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June 2000
AlphaCD 06/2000 Release Notes
This AlphaCD contains all the software changes to AMOS and related software that have been tested and
released since the 10/99 AlphaCD. This document lists the major software changes and additions, some
of which have previously been released to the field but are being consolidated here for convenience to our
customers. These release notes talk about:
• The versions of AMOS software and documentation available, and what’s new in them
• The new AlphaTCP release, version 1.5A.
• The structure of the AM-PC 4.2A software section
• New third party software releases-- Autolog, Starr Accounting, and Metropolis, PR06/2000
• Other AMOS compatible software releases since the prior AlphaCD
• Updates to the unsupported software section of the AlphaCD
• What’s new in the AlphaCONNECT product section
• How to use the CD
As always, the AlphaCD includes the latest versions of AMOS: the June patch releases of AMOS 2.3A
and AMOS 1.4E. AMOS 2.3A (patch release 6/00) adds AM-7000 support software, as well as several
problem resolutions. AMOS 1.4E is the year 2000 compliant version of AMOS 1.X with various
problem resolutions. The Eagle 100TX and 100MX versions of the software have also been updated.
For specific details on the latest patches to AMOS, go to our TABBS website at You must be a registered user on TABBS to access the file library of
AMOS patches.
The Alpha Micro Package Manager (AMPM) also lets you keep all AMOS related products up to date.
For more information on AMPM, please refer to the AlphaTCP Administrator’s Guide (DSM-00187-11),
page 6-19.
AMOS Documentation
As always, on-line documentation is contained in the DOC folder in the DOS partition of the CD. This
folder includes all marketing bulletins and documents released or updated since the previous AlphaCD
release in October 1999. plus all the prior documents included on the previous CD.
To access these documents, open the Toc.pdf file to bring up the on-line Documents table of contents and
follow the instructions at the beginning of that document.
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AlphaCD 06/2000 Release Notes
New documentation includes the AM-7000 User’s Manual, AM-7000 Service Manual, and Installation
Instructions for Roadrunner 75 Upgrades. Updated documents include the AlphaTCP Administrator’s
Guide, AMOS System Commands Reference Manual, AMOS Monitor Calls Manual, AlphaBASIC
XCALL Subroutine User’s Manual, and several more.
Remember, documents that have been added or changed since the last AlphaCD are marked with an
asterisk in the table of contents. The table of contents is the file TOC.PDF in the root folder of the online documentation section. It is bookmarked with each major section so you can quickly jump to any
document section.
As always, the DOC folder includes both 16-bit (Windows 3.X) and 32-bit (Windows 95 and 98)
versions of the Adobe Acrobat reader, Ar16e301.exe and Ar405eng.exe, located in the Acrobat
subfolder. If you don’t already have the Reader on your PC, just execute the appropriate file to
install the version you want.
A new release, AlphaTCP 1.5A, has been included on this AlphaCD. The enhancements in this release
are set forth in the AlphaTCP 1.5A Release Notes, document DSS-10613-00.
The following horizontal applications have been updated from the version contained on the previous
AlphaCD to include various problem resolutions:
AlphaWRITE 1.2A
AlphaWRITE 2.2
AlphaCD-WRITER is the software the supports the AM-402 SCSI CD-Recorder for AMOS based
systems. With the latest release, the software has been enhanced to support re-writeable CDs. This
software consists of a utility called MAKACD, which is PIC-coded on a per system basis. Details of this
software are contained in the AM-402 Installation Instructions, included in the documentation area on the
ISAM’s /N switch has been around for some time, but has not been widely known and is not documented
in the current technical manual. The following edit levels of the software added /N switch capabilities:
/N switch was added to optionally disable sequence check via the system command.
If a job has LOKSER turned off (J NLK), then sequence checking will be disabled
via the /N switch.
Changed /N switch to work with LOKSER whether it is installed or not.
Rev. A00
AlphaCD 06/2000 Release Notes
Page 3
This AlphaCD includes an update to AM-PC 4.2A, incorporating AMOS 2.3A, PR 06/00 and AlphaTCP
1.5A, and removing the DOS setup program. In the AM-PC area, there are five subdirectories. The first
of these contains a single executable file which you can use to install AM-PC directly from the CD. The
other four directories are diskette images which you can copy to diskette and use to install AM-PC at
customer sites when you cannot use the AlphaCD. When creating installation diskettes, you must give
the diskettes these labels:
The installation program looks for these exact labels; you will not be able to install the software from
diskette if the diskettes are not labeled properly.
The following third party software products have been updated by their respective developers, and are
identified as 06/00 patch releases (PR06/00):
Metropolis 7.5
Starr Accounting
Autolog from Soft Machines
Remember, these products are provided as a convenience for our dealers, developers, and end users.
Alpha Micro has not tested or qualified these software products, and takes no responsibility for their
installation or use. If you have any questions about any of these products, please contact the specific
The unsupported software section of the AlphaCD has been updated with many programs donated by
various people. Take a look to see what has been added.
The DOS side of AlphaCD continues to include the latest released versions of’s NQL
Solutions products, formerly called AlphaCONNECT. Included are:
AlphaCONNECT Pro 1.1a,’s original data harvesting and publishing application,
contained in the \Acpro subfolder.
StockVue 2000 Plus, version 4.1, the latest version of this powerful stock and business tracking tool.
StockVue 2000 Plus is a free product which works only with Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows
NT 4.0 and later. See the Svreadme.txt file included in the \Sv2000 subfolder.
Rev. A00
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AlphaCD 06/2000 Release Notes
NQL (Network Query Language) is’s scripting language designed to simplify the
creation of agents, bots, and web applications for the programming community. The version on this
AlphaCD is a 30-day trial version. See the NqlRead.txt file included in the \nql subfolder.
These products are in subfolders under the \Nqli folder. For installation instructions and additional
information, see the \Nqli\Readme.txt file.
For more information about the NQL Solutions product line, visit the NQL Solutions World Wide Web
site at
Rev. A00
AlphaCD 06/2000 Release Notes
Page 5
These instructions replace the ones previously found in the AlphaCD Software Distribution User’s
Manual booklet included with the CD.
Using the CD from AMOS
If your AMOS computer has a CD-ROM drive permanently attached, follow these steps:
1. Type ACD/U
to unmount the old CD.
2. Remove the CD from the drive.
3. Insert the new CD into the drive.
4. Type ACD
to mount the new CD.
If you need to temporarily attach a CD-ROM drive to the computer (it must be a SCSI CD-ROM), follow
these steps:
1. Type SCSI
to see what SCSI IDs are available on your computer.
2. Follow the instructions for your CD-ROM drive to set the drive’s SCSI ID to an available ID.
3. Make sure no one is using the computer and power it down following the instructions in your
Owner’s Manual.
4. Attach the CD-ROM drive to the external SCSI connector or an available connector on an
external SCSI cable. Be sure not to exceed the allowed length of the physical SCI bus. This is
especially important on the Wide SCSI-2 bus.
Be sure the SCSI bus is properly terminated. If you are adding the CD-ROM at the end of the
bus, this means putting the terminator in one of the SCSI connectors on the CD-ROM.
5. Turn on power to the CD-ROM drive and insert the AlphaCD, then power up the computer.
6. Type ACD
to mount the CD.
These instructions are different than those with earlier versions of the AlphaCD. While the earlier
instructions worked in most configurations, plugging the CD-ROM drive into the SCSI cable with
the computer on could damage either the CD-ROM drive or the computer itself. This is especially
true with newer, high-performance computers. Therefore, we do not recommend attaching the
CD-ROM drive, or any peripheral device, while there is power on the SCSI bus.
For instructions on modifying your system initialization file so the CD-ROM drive is always accessible
and can be read by any user, please see the System Operator’s Guide to the System Initialization
Command File, DSO-00002-00, Rev. 02 or later. For more information on the ACD command, please
see the AMOS System Commands Reference Manual, DSO-00043-00, Rev. 04 or later.
Rev. A00
Page 6
AlphaCD 06/2000 Release Notes
Disconnecting the CD-ROM
To remove the CD-ROM from the computer after you’re finished using it, you can type ACD/U RETURN
to unmount the CD, then take the CD out of the drive. To remove the drive from the SCSI cable, power
the computer down, detach the drive, then turn the computer back on. We do not recommend removing
the CD-ROM drive, or any peripheral, from the SCSI bus while power is applied to the bus.
After removing the CD-ROM, be sure to replace the external SCSI terminator in the external connector
on the computer back panel or in the SCSI connector on the last external device.
Using the CD from DOS or Windows
You can access the information in the DOS partition of the AlphaCD as you would any other
DOS/Windows CD—just place the CD in your CD-ROM drive and use any command or Windows
feature (such as Windows Explorer) to open or copy the files you want.
Rev. A00
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