Conspiracy Quick Tips

Conspiracy Quick Tips
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Pay attention to your controller MODE (Toggle/Momentary) when assigning pads or switches (buttons).
TOGGLE MODE is ideal for playing sustained instrumentation, as it will hold the sound until pressed
again. It’s also ideal for turning on/off functions such as EQ filters and the Play/Rec transport button.
The pad/switch LEDs will be lit until the control is pressed a second time.
In use, MOMENTARY MODE can be thought of as a switch pedal. It’s a quick on/off that is
commonly used for transport Stop and would be ideal for playing/recording live drums and percussion
samples or unsustained musical notes. It’s the mode you would choose to trigger loops in DAWs such
as Ableton Live® when the software’s clip “Launch Mode” is set to “Toggle” the loop. The LED does
NOT continue to be lit in this mode.
When assigning CONTINUOUS CONTROLLERS (CC) messages, what do all the numbers mean?
Here’s a great little article that will give you enough information to make you dangerous:
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