Experiment 3 prelab

Experiment 3 prelab
Prelab Assignment
Experiment 3, Part 2
ECEN 4517/5517
Battery current and voltage sensors. Draw a complete schematic of the battery current and voltage sensing
circuitry. The circuit should have two output signals that will be used as inputs to the TI MSP430 ADC
channels. Be sure to include the following considerations:
The MSP430 ADC input channels have an input voltage range from 0 V to 3.3V (or less, depending
on your ADC configuration choices).
The high side current sense circuit should have RC filtering at the INA194 input and the MSP430
ADC input, as shown in the Lecture 6 slides.
Include numerical values for all components.
Include the pin header labels for connecting the sense signals to the MSP430 Development board
Write expressions for the ADC input voltages as functions of the battery current and voltage.
Perturb and observe peak power tracking algorithm. Write a draft of the complete void main( void ) code
block in the main.c file for the task within Experiment 3, Part 2 entitled, Peak power tracking with the PV
system cart. The code does not have to be experimentally validated. You should use appropriate variable
names for working with the ADC, DAC and PWM peripherals. Turn in the following:
Short description of how the algorithm works together with a detailed flow chart based on your code
The draft void main( void ) code segment of the main.c file
Complete system schematic diagram showing the interconnections between the power stage board,
microcontroller evaluation board and control breadboard
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