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MDaemon Messaging Server | How To Quick Start Guide
BlackBerry Configuration Guide (For OS 7 & Earlier)
The MDaemon Messaging Server features built-in support for BlackBerry
smartphones that have either a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) or
BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) data plan with the wireless carrier. This
guide explains how to configure devices running BlackBerry OS 7 and earlier.
For BlackBerry 10 devices, visit:
MDaemon Includes Two Sets Of BlackBerry
Smartphone Management Features
Please see the appropriate section for your preferred set of features.
I. BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) features include:
• Synchronization of email, contacts, calendar events, tasks and notes
• IT Policies to control BlackBerry smartphone behavior
• Remote password reset
• Remote Wipe
Figure 1-1
II. BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) features include:
• Email Synchronization
• Contact Synchronization
I. BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)
MDaemon Administrator - BES Instructions
Enable BlackBerry Smartphone Configuration
1. Go to Setup | Mobile Device Management. Make sure Status is
selected under the BlackBerry Enterprise Server section in the lefthand navigation menu, and then check the box Enable BlackBerry
Enterprise Server for OS 7 devices. Then, click Apply and Ok.
Figure 1-2
[Figure 1-1]
2. Navigate to the account you wish to enable for the BES data plan by
going to Accounts | Edit Account. Double-click on the account that
you wish to allow to activate a BlackBerry smartphone. [Figure 1-2]
3. Select BlackBerry Enterprise Server in the left-hand navigation menu.
Then check the box Enable BlackBerry device synchronization.
[Figure 1-3]
4. Click Apply and Ok to finish the Setup.
Note: Data Plan Required.
Note: For device configuration instructions, please see End User
instructions on the following page.
Figure 1-3
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BlackBerry Configuration | MDaemon Messaging Server | How To Quick Start Guide
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End User - BES Instructions
Depending on the BlackBerry smartphone and operating system installed, activation may delete all
data on the smartphone, restoring it to its default settings before synchronizing it with MDaemon/
WorldClient. For this reason, before activating the smartphone, the user should use BlackBerry
Desktop Manager or some other means to backup or export any data that he or she does not wish
to lose. After a BlackBerry smartphone is activated, it may have various functionality changes
or operating differences when compared to its state prior to activation. The degree of difference
depends on the BlackBerry smartphone, OS, device policy used, and whether or not it was
previously activated on a different personal BlackBerry data plan or BlackBerry enterprise data
Preparing Your BlackBerry Smartphone
In order to avoid duplicate entries on the BlackBerry smartphone, it is recommended that you
perform the following steps after making a complete backup and before activating it.
1. Disable or remove any third-party sync clients (such as a SyncML client) currently in use
to synchronize data with the MDaemon account. Third-party SyncML clients may include
SyncJE, Funambol, or Synthesis, among others.
2. If the BlackBerry smartphone is configured to send and receive email using your personal
data plan via your carrier, then go to the BlackBerry smartphone’s email setup and remove
that account.
3. If there are any existing calendar entries on the BlackBerry smartphone, you must either wipe
Figure 2-1
the smartphone or reset the calendar. Otherwise, existing calendar data on the MDaemon
server may not be sent to the device. Always backup your BlackBerry smartphone data
before doing this. If you choose to reset the calendar rather than wipe the smartphone, then
the reset may be performed after activation. Instructions for resetting calendar data can be
found here:
Note: Failure to ensure that Steps 1 & 2 above are completed may result in duplicates of
email, calendar entries, or other PIM data on the BlackBerry smartphone.
Activating Your BlackBerry Smartphone
Follow these steps to use the Enterprise Activation app from BlackBerry App World to activate
a BlackBerry smartphone with MDaemon’s BlackBerry integration features.
1. Delete all data using the Security Options on your BlackBerry smartphone. For more
Figure 2-2
information about using the security options on the device, see the user guide for the
appropriate BlackBerry smartphone model.
2. Complete the activation process by performing the following actions:
1. Install the Enterprise Activation app from BlackBerry App World. [Figure 2-1]
2. Turn off all wireless (Wi-Fi) network connections on your BlackBerry smartphone.
3. Launch the Enterprise Activation app. [Figure 2-2]
4. Read the license agreement, then select I Agree.
5. Enter your email address in the Email field. [Figure 2-3]
6. Enter your activation password in the Activation Password field.
Note: A wireless activation password can be created in WorldClient via Options |
BlackBerry Management, or by the MDaemon administrator via the BlackBerry
Enterprise Server menu in the account editor.
7. Press Activate. When activation is complete, a new email icon will appear on your
smartphone. At that time, you will be able to access your MDaemon data on your
BlackBerry smartphone.
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Figure 2-3
BlackBerry Configuration | MDaemon Messaging Server | How To Quick Start Guide
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I I. BlackBerry Internet Server (BIS) Setup
BlackBerry features such as push email and contact sync are available with a personal BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) data plan
from your cellular provider. It allows you to check your MDaemon email account for new messages and deliver them directly to your
BlackBerry smartphone. This guide will help you synchronize your BlackBerry smartphone with your MDaemon email and contacts
using the BlackBerry Internet Service. For calendar synchronization, ActiveSync or the Funambol SyncML client is recommended.
Instructions for configuring Funambol to retrieve your MDaemon calendar data can be found here:
MDaemon Administrator - BIS Instructions
Configuring MDaemon For Integration With The Internet-Enabled BlackBerry Data Plan
1. Go to Setup | Mobile Device Management. Click on BlackBerry Internet Service and then check the box Enable
BlackBerry Internet Service integration.
2. In the drop-down menu, select the domain for which you wish to enable integration with the internet enabled BlackBerry data
plan. Your primary domain will be listed by default.
BlackBerry Internet Service servers currently do not support making SMTP connections to mail servers using self-signed
certificates, or certificates generated by the same application that later provides it as verification of their security.
If your MDaemon server is setup to allow incoming SSL/TLS connections, or has the dedicated SSL SMTP ports enabled, with
a self-signed SSL certificate, this may cause the connection from the BlackBerry Internet Service server to either error out, or
get ‘stuck,’ trying to send MDaemon messages your BlackBerry users are sending out from their BlackBerry smartphones.
To resolve this, contact a third-party certificate authority like GoDaddy, VeriSign, Comodo, or another to purchase an SSL
certificate and install it into the Windows certificate store, and then select it in MDaemon.
3. Check the box Enable integration for this domain.
4. Verify the Subscribe URL. It should
reflect your WorldClient host name,
followed by /mdbis.dll.
For example: http://mail.example.
5. Enter your MDaemon server’s host
name or IP address in the SMTP
server field.
6. Check the box SMTP and IMAP
servers use STARTTLS whenever
possible to allow an encrypted
connection via STARTTLS when
available (not supported when using
self-signed certificate).
If this box is grayed out, then go to
Security | Security Settings. Click
on MDaemon under SSL & TLS.
Then, check the box, Enable the
dedicated SSL ports for SMTP,
IMAP, POP3 servers.
Note: BlackBerry Internet Service data plan is required. Contact your cellular provider for details.
7. Click Apply and Ok. BlackBerry Internet Service is now enabled and configured on your MDaemon server.
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BlackBerry Configuration | MDaemon Messaging Server | How To Quick Start Guide
Page 4
End User - BIS Instructions
If you have a BlackBerry Internet Service profile with your mobile provider, you can link your MDaemon email account to your
BlackBerry Internet Service profile, and then synchronize your MDaemon email messages and contacts with your BlackBerry
smartphone. The following steps can be performed either on your BlackBerry smartphone or via the wireless service provider’s
BlackBerry Internet Service website.
Note: You must already have a BlackBerry Internet Service profile setup with your mobile provider before you can perform any of the
following steps.
Configuring Your BlackBerry Internet Service Account On Your BlackBerry Smartphone
The following steps can be taken to create a BlackBerry Internet Service profile on your BlackBerry smartphone, and synchronize
your email and contacts. Instructions may vary depending on the model of BlackBerry you are using. You can find instructions for
your particular BlackBerry smartphone on the following website.
1. Select the Setup folder on your BlackBerry smartphone and Launch the Setup Wizard. [Figure 4-1]
2. Select Email Setup, and press the trackball or submit button, depending on the specific BlackBerry smartphone you are
3. Make sure I want to create or add an email address is selected, then select
Next to continue.
4. Select Next to open the BlackBerry Internet Service setup application.
5. Enter your BlackBerry Internet Service username and password, and then
select Log In to continue.
6. Select Other in the Email Setup menu.
7. Enter your email address and password, and then select Next to continue.
8. You will then see a screen indicating that you have successfully added your
email address to your smartphone.
Figure 4-1
9. Scroll down slightly on the above screen and place a check in the box to
indicate that you would like to synchronize your contacts. Then, select Next to
continue. [Figure 4-2]
10. Select Ok on the screen indicating that activation is in progress.
11. After activation finishes, your email address will appear in the Email Accounts
list. You will then receive a confirmation message indicating that you have
successfully added your email account to your BlackBerry smartphone.
Figure 4-2
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