Using the VCL System  1. Open the web browser of your choice and type in “” in the address bar (without the quotes) and hit 

Using the VCL System  1.  Open the web browser of your choice and type in “” in the address bar (without the quotes) and hit 
Using the VCL System 1. Open the web browser of your choice and type in “” in the address bar (without the quotes) and hit enter. 2. You should now see a window that looks like below: 3. Enter your domain username and password. For faculty and staff this is your e‐mail address without the part. For students, this is your 92#. 4. Once logged in successfully you will see the below interface except yours will only show New Reservation, Current Reservations, User Preferences, Help and Logout. 5. Click on “New Reservation” to create a new image reservation. You can select if you want to use the image “Now” or at a later time/date. Your screen will look similar to below: 6. After you reservation is ready a connect button will appear like below: 7. Click on the connect button for your image (here you can see I have one image already ready and one we just created still pending. Normal users can only make 1 reservation at a time. 8. After you click the connect button you will see a screen similar to below with the IP address, Username and password that you will need to use to connect. 9. Click on the Get RDP File button for an easy way of connecting: 10. A prompt will appear in Firefox or IE similar to below that asks you to open or save the file. Select Open and hit “Ok”. 11. A trusted connection prompt may appear, but this is only with the newer versions of remote desktop. If it does, click Connect, otherwise skip to step 12. 12. A window will appear and will be sized based on the “User Preferences” you have set. If it is full‐screen you will want to minimize it temporarily so that you can see the password you need to type in. That’s it, you’re now connected to the VCL System! 
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