Start-Up Terms Conditions

Start-Up Terms Conditions
Congratulations on your purchase of your Avtec equipment. Avtec believes strongly in the products it
builds and backs them with the best warranty in the industry. Standard with every unit comes the piece of
mind that this unit has been thoroughly engineered, properly tested and manufactured to exacting
In addition, Avtec is pleased to offer a Factory Supervised Installation Advisory for your Avtec Equipment.
Avtec has a dedicated network of Authorized Service Agencies around the Country ready to ensure that
your equipment has been installed to factory specifications in a manner that will provide you with the most
use out of your Avtec Equipment.
If you wish to take advantage of the Avtec Installation Advisory package and are ready to set up an
appointment with an Authorized Service Agency, please go to which can be found under Avtec
Technical Service to Request a Factory Supervised Installation Advisory
Terms and Conditions
• At Unified Brands discretion, advisories may be performed by the local Authorized Service
Agency in the area, their designated sub-agent or by an Avtec factory personnel.
• Advisories can only be requested and coordinated through Unified Brands.
• 21-day lead time is required for all Advisory requests (Normal business hours only)
• Unified Brands is not responsible for expedited requests before the 21-day lead time.
• The Advisory process covers a single trip. Unified Brands is not responsible for additional trips or
charges due to customer deferred dates in the case the ASA arrives for a scheduled appointment,
and equipment is delayed or site not ready.
• Dealer/customer is responsible for coordinating and compensating Service Agency for additional
trips if necessary due to site readiness or customer deferred requests.
• Advisory charges may not be covered by Unified Brands if the customer/dealer chooses to
coordinate the Advisory directly through the ASA rather then coordinating through the appropriate
on-line request link.
• Advisories are to be completed during normal business hours.
• Multiple Advisory requests on the same Equipment PO must be coordinated on the same day.
Unified Brands is not responsible for additional charges due to customer deferred dates in the case
the ASA arrives for a scheduled appointment, equipment or site not ready.
• The Advisory is valid through 6 months after factory shipment and may be cancelled if not
requested. Customer will need to re-purchase at a later date when ready.
What is included in a Supervised Installation Advisory
• All Factory Installation Specifications, Connections, Mechanical Checks
• Drawing Review
• Schematic Review
• Custom Checklist Development per job site for contractors
Items Not Covered in Start-Up
• Actual installation activities
• Unified Brands nor the Service Agent is liable for site readiness or lack thereof i.e plumbing or
electrical not ready.
• The Advisory covers only a single trip to the site. If the ASA is refused access to perform the
Advisory after the initial schedule has been requested by the customer/dealer, then it will be up to
the customer/dealer to receive an Advisory quote directly from the ASA to return to the site. The
customer/dealer will be responsible for these charges.
• A minimum of 21 days must be provided to schedule the Advisory. The customer may be
responsible for trip charges for any emergency requests that do not have a 21-day lead time, or a
request for after business hours.
• Unified Brands nor the Service Agent is responsible for repairs necessary to bring the installation
to factory specifications – Customer/Dealer to obtain separate quote from Installation Company or
ASA to repair any identified installation defects.
• Customer/Dealer requests Advisory’s directly through ASA instead of following request for
Advisory procedure to Unified Brands.
Advisory Process
• 21-days prior to the Advisory date, go to to submit the following information
to request a start-up: Note: Advisory’s will not be scheduled until 21 days after the following
information is provided.
o Sales Order Number
o Equipment Type
o Serial Number
o Advisory Request Date
o Site Name
o Site Address
o Site Customer Contact (person to authorize coordination)
Unified Brands will contact Customer Site Contact to confirm requested date
Unified Brands will contact local Authorized Service Agency to schedule Advisory
Unified Brands may not be responsible for Service Agent compensation for requests made directly
to the Service Agent, i.e multiple trips requests.
Unified Brands will make available all prints, schematics and checklist to the local installation
Installation Advisory Part numbers
• Advisories can be purchased at any time prior to the installation of the Avtec equipment.
• Cost is non-discountable and not available for concession or rebate
Part Number
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