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Get more from your Rosemount MultiVariable™ Vortex Flowmeter
The Rosemount MultiVariable™ Vortex Flowmeter is specifically designed to deliver more process
information than previously available in vortex flowmeters. The Smart Wireless THUM adapter
makes it easy to access all of the additional process information available in the Rosemount Vortex
MultiVariable capability delivers compensated mass flow, volumetric flow, and a
temperature measurement.
Remote flow simulation without any additional hardware verifies electronics performance over
time which simplifies troubleshooting and flowmeter auditing.
Flowmeter diagnostics including indication of the temperature sensor health can easily be
accessed using the Smart Wireless THUM adapter.
Totalized flow values from the Rosemount vortex flowmeter can be communicated via the
Smart Wireless THUM without the need for any additional wiring or flow computer.
The Rosemount MultiVariable Vortex Flowmeter with the Smart Wireless THUM
adapter powers the PlantWeb® digital plant architecture by delivering more
advanced field intelligence for better decision-making to help you achieve
unparalleled efficiency and productivity.
All of Emerson’s Smart Wireless
field network devices can be
integrated directly into your existing
automation architecture without the
need for upfront engineering, site
surveys or additional software. Wired
or wireless the network looks the
same to your operators.
For additional ease of use, the AMS®
Suite: Intelligent Device Manager
provides more convenient access
to information that you don’t
have today. Emerson’s Smart
Wireless technologies put valuable
information within reach – easily and
cost effectively – to give you better
insights into what’s happening in
your operation.
Integration Options
• Modbus Serial
• Native Interface
• Modbus/OPC
The Smart Wireless THUM adapter
allows you to wirelessly access the
full range of information available in
the Rosemount MultiVariable vortex
flowmeter. All you need in addition
to the THUM is a Smart Wireless
Gateway and a new or existing
Rosemount Vortex Flowmeter.
Can I use the 4-20mA to transmit
the mass flow information and use
the THUM to communicate the
process temperature?
Yes, the THUM can provide the
temperature measurement from the
temperature sensor in the flowmeter.
Can I locally power my vortex
meter that is used for totalization
to save wiring costs and wirelessly
communicate the totalized value?
Yes, instantaneously totalized values
can be communicated via the THUM.
Can I use the THUM to access the
flow simulation feature for meter
verification without having to
make a trip to the meter?
Electronics verification can be fully
completed remotely by using the THUM.
The Smart Wireless THUM adapter can transmit up to four variables and
­additional HART status information at the user configurable update rate.
Access to this new information enables you to more fully optimize your
­ope­rations for improved performance.
Selectable Variables
Mass Flow
Volumetric Flow
Temperature Measurement
Totalized Flow
Important Status Information
Electronics Temperature
Electronics Verification
Signal to Trigger Diagnostic (Signal Strength)
Device Alerts
Process Alerts
Voltage drop across THUM:
Loop resistance required:
Power requirements:
THUM update rate:
2.25 Volts at 3.5 mA; 1 Volt at 25 mA
250 Ohms
14.5 Volts
16 seconds to 60 minutes
Easy Verification Reduces Maintenance Costs
With Rosemount vortex flowmeters users can internally verify
the meter calibration by utilizing PlantWeb® diagnostics.
An internal signal generator can be accessed with a 375
Field Communicator or AMS® Suite: Device Manager, so no
separate equipment is needed.
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