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Crestron TSW-1050-FMKT
TSW-1050 Flush Mount Kit
Installation guide
The TSW-1050-FMKT flush mount kit is an optional accessory for use with a Crestron® TSW-1050
10.1” touch screen. It is designed for a in-wall flush installation of a TSW-1050 touch screen onto a
concrete/brick wall and drywall. The TSW-1050-FMKT securely mounts the touch screen while allowing easy access, insertion and exertion by manual push and magnet detachment of the touch
screen tray. When installing the TSW-1050-FMKT onto a concrete/brick wall first install the TSW1050-FMKT-BBI brick wall back box for a professional installation. The mounting kit is configured for
installation in 12.7mm (1/2 inch) thick clad constructions, shimming may be required if adjacent material is not 12.7 mm drywall (1/2 inch). Installations and finishes are in the same manner as drywall.
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234.7 mm (9.2”)
327 mm (12.9”)
16.6 mm (0.65”)
0.54 kg (1.2 pounds)
Available Models
TSW-1050 Flush Mount Kit
Physical View - Front side and Rear
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Cut and Place
First determine where the TSW-1050-FMKT mount will be located, keeping in mind that the
TSW-1050-FMKT mounts need to fit between two studs. To locate these studs use a stud finder (We
suggest using a high quality stud finder that can detect studs, AC cables and water pipes so that you
can avoid these in-wall obstacles).
Use a dust mask to avoid getting dust particles in you lungs
Wear eye protection to avoid getting dust particles in your eyes.
Turn off the power in areas you’ll be drilling to avoid electric shock.
Use plastic or canvas drop cloths to prevent the sanding dust from damaging nearby
furniture or spreading beyond you immediate work area.
NOTES: Observe the following points.
Use caution when installing the TSW-1050-FMKT, not to plunge into a pipe or electrical
For Low voltage use only.
Pay attention up /down orientation of the adapter according to the arrows marked on the
back sides of the adapter.
Pay attention, avoid plugging the microphone and speaker grills with excessive paint also do
not paint the internal surface.
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Future Updates
As Crestron improves functions, adds new features and extends the capabilities of the TSW-1050FMKT, additional information may be made available as manual updates. These updates are solely
electronic and serve as intermediary supplements prior to the release of a complete technical
documentation revision.
Check the Crestron Web site periodically for manual update availability and its relevance. Updates
are identified as an “Addendum” in the Download column.
Installation Tools and Materials
Safety goggles
Dust mask
Measuring tape
Utility knife/saw
Brush / sponge roller
Spackle tray
Coarse Rasp
Drywall T-square
Taping or joint knife
Pole Sander
#6 bugle head screws
Setting-type compound
Drywall mud or joint compound
Drywall Paper tape
When a favourable installation position is determined, drill a pilot hole in the middle. USE CAUTION
when drilling, not to plunge into a pipe or electrical conduit. When the hole is drilled, explore the
surrounding area, making sure there are no obstacles present and that there’s enough room for
the mount. While using the mount, a level and a pencil, mark the top and bottom horizontal edges
of the mount on the drywall. Continue each line to the closest stud centre. Cut the drywall according the top and bottom marked lines and stud centres using a utility knife or saw. After cutting the
drywall chamfer the rim of the opening using a coarse rasp.
Route adequate cabling to the installation point in accordance with your local electric regulations.
The TSW-1050-FMKT needs to fit between two studs and be installed on two horizontal supports
that are secured to the studs.
It is proffered that the TSW-1050-FMKT is mounted on two horizontal supports and at least
one stud. A good choice for horizontal supports are telescoping box mounting brackets that are
installed on stud face without bending their fixing plates. Horizontal supports may be made on site
of the drywall U tracks. When performing a retrofit work, insert the horizontal supports half way
under the top and bottom drywall edges of the opening. PAY ATTENTION UP / DOWN ORIENTATION
Fit the TSW-1050-FMKT into the opening, ensuring it is positioned square. When positioned correctly and levelled, secure the TSW-1050-FMKT through the holes located on its perimeter using
#6 bugle head screws.
Cut the appropriate drywall pieces and plug voids on the mount sides. Where the panels meet, cut
a V-groove into the short untampered ends with a utility knife, as this will make hiding the joint
easier when you’re taping. Secure all drywall edges to the studs and the horizontal supports.
Before painting, remove the protective tape from de microphone and speaker grills. PAY ATTRITION, AVOID PLUGGING THE MICROPHONE AND SPEAKER GRILLS WITH EXCESSIVE PAINT ALSO
DO NOT PAINT THE INTERNAL SURFACE. Paint and painting procedure are in the same manner
as drywall painting but avoid spray painting. Paint the number of coats necessary to achieve the
desired coverage and texture. After painting remove protective plug.
Merchandise Returns / repair service
1. No merchandise may be returned for credit, exchange or service without prior authorization
from Crestron. To obtain warranty service for Crestron products, contact an authorized
Crestron dealer. Only authorized Crestron dealers may contact the factory and request an
RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Enclose a note specifying the nature of the
problem, name and phone number of contact person, RMA number and return address.
2. Products may be returned for credit, exchange or service with a Crestron Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Authorized returns must be shipped freight prepaid to
Crestron or its authorized subsidiaries, with RMA number clearly marked on the outside of
all cartons. Shipments arriving freight collect or without an RMA number clearly marked on
the outside of all cartons shall be subject to refusal. Crestron reserves the right in its sole
and absolute discretion to charge a 15% restocking fee plus shipping costs on any products
returned with an RMA.
3. Return freight charges following repair of items under warranty shall be paid by Crestron
shipping by standard ground carrier. In the event repairs are found to be non-warranty,
return freight costs shall be paid by the purchaser.
Crestron Limited Warranty
Crestron Electronics, Inc. warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defects in materials
and workmanship under normal use for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase from
Crestron, with the following exceptions: disk drives and any other moving or rotating mechanical
parts, pan/tilts heads and power supplies are covered for a period of one (1) year; touch screen
display and overlay components are covered for 90 days; batteries and incandescent lamps, flush
mount kits are not covered.
Push the left edge of the TSW-1050 inwards to eject the unit.
Mud and tape
Before applying mud and tape and performing a standard mud, ensure that the front surface of
the mount is aligned with the drywall and that all the screws are flushed with the surface of the
drywall. Fill the gaps with setting-type compound and apply tape. Perform a standard mud and
tape drywall joining procedure. Do not apply drywall compound to the front surface. Apply drywall
compound to external grooves only. Sand the excess drywall compound to level with the front
This warranty extends to products purchased directly from Crestron or an authorized Crestron
dealer. Purchasers should inquire of the dealer regarding the nature and extent of the dealer’s
warranty, if any.
Crestron shall not be liable to honour the terms of this warranty if the products has been used in
any application other than that for which it was intended or if it has been subjected to misuse,
accidental damage, modification or improper installation procedures. Furthermore, this warranty
does not cover any product that has had the serial number altered, defaced or removed.
This warranty shall be the sole and exclusive remedy to the original purchaser. In no event shall
Crestron be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any kind (property or economic
damages inclusive) arising from the sale or use of this equipment. Crestron is not liable for any
claim made by a third party or made by the purchaser for a third party.
Crestron shall, at its option, repair or replace any product found defective, without charge for parts
or labour. Repaired or replaced equipment and parts supplied under this warranty shall be covered
only by the unexpired prior of the warranty.
Except as expressly set forth in this warranty, Crestron makes no other warranties, expressed or
implied, nor authorizes any other party to offer any warranty, including any implied warranties of
merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Any implied warranties that may be imposed
by law are limited to the terms of this limited warranty. This warranty statement supersedes all
previous warranties.
Our standard terms & conditions of sale can be found at
Before insertion of the TSW-1050 verify that the internal adaptor surfaces are clear of putty and
paint. Attach the Crestron Mounting Bracket to the TSW-1050 and connect the cable. Insert the
touch screen into the adapter.
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