with a Decontactor plug or
inlet can be electrically connected simply by plugging
them in. Safety features allow technicians to perform
motor replacements in the field, eliminating the need to
wait for an electrician. Using Marechal Decontactors to
connect motors instead of hardwiring can help reduce
motor replacement and downtime costs by 50%.
Decontactors provide arc flash protection by
eliminating the potential for exposure to live parts and
arcing. The contacts are completely enclosed during
load-making and breaking, ensuring that any
associated arcing is safely isolated in internal arc
chambers. The plug can only be removed if the device
has been switched ‘off’ and the plug contacts are dead.
The safety shutter on the receptacle automatically
closes when the plug is removed, maintaining a dead
front and preventing access to live parts. Thus, at no
time during the operation of the device will the user
have unintended access to live contacts or arcing.
Marechal’s switch rated plugs and
receptacles utilize motor starter contact
technology, allowing users to safely make
and break motor loads.
Application spotlights
DECONTACTORTM series switch rated plugs & socket-outlets…
Portable lighting connections
Pump connections
Marechal plugs and socket-outlets ensure worker safety
when connecting heat lamps or other lighting loads, even in
damp conditions.
Float pumps or dewatering pumps can be safely and quickly
disconnected and reconnected with Decontactors.
Withstand harsh environments
Simplify health & safety compliance
In addition to their superior electrical properties,
Decontactors spring-loaded, silver-nickel butt contacts
are more durable and withstand harsh environments
better than the brass contacts used on pin & sleeve
devices. Decontactor contacts close with a self-cleaning
wiping action, their heavy duty coil springs maintain
optimal contact pressure and the silver-nickel material
offers excellent wear resistance, providing more
reliable performance in dirty environments. Unlike
brass, silver-nickel maintains its electrical properties
after oxidation and withstands many common
corrosive environments.
The ‘Standard for Electrical Safety in the Working place’
requires the establishment of an electrically safe work
condition before work tasks can be performed.
Decontactors make this simple. Dead front construction
eliminates potential exposure to arcing and unintended
access to live parts, and the removal of the plug from
the receptacle provides verification of de-energization.
Thus, electrical connections can be made and broken
without the need to establish flash hazard boundaries,
perform voltage testing, or ‘suit-up’ to meet
requirements for energized electrical work.
23 µΩ
370 µΩ
60 µΩ
1400 µΩ
Marechal’s silver-nickel butt contacts are
20 times more conductive than brass.
Decontactor inlets/plugs include lockout
provisions. Socket-outlets are available
with an optional lockout latch.
… at power generation plants
Portable power distribution
Retrofit applications
A mobile diesel generator supplies power via
Marechal plugs & socket-outlets during outage conditions.
Modular construction made it simple for this power plant to
convert their existing pin and sleeve socket-outlets to
Protect against the elements
Minimize upgrade costs
Marechal’s Decontactor series plugs and socket-outlets
are available with ingress protection ratings up to
IP66/67. DS and DSN series Decontactors achieve their
ratings simply by mating the plug with the receptacle.
There is no need to turn or tighten additional fittings
as is required to enable protection on many other
plugs & socket-outlets. The ratings can also be
maintained when the plugs & socket-outlets are
disconnected: by closing and latching the lid on the
receptacle, or by installing an optional cap on the plug.
With Marechal Decontactors, power generation
facilities can upgrade existing pin & sleeve
connections to improve safety and comply with
requirements easily and with minimal expense.
Their switch ratings eliminate the need for expensive
interlocks and auxiliary disconnect switches, and
allows Decontactor socket-outlets or inlets to be easily
installed on existing junction boxes, eliminating the
need for costly rewiring.
Product specifications
Durability, safety & code compliance
At the heart of Marechal’s technology
Want to know about the secret of
Marechal DECONTACTOR™ series’
outstanding reliabilty? Just have a
look at the following description!
Pushbutton latch
Provides quick, safe and easy load break.
Spring-Assisted Screw Terminals
Assures ‘Tighten and Forget’ confidence.
Lockout-Tagout Provisions
Allows plug to be easily locked out and tagged.
Optional padlock latch allows lockout/tagout
of the socket-outlet.
Safety shutter
Assures safety by preventing user access to live parts.
Silver-Nickel Contacts
Provide superior conductivity, durability and corrosion resistance.
Socket-outlet Lid
Provides additional protection from harsh environments.
Durable Casings
Offers great resistance to impact
and harsh environmental conditions.
• Allows easy IEC 60309-1 code compliance
• Functions as a visible evidence of disconnection switch
• Safely makes and breaks resistive or inductive loads
Safety & code compliance: Marechal vs the competition
Motor hard-wired to
a switch disconnector
Motor connected with a
Marechal motor plug
Motor connected with a
Competitive plug & receptacle
• Cord connection allows easy
‘line of sight’ area
• Expensive mechanical
interlocks are required since
these plugs & receptacles
cannot safely make & break
under load
• Dead front eliminates access
to live parts, so there is no
need for PPE*
Disconnect may be difficult
to install in ‘line of sight’
from the motor
• ≥ 65 kA short circuit make
& withstand rating ensures
safety during reenergization
Qualified worker w/PPE*
Motor change-out process
Electrician opens disconnect switch
Determine PPE* requirements and obtain
Remove disconnect cover
Voltmeter test to verify deenergization
Apply lockout/tagout
Disconnect motor from hard-wiring
Mechanic removes old/installs new motor
Electrician connects motor to hard-wiring
Motor change-out process
Mechanic removes plug from socket-outlet
Apply lockout/tagout as required
Mechanic removes old/installs new motor
Mechanic inserts plug into socket-outlet
Marechal makes it
safe & easy
* PPE: Personal Protective Equipment which could refer to flame retardant clothing, gloves, or a complete hood with flash suit.
• The interlock must be
mounted on a fixed surfacethis may make ‘line of sight’
location more difficult
• Ability to safely make & break
under load eliminates the need
for interlocks
Motor change-out process
Open interlock switch
Determine PPE* requirements & obtain
Remove interlock cover
Voltmeter test to verify deenergization
Remove plug
Apply lockout/tagout as required
Remove old/install new motor
Insert plug into socket-outlet
& catalogues
With a view to meeting the specific needs of some users,
MARECHAL ELECTRIC has published a series of
documentation dedicated to specific activities.
They are available on request and can be downloaded
from the web site
‘SP4 Power connector’ documentation
A single pole power connector max 700 A 1000 VAC /
1500 V DC with integrated electromechanical interlocking
‘ATEX products selection guide’ documentation
An ATEX selection guide from 16 A to 200 A - 750 VAC
‘Products for tunnel applications’ documentation
MARECHAL ELECTRIC has already equipped more than
700 km of underground roads or railways.
‘Self-ejecting sytems’ documentation
Self-ejecting systems avoid the rupturing of an electric
circuit when a mobile apparatus is moved without first
disconnecting the electrical supply.
All products manufactured by MARECHAL ELECTRIC
This CD-ROM contains the whole e-catalogue as well as
many useful documents in a digital format: the PDF
version of the catalogue, the product dimensions
(printer-friendly version), the technical manual.
To receive any documentation, please fill this form and fax it to +33 (0)1 45 11 60 60 (for UK: 0870 760 1066)
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ATMOSPHERES documentation
❏ … copies of the SELF-EJECTING SYSTEMS documentation
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