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RX-V663BL - Diamond Case Designs, Inc.
7.2-Channel Digital Home Theater Receiver
High-Performance Home Theater Receiver features full support for HD audio
formats, HDMI video up-conversion and de-interlacing, iPod and Bluetooth
audio compatibility, improved YPAO, Adaptive DRC (Dynamic Range Control),
multi-zone custom installation facility, and four SCENE buttons.
High Sound Quality
Advanced Features
4 SCENE buttons offering greater operating ease (with 18 preset SCENE templates)
XM ready with XM HD Surround powered by Neural Surround
SIRIUS Satellite Radio ready
Improved YPAO for automatic speaker setup
iPod compatibility via Yamaha Universal Dock
Bluetooth (A2DP) compatibility with Yamaha Bluetooth® Wireless Audio Receiver (YBA-10)
Superior multi-zone control compatibility
High Picture Quality
HD Audio format support: Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital TrueHD, DTS-HD High
Resolution Audio and DTS-HD Master Audio
7-channel 665W powerful surround sound (95W x 7)
Digital ToP-ART and High Current Amplification
Pure Direct for higher fidelity sound reproduction
Burr-Brown 192kHz/24-bit DACs used in all channels
Assignable amplifiers for bi-amp connection
1080p-compatible HDMI (2 in/1 out)
Supports Deep Color (up to 36 bit), x.v.Color, a double speed Refresh Rates of 120Hz and
1080p/24Hz transmission, and Auto Lip-Sync compenzation
Analog video to HDMI digital video upconversion and deinterlacing with TBC
17 CINEMA DSP Programs
Compatible Decoder Straight
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital EX
Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby Digital True H D
DTS Digital Surround
DTS 96/24
DTS-ES Matrix 6.1
DTS-ES Discrete 6.1
DTS-H D High Resolution Audio
DTS-H D Master Audio
Dolby Pro Logic
Dolby Pro Logic II Music
Dolby Pro Logic II Movie
Dolby Pro Logic II G ame
Dolby Pro Logic IIx Music
Dolby Pro Logic IIx Movie
Dolby Pro Logic IIx G ame
DTS N eo:6 Music
DTS N eo:6 Cinema
N eural Surround
Surround Realism
Fine-tuned CINEMA DSP and Adaptive DSP level
Improved Compressed Music Enhancer
Adaptive DRC (Dynamic Range Control)
P10019718U C-RXV663BL@NPB
H all in Munich
H all in Vienna
C hamb er
C ellar Club
The Roxy The atre
The Bottom Line
7ch Stereo
A ction G ame
Role playing G ame
Music Vid eo
Stand ard
Sp e cta cle
A dventure
Mono Movie
RX-V663BL 7.2-Channel Digital Home Theater Receiver
Advanced Features
Pure Direct for Highest Sound Quality
Pure Dire ct is a sp e cial mod e that c auses the signal
to byp ass all but the most b asic audio circuitry, and
even turns off the display to prevent any chanc e of
noise interferenc e. It provid es the purest possible
high-fid elity sound for your music sourc es.
High Picture Quality
1080p-Compatible HDMI (2 In/1 Out)
The H DMI interfa c e up gra d es the transmission of
stand ard, enhanc e d and high-d efinition signals via a
single H DMI c a ble, providing extremely high vid eo
quality. Two H DMI inputs allow users to conne ct two
high-d efinition sourc es such as
Blu-ray Discs or H D-DVD
players and switch b etwe en
them. The RX-V663BL also
provid es the b enefits of D e e p
C olor (30/36bit), the x.v. C olor
stand ard, automatic audio and
vid eo synchroniz ation (LipSync) c a p a bility and
x.v. C olor sp a c e
1080p/24H z sup port.
30- and 36-bit color
d e pth (D e e p C olor,
left) and current 24bit d e pth (right): 30bit color d e pth
consists 4 times
more sha d es of gray
or more.
Adaptive DRC
Adaptive DRC (Dynamic Range Control) is a new volume
control technology that is effective for low-volume
listening, such as at night or with headphones. It applies
DRC processing to eliminate the volume differences
between loud commercials and ordinary programming
and to take into account our ears’ loss of sensitivity as
volume decreases.
Effect of Adaptive DRC
Volume at Normal Level
Large sounds can be output, so large
sounds are output as large sounds.
Adaptive DRC
Small sounds like
Sounds cannot be heard.
Improved YPAO Sound Optimization
The RX-V663BL has an improve d YPA O system that
automatic ally sele cts the crucial fre quency b ands for
the listening room, and a djusts the level of the sele cte d
b ands to cre ate a cohesive sound field in the room.
In a d dition, the YPA O Setup Menu a p p e ars when the
YPA O mic is plug g e d in, so you c an just run it using the
system menu showing in the O SD without refering to the
owner's manual.
Volume at Lower Level
Surround Realism
Fine-Tuned CINEMA DSP and Adaptive DSP Level
Yamaha’s much-praise d CIN EMA DSP programs have
b e en fine-tune d for even b etter sound with the latest
g eneration CIN EMA DSP te chnology*. As a result, the
sourc e and the sound field are in closer harmony,
providing a d elightful new CIN EMA DSP exp erienc e.
When volume is low, CIN EMA DSP effe cts may b e
difficult to he ar. A d a ptive DSP Level overcomes this
problem by evaluating the differenc e b etwe en the
volume level and a referenc e level, and a djusting the
DSP level to ensure optimum effe ctiveness—that is, the
b est possible sound.
(*Note: CINEMA DSP programs are not compatible with Dolby TrueHD, Dolby
Digital Plus, DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio.)
Improved Compressed Music Enhancer
Yamaha’s Compressed Music Enhancer is a popular
The volume is slightly lowered, so the
maximum output is smaller.
When the volume has to be lowered more,
the maximum output becomes much smaller.
Independent Operation of Zone 2
You c an enjoy sound in a se p arate room (Zone 2)
b e c ause the RX-V663BL provid es Zone 2 audio
output. Furthermore, Zone 2 power amplifier
assigna bility and sp e aker terminals me an that Zone 2
c an b e fully ind e p end ent with its own 2-channel
power, while you still enjoy 5.1-channel sound in the
main room.
Input Level
Volume at Considerably Lower Level
utput Level
Digital ToP-ART with Audio-Grade Parts and
Devices Used Throughout
Yamaha’s Digital ToP-ART (Total Purity of Audio
Re production Te chnology) conc e pt combines the
latest and b est te chnologies, p arts and circuit
d esigns to maximiz e sound quality. These includ e
custom-ma d e block c a p a citors (1), high gra d e BurrBrown 192kH z/24-bit D A C s and A D C (2) and other
high quality audio-gra d e p arts (3). High C urrent
Amplific ation uses sup erior components to a chieve
high current power and low imp e d anc e from the
power supply to the speaker terminals. The RX-V663BL
also has all channel discrete amplifier configuration.
SCENE — Greater Operating Ease
Four S C E N E buttons make op erating the re c eiver e asier
than ever. Pressing a S C E N E button automatic ally turns
the power on and launches a numb er of op erations that
initiate play of the sourc e controlle d by that button.
Many S C E N E settings are availa ble, such as Dock
Listening, DVD Viewing, Ra dio Listening and G ame
Playing (with 18 preset SC ENE templates). Browsing and
sele cting the settings is quickly a c complishe d by
rotating the Input knob and watching the on-scre en
display. When a Yamaha DVD or C D player with S C E N E
comp atibility is conne cte d to the Remote O ut ja ck, it
c an b e op erate d via the re c eiver’s S C E N E functions.
feature that restores the sound of the original music from
digitally compressed formats such as MP3. This receiver
offers an upgraded version that processes multi-channel
signals with a DSP algorithm, so all channels (rather than
just two) are enhanced. This provides more accurate
reproduction and a more expansive sound.
Output Level
HDMI Video Up-conversion and De-interlacing
The RX-V663BL provid es analog vid eo to H DMI digital
up-conversion (composite vid eo <-> S-Vid eo <->
component vid eo -> H DMI) and also analog vid eo
signals d e-interla c e d from 480i to 480p are output
at H DMI terminal.
Output Level
High Sound Quality
HD Audio Format Support
This re c eiver lets you enjoy the b est possible
and newest surround sound from both
Blu-ray Disc players and H D-DVD
players. It sup ports the two lossy
formats: Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-H D
High Resolution Audio, as well as the
lossless formats: Dolby True H D and DTS-H D
Master Audio.
Input Level
Input Level
When DRC is off, whispered sounds are submerge
in the area where sounds cannot be heard.
ff, the area where sounds
cannot be heard is fairly large.
Other Notable Features
• XM Satellite Ra dio re a dy with XM H D Surround
powere d by N eural Surround
• SIRIUS Satellite Ra dio re a dy
• 40-station preset tuning / Auto preset tuning
• HD Audio LPCM 7.1-channel reception (up to 192kHz)
• High dynamic power and Line ar D amping
• Low Jitter PLL Circuitry
• Assigna ble amplifiers for bi-amp conne ction
• Initial Volume and Maximum Volume Setting
• iPod song titles displaye d in English and Western
Europ e an langua g es IS O 8859-1 (Latin 1) on the
front p anel and on-scre en display
• Dialogue Lift for dialogue to scre en c enter
• Preout terminals for front, c enter, surround and
surround b a ck, and dual mono subwoofer out
• 9 sele cta ble subwoofer crossover fre quencies
• Subwoofer phase sele ct
• 8-channel or 6-channel external input
• Sp e aker A, B, A + B sele ction
• Preset remote unit
Yamaha Bluetooth® Wireless Audio Receiver
The YBA-10 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver
docks to the receiver and
supports A2DP audio
streaming, so users can enjoy
music wirelessly from Bluetoothenabled mobile phones,
Windows PCs and Macs.
Yamaha Universal Dock
for iPod
8 ch
* Video Aux not assignable. ** Including front panel Video Aux terminals.
O utputs
XM / SIRIUS Satellite Ra dio Terminal
Dock Terminal for iPod / Bluetooth
O ptical Digital (Fixed and Assignable)*, **
C oaxial Digital (Fixe d and Assigna ble)
S-Vid eo**
Analog A/V / Audio**
C omponent Vid eo (Fixe d & Assigna ble)
Multi-C hannel External Input
The optional Yamaha Universal
Dock lets
you conne ct
your iPod to
the re c eiver.
Analog A/V / Audio
S-Vid eo
C omponent Vid eo Monitor
S-Vid eo / C omposite Monitor
Sp e aker (without subwoofer)
Zone 2 Audio O ut
Remote In/O ut
Trig g er O ut
7 ch / 9 ter.
• The XM Satellite Radio service is only available in the 48 contiguous United States (not available in Alaska and Hawaii) and C anada. • XM
name, XM Ready and related logos are registered trademarks of XM Satellite Radio, Inc. • “SIRIUS” and the SIRIUS dog logo are re gistere d
tra d emarks of SIRIUS Satellite Ra dio Inc. • iPod is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. • Dolby and the
double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. • DTS is a registered trademark and the DTS logos, Symbol, DTS-HD and
DTS-HD Master Audio are trademark of DTS, Inc. • Neural Surround™ name and related logos are trademarks owned by Neural Audio
Corporation. • H DMI, the H DMI logo and High-D efinition Multime dia Interfa c e are tra d emarks or re gistere d tra d emarks of H DMI Lic ensing
LL C . • Burr-Brown products are tra d emarks of Texas Instruments, Inc. • The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are re gistere d tra d emarks
ownerd by Bluetooth SIG . Inc. • "x.v. C olor" is a tra d emark of Sony C orporation. • CINEMA DSP is a trademark of Yamaha Corporation.
• SILENT CINEMA is a trademark of Yamaha Corporation.• Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.
iPod not includ e d
Main Specifications
Minimum RMS O utput Power
(8 ohms, 20 H z–20 kH z, 0.06% TH D)
Front L/R C hannels
95 W + 95 W
C enter C hannel
95 W
Surround L/R C hannels
95 W + 95 W
Surround B a ck C hannels
95 W + 95 W
Dynamic Power (1 kH z)
8/6/4/2 ohms
130/165/195/240 W
D amping F a ctor
(8 ohms, 20 H z–20 kH z)
120 (sp e aker A)
Fre quency Response
10 Hz–100 kHz +0, -3 dB
Total H armonic Distortion (C D, Front Sp O ut)
(2ch Stereo, 50 W/8 ohms) 0.06%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (C D)
100 d B (250 mV)
Monitor O ut Fre quency Response
C omponent Vid eo Signal
5 H z–100 MH z -3 d B
Dimensions (W x H x D)
17 1/8 ” x 6 3/4 ” x 15 1/2 ”
435 x 171 x 393 mm
32 lbs.; 14.5 kg
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