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Marshall Amplification 2203 Specifications
From Jim Marshall
Thank you for choosing the 2203KK Kerry King
Signature Series amplifier. Many guitar players have
shown incredible loyalty to Marshall Amplification
throughout their careers. As my way of thanking them I
am proud to put their name alongside mine on a
Marshall Signature Amplifier.
Kerry King, guitarist with Slayer, has used Marshall
amplifiers throughout his hugely successful career,
proudly bearing the Marshall logo when he performs
with a wall of 30 Marshall cabinets behind him; a sight
to behold and a triumphant assault to the ears.
The amplifier you have just acquired is based on Kerry
King’s favoured JCM800 head. Kerry calls this amplifier
‘The Beast’; it was the amp that had been at the core of
Kerry’s sound for many years both live and in the
studio until we presented him with the first 2203KK
My R&D team worked closely with Kerry to develop the
tone and feel of a great Marshall amp, an amp that
defines the true attitude and power of Kerry’s sound
and they have gone to incredible lengths to recreate the
sound of ‘The Beast’ that is unmistakably Kerry's tone.
Drawing inspiration from Kerry’s tattoos, my graphics team
developed a new way of printing designs directly on to fret
cloth allowing the panel design to flow across the front of
the 2203KK. On seeing the first prototype I commented it
looked like Kerry King had cast his shadow over our classic
Marshall design… perfect.
I have met with Kerry many times over the years and throughout
the development of this amp it was good to be able to catch up
once more. Its always great to spend time with someone who is
passionate about their music and tone, and of course, always great
to know that it is a Marshall amplifier that feeds it.
Dr Jim Marshall OBE and daughter
Victoria (Managing Director)
Kerry has already been using the 2203KK for some time now, ensuring it met his demands and using
it every night as he travelled the world on his 2006 and 2007 tours. You can read his thoughts in this
handbook; it makes me feel proud and is such a testament to hard work, that after 40 years,
Marshall still provides such inspiration to a guitarist.
This is our aim for every guitarist, to give you the amplifier with the tone, feeling and ease of use you
want. I would like to wish you every success with your new amplifier and welcome you to the ever
increasing Marshall family.
Dr. Jim Marshall OBE
2203KK front panel
2203KK rear panel
2203KK front panel features
2203KK rear panel features
6. MAINS INPUT with integral Mains Fuse
This is the On/Off switch for the mains electric power to the
This controls the overall output level of your 2203KK, turning it
clockwise increases the volume.
Note: Please ensure the amplifier is switched off and unplugged
from the mains electricity supply whenever it is moved!
There are five loudspeaker output jacks provided for connection to
speaker cabinets. Please always ensure that the amplifier’s output
impedance is matched correctly to the speaker cabinets total load
(The impedance for Marshall cabinets is clearly displayed on the
rating plate near the speaker input jacks) and ALWAYS ensure you
use good quality, unscreened (unshielded) speaker cables for this
purpose. NEVER use guitar (screened/shielded) cables.
Your amplifier is provided with a detachable mains (power) lead,
which is connected here. Before connecting for the first time, please
ensure that your amplifier’s mains voltage rating matches your
country’s domestic electricity supply voltage. If you have any doubt,
please get advice from a qualified technician. Your Marshall dealer
will be able to assist you in finding a Marshall authorised technician.
Turning this control clockwise overdrives the pre-amp valves and
creates a harmonically rich distortion
9. “THE BEAST” Switch and indicator LEDs
The Standby Switch is used in conjunction with the Power Switch
(item 1) to ‘warm up’ the amplifier before use and to prolong the life
of the output valves.
This switch engages the Kerry King Signature tone.
“THE BEAST” switch engages the ASSAULT and GATE circuits.
Its LED will light in RED when the expander circuitry is in noise
reduction mode (gate closed) and GREEN when the expander is
open letting the signal pass without any attenuation.
When powering up the amplifier always engage the Power Switch
first, leaving the Standby switch on ‘Standby’ for 2 minutes, allowing
the valves to come up to their correct operating temperatures.
Afterwards the Standby Switch can be engaged, enabling the HT
without ‘shocking’ cold valves.
The GATE control adjusts the 2203KK internal expander circuitry.
This circuitry replaces Kerry’s noise gate with an ultra fast studio
quality noise reducer unit. Instead of abruptly cutting the sound once
the threshold is reached like a noise gate, the expander
progressively attenuates the signal following its dynamics. The
THRESHOLD control has a program dependent decay ratio allowing
very slow decay times for slowly moving guitar signals thus
maintaining the natural sustain and very fast decays for staccato
rhythms and short pauses.
The Standby Switch should also be used to turn the amplifier ‘on’
and ‘off’ during breaks in a performance. Also, when switching off,
always disengage the Standby Switch prior to the main Power
This control operates in the power section and adds high
frequencies to your sound by altering the amount of negative
feedback. Turning this control clockwise adds more bite to your
sound, making it crisper and more cutting.
Adjust the THRESHOLD knob to control the point where the noise
reduction begins to work. Make sure that when adjusting the
THRESHOLD knob you are not picking up hum from the amplifier or
other equipment as it may result in a setting higher than needed.
This adjusts the bottom end. Turning it clockwise increases the
amount of low frequencies in the sound.
WARNING! Never use the amplifier without a speaker load attached!
The correct value of this MAINS fuse is specified on the rear panel
of the amplifier.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Your 2203KK should be completely powered
down before the Output Impedance is altered.
For safety reasons NEVER attempt to bypass the fuse or fit one of
incorrect value.
It is imperative that: a) at least one of the speaker outputs of the
amplifier is connected to a load whilst in operation and b) the
impedance matches the total impedance of the speaker cabinet(s)
being used. The following combinations are our recommendations 1x
IMPORTANT NOTE: Always ensure that there is a load (speaker)
attached before connecting the mains lead.
WARNING! ALWAYS ensure that the correct mains voltage
applicable for the country where the 2203KK is being used matches
the rating on the rear panel.
16 Ohm cabinet - 16 Ohm Socket (1)
16 Ohm cabinets - Use both 8 Ohm Sockets (2 & 3)
8 Ohm cabinet - Use one 8 Ohm Socket (2 or 3)
8 Ohm cabinets - Use both 4 Ohm Sockets (4 & 5)
4 Ohm cabinet - Use one 4 Ohm Socket (4 or 5)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Your 2203KK should always be completely
powered down before the mains lead is removed.
WARNING! Use of any other combination/configuration of cabinets
and/or impedances may result in sub standard sound and possible
damage to the amplifier and/or the speaker cabinet(s)
Technical Specification
Power Output - 100W RMS
Dimensions - 750mm x 310mm x 215mm
Weight - 21.5Kg
WARNING! Failure to comply with any of the points raised in this
section may result in damage to the amplifier.
The ASSAULT circuitry replaces the old graphic equaliser with an
electronic circuit tuned for Kerry’s preferred frequency response
together with user adjustable gain. Adjust the INTENSITY for the
desired amount of gain boost.
This adjusts the level of those all-important mid-range frequencies.
Turning it clockwise increases the mids and fattens your sound,
giving it more punch. Turning it anticlockwise reduces the mids,
producing a more 'scooped' tone.
Tip: some guitar players like KK adjust the THRESHOLD knob to
silence the amplifier with the guitar volume full whilst others prefer to
silence the amplifier with the guitar volume turned down. Feel free to
experiment with both settings.
This adjusts the top-end. Turning it clockwise increases the amount
of high frequencies present in the sound, giving your guitar tone a
brighter edge.
Note: The previous four controls - PRESENCE (item 3), BASS (item
4), MIDDLE (item 5) & TREBLE (item 6) - are very interactive and,
consequently, altering one control can change the way the others
behave. For this reason, experimentation is recommended.
12. High Sensitivity INPUT
- Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the requirements of the EMC Directive (Environments E1, E2
and E3 EN 55103-1/2) and the Low Voltage Directive in the E.U.
This is a 'high sensitivity' guitar input.
* EUROPE ONLY - Note: The Peak Inrush current for the 2203KK is 52 amps.
Follow all instructions and heed all warnings
Made in England
Marshall Amplification plc
Denbigh Road, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK1 1DQ, England.
Tel : +44 (0)1908 375411 Fax : +44 (0)1908 376118
Whilst the information contained herein is correct at the time of publication, due to our policy of constant improvement
and development, Marshall Amplification plc reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.
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