Installation Guide enUS 2048760587

Installation Guide enUS 2048760587
Manual iris vari-focal lenses
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Installation instructions
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Manuale d’installation
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Manual de instalación
Manuale di installazione
Manual iris Varifocal lenses | Instructions for use
Warning: Do not use the lens to look at the sun. It
may cause loss of sight.
Attention: Do not direct the lens into the sun. It may
cause fire.
Manual iris Varifocal lens
The lens features a manually controlled iris and manual
adjustment of focal length and focus.
Note: Some lens types with very small F-number, e.g.
F1.0 are supplied with a compensation filter set. Use the
filter set in combination with B/W cameras. Mount the
glass filter on the rear of the lens and put the spacer
between camera and lens.
• Screw the lens into the camera until it completely
stops; the lens chassis may slip in the mount before it
• Once the lens is screwed in completely, rotate the
lens chassis anti-clockwise to suit the best set-up
position. While rotating the lens chassis it slips in the
• Loosen the iris, focus and zoom locking screws.
• If necessary adjust the iris ring to obtain an image.
• Set the zoom ring to wide and turn the focus ring
until the image is sharp. Readjust back focus if
• To enlarge the image turn the zoom ring towards tele
and focus the image again.
• When the correct positions for zoom, focus and iris
are found, tighten the locking screws again.
Cleaning the lens
• Remove dust on the lens using a blower or soft brush.
Avoid touching the lens surface.
• To remove finger prints or oil stains on the lens
surface, use lens cleaning paper or a clean cotton
cloth with a little cleaning liquid. Then wipe off the
stains lightly starting from the center of the lens
surface. Wipe the lens body with a silicon cloth.
Avoid using any organic solvents such as thinner or
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