This Panhard Bar Kit is designed to eliminate lateral movement of the rear axle housing in chassis
equipped with 4-link or coil spring ladder bar suspensions. This keeps the rear housing centered in the
chassis, preventing the tires from rubbing on the vehicle's body, and allowing you to get down the track
in a straight line. We highly recommend using this kit in street applications to eliminate suspension bind
during normal street driving.
1) Panhard Bar Tube
2) Chassis Brackets
2) 1/2”-20 Rod Ends
2) 1/2” Washers
2) 1/2”-20 Locknuts
1) Threaded Tube Adapter
1) Axle Bracket
2) 1/2”-20 Jam Nuts
2) 1/2”-20 x 2” Bolts
1) With the rear housing assembly installed, jack up and level the vehicle front to back and side to side.
Make sure to securely support the chassis with jack stands.
2) Remove the rear shocks and set the axle housing at ride height. This can be accomplished by
fabricating steel bars that will replace the shocks and hold the housing at the correct dimension.
3) Center the housing between the frame rails. This can be accomplished by measuring from the
housing end to the frame rail on each side of the vehicle. Make sure that both dimensions are the
4) Check your wheelbase dimension on both sides to ensure that the housing is square in the vehicle.
You can accomplish this by measuring from a point on the crossmember to the front of the axle tube.
Do this for both sides of the vehicle.
5) Locate the position for the axle bracket on the axle tube. The open side of the bracket should face
the chassis bracket you will install next.
6) Thread the jam nuts onto the rod ends half way. Then thread the rod ends into the tube ends.
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Installation Instructions C2037 cont.
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7) Bolt the rod end/tube adapter assembly to the supplied chassis brackets. Slip the tube adapter into
the open end of the tube and bolt this assembly into the axle bracket using the supplied hardware.
8) Position the chassis bracket assembly on the frame rail. The brackets should be mounted so that the
tube is parallel to the ground and as long as space will permit with the housing at ride height.
NOTE: The longer the bar, the more suspension travel you will have without pushing or pulling the
rear housing sideways under the chassis. (See diagram)
9) If the tube needs to be shortened, cut it to proper length and TIG weld the tube adapter to the tube.
10) Once the tube has been welded, re-install it into the brackets. Double check your measurements and
make sure the brackets are aligned properly.
11) Weld the brackets to the frame and axle housing.
12) Re-install the shock absorbers and lower the vehicle to the ground.
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