x Permahyd Hi-TEC WT1500 Ultra Deep Black

x Permahyd Hi-TEC WT1500 Ultra Deep Black
14 V.1
Technical Data Sheet
Permahyd® Hi-TEC WT1500 Ultra Deep Black
Permahyd Hi-TEC WT1500 Ultra Deep Black is an innovative waterborne base coat factory pack black
offering the deepest black to meet the most exacting color standards.
After recoating with Permacron or Permasolid clear coat, the result is a high gloss, weather resistant finish.
This product is for professional painting of vehicles only.
Technical Data Sheet No. 480.1500 Mar. 2014
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14 V.1
Suitable Substrates:
Original or old paintwork (except reversible substrates)
Priomat 1K Primer Surfacer 4085
Permacron Primer/Surfacers
Permahyd Primer/Surfacers
Permasolid Surfacers
Substrate Pretreatment:
Degrease and sand.
Before further treatment, clean all substrates thoroughly with
Permaloid Silicone Removers 7087 or 7010 Slow, Permahyd Silicone Remover
7085, Permahyd or Permahyd Silicone Remover 7096.
* Permahyd Silicone Remover 7085, or Permahyd Silicone Remover 7096
must be used for final cleaning.
Mixing Ratio:
10-30% Hi-TEC WT Additive Reducer 6050 or Hi-TEC WT Additive Special
Reducer 6052 for this color
NOTE: For conditions above 100 F / 37.8 C and below 15% RH, up to 10%
Permahyd® VE Water 6000 may be used with 20% Hi-TEC WT Additive Special
Reducer 6052
Pot Life:
Solid colors have extended pot life after reduction (approximately 3-6 months)
Method of application
Approved Transfer Efficiency
Please refer to gun manufacturer and local legislation for proper spray
pressure recommendations.
Spray Nozzle
Application viscosity 4mm,
68°F/20C, DIN 4
Reducer at 68°F/20C
material temperature
Number of coats
1.3 - 1.4 mm (for hot weather)
1.2 - 1.3mm (for hot weather)
As mixed
10-20% is typical, up to 30% in conditions of very high humidity
1 ½ coat = 1 full coat 6 to 10 inches from the surface followed by 1/2
coat, 10 -14 inches from surface Keep overlap at 75% or more during
entire process.
Flash-off Time (Before Clear Coat)
At 68F/20C Metal Temp, Approximately 20 to 30 minutes.
At 140°F/60°C Metal Temp., Approximately 10 Minutes.
Allow 10 -15 minutes for cool down
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14 V.1
Special Tips:
1. When using WT1500 in a two tone or multi-tone color application, a layer of Clear Coat is needed
isolate WT 1500 from the other basecoat layers. Clear Coat should be cured and sanded prior to
any further base coat application.
2. For under hood colors, use 10 % Permahyd Hardener 3080. Pot life for under hood color is 20
3. Must apply clear coat within three days.
4. Use of Hi-TEC WT Additive Special Reducer 6052 is recommended for hot and humid and hot and
dry extreme conditions. For temperatures above 100 F / 37.8 C and below 15% RH, Permahyd®
VE Water 6000 may be added up to 10% in place of 10% of Hi-TEC WT Additive Special Reducer
5. In hot and humid conditions up to 30% 6052 will help eliminate splashing defects. It is also
recommended to increase dwell time between coats to 45 sec in very humid conditions.
Reducing flash-off time:
Surface matting can be accelerated by heat and additional air flow.
For small areas, it is also possible to blow with the spray gun after a waiting time of at least 5 minutes.
Surface matting can also be accelerated by low baking at 140°F/60°C approx. 10 minutes, allow surface to
cool prior to clear coat application
* Flash-off and drying times depend on the temperature, humidity, and air flow in the booth, and on the
number of coats. The surface must in all cases be allowed to matte completely.
Blend-in system:
Preparation and application for WT1500 (Applying the blender)
1. Sand Surfacer (dry with P500-800 or wet sand with P600-1000).
2. Use a fine sanding pad, 3M 07745 (gold) for hard to reach areas, prior to preparation of blend area.
Thoroughly sand surrounding area with P800 – 1000 dry, with a dual action sander and proper
backing pad. It is possible to wet sand utilizing P1200 – 1500 grit.
3. Wash the entire area with Permahyd Silicone Remover 7085 or Permahyd Silicone Remover
4. Apply 1 coat of Hi-TEC Blend-in Additive 1050 or Hi-TEC Special Blend-in Additive 1051 to the
surrounding blend area.
Special tips (continued):
Blending the base coat
Apply color to the blend area first, using 3 control coats at 10-14 inches from the panel. Use 26-28 psi and a
75% overlap throughout the entire repair.
1. Use an outside-in approach. Extend the first coat furthest, then each subsequent coat should be
inside the previous coat. A “motorcycle wrist” action helps fade the color.
2. A diagonal blend helps produce the most undetectable repair.
3. Apply color to the surfacer (repair) area with a 1 ½ coat application. (1 full coat at 6-10 inches,
followed by an orientation coat at around 12 inch distance – higher humidity = further distance)
4. Keep a 75% or more overlap during the entire process.
5. After approximately 20 minutes (or when Surface has completely matted) Permacron® 2K Clear
Coat, Permacron® 2.1 Clear Coat or Permasolid® HS Clear Coat may be applied.
For information on spray equipment please see Technical Data Sheet No. 905.1. Information on cleaning of
equipment and waste management can be found in Technical Data Sheet Nos. 905.0 and 905.2
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14 V.1
Important Regulatory Information
VOC Category
WT 1500 RTS
30% 6052
WT 1500 RTS
10% 6052, 10%
VE Water 6000
WT 1500 Under
Hood 10% 3080
, 20% 6052
For industrial use only by professional, trained painters. Not for sale to or use by the general
public. Before using, read and follow all label and MSDS precautions. If mixed with other
components, mixture will have hazards of all components. Ready to use paint materials
containing isocyanates can cause irritation of the respiratory organs and hypersensitive
reactions. Asthma sufferers, those with allergies and anyone with a history of respiratory
complaints must not be asked to work with products containing isocyanates. Do not sand,
flame cut, braze or weld dry coating without a NIOSH approved air purifying respirator with
particulate filters or appropriate ventilation, and gloves.
Any analytical results set forth herein do not constitute a warranty of specific product features or of the
product’s suitability for a specific purpose. All products are sold pursuant to our general conditions of
sale. We hereby disclaim all warranties and representations, express or implied, with respect to this
product, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This product is
protected by patent law, trademark law, copyright law, international treaties and/or other applicable law.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized sale, manufacturing or use may result in civil and criminal penalties.
Store free of frost! Storage temperature between 42°F/5°C and 95°F/35°C
Temperatures above or below this range lead to loss of product quality. Optimum Storage for
maximum shelf life should be at 68°F/20°C . Shipping guidelines are between 32°F/0°C and
122°F/40°C for up to 5 days in transit. Keep material from freezing.
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