Quick Set Up Guide HDMI SmartTV 200BT
Quick Set Up Guide HDMI SmartTV 200BT To get started and experience a smooth set up without any frustrations *PLEASE READ BEFORE USE* For pairing the Bluetooth Macro Keyboard with the HDMI Smart TV Dongle you will require a USB mouse. Step 1: Step 2: The Macro Keyboard needs to be charged before use. Please use the Micro USB power supply to charge the Macro Keyboard for at least 15 minutes (giving you time to grab your USB Mouse ready for the next steps) Once the Macro Keyboard has been charged: Remove the Micro USB power supply from your Macro Keyboard and connect to the HDMI Dongle. see fig.1 Step 3: Step 4: Connect your USB Mouse to the HDMI Dongle. The dongle should now have two cables inserted; one USB mouse and one micro USB cable going to the DC charger. see fig.1 Plug the HDMI Dongle into your available HDMI slot on your TV, switch on your TV and select corresponding HDMI channel. The TV should be displaying the main Android menu page Step 5: Step 6: Wait until the HDMI Dongle has fully started up. You should be able to use the mouse to navigate. Select ”Settings” and next “Bluetooth settings”. Click the switch button to “ON” to enable Bluetooth. Switch on your Macro Keyboard to get ready for pairing see fig.2 Step 7: Step 8: Press the Bluetooth button on your Macro Keyboard so the indication LED starts blinking. With your mouse, select “Scan for devices” on the HDMI dongle to introduce both devices to each other. The TV should now be displaying a Bluetooth pairing request. Type the numbers requested off of the TV into your Macro Keyboard and press enter. Step 9: Step 10: Your Macro Keyboard is now paired with your HDMI TV dongle. You can now use your Macro Keyboard to navigate the menu. Remove the USB Mouse from the HDMI Dongle Relax and Enjoy the experience of having a Smart TV! Fig. 1 Fig. 2
Please read before use! Please read before use! 
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