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Motorola T725 User guide
Motorola T725 – 11/04
Cincinnati Bell Wireless
Quick Start Guide
Transferring your Address Book
If switching from a Digital (TDMA) phone to a Motorola T725
You will need to manually transfer numbers from one phone’s address book to another by following the instructions
in your phone’s User Guide.
If switching from a Next Generation (GSM/GPRS) phone to a Motorola T725
Next Generation phones such as the Motorola T725 often allow you to save contacts to your phone or to your SIM
card (which is a memory chip that you can remove and insert into future next generation phones that you use). If
this option is available to you, and you think you may decide to change phones (to another Next Generation phone)
at any time, be sure to save all your contacts to your SIM card so that you can simply take your address book with

you. To save your contacts to your SIM, select Menu (you can reach the Menu by pressing the
button --the
large circular one with arrows at the top-middle of your keypad, typically used for menu navigation) →Phonebook
→New Entry, then enter the name and number. Scroll down to the “Store To” prompt, choose “SIM.” Note: SIM
cards are only able to save 200 numbers, and only one number per name.
Setting Up VoiceMail
Please to refer to the Welcome Guide, which you received with your phone, for full instructions on how to set up
your VoiceMail service. For the Motorola T725, be sure to follow the “Next Generation” phone instructions and use
1111 as your temporary VoiceMail password. Note: You’ll want to set up your VoiceMail as soon as possible,
since this service is active immediately and callers may be leaving messages for you.
Cincinnati Bell Wireless Internet Services
Have you ever wanted to look up a sports score, get a breaking news headline, or check your e-mail but were
nowhere near a PC? Now you can do all of that and more using your wireless phone!
This section will provide detailed information on all the amazing things you can do with your next generation phone.
If you subscribe to one of the Wireless Internet plans, there are a lot of added benefits you receive including a free
Fuse email box, the ability to personalize your service and set up short cuts to the places you visit most often, and
better rates on downloads and data usage beyond your selected plan. If you choose not to subscribe, you can still
try Wireless Internet and pay-as-you-go using our more limited service.
All the applications within this section require that you be connected to Cincinnati Bell Wireless Internet Service.
How do I connect to CBW Internet Services?
Simply select Menu→WebAccess →CBW Internet to connect to CBW Internet services. You’ll then see the
following menu:
• E-mail
• National News
• Find It
• Wall Street Journal
• (8/04)
• Google
• Entertainment
• Yahoo
• My Info
• Ringtones & Graphics*
• Usage History
• Cincinnati Bell Yellow
• Java Games*
*Not available on all Cincinnati Bell
Navigating through menus:
Wireless Next Generation phones.

To select one of these menu options, use the
button (the large circular one with arrows at the top-middle
of your keypad, typically used for menu navigation) to scroll up and down through the menu. When the item
you want is highlighted, press the center circle of that button to select it. (Tip! The center circle of this button
is just like the “ENTER” key on your PC, which lets you select the menu item with one touch).
Entering Letters, Symbols and Numbers into your Phone:
Motorola T725 – 11/04
Your phone’s user guide has great information to help you learn how to enter numbers, letters, and symbols.
You’ll need to learn how to do this before continuing. (Tip! Also check out “Predictive Text”, and how to
change cases from capital to lower case letters. It will make your experience much easier.)
Wireless Internet Service Overview
National News
Get the latest news straight from the Associated Press wire! Searchable news categories include US, World,
Business, Science & Technology, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Health and more!
Access local information from your wireless phone - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - from The Cincinnati
Enquirer, The Cincinnati Post, The Associated Press, Gannett News Service and more. gives
you everything you need to know about Cincinnati: Local and national news, sports, arts and entertainment
information, community events, weather, traffic updates, and more - all updated minute-by-minute each day.
ESPN Sports
Sports news is now at your fingertips, brought to you by the leading provider of sports on the Internet. ESPN
offers late breaking news, statistics, schedules, and player updates, in addition to up-to-the minute sports
scores from live events. Get sports info on numerous college and pro sports including football, hockey, horse
racing, auto racing, basketball, tennis, golf and more!
Ringtones & Graphics
Get the coolest ringtones and graphics from Cincinnati Bell. Select from various songs and artists. Get your
school fight song. Download a graphic that lets you express your own personal style. Downloads are priced
individually and, if applicable, the data used to transfer the file will be subtracted from your monthly Wireless
Internet plan (or charged per kilobyte if you aren’t a Wireless Internet subscriber).
To Download Ringtones & Graphics: (From Your Next Generation Phone)
Select Menu→ WebAccess → CBW Internet→ Ringtones and Graphics. To download a ringtone or
graphic, select “Ringtones” or “Graphics” and then select a category. There are 27 ringtone music
categories including such categories like Country, Hip Hop, Classical…you can even choose Cincinnati’s
WEBN! There are 20 graphic categories including flags, holiday icons, even Disney graphics!
• Within your chosen category, select a Ringtone or Graphic.
• Make sure that your phone’s model number is displayed in the box.
• Scroll to the category of ringtone or graphic that you’d like, and select a song or graphic.
• Once you’ve highlighted and selected the item you want, next you’ll see the following: “Enter the
recipient’s mobile number” (this will default to your own wireless number including 1 and the area
code) and “Phone:” (Please select your phone model), and “Buy”
Note: You may enter a phone number other than your own if you’d like to send a ringtone as a
gift to a friend. It’s important to be sure the recipient has a phone capable of receiving the type
of ringtone or graphic you send, as you will be billed for the ringtone or graphic even if their
phone cannot receive it.
You can preview ringtones/graphics through the Cincinnati Bell website at:, log in/sign up for a free account, and click on “Ringtones and
Select “Buy”. The title of the ringtone or graphic that you selected will appear followed by: “A
ringtone/graphic is about to be sent to the following mobile phone number. You will be charged
$X.00 on your phone bill. Do you wish to continue?” 513.XXX.XXXX (this will be your wireless
number, unless you’ve chosen to send it to a friend).
If you wish to continue, select “Buy”
You’ll then have the option to download the ringtone/graphic file. To download, select the title of
your ringtone/graphic file.
Once you’ve downloaded the ringtone/graphic, you’ll see the following message: “Ringing tone
received” or “Graphic received”
Select Options→Playback (to listen to the tone) or to view the graphic.
Once you’ve listened to the tone, you can save the ringtone by selecting Quit→Save Tone→Select.
You’ll then be asked to name the ringtone. Enter a name, and select “OK”.
Motorola T725 – 11/04
Next you’ll be asked to save the ringtone into your “Gallery”. To save the ringtone to the ringtone
file, select “Ringtone”. The message “Saved to Ringtones” will appear.
If you wish to exit, select “Cancel”
To set up the ringtone as your active ringtone, go to
Menu→Profiles→Normal→Customize→Ringing Tone→Select→Open Gallery. That’s where you’ll
find the ringtones that you’ve downloaded along with a whole selection of other ringtones. Choose
“select” and then open the Tones gallery. Highlight the ringtone you want and choose “select”.
Your ringtone will be set. For more information on how to select a ringtone, see your user manual.
Java Games
Download a fun game to play while waiting around. Downloads are priced individually and, if applicable, the
data used to transfer the file will be subtracted from your monthly Wireless Internet plan (or charged per
kilobyte if you aren’t a Wireless Internet subscriber).
To Download: (From Your Next Generation Phone)
From the Wireless Internet section, select Java Games. You’ll see a selection of games that are compatible
with your phone. You’ll be able to get a brief description of the game if you highlight the title that interests
you and select it. You’ll also see the price and file size.
Once you find the game you want to download:
• Highlight the game you wish to download, and select it.
• You’ll see a brief description of the game, the file size (kB)”, “Price”, a description and the terms of
• If you would like to purchase, select “Buy”.
• Next, you’ll want to download the game you just purchased. Select “Download it” and you’ll see a
confirmation message, which includes the name of the game, the file size and the name of the
game developer.
• Select “Yes” and the game will start downloading. This may take several seconds depending on
the file size.
• Once the game has been downloaded, the screen will read “Saved to Games. Open now?” If you
would like to begin playing, select “OK”, if not, it will be stored in the “Games” section within the
main menu and you can select it later.
To access your email, select the “Email” menu option within the Cincinnati Bell Wireless Internet services home
page on your phone. You will see two options: 1) My Email or 2) Other Email
My Email
Cincinnati Bell Wireless Internet subscribers get one Fuse email box free. If you are an existing Cincinnati
Bell email subscriber (Fuse, Zoomtown, etc.) you may set up “My Email” with the same Cincinnati Bell
email address and password that you use to log-in via your PC.
Setting up “My Email”
The directions will vary for those with and those without an existing Cincinnati Bell email box (Fuse,
ZoomTown, etc).
Those who DO NOT HAVE an existing Cincinnati Bell email box:
Select “My Email”. You will be asked: “Are you an existing Cincinnati Bell email (, customer”
o Select “No” and the following will appear: “Set up your email address and password so you can
take advantage of Fuse Email while you’re on the go”. Select “OK”
o Next you will choose a user name and a password.
• Create your user name. If the user name you have chosen is already being used, you
will be provided with alternatives. You may choose a suggested alternative or select a
completely different user name.
• Create a password. Passwords must be at least six characters long and must include
at least one numeric character.
o Once you have successfully created a username and password, you will receive a confirmation
message indicating your Fuse email box has been created.
o The next time you access “My Email” from the menu, you will not need to input your username
and password. You will be automatically logged in to your Fuse email box.
Motorola T725 – 11/04
If you would like to require your password be asked for every time you access “My
Email”, you can set this preference in the “My Email Tools” folder and select “Remove
If you’d like to access your email from a computer, you may do so by going to the
following URL: You will need to enter your
“Username”, as well as your password.
Those who HAVE an existing Cincinnati Bell email box (Fuse, Zoomtown etc.).
Select “My Email”. You will be asked: “Are you an existing Cincinnati Bell email (, customer”
o Select “Yes”
o Select “Email Address:” and enter your existing Cincinnati Bell email address (i.e., or (case sensitive). To change the case, press the
¾ key until you see “abc” mode instead of “Abc” mode.
o Scroll down to “Email Password” and enter your existing email password (case sensitive).
o Scroll down and select “Go”
o You should now see your existing email inbox. Subsequent returns to “My Email” won’t require
you to input your “Email Address” and “Email Password” – you’ll automatically be logged in!
Other Email
Use this option if you have email with a different provider (than Cincinnati Bell), or you wish to check a
secondary Cincinnati Bell email account (up to 5 secondary email boxes besides the primary set up in “My
Email can be accessed).
• Select the “Other Email” option, choose from one of the available options (Yahoo & MSN), and enter
your email address and password.
• If your email service is not listed, visit your email provider’s website using the “go to” option and enter
your Username and Password. If you have difficulty accessing your other email, contact your email
provider for assistance.
Wall Street Journal
Access the only morning paper that delivers the latest business news from every major market in the world.
More than 1,650 analysts and writers bring you the top world news, crucial reports from all industries, in-depth
technology coverage, along with all the financial insight you need to succeed. Select from US News, Asia
News, Europe News or Technology News.
This category offers more fun things to do with your phone! Within the Entertainment category are:
• Movies: See what’s playing in your area, get movie reviews, prices, movie times, and listings of what
movies are coming soon. What more could you need?
• Games: Here you’ll find games that you can buy and download to your phone to play anytime. You’ll
also find a library of games that you can play online by yourself or against others. Some of our many
online games include: 3X Trivia, Blackjack, Decoder, Hangman, Roshambo, and Scrabble.
Note: Downloadable games have a fee when you download and the kilobytes used to download
the game are deducted from your monthly data plan. Games that you play online are free, except
the kilobytes used while playing are deducted from your monthly data plan.
Lottery: Get the latest lottery scores to find out if you’re a millionaire yet.
Horoscopes: Check your horoscopes anytime; they’re right here at your fingertips whenever you need
to know what the day has in store for you!
Proverbs: Need a wise saying to jump-start your day? Check out our proverbs section.
My Info
My Info allows you to set up a shortcut to your favorite Wireless Internet information. Short cuts might allow
you to quickly check the weather in specific cities, check certain stock ticker symbols, track your favorite sports
teams, or set up a specific starting point when looking up directions. “My Info” is available to those who
subscribe to any Cincinnati Bell Wireless Internet plan. Within the My Info section, you have the following
• My Bookmarks
• My Sports
• My Theatres
• My Stocks
• My Horoscopes
• My Drivers
• Alerts
• Edit Settings
Motorola T725 – 11/04
My AP News
My Weather
My Lottery
You can customize your prefences using your PC or using your wireless phone. To customize using your PC,
visit and click on “My News”. To customize your preferences using your
phone, press the blue key, then select My Info→More→Edit Settings. Once at “Edit Settings”, you can follow
the screens to choose whether or not you would like to view each of the categories. (Remember to the center
circle of the large circular button on your phone’s keypad as your “enter” key) To select a category, you must
first highlight the category using your scroll keys, and press enter.
Cincinnati Bell Yellow Pages
Search for business and residential phone and address listings from the Cincinnati Bell Yellow pages using
your wireless phone. Find the nearest, get driving directions and more!
Find It
The “Find It” section puts you in command! Now you not only have access to breaking news and information,
you have access to databases of information using your phone! Find stores, get directions, access phone
numbers of friends and businesses, find out who just called with Reverse Lookup, and more! Within the “Find
It” section, you will be able to select among the following menu options:
1. Find Nearest
2. Google
3. White Pages
4. Yellow Pages
5. Reverse Lookup
6. Go To Site
7. Directions
8. Movies
The easiest way to find the nearest hotel, restaurant, etc, is to select “Find Nearest” and “Enter ZIP”. Once
you’ve entered your Zip (starting point), you can select the type of business you are seeking (restaurant, gas
station, etc). Highlight your selection and press enter (center of large circular button). Your results will appear.
A search engine that you can select if you want to visit other websites. Note: Many websites are not set up
correctly for access using a mobile phone. If you have trouble viewing a site, the trouble is most likely with the
format of the website and not your mobile phone’s browser.
These are direct links to commonly used e-mail providers, Yahoo and MSN. You can access these sites via
these links or by selecting “other email” under the Email menu option.
Usage History
Keep track of the wireless data usage on your account through this helpful link.
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
Also known as “Picture Messaging”, MMS allows users to create and messages combining text, sound and
graphics. You can send and receive images, voice clips, music, greeting cards and more…even if your Next
Generation phone does not have a camera embedded in it. It should be noted, however, that both the sender and
the receiver must have a Next Generation phone that is MMS capable.
There is a $.20 per message charge for each message sent. The data (kilobytes) used to transfer of the MMS file
will also be deducted from the data in your monthly Wireless Internet plan. (If not a Wireless Internet subscriber, the
sender will be charged $0.03 per kilobyte for the data transfer.) When receiving an MMS message, the recipient
pays nothing; however, the data (kilobytes) used to transfer the file will be deducted from the recipient’s monthly
Wireless Internet data plan balance.
Sending/Receiving MMS Messages
There are 3 ways to send an MMS message: between phones, PC to phone, and phone to PC.
Note! To send MMS message between phones, both the sender and the receiver must have a Next
Generation phone. If the sender has a Next Generation phone and the receiver does not, the receiver will
Motorola T725 – 11/04
receive a text (SMS) message with a unique URL (web address) that can be accessed via PC to view the
Sending an MMS from your phone
• From the main menu, select Messages→ Create Message→New Multimedia Msg
• If you would like to enter a text message, input the message now and select “Insert” when finished.
Inputting text is not required.
• Highlight the image or sound you wish to insert and hi “Select” (“Object Added” message will briefly
• Hit OK, then choose the recipient for your message from the phone book by highlighting the name and
pressing “Add”.
Note! Your Motorola T725 can receive image files that are 100KB or smaller and in the format of a JPEG,
PNG, OTA-BMP, WBMP or GIF. Sound files must be in Mobile MIDI (GMX) format and under 100KB in
When sending an MMS message to a Next Generation phone from your PC (using your email or a
website), you’ll need to know the phone’s address. The Next Generation phone’s MMS “email” address is
made up of their 11-digit wireless phone
Receiving MMS to your phone
• When an MMS message is received, your screen will read “Multimedia Message Received”
• To view the message, select “Show”
• The message will appear. If the message came from a PC, you may see a message stating that the
image is attached. You can view picture attachments sent via MMS, however, the image is not the first
thing you see when you open the message. You will need to scroll down in the message in order to get
to the image.
Saving an MMS Message
MMS messages will be temporarily saved in your inbox/outbox for up to 7 days. If you would like to save an
image longer, you will need to follow these directions to save an image or sound clip into your gallery.
• While the MMS message is open, select Options→Save Image→Select
• You’ll be given the opportunity to name the image (If the image had a name when it was sent, this
name will default; however, a new name can be entered). Input the name you would like and select
• The “Gallery” menu will appear, and “Graphics” will be highlighted - press “Select”
Your Wireless Phone’s Optional Camera Device
You can take photos with your phone using the optional Motorola Original™ Digital Camera and send them to
others through e-mail or MMS (also known as “Picture Messaging”). It should be noted, however, that both the
sender and the receiver must have a Next Generation phone which is capable of receiving e-mail with attachments
or MMS.
Note: Standard per message and data usage charges apply for e-mail and MMS containing photo attachments
that are sent, replied to, or forwarded (see the MMS section of this guide for more details). When receiving an MMS
or e-mail message, the recipient pays nothing additional; however, the data (kilobytes) used to transfer the file will
be deducted from the recipient’s monthly Wireless Internet data plan balance.
Using your camera
Consult the “Camera” section of the Operating Instructions that came with your phone for all the details on your
fun options!
Note: Battery times are shorter when using the camera. To help conserve your battery, the phone
automatically exits the camera mode after 3 minutes if no activity is detected.
Taking a picture using your phone:
• Attach your camera to the phone.
• Press the center circle of the large circular button on your phone to access the main menu.
• Using the large circular button, scroll through the menu options and select “Multimedia”.
• Next, select “Camera”
Motorola T725 – 11/04
Your camera is now operational – simply use the screen of your phone as your viewfinder to
frame up your photo.
Once you have your photo in the viewfinder, hit the “Capture” button to take your picture.
To save the photo in your phone’s data files, press “Store”, then choose where you’d like to
use or save the message.
To delete the photo, select “C” for “Cancel” by pressing the far top-right button on your keypad,
then select “OK”.
This photo may now be attached to an e-mail or MMS by selecting the “Attach File” or “Attach
Image” options when creating your message (see your phone’s Operating Instructions for more
Synchronizing Data Between Your Phone, Computer and PDA
You can synchronize phonebook and datebook information between your phone, computer and PDA with BVRP
Mobile Phone Tools software, included with your phone. See the Mobile Phone Tools User Guide for more
NOTE: BVRP Mobile Phone Tools software is designed to synchronize with basic features of many popular
Personal Information Management software and hardware products.
Protecting Your Phone From Unauthorized Use
Would you like to make sure that others can’t use your phone (and your airtime) without your consent? Just follow
these simple steps:
• Go to Settings→ Security→SIMPin
• You will be prompted to enter a 4- to 8-digit phone code (that you create) several times
• Call Cincinnati Bell Customer Care at 1-888-391-3925 to obtain a PIN/PUK code to enter at the prompt.
NOTE: You will have 10 chances to correctly enter this code. If you incorrectly enter it 10 times, you will see “SIM
Blocked” and should visit your nearest Cincinnati Bell Wireless location to purchase a new SIM card.
How to Use Connect2Home Callingsm
Connect2Homesm calling is a feature included with USA Nation bundled wireless rate plans which allows you to
make free voice calls from your GSM wireless phone to your home phone number. If you’ve selected a rate plan
which includes Connect2Home calling, this service should be available for use the next business day after
ordering. Once the service is active on your account, you will receive a text message to your wireless phone to
How to Place a Call Using Connect2Home service:
To place a Connect2Home call, dial “22” then press the “send” or “enter” key to place a call to your
designated home number. Calls you make by dialing 22 will automatically be sent to your home
number (your home number is the local, residential Cincinnati Bell Telephone phone number that you
provided to Cincinnati Bell for billing purposes when you activated your wireless phone.)
If you move, you can change the telephone number that you designated to be your home phone
number twice per calendar year by calling CBW Care at (888) 391-3925.
IMPORTANT! Calls to “22” will always be free calls, and the minutes used will not subtract from the
minutes you have available in your wireless rate plan. If you dial directly to your 7 or 10-digit home
phone number, these minutes will not be free and will count against your plan’s available minutes.
Likewise, minutes used when dialing from your home to your wireless will subtract from your plan’s
available minutes.
Cincinnati Bell reserves the right to disconnect the Connect2Home Feature at its discretion.
Interactions with other Telephone Services:
Line Number Blocking or Out of Area: When you dial 22, Cincinnati Bell must be able to read the Caller
ID from your incoming call in order to connect the call to your designated home number. In certain
Motorola T725 – 11/04
coverage areas and/or if you have “Line Number Blocking” service active on your wireless phone, calls
will not carry Caller ID information. In these instances, you will hear the following message:
“We're sorry, your Connect2Home free call may not be completed at this time due to insufficient
incoming Caller ID information. This may be just a temporary problem due to your current wireless
network connection. Please try your free call again at a later time.”
If you have “Line Number Blocking” set up on your wireless phone, you do not need to eliminate this
service. Instead, simply dial *82 513-241-3030 to use Connect2Home service. This will be the phone
number that you dial each time you place a call home instead of dialing “22”. It may be easiest for you
to use this number if you program the entire number sequence into your address book.
Call Forwarding: Call Forwarding should not be used to forward any calls to your home number, to 22,
or to 513-241-3030. Calls placed using the Call Forwarding feature will be billed the normal call
forwarding charges ($.07/min).
Billing Detail with Connect2Home:
Calls made to 22 or 513-241-3030 will appear on your monthly detailed bill. Connect2Home calls will
be identified as shown below.
Number called
14. Jul 3 9:32p
Called to: Cnct 2Home
Min Airtime Distance
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