MASTERFUSE High Current Fuses Specifications

MASTERFUSE High Current Fuses Specifications
High Current Fuses
Mating Terminal Options:M10, M8, M6, M5 bolt-down connections or
female terminals
Operating Temperature Range:-40°C to 125°C
Fuse Ratings Available:30A-250A Full Range
300A-600A Short Circuit
Voltage Rating:
Materials:Copper terminals (silver or tin plating options
Complies with:
ISO 8820-5
Note: Short circuit protected fuses have a limited continious current.
Features and Benefits
Increased Reliability:due to reduced number of terminal interfaces
System Cost Savings:
Material savings due to reduced number of
components required. Assembly cost savings
due to reduced number of operations
required for installation.
Fuse Array Customization:Ability to mix different fuse types (i.e.
MEGA, MIDI, etc.) in one compact package
Termination Options:Ability to mate to female terminals to enable
“bolt-less” design
Custom marking options available
The Masterfuse product is a configurable fuse solution combining
several different fuse types (i.e. MEGA and MIDI) and ratings in
one compact package. This fuse package allows the user to
replace multiple discrete fuses in a power distribution box with a
single component, thus eliminating additional bolts, bus bars, and
interconnects that are currently used. By reducing the number of
connections required, overall system reliability is increased while
cost is decreased.
Each Masterfuse is customized to the user’s application creating
an optimized circuit protection package. Contact Littelfuse to
review your application needs.
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