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Comfort Digisystem User Manual
User Manual
Table of Contents
Introduction to the Comfort Digisystem
Presenting the Microphone DM05
Functions of the Microphone DM05
Getting Started
First Time Use
More Functions
Radio Range and Channels
Attached Accessories
Other original Accessories
Trouble Shooting
Service and Warranty
Technical Data
Important Safety Instructions
Microphone DM05
Introduction to the Comfort Digisystem
Thank you for choosing Comfort Digisystem.
The products are easy to use, whether you use a hearing aid or not.
Before using the product, please read this User Manual carefully.
Using the Microphone DM05 transmitter, the signal is transferred digitally,
resulting in an excellent clear sound.
Comfort Digisystem is fitted with SecureStream Technology - a type of digital
technology allowing eavesdrop-secure radio transfer in real time.
Presenting the Microphone DM05
The Microphone DM05 is the world's smallest wireless microphone for the
digital transfer of sound to earpieces. This radio signal is encoded so that no
one else can hear what is being said. The microphone is extremely discreet
and can be simply attached to clothes with a clip.
The Microphone DM05 is equipped with a voice AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
to maintain a comfortable sound level at all times.
The DM05 is pre-programmed with 10 channels.
Additional channels can be used in combination with other Digisystem
Microphone DM05
Functions of the Microphone DM05
Charging socket
On / Off
Hole to secure neck
Pairing button
Function indicator
Microphone DM05
Getting Started
The Microphone DM05 is chargeable. Charge the DM05 at least two hours
before you use it for the first time. An empty battery is fully charged within
two hours.
During charging, the function indicator shows red. Once the function indicator
shows green the unit is fully charged and switches to automatic float
charging. The unit is automatically switched off when charging.
You must not change the battery yourself; please contact your point of purchase.
INPUT 5V 220mA
Only use the charger supplied by Comfort Audio AB.
Connecting a charger to the
Microphone DM05
Please note:
Only use the charger
supplied by Comfort Audio AB.
Microphone DM05
First Time Use
Switch on the transmitter by pressing the On/Off button for around two
seconds. Function indicator ON.
The Microphone DM05 s a microphone for closer range. It works best within
approx. 30 cm.
Attach the DM05 to your clothes using the clip. The DM05 is supplied with a
neck pendant, which can be connected to the unit to make sure that you do
not drop it.
Other functions are explained later in this manual.
The necklace should not be used if there is a risk of getting stuck,
e.g. in a machine or other objects.
Microphone DM05
As the DM05 does not have a display/menu, the unit's functions are controlled
by means of the pairing button.
The current function is displayed by the function indicator.
In addition to the pairing functions (see section Pairing), there is also the facility to activate three modes.
To do this, press the pairing button and hold it down
immediately after starting up the unit (within two
A selected mode can always be cancelled by switching off the DM05 and starting it up again.
0 sec
5 sec
10 sec
15 sec
20 sec
Change channel
When the pairing button is held down for five seconds, the function indicator
shows a constant green light.
If you release the pairing button when the function indicator is green, the
Change channel mode is activated.
Press the pairing button briefly the number of times corresponding to the
desired channel (1-10), see section Radio Range and Channels.
After a pause of two seconds, the entry process ends and the selected
channel is shown by the same number of green flashes in the function
Microphone DM05
Change code
If the pairing button is instead held down for ten seconds, the function
indicator will switch to a red light.
If you release the pairing button when the function indicator is red, Change
code mode is activated.
Press the pairing button twice in quick succession to generate a random code,
and at the same time the pairing information is transmitted (make sure that
other Digisystem units to be paired are activated to receive pairing information).
Five red flashes in the function indicator confirm that the pairing information
(channel and code) has been sent.
Factory reset
If the pairing button is instead held down for 20 seconds, the function
indicator will switch to an alternating red and green light. The Factory reset
mode is now activated.
To perform a factory reset, press the pairing button once quickly. The function
indicator flashes the number of times corresponding to the channel, see
section Radio Range and Channels.
The channel and code are now reset to the factory settings.
Microphone DM05 must be paired using the pairing button, see section
Pairing (via pairing button).
To use a receiver and transmitter together, they must be paired. All
transmitters and receivers are default paired at the factory and will work
NB! To prevent eavesdropping, a new code key must be generated and
transmitted between the units by pairing.
Transmitting/receiving of pairing information along with a new code can be
performed from any Comfort Digisystem unit with a display.
To pair units without a display, see sections Pairing (via pairing button).
Pairing information or a new code key can be received by several activated
Microphone DM05
Pairing (via menu)
1.Choose Communication - Pair
2.Select Receive info on one unit. Ready to receive pairing info is shown in
the display.
3.Select New code on the other unit; select Yes.
4. Generate new code and send info? is shown in the display. Select Yes
(Now both the channel and the coding information have been sent, and
sound transfer is eavesdrop-secure).
5. To pair another unit into your coded system, select Send info instead on
one of your paired units.
Pairing (via pairing button)
(The only way of pairing units without a display, with the pairing button)
You can activate the Pairing function via the pairing button.
1. One brief press of the button opens the Pairing menu.
2. Two brief presses activate the Send info function.
3. One long press activates the Receive info function.
Units with both transmitters and receivers built in
Comfort Digisystem units with both transmitters and receivers built-in can be
paired separately.
When opening the pairing menu, choose the concerning unit (transmitter/
receiver). In units with both transmitters and receivers, the pairing button
controls the transmitter.
The transmitter and receiver are paired separately in these units. The code
key is always the same for the transmitter and the receiver when these are
built-in in the same unit.
The easiest way to get the same code key in the whole Digisystem is to
generate a new code key from the combined unit; in that way the built-in
receiver gets the same code as the rest of the system.
Microphone DM05
More Functions
Function indicator (LED)
The function indicator shows the unit's status depending on its setting.
When the DM05 starts, the function indicator shows which channel is selected
(1-10) by flashing green 1-10 times. If another channel has been paired in,
this is indicated by the green lamp lighting for four seconds when the unit is
started up.
On normal operation the indicator flashes every other second.
During charging the indicator shows red.
When the charging is completed, the indicator shows green.
When the battery gets low, the indicator flashes red every other second.
Once the unit has been set to receive pairing information, the indicator
flashes green quickly.
When receiving pairing information, the indicator shows green for four
When sending pairing information, the indicator flashes red five times.
A constant green light indicates Change channel mode.
A constant red light indicates Change code mode.
An alternating red/green light indicates Factory reset mode.
Microphone DM05
Radio Range and Channels
The transmitter and receiver have built-in antennas. The radio range
between the units is around 30 metres. This may however vary depending
on the particular environment you are in. Like all radio systems, Comfort
Digisystem communicates on specific channels. If you use two transmitters
on the same channel or a neighbouring one, there may be interference. Other
electronic equipment can also interfere with radio transmissions.
In most European countries, channels 1-3 (863.250 - 864.750 MHz) may be
used for hearing products. However, you should always check with the
frequency assignment authority in your own country which channels are free
and which require a licence.
Frequency range of each model
Art. no. DG15101 (F2) 768 - 818 MHz
(Complete package DG02401 F2)
Pre-programmed channels
1. A54 - 768.400 MHz*
2. A46 - 771.600 MHz
3. A35 - 776.000 MHz
4. A25 - 780.000 MHz
5. A15 - 784.000 MHz
6. C25 - 790.400 MHz
7. C12 - 795.600 MHz
8. D45 - 802.000 MHz
9. D34 - 806.400 MHz
10.D15 - 814.000 MHz
* Factory-set channel
Microphone DM05
Art. no. DG15001 (F1) 818 - 872 MHz
(Complete package DG02001 F1)
Pre-programmed channels
1. 1 -
2. 2 -
3. 3 -
4. E85 -
5. E71 -
6. E42 -
7. E19 -
8. E4 -
9. B15 -
10.B4 -
863.250 MHz
864.000 MHz*
864.750 MHz
820.000 MHz
825.600 MHz
837.200 MHz
846.400 MHz
852.400 MHz
857.200 MHz
861.600 MHz
* Factory-set channel
In addition to these selectable channels, channels within the frequency range
of each DM05 model can be set by means of pairing with other Digisystem
Attached Accessories
Safety neck pendant
Other original Accessories
Car charger
The car charger is designed for cars with a 12 volt (-) earthed electrical system. The charger has short-circuit and automatic overload protection. Disconnect the charger from the socket after use.
Charger unit
For other accessories, please visit our website,
Microphone DM05
The transmitter and receiver do not start
Charge the transmitter and receiver. Remember to press the On/Off button
down for 2 seconds to switch the unit on. Check that the charger is connected
to the plug socket.
Poor speech intelligibility
The distance between the transmitter and the receiver may be too long. The
range is around 30 metres. The distance between the microphone and the
person who is talking may also be too long; move the microphone nearer to
the person talking. Try to change channel/environment.
Poor range and interference
In some environments involving, e.g., concrete, iron or sheet metal
structures, the range may be reduced. There may also be equipment
nearby causing interference. Change channel.
No sound
Check that the transmitter and receiver are set to the same channel.
Loud hissing noise (no sound transfer)
Check that the units are paired.
Microphone DM05
Service and Warranty
Comfort Audio AB accords a limited warranty for two years as of the date of
delivery. This covers all defects of manufacture and materials.
For accessories the warranty period is 90 days as of the date of delivery. Local
agreements or regulations may exist. Defects caused by careless handling or
intervention inside the product or its accessories are not covered by the warranty.
It is recommended that the batteries included with Comfort Digisystem are
charged little and often. They are designed to reach 90 % capacity mid-way
through charging. To maintain optimum battery performance, batteries
should not be fully discharged during storage. It is perfectly normal that the
battery’s capacity decreases gradually. Battery lifetime depends on how the
product is used. Contact your point of purchase when it is time to change the
You are always welcome to contact us at Comfort Audio if you have any
Technical Data
Type of transmitter:
Weight: Frequency range: Antenna: Operating time:
Charging time:
Microphone: SST - SecureStream Technology
Approx. 30 m
58 x 27 x 14 mm incl. clip
16 g
DG15101 (F2) 768 - 818 MHz
(Complete package DG02401 F2)
DG15001 (F1) 818 - 872 MHz
(Complete package DG02001 F1)
Up to six hours
Chargeable Li-Polymer
Approx. two hours
5V 220mA
Built-in, omnidirectional
Microphone DM05
Important Safety Instructions Read these before using your product
1) Read these instructions.
2) Keep these instructions.
3) Heed all warnings.
4) FolIow all instructions.
5) Do not use this apparatus near water.
6) Clean only with dry cloth.
7) Do not use near any heat sources such as radiators heat registers stoves,
or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.
Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding-type plug.
A polarized plug has two blades with one wider than the other.
A grounding type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong. The
wide blade or the third prong are provided for your safety. If the provided
plug does not fit into your outlet consult an electrician for replacement of
the obsolete outlet. (Only when using polarized plug)
9) Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at
plugs convenience receptacles. and the point where they exit from the
10) Only use attachments/accessories specified by Comfort Audio AB.
11) Unplug this apparatus during Iightning storms or when unused for long
periods of time.
12) Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required
when the apparatus has been damaged in any way such as power-supply
cord or plug is damaged Iiquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into
the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture does
not operate normally or has been dropped.
13) Start listening at a low volume.
Microphone DM05
14) Too high a volume can seriously damage your hearing.
15) Don’t dissasemble the product.
16) Should the product break open because of damage, service should only
be done by qualified service personnel.
17) Never use a transmitter or receiver set to a non-permitted frequency.
Check with the frequency authority in the country where the equipment is
to be used.
18) The product contains sensitive electronic equipment and must be handled
19) Never charge product in closed, unaired spaces such as handbags, cases
or other closed storage bags.
20) Only use batteries and power supply specified by Comfort Audio AB.
21) You must not change the battery yourself; please contact your point of
22) CAUTION! Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced.
23) The product shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire
or the like.
24) Products include radio transmitters. Do not use products where it is not
allowed to use electronic equipment, e.g. on airplanes.
25) Do not leave the product unloaded for too long, the battery could get
26) Do not keep the product connected to the charger if it is not used for a longer period.
Subject to change
Microphone DM05
Microphone DM05
Microphone DM05
Microphone DM05
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