Roland FJ-500 User manual

Roland FJ-500 User manual
Comparing it to
other printers is like...
well, you know.
The rich palette of fine art. The rugged tools of productivity.
Only the Hi-Fi JET PRO delivers them both.
Until now, comparing wide-format printers meant choosing between image quality and productivity. If you
wanted stunning photographs or
fine art, you were asked to sacrifice print speed. If you wanted print-for-pay productivity, you were
encouraged to view prints from a distance of at least six feet. Forget all that. The Hi-Fi JET PRO is one printer
that brings you the best of everything. You get the most detailed, accurate, and vivid prints imaginable.
And, thanks to harmonious engineering that fine tunes everything from print speed to media movement
to our powerful software RIP, you can enjoy outstanding day-to-day production speed.
We began with our award-winning Hi-Fi JET, then remastered it from the ground up...combining dramatic
Unrivaled quality of reproduction
8-color printing Reproduces a stunningly broad and realistic spectrum of color and delivers a new standard of photo realism
Variable droplet control technology Ultra-precise ink droplets of varying sizes deliver beautifully smooth and virtually dot-free tones
1440 x 1440 dpi resolution Renders the subtlest details and textures with total realism and natural beauty
Precise color matching Built-in ICC color profiles ensure accurate, consistent color matching with Roland-certified inks and media
Unparalleled day-to-day productivity
Double 4-color printing At 540 x 360 dpi with two sets of CMYK, the Hi-Fi JET PRO can print one square meter in only 5 minutes (127 sqft/h)
Wider print head with 96 nozzles per color Our new print head covers a wider printing area in each pass, greatly enhancing throughput
Faster head speed Print heads have been engineered to operate at up to twice the speed of earlier Hi-Fi JETs
Media take-up reel Optional media take-up reel automatically re-rolls printed media for unattended and continuous printing
V8 Printing Technology...variable droplets and 8 colors produce unprecedented range and detail
By varying the size of individual ink droplets, Roland's new technology provides a far greater
number of dot sizes, providing a new standard for silky-smooth, grain-free print quality. Inkjet
output finally rivals true continuous tone. And if you thought 6-color printing was impressive,
wait until you see the stunning results of Roland’s unique 8-color, dual print head technology.
Our combination of CMYK plus Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Orange and Green clearly sets a
new standard for wide color gamut and smooth, natural color transitions. From the most
brilliant red apple to the subtlest skin tones and metallic sheens, the Hi-Fi JET PRO delivers.
Variable droplet
The best heads in the business
The shape and size of the ink dots has a major effect on the overall quality of inkjet printing. Roland Piezo print heads
consistently produce a more perfectly rounded ink droplet. You can clearly see the difference in the razor-sharp edges of text
and photo images, and in the naturally smooth gradations. The minute and variable size of the ink droplets also enables a
more economical use of ink – a cost savings you’re sure to appreciate over time. The Hi-Fi JET PRO’s new print heads utilize 96
nozzles per color –1.5 times wider than earlier Hi-Fi JETs – to translate into shorter output times, even in 8-color printing. By
speed-tuning the print heads, we have been able to nearly double the maximum speed at which the heads can operate. At
the same time, the addition of extremely rigid, high-performance rails and other parts that support head movement ensure
that these higher speeds have no adverse effect on image quality.
Unmatched media movement engineering
It’s not just the print head that determines print quality. Roland engineering is unmatched when it comes to critical media
movement technology. Our unique media damper enhances feed stability by applying uniform tension at all times. Head
height can be adjusted to provide optimal output on a wide range of media...from film to artist’s canvas.
A transparent cover positioned over the media protects it from ambient dust, ensuring a cleaner surface for printing.
Two types of ink provide dual functionality in a single printer
The Hi-Fi JET PRO offers two kinds of inks – pigment and dye-based. UV-stable Hi-Fi JET pigment inks ensure that your prints
maintain their beauty longer (more than 120 years in independent testing*), even under outdoor conditions, and feature an
enhanced color gamut rivaling that of dye-based inks. Vivid Hi-Fi JET dye-based inks are the logical choice for indoor posters
or proofing. Their lush, intense colors produce beautiful output, while their lower price helps to keep operating costs down.
Our four-color, dual-head configuration allows you to use pigment CMYK inks for one head and dye-based CMYK inks for the
other, so you can be ready to respond immediately to customers’ needs.
*with Roland pigment inks, Concorde Rag delivers more than 120 years print permanence, according to Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc.
ColorChoice Adobe Postscript 3 software RIP
Communication between your system and printer is key to efficient day-to-day production. Every Hi-Fi JET PRO includes
ColorChoice 4.0, our powerhouse software RIP that reduces print times and provides superior color management and job
production functions. ColorChoice is a driver-based RIP, so you can control printing directly from your favorite design
applications. It’s Windows® 2000/98/95/NT and Macintosh® compatible. Built-in ICC color profiles with dual rendering support
are used to ensure consistent results with Roland-certified inks and media. ColorChoice 4.0 also speeds up workflow by
allowing you to simultaneously RIP and print.
A full range of quality print media
Media availability largely determines the usefulness of any printer. With this in mind, the Hi-Fi JET PRO accepts a wide range
of Roland-certified media. Our continually growing lineup of media currently includes PET film for photographic prints,
backlit film, matte and gloss papers, fine art paper, artist’s canvas, Tyvek®, banner, adhesive-backed vinyl,
polysilk soft cloth and more.
Clean and easy ink cartridge handling
Hi-Fi JET PRO inks come in clean-handling 220 cc cartridges that simply pop in and out for quick and easy replacement. The
printer warns you when ink is running low, and will pause a job in progress if necessary, allowing you to change inks without
wasting a partial print.
Easy panel operation
Roland products have always been known as user-friendly. The Hi-Fi JET PRO offers users a wealth of control features right on
the printer. Newly designed “click-feel” panel switches and backlit LCD provide easy navigation of the detailed on-board
menu structure.
Compatibility and connectivity
Get ready to rip. Equipped with a standard 100 BASE-TX/10 BASE-T interface, the Hi-Fi JET PRO connects seamlessly
to office networks for high-speed workgroup operation with a data transmission rate of 1.1 Mb/sec. This makes it
easy to configure a highly efficient printing environment with efficient sharing between multiple PCs and/or Macs.
The Hi-Fi JET PRO’s ECP parallel interface enables data transfer at 750 KB/sec., twice the speed of earlier Hi-Fi JETs.
Front and rear sides of FJ-500 shown
Print technology
Printing width
Acceptable material widths
Conditions for usable materials
Hi-Fi JET PRO Model FJ-500
Hi-Fi JET PRO Model FJ-400
Dual head, 96 nozzle Piezo ink-jet with variable droplet technology
8-5/16 to 53-9/16 in. (210 to 1361 mm)
8-5/16 to 43-9/16 in. (210 to 1107 mm)
8-5/16 to 54 in. (210 to 1371 mm)
8-5/16 to 44 in. (210 to 1117 mm)
Maximum material thickness: 0.039" (1.0 mm) (when head is raised)
Maximum diameter for roll material: 7-1/16" (180 mm)
Core inner diameter for roll material: 2" (50.8 mm) or 3" (76.2 mm)
Maximum weight for roll material: 44.1 lb. (20 kg)
Printing resolution
1440 x 1440* dpi / 720 x 1440 dpi / 540 x 1080 dpi / 1080 x 1080 dpi / 720 x 720 dpi / 540 x 360 dpi
Distance accuracy
Error of less than ± 0.3% of distance traveled, or 0.3 mm, whichever is greater
Printing speed
Double 4-color bi-directional printing: 16 -127 sqft/h / 8-color bi-directional printing: 6 - 79 sqft/h
Head cleaning
Automatic cleaning and manual cleaning
Roland ColorChoice ® 4.0
Pigment ink capacity
Pigment ink colors
Dye ink capacity
Dye ink colors
Adobe® PostScript® 3, multi-platform RIP driver (Windows® 2000/98/95/NT, Macintosh®)
Exclusive UV stable pigment-ink cartridges / 220 cc ± 5 cc
Four (4) cyan, magenta, yellow, and black OR eight (8) cyan, magenta, yellow, black, orange, green, light cyan, and light magenta
Exclusive dye-ink cartridges / 220 cc ± 5 cc
Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black
Bi-directional parallel interface (compliant with IEEE 1284: ECP mode) and Ethernet 10Base-T or 100Base-TX
Power consumption
Printing mode
Standby mode
Maximum: 1.3A/100V – 240V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Maximum: 0.5A/100V – 240V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Acoustic noise level
Printing mode
Standby mode
60dB (A) or less (According to ISO7779)
40dB (A) or less (According to ISO7779)
Dimensions with stand (w x d x h)
Weight with stand
Power on
Power off
Accessories included
88-7/16" (2246 mm) x 29-3/16" (740 mm) x 48-7/8" (1241 mm)
78-7/16" (1992 mm) x 29-3/16" (740 mm) x 48-7/8" (1241 mm)
257.9 lb. (117 kg)
238.1 lb. (108 kg)
Temperature: 59 to 89.6° F(15 to 32° C), Humidity: 35 to 80% (non-condensing)
Temperature: 41 to 104° F( 5 to 40° C), Humidity: 20 to 80% (non-condensing)
Power cord, Media cover, Drain bottle, Blade, Blade holder, Replacement blade for separating knife, Cleaning kit, Roland ColorChoice®
CD-ROM, Roland ColorChoice® installation guide, Roland PrintServer CD-ROM, Roland PrintServer Software Quick Installation,
Roland PrintServer for Macintosh users, User's Manual, Assembly and Installation Guide
Media Take-up Reel (TU-500): Automatically re-rolls printed media for unattended and continuous printing
Cleaning Cartridge (CJ-CL): Cleaning cartridge for changing ink types
USB to Parallel Adaptor for Macintosh (RCC-UP3)
*Available in variable droplet mode.
HI-FI JET PRO Model FJ-500
Maximum media acceptance: 54 inches (1,371 mm)
Maximum printing width: 53-9/16 inches (1,361 mm)
shown at right with optional TU-500 media take-up reel
HI-FI JET PRO Model FJ-400
Maximum media acceptance: 44 inches (1,117 mm)
Maximum printing width: 43-9/16 inches (1,107 mm)
(800) 542-2307 • (949) 727-2100 • FAX (949) 727-2112
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