Heart Rate Kit Installation Instructions

Heart Rate Kit Installation Instructions
Heart Rate Kit Installation Instructions:
VX-2 & VX-3
Kit includes the following parts:
- HR Receiver 5.0KHz
- Long Lead
- Cable ties and mounts(3x)
1. After confirming all parts are present. . Run the wire under the tank.
Attach long lead at the front of the rower as shown.
2.1. Run the long lead under the Footplate and along the left Seat Rail.
Mount the Receiver at this location, approximately 1/3rd of the way back
from the front of the left Seat Rail.
2.2. Attach the Seat Rail and then mount the Receiver exactly as shown
to avoid the Seat Rollers.
Note: The Receiver must be mounting exactly as shown for maximum
3. Attach the Adhesive mounts. The excess lead can be stored under
the Perspex cover.
Note: Don’t affix permanently until signal in this location is tested. Mount
the Receiver securely once ideal reception location has been established. Trim excess.
To display heart rate requires a Polar ™ T34 non-coded or T31 coded chest strap transmitter
(sold separately) or other compatible brand chest strap transmitter available from your dealer.
Notes: Maintaining a consistent signal on a rower can be a challenge due to the varying distances experienced during the rowing stroke between the Receiver/Transmitter.
If you are experiencing difficulty, make sure the batteries on your chest belt or other device are
fresh, and that the frequency of your transmitter is 5KHz.
Environmental conditions, as well as proximity to other machines can also interfere with a clean
signal. Feel free to experiment with different locations for best performance.
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