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SCART Control Box
For Loop Systems
As an alternative to a microphone input, a direct connection to your TV/Video Recorder can
give a clearer sound input to your system. This can be particularly useful in very noisy
rooms or when no sound at all is wanted from the TV internal speaker or other source.
An auxiliary input “Aux In” is provided on Loop Amplifiers to enable television, radio, audio
and video equipment to be connected directly to the loop amplifier via their auxiliary output
Suitable output sockets may be marked ‘Audio Out’, ‘Tape Out’ or ‘Headphones’. A
SCART socket on a TV/Video can also be used for this purpose. If the TV SCART socket
is currently not in use a standard SCART lead may be used to directly connect to the loop
amplifier auxiliary input. If this is satisfactory the control box will not be necessary for your
If you currently use a SCART lead to directly connect between your Video Recorder and
TV and you want to use the SCART socket to supply the sound to a loop system a problem
can occur due to the way TV manufacturers have wired the SCART sockets on most TVs.
If you simply use either a second SCART socket on the TV or a splitter box to enable 2
SCART plugs to be attached to the TV, one for the Video Recorder and one for the Loop
System or other Audio equipment the following problem will occur.
When playing a Video Tape in the Video Recorder the sound from the TV speaker is that
from the tape but the sound being sent from the SCART socket is that of the TV station the
TV was tuned to when the TV was switched to the AV input.
Connect the SCART control box as shown in the diagram and then when watching TV
select switch position A and when watching a video select switch position B to listen to the
appropriate sound through the loop or other audio equipment.
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