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Madrid Theatre Technical Package
The Madrid Theatre
Technical Packet
Madrid Theatre
21622 Sherman Way · Canoga Park, CA · 91303
Phone: (818) 347- 9419 · Fax: (818) 347-9841
Box Office: (818) 347-9938 · Email · madridtheatre@hotmail.com
The Madrid Theatre provides cool, warm, and neutral front washes; cool and warm down
washes; a curtain wash; red, green, and blue cyc washes; two highside washes; and three
focusable specials as part of the basic rental. Fourteen specials are available for an additional
fee (involves time and crew) and will be reflected in invoice. Specific colors and templates
need to be provided by the renter.
The Rep Plot is configured to ETC’s proprietary Dimmer Doubled System.
10° Source Four Elp, 575W
19° Source Four Elp, 575 W
26° Source Four Elp, 575W
36° Source Four Elp, 575 W
Source Four Par, 575W, 70V **
Strand 3 Cell Cyc, 1kW
Strand Palace Lights, 1kW
In Rep
In Storage
1- 10° Lens
2- 19° Lens
18’ Sidearms
ETC Multiplexers
ETC Expression 3 Control Console - 1
Remote Focus Unit - 1
Port Locations Down Stage Left, FOH 1, 1st Electric, Back of House Right
2.4kW ETC Sensor Dimmers - 158
7 used for House Lights, 4 used for Rehearsal Lights
Lycian Midget 2K Followspot - 1
Floorplates - 8
Source Four Color Extenders - 20
Each Par has a lens set and barndoor.
** All Pars are TLG w/70v bulb to accommodate Dimmer Doubled System.
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01/8/2007 – v.8
Deviation from the house rep plot, beyond the three focusable specials included in the rental,
requires submission of a legible light plot, instrument schedule, and color list to the Madrid
Theatre’s Technical Director 2 weeks prior to load-in. Relocating and changing trims of the
battens require additional crew time. The Madrid’s T.D. will need to schedule and hire
Madrid personnel to hang and focus the revised plot, the cost of which will be reflected on
your final invoice.
When bringing in equipment, it is the user’s responsibility to ascertain compatibility with all
Madrid electrical and/or audio systems.
Only Madrid employees are allowed in the catwalks. Only Madrid employees can hang,
circuit and operate our lighting equipment (including our lighting console and our
GOBOS – Gobos used at the Madrid Theatre are B Size Patterns.
The Madrid Theatre stage is 40’ wide by 30’ feet deep by 23’6” high. It has a semi-sprung
floor: black 4’x8’ Masonite panels in two layers of ¾” plywood are supported by 2”x4”s
which rest on rubber pads on top of a concrete bed. There is no wing space whatsoever.
The stage is surrounded (stageleft, stageright and upstage) by black cinderblock walls covered
with 12’6” high black-painted wood sound baffles. The baffles are permanent and may not be
removed, painted or drilled.
Set assembly is allowed in the facility, but set construction is NOT. The renter must bring in
all tools. The stage load-in door is located center upstage; 10’ high by 7’ wide double-door
swinging into the backstage hallway. The load-in door from the alley behind the theatre is a
7’ 101/2” wide double door swinging in to the backstage hallway. The backstage hallway is
10’ high by 6’ wide. The upstage load-in door remains closed during all performances. There
is a standard sized emergency exit door located mid-stage in the stageright wall that remains
closed at all times.
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01/8/2007 – v.8
Painting is NOT allowed inside the facility. Limited touch-up painting is allowed, provided
that the stage is properly tarped to protect black surface. Spray painting is NEVER allowed.
Renters may paint the stage deck with prior approval by the Madrid’s T.D. Stage floor
pockets may not be painted. The renter will purchase and supply all required painting
materials. Madrid staff will not do the actual painting, however, the Madrid T.D must
supervise the work.
To return stage deck to original black the renter will also purchase and supply one five gallon
drum of Colorama True Black traffic paint #3084 by Pervo, three rolls of 2” masking tape, six
rollers, three roller sticks and three roller pans. A three man four-hour minimum call is
required to restore the stage, the cost of which is charged onto the renter’s bill.
The stage may be drilled with drywall screws. Lag screws and Barrel Bolts may be used with
the T.D.’s approval. Lag screw holes and Barrel Bolt holes must be filled with the proper
sized wooden dowels, purchased by the renter, during the theatre restore.
Unusually heavy wear on the deck may, at T.D.‘s discretion, warrant a paint restoration or
Masonite panel replacement.
There is a curved thrust pit extension: 6’ deep center-stage and 4’ deep at the offstage corners.
It is a Stageright steel scaffolding configuration with 4’ wide platforms. The flooring is
finished with black wood on one side and a medium blue carpet on the other. The pit
extension height can be lowered from stage level in 6” increments to ground floor level.
Multi-level configurations are possible. The pit extension can also be entirely removed,
exposing the recessed pit 3’ below ground floor level. The recessed pit has a maximum
capacity of 8 people. A Glamour Wall is available for the recessed pit. However, there is not
a Glamour Wall for when the pit is set at ground floor level. Please note that the first row of
house seats (Row A) has been permanently removed. When the pit is at floor level, we do not
sell Row B due to sight line reasons.
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01/8/2007 – v.8
The house rep has the pit extension at FLOOR level. A pre-arranged three man five-hour
minimum call is required to adjust the height of the pit, the cost of which, as well the cost of
restoring the pit to floor level, is charged onto the renter’s bill. The pit extension may not be
painted, nor drilled.
The Madrid Theatre’s Main Curtain is a two piece medium blue velour that travels from side
to center, landing approximately 1’ upstage of the pit. It is a manual pull and may only be
traveled by Madrid Staff. The Main Curtain is never removed.
The Madrid Theatre has a 21’ 10” high by 36’ wide white Cyclorama located 2 ½’ downstage
of the upstage wall. It is a manual pull that travels stageright to stageleft, and may only be
traveled by Madrid Staff.
The Madrid Theatre house hang has four 40’ by 4’24 oz. black velour borders and three sets
of 8’ by 24’ 24 oz. Black velour legs. See light plot for positions and trims.
The theatre also has one two-piece 40’ by 24’ 24oz. black velour full stage drop, one set of 8’
by 24’ 24 oz. black velour legs, three 38’ by 4’ 24 oz. black velour borders, and three sets of
8’ by 21’ 10” 24 oz. black velour borders in storage.
The Madrid Theatre is a DEAD HUNG HOUSE; 12 pipes total, 2 pipes are fixed, trims less
than 21’ 10” not available. Relocating soft goods and/or dead-hung pipes is an additional
labor cost to renters.
All special rigging requirements must be discussed and approved by the Technical Director
prior to load-in. Rigging materials must be provided by renter and approved by the T.D.
The Madrid Theatre has two 10’ by 23’ dressing rooms backstage. Each has a comfortable
capacity of ten persons, and is equipped with lighted make-up mirrors, a full size mirror,
sinks, a shower and toilet facilities. Please do not tape or adhere anything to the walls. Please
do not hang anything from the lighting fixtures.
All hallways and doorways backstage must be unobstructed, with a clear path of egress, at all
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01/8/2007 – v.8
There are two standard doors that can be used for entrances during performances. One is
upstage right leading from the men’s dressing room, the other is upstage left leading from the
backstage hallway.
There is also a Technical Room backstage that is solely used by the theatre as a work and
storage space.
One (1) Yamaha MC 2404 II console
24 channel
4 band EQ
4 Aux send
Aux 1 is hardwired to down stage left,
Aux 2 is hardwired to down stage right
Both have Neutrix Speakon and ¼” connections
4 Group
2 Matrix
Phantom power to all channels in groups of 4
Tape out and in
Return loop
Two (2) Technics SL-PG480A Compact disk Players
One (1) Tascam 202 MKII Dual Dubbing Cassette Deck
One (1) Instant Replay Hard Disk Audio 2.0
One (1) Digitech Vocalist VR
Two (2) Rane ME 60 Graphic Equalizers
One for house mains, one for delayed balcony speakers
One (1) Rane AD-22 Audio Delay (for balcony)
One (1) Rane AC-22 Active Crossover
One (1) Aphex 106 4 channel Automatic Compressor
One (1) JBL DSC 260 Digital System Controller
Microphone patchbay
One (1) Crest Audio CA4 amps (for onstage monitors)
Two (2) Crest Audio CA6 amps (for balcony)
Three (3) Crest Audio CA9 amps (for mains)
Two (2) TOA A-912 MK2 amps
One for 77V monitor system, one for hearing impaired system
Two (2) JBL Control 1 Speakers (for mix location)
Three (3) JBL Control 28 Speakers (two for balcony, one used as monitor)
Three (3) JBL SP 212 Speakers (two for mains, one used as monitor)
One (1) JBL SP 128S Speaker (for mains)
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01/8/2007 – v.8
House mix location is in the back of the balcony. Mix location will not be moved.
We have the following microphones available for rental at $15 per microphone per
Nine (9) SM 58
Three (3) SM 57
We also have the following equipment:
Four (4) DI boxes w/ ground lift
Six (6) straight mic stands
Three (3) boom mic stands
Microphone input locations:
Front house Catwalk #1 – inputs #1-4
Tech Table Location – input #5
Backstage Hallway – inputs #6-7
Downstage Right – inputs #8-15
Three mic cables are run under deck to pit
Upstage Center – inputs #20-27
Downstage Left – inputs #32-41
Three mic cables are run under deck to pit
All microphone runs are hardwired to the patchbay at the amp rack in the control booth. They
can be patched into the 30 channel snake that is hardwired from the patchbay to the mix
The Madrid Theatre does not have a discrete onstage monitor mix.
However, we can send two separate auxiliary send signals from our mixing board to wallmount Speakon panels downstage left and downstage right. There is one (1) JBL Control 28
and one (1) JBL SP 212 that can be used as monitors.
There are also several unused hardwired Speakon connector locations:
Balcony Floor Level – outputs #1-4; unused
FOH 2 Catwalk – outputs #5-6; Control 28’s for house config.
FOH 1 Catwalk – outputs #7-8; unused
Stage Catwalk 1 – outputs #9-11; SP 212’s & SP 128S for house config.
There is a 70V Stage Monitor System (program and overhead stage mic mix) feed to both
dressing rooms, administrative offices, technical office, box office, and control room. Each
area has a local wall-mount volume control. This set-up cannot be changed.
The Theatre is equipped with a Phonic Ear hearing impaired system, focused at the middle 11
seats in the first three rows of the balcony. There are 15 Body Receivers and headsets. This
system takes a feed off the board. This configuration cannot be changed.
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01/8/2007 – v.8
The Theatre has an RTS headset system. There are six (6) belt packs and double muff
headsets, to be used primarily by Madrid staff. Hardwired PC locations are:
Sound Mix Location
Control Booth
Back of House, Right
Box Office
FOH Catwalk 2
FOH Catwalk 1
Tech Table Location
Backstage Hallway
Downstage Right
Upstage Center
Downstage Left
Men’s Dressing Room
Woman’s Dressing Room
Technical Room
General Manager’s Office
Administrative Office
Only Madrid employees are allowed to configure and operate our sound equipment. A Sound
Operator must be hired (for a 4-hour minimum call) whenever our sound system is used. A
Sound Operator must be hired (for a 4-hour minimum call) whenever sound load-in, set-up,
redesign or load-out exceeds simple microphone set-up. These crew costs will be reflected on
your final invoice.
Worklight rehearsals do not include the use of the house sound system.
There is camera mounted on the Balcony Rail. It cannot be moved. The signal is sent to a
monitor and video patchbay at the amp rack in the control booth. The signal (video only, no
audio) can be patched to the following locations:
1st Floor Lobby – output #1
2nd Floor Lobby – output #2
Sound Board – output #3-4
General Manager’s Office – output #6
Balcony – output #7
Backstage hallway – outputs #9-10
Downstage Right – outputs #13-14
Upstage Center – outputs #15-16
Downstage Left – outputs #17-18
The wall mount connections are BNC. The Theatre does not have video monitors. Monitors
must have a video input (RCA type). Televisions will work. You cannot go in through an
antenna (UHF/VHF) or cable connections.
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01/8/2007 – v.8
There are several specific locations in the house to place outside video equipment and
cameras. Most of them are designated as handicapped spots, and are therefore subject to
ticket sales by handicapped patrons. Depending on the sound demands of the production, an
audio signal may be sent from the mixing console. If the camera operator requires a wireless
audio feed, we must know the frequency of the transmitter. We will not be able to
accommodate this request if it interferes with wireless mic equipment. This must be prearranged with the T.D. all video equipment must be set-up and tested 1½ hours prior to the
house opening. Late arriving equipment will not be allowed to set-up.
There is a rental fee for our follow-spot. You must use one of our technical personnel to run
the follow-spot.
The Madrid’s T.D. must be notified 2 weeks in advance if you plan on using the 200A 3
Phase Cam-Loc Company Switch located backstage. Only the T.D. can tie-in and throw The
Switch. The theatre does not have tails or distro.
We ABSOLUTELY reserve the right to refuse to use, hang, locate, or operate any equipment
in a manner that is unsafe or illegal. All practicals are subject to the T.D.’s approval.
Worklight rehearsals do not include the use of the theatrical lighting system.
Inventory in storage may be in the process of being repaired, and therefore availability is not
guaranteed. Please call to verify.
Chris Riedesel
Theatre Manager
Madrid Theatre
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01/8/2007 – v.8
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