Cummins Engine Block Heater Cord

Cummins Engine Block Heater Cord
Installation: Block Heater Cord
No doubt, when you discovered that your Dodge Turbo Diesel truck did not have a block heater
cord you were not pleased; pessimism prevails.
Wait, optimism overcomes – the truck’s engine does have a block heater. However, where is the
block heater located and how do you plug the cord in?
The block heater is located on the passenger side
of the engine, about two inches in back of the oil
filter. As you can see from the picture on the left,
the screw-on plastic cover has been removed and
there are two male extensions for the heater cord
to plug into.
Also, you can see in the picture that the extensions are positioned at 11 o’clock and 5 o’clock.
However, the position of the extensions does
vary based on how the block heater was installed
at the factory.
In order to get a better view and better access to
plug the block heater cord in, you might find it
easier to remove the air intake snorkel.
If you need more assistance, we are only a phone call away.
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Installation: Block Heater Cord
In a recent TDR magazine writer Jim Anderson wrote an article on batteries, so this might be a good
spot to plug in another battery story on how to keep them going longer. I’ve found that occasionally
“peaking up” the batteries really helps in firing up the diesels, especially on cold mornings. About
once/month, I put the little “peaking” battery tender on the vehicle and it seems to extend the
battery’s life. I’ve got original ’02, ’03 and ’05 batteries still going strong. The only problem is the
pain of opening up the hood and clipping on the charging leads to the battery and then reversing
that process when you’re ready to go. The wife especially doesn’t like to accomplish that task.
To solve this problem, I decided to adapt a block heater plug or a Geno’s Block Heater Bumper Plug
for the chore.
The tip is to wire-in an inexpensive battery trickle charger to the wiring of the block heater cable.
A word of caution: The instructions with the battery trickle charger say it should not be permanently
installed. I will disregard the instructions.
A picture is worth 1000 words. Below is the universal electrical pigtail with a battery charger that
will be permanently installed.
A Word From the Turbo Diesel Register
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