18SP578 – Injector Seal Ring Replacement Kit P/N:
23533294 for the Series 60® 2004 EGR Engine
The new N3 injector released on 2004 EGR Series 60 engines has three o-rings
and one copper seal. All of these o-rings and the seal are to be used one time
Every time an injector is removed and reinstalled from the cylinder head, the orings and seal are to be replaced by using the injector seal ring kit, part number
23533294. If injectors are changed, then the used o-rings and seal should remain
on the removed injectors, and returned under the normal process.
The copper seal is vital to providing proper sealing from cylinder combustion gas
migrating past the injector tip and attacking the o-ring seals on the injector, as
well as the o-ring seal of the injector cup insert. The contoured side of the copper
seal is to be installed in the up position against the injector. This provides a
carbon collection area to maintain a cleaner surface between the copper seal
and the injector cup insert. See Figure 1.
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Figure 1
Injector Seal Ring Replacement Kit P/N 23533294
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