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Detcon Company Profile
detcon inc.
ISO 9001:2008 Certified
ATEX QMS Certified
HART Certificate of Membership
ABS QMS and Product Certified
Detcon’s Headquarters is in The Woodlands, TX just north of Houston.
Company Mission
Detcon is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of a wide range of industrial grade gas detectors,
electronic control systems, and wireless technology. Detcon was established in 1983 and entered the commercial
market with its first products in early 1985. Today the company has grown to include a wide range of sensor
technologies and state of the art product designs engineered to perform reliably in the most challenging and
rugged industrial environments. Detcon’s growing success is achieved by fusing decades of field experience with
engineering expertise to produce superior products and innovative solutions. Our corporate objective is simple:
“To provide products and services of the highest quality so that we
establish an unequaled level of trade name recognition and trust.”
Detcon accomplishes this objective by adhering to a rigid quality assurance program, and by keeping in close
contact with the needs of its customers. Today, Detcon is helping companies around the world ensure safety and
maintain productivity at the highest level.
ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Detcon's product design and manufacturing process is based on continuous quality improvement and a TOTAL
QUALITY MANAGEMENT program. The program is designed to address and meet the needs of its customers while
improving the overall management of the company. The Detcon Quality Program has been certified to the ISO
9001: 2008 standard by an accredited third party registrar.
Quality Policy
Detcon, Inc. will continuously improve its products to better satisfy the needs of its customers and will deliver, on
time and every time, defect free products and services.
Model Series 700 Gas Detector
Environmentally Bulletproof
Multi-Layer Surge Protection
Pre-emptive Fault Diagnostics
Detcon Model Series 700 industrial grade gas
detectors are a new generation of intelligent gas
sensors. This new level of environmental durability
includes an electropolished 316 stainless steel
housing, multi-layered transient spike protection
circuitry and 100% encapsulated electronics. The
sensor electronics are completely protected and
immune to water ingress and corrosion. Sensor
elements are all plug-in components that can easily
be replaced in the field.
Model Series 700 gas detectors certified SIL2 capable
include: DM-700 toxic electrochemical, TP-700 H2S
MOS, IR-700 infrared combustible hydrocarbons, and
FP-700 catalytic bead combustibles.
Available Sensor Technologies
Chemfet MOS Solid State H2S
Catalytic Combustible Gas
Infrared Combustible Hydrocarbons & CO2
Electrochemical Toxic Gases & O2 Deficiency
Photo Ionization Volatile Organic Compounds
Integration Options
Remote / Alarm Module
Hart Module
Foundation Fieldbus Module
Wireless Interface Module
Detcon’s Model Series 700 can be configured to meet
a wide range of applications by utilizing available
integration options. Remote operation, communication protocol options, relay output and other options
are available.
Model Series 500 & 600 Gas Detectors
Modular Plug and Play
Non-Intrusive Interface
4-20 mA Output
Class I, Division 1, Groups B,C,D
Integral Sensor Fault Diagnostics
Modbus RTU, RS-485
Alarm Relays
Modular Design
Easy Remote Sensor Mounting
Plug and Play Sensors & Transmitters
Available Sensor Technologies
Chemfet MOS Solid State H2S
Catalytic Combustible Gas
Infrared Combustible Hydrocarbons & CO2
Electrochemical Toxic Gases & O2 Deficiency
Model 500/600 gas detectors feature Detcon's MicroSafe intuitive software. Calibration instructions appear in
simple interactive and sequential script on a 16-character backlit alphanumeric display. The transmitter design
incorporates extensive fault diagnostics with each condition conveniently identified on the transmitter display.
Model Series 500 comes standard with a linear 4-20 mA output, self-adjusting zero & span, and LED indicators for
fault and calibration status. Model Series 600 adds 3 alarm relays and an RS-485 serial communications port.
Model Series 100 Gas Detector
Simple, Affordable, Durable
2-Wire Loop Powered
Non-Intrusive Interface
4-20 mA Output
Class I, Division 1, Groups B,C,D
Fully encapsulated electronics
Junction Box
Loop Powered Display
Alarm Relays
Modbus Adapter
Modular Design
Easy Maintenance
Plug and Play Sensors
Intuitive Operating Software
Available Sensor Technologies
Electrochemical Toxic Gases & O2 Deficiency
Model 100 Series gas detectors are 2-Wire loop powered and feature intelligent electronics, comprehensive fault
diagnostics and a standard analog 4-20 mA output. Additional accessories include a loop powered digital display,
Remote Alarm Module (RAM), HART, and a current to RS-485 converter.
Model GD10P
IR Point Detector for Combustible Gas
Solid state IR sources (SimSource™)
High IR source flash rate
Selectable response rate
True dual path, double compensation optical design
Early dirty optics warning
Independently heated mirror and lens
The GD10P detector is the benchmark for combustible gas detection
on offshore installations. It has set the standard for gas detectors in
the areas of safety, stability and low maintenance. GD10P is the
fastest IR point detector on the market and requires no calibration.
Model GD1
H2S Laser Open Path Gas Detector
Optical IR Sensor no Cal or Replacement
Tuneable laser diode/laser scanning
No undisclosed source of failure
5 years warranty
Vibration and misalignment tolerant optics
Fastest possible speed of response
Large area of coverage
The GD1 sets a new standard for toxic gas detection. A tuneable laser
diode eliminates environmental effects from sun, rain and fog; a
genuine step change in performance for safety systems and life cycle
costs. ATEX approved, HART communications and suitable for SIL2.
Model DF-TV7-T & DF-TV7-V
MultiFlame IR & UV/IR Flame Detectors
Triple IR Certified SIL3 (Model DF-TV7-T)
UV and dual IR Certified SIL2 (Model DF-TV7-V)
Wide field of view
Relays and 4-20mA output
Continuous auto-check of optical lens
Selectable sensitivity and time delays
Wireless detector configuration and testing using TLU
HART® output option available
Multi-spectrum infrared flame using three wavelengths
Long range up to 80m, 260 feet (Model DF-TV7-T)
Wireless option available (Model DF-TV7-T)
DF-TV7-T is a multi-spectrum IR flame detector using 3 wavelengths.
It responds to hydrocarbon fires and is the right choice for dirty
environments and smoky fires.
The DF-TV7-V is a UV/dual IR detector and offers excellent flame
detection while maintaining outstanding false alarm immunity.
Control Systems
Model X40 Series Multi-Channel Control Systems - 2 to 32 Channels
Completely User & Field Programmable
Analog or RS-485 Input Options
3 Adjustable Alarm Level Relays, 1 Fault Relay
Easy Intuitive Field Configuration
Wired or Distributed I/O
Alarm Silence/Alarm Reset Feature
Data Logging of TWA, Peak, Cal & Alarm Events
Addressable RS-485 Serial Communication
SmartWireless® Capable
Detcon’s Model X40 is among the most versatile
gas detection control systems on the market.
Available in 2, 8, and 32 channel versions the
controller is designed to receive and supervise
inputs using either 4-20mA or Serial RS-485
Modbus.™ Among the system’s unique features is a
wireless version that can be used with Detcon’s
SmartWireless® product line and Oldham’s BM 25
Wireless multi-gas monitor.
The Model X40 can be customized based on
individual application needs using stackable din-rail
mounted I/O modules. Those available for use with
the control system include a 4-channel 4-20mA input
module (DA-4), a 4-alarm relay output module (RL-4),
a 4-channel 4-20mA output module (AO-4), and a
4-relay contact input module (DI-4). The devices can
be mounted within the main system enclosure or
installed remotely to simplify field wiring.
The Model X40 features a backlit alphanumeric
screen that displays alarm status and current
readings for channel number, gas type, and gas
concentration for up to 8 field devices
simultaneously. The X40 has a simple menu driven
interface for system configuration and is completely
field programmable using a small handheld magnet.
Enclosure options include: NEMA 4X, NEMA 1 panel
mount, and NEMA 7.
Model X40-8-N4X
Model X40-N7
Model X40-N1P
Model MCX-32 Multi-Channel Control System - Up to 64 Channels
Completely User & Field Programmable
6” Monochrome LCD with Touch-Screen user Interface
Analog, Digital or Modbus RTU Serial Input Capability
Readily Field Expandable with Auto Configuration Capability
Data Logging: Alarms, Cal, Comm Errors, Faults, Peak & Avg
Versatile Distributed I/O Installation Options
Lightning & Over-Voltage Protection Standard
Detcon Model MCX-32 is a multi-channel integrated
control system with a capacity of 64 active channels. It can
receive and supervise inputs from a wide range of field devices
with either a 4-20 mA DC or serial output. The standard serial
protocol is RS-485 Modbus RTU. This unique system design features
“auto-configuration” of addressable devices that are located in a device
library. The Model MCX-32 controller provides a unique combination of
“auto configuration” simplicity and ease of use with customizable
expansion capabilities.
Model 10 and 12 Series Single Sensor Control Card Systems
4 to 16 Channel Packaging (Model 10)
4 to 12 Channel Packaging (Model 12)
Programmable Relays
2 Alarms + Fault (Model 10)
3 Alarms + Fault (Model 12)
NEMA 1, 4X, and 7 Packages
Modular Plug-in Design
Compatible with PLC’s, SCADA, DCS
Outputs: 4-20 mA, RS-485, Alarms
Addressable via RS-485 Serial Communication
Alarm Disable Function
Detcon Model 10 & 12 single channel digital
control modules are designed to supervise and
display the status of a single remote sensor
assembly. Modules are available for a variety of
toxic and combustible gases and are compatible
with a complete line of Detcon enclosures and
mainframe hardware assemblies.
SmartWireless® Technology
Wireless Battery Powered Devices Eliminate Expensive Installation & Wiring Costs
Quick and Easy Deployment
Permanent or Temporary Installations
Fault Tolerant Safety Network
Network Capacity up to 32 Devices
Div1 & Div2 Controls, Alarms & Solar
Distributed Data Processing
No Single Point of Failure
Universally Acceptable Frequency 2.4 GHz
Low Power Requirement
1.5 Mile Line-of-Sight Range
Robust Mesh Network Topology
No Controller Required (RXT-300 only)
CXT Sensor Assemblies
Detcon’s Model CXT is a compact, low powered, wireless sensor that detects for
dangerous combustible & toxic gases and oxygen deficiency. This environmentally
bulletproof gas detector has a built-in display and is powered by either rechargeable or
disposable batteries.
CX Sensor Assemblies
Detcon’s Model CX is a wired version of the Model CXT that can be used with
SmartWireless® Site Sentinel CX/CXT Controllers as well as other Detcon control
systems. Standard outputs include 4-20 mA, and RS-485 Modbus.
Site Sentinel CXT Controller
The SmartWireless® Site Sentinel CXT Controller provides operator interface to the network and
real time status display of all network devices. Flexible and expandable, a Site Sentinel network
consists of any combination of (up to 32) wireless and/or wired sensors, one or more Site Sentinel
control panels, and alarm warning devices. Command functions include alarm reset, alarm
acknowledge, alarm test and radio silence. The control panel displays real time gas
concentrations, field device status, battery levels, network RF signal quality and fault diagnostic
conditions. Display indications include field device location, alarm status, channel, gas reading,
battery life & link signal strength. Standard features include removable SD card with datalogging.
Site Sentinel CX Sensor Station
The Site Sentinel CX Sensor Station transmits data from up-to 4 wired gas detectors back
to a CXT controller. The sensor station includes a battery that powers the radio, alarm
devices, and the attached sensors.
BM 25W Wireless Transportable Multi-Gas Area Monitor
The BM 25W is a multi-gas monitoring system that offers a wide range of applications. The
system detects up to 5 gases and can include up to 30 devices in a standard network. Should a
device fail or an obstruction occur, communication automatically re-routes allowing the
network to remain in operation. Powered by a NiMH battery pack, the BM 25W offers up to 135
hours of continuous run time. Standard features include STEL and TWA values and data logging.
An intrinsically safe trickle charger is also available for long-term area monitoring in classified
zones. The BM 25W is also compatible with Detcon’s CXT, X40 & MCX-32 Wireless controllers.
Audio/Visual Alarm Options
Alarm relays include adjustable set points and latching/non-latching
configurations. Division 1 and Division 2 packages available.
Battery Power Options (Rechargeable & Disposable)
Battery options include rechargeable packs as well as packs with
disposable/replaceable batteries. Both use lithium ion technology and are
available in low and high capacity versions. Detcon battery packs provide
continuous run times for months at a time. Actual run times are based on
battery and sensor selection. Paired with a solar charging option Detcon
SmartWireless system components can provide indefinite run times.
Class I; Division 1; Groups C, D
Plug-in High Energy L-ion Technology
Smart Rechargeable Pack: safety battery with low voltage disconnect, internal safe charge
control circuit, digital charge level output, temperature range safety circuit
"C" Cell Battery Pack: compact with easy replacement cells
Network Configuration Tablet
The Network Configuration Tablet is used to identify and establish
network members and can also be used to determine signal strength
between field devices and controls. The auto configuration feature
provides field device search and find capability that simplifies network
set up and commissioning.
10.1” Touch Panel LCD
USB Wireless Interface
Sentinel Sitewatch Remote Monitor
Sentinel SiteWatch is an advanced networking device that provides remote
access to any Detcon gas detection system via Ethernet or cellular
communication. The Sentinel SiteWatch Ethernet version provides an IP
addressed web page that can be accessed via any web browser and both
the Ethernet and Cellular versions provide automated emails for all alarm
and fault conditions instantaneously. SiteWatch technology can be
embedded into the Model CXT, X40 & MCX-32 wireless controllers.
Power Options
Detcon SmartWireless devices can use line or battery power. Battery power
run times can be extended indefinitely by using solar power options.
1.5 Watt and 3 Watt (Class I, Division 1)
5, 10, 20, 30, and 40 Watt (Class I, Division 2)
Plug In
Twist Lock
Natural Gas Pipeline Analyzers
Model Series 1000
Continuous Measurement with Superior Uptime
H2S Ranges from 10 ppm to 5% by Volume
CO2 Ranges from 3,000 ppm up to 100%
Readily Field Replaceable Sensors
Simple Field Calibration
Single and Dual (H2S/CO2) Configurations
Detcon Model Series 1000 H2S and CO2 gas analyzers are
designed to provide accurate and continuous
measurement of target gas concentrations in natural gas
treating plants, gas production wells and custody transfer
points along gas transmission pipelines. The application
flexibility of this family of analyzer products is based on
utilization of proven sensor technologies and the ability to
customize according to the application. The result is a
simple and economical yet powerful analytical tool offering
capabilities equivalent to analyzer technologies costing
much more.
In the Model 1000, Detcon’s long history of gas monitoring
sensor research and manufacturing is combined with a field
tested and proven pedigree in sampling system design and
operation. The result is a simple and economical yet
powerful analytical tool offering capabilities equivalent to
analyzer technologies costing much more. Long sensor life,
easy operator interface and embedded intuitive
maintenance scripts help to maintain high quality analysis
of H2S and CO2 content in natural gas processes.
NEMA 4X Weatherproof
Enclosure Options
(304-SS or Painted Steel)
Design Approach
The Model 1000 design is based on three factors: High accuracy, simple field serviceability, and fail-safe operation.
Detcon’s field proven MicroSafe™ sensor technologies have been combined with high-precision gas conditioning
and flow control components to achieve accurate and repeatable measurement.
The Model 1000 uses a very simple and accessible modular design. All components are assembled on a flat panel
following a simple flow pattern, making easy work of service and trouble-shooting.
Fail-safe Operation
All Model 1000s are equipped with liquid-rejection membrane filters and over-pressure relief protection. Flow
fault detection and alarms are available as options. The entire assembly is both explosion proof and weatherproof.
Portable Gas Detectors
Model PS200 4-Gas Monitor
LEL, O2, CO, H2S
Audible, LED, & vibrating alarms
Certified (ATEX, cCSAus, CE)
Internal pump (optional)
Data logging standard
Sensor integrity checking
The PS200 is a rugged, easy to use portable multi-gas detector ideal for hotworks and confined spaces.
Both lightweight and durable the instrument monitors and displays up to four hazardous gas conditions
simultaneously. Options include Auto Bump & Cal Station, Colored Boots and 5-Way Charger.
Model PS1 Single Gas Monitor
Single gas - H2S, O2, CO, SO2
Fully programmable alarms
Certified (ATEX, CSA, CE)
On/Off Capability
Data logging standard
Displays real time value
The maintenance-free PS1 single gas monitor is designed with industry leading features. Both
lightweight and easy to use, the self-monitoring device clips easily onto a collar or vest and features
on/off capability and field adjustable alarm settings. Widely used in the oil and gas industry, the PS1 also
has an optional Auto Bump Test and Calibration Station as a separate component. The calibration
station provides a fast visual indication that the instrument is calibrated correctly.
PS500 5-Gas Monitor
Displays up to 5 gases
Built-in pump or diffusion mode
UL Approved
Data logging standard
IP 65 approved
LEL, O2, CO, H2S, SO2, CL2, NH3, NO, NO2, CO2, PH3, VOC
Features such as pre-calibrated plug-and-play sensors and password protection make the PS500
perfect for rental applications, plant turnarounds, fire & hazmat, and confined spaces. The PS500
has global approvals.
GT Series - 1 Instrument, 7 Measurement Modes
Measures up to 4 gases
Manual/automatic datalogging
UL Approved
ppm, LEL and volume flammable gas ranges for leak detection
Large button operation with simple display prompts
LEL, O2, CO, H2S, SO2, CL2, NH3, NO, NO2, CO2, PH3, VOC
Designed for the gas industry, the GT satisfies all the needs of service technicians working with gas.
With seven modes of operation, (Leak Test, Confined Space Entry, Barhole Testing, Carbon Monoxide,
Purge, Sniffer, Pressure Leak Tightness) the GT Series is the most versatile instrument available.
Corporate Headquarters
4055 Technology Forest Blvd.
The Woodlands, Texas 77381
Fax 281-292-2860
Customer Service Center
25003 Pitkin Rd. D800
Spring, TX 77386
Fax 281-292-2860
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