Smart Wireless Solutions for Plant Operations

Smart Wireless Solutions for Plant Operations
Improve Productivity and
Safety with Emerson Wireless
Networks and Services
Emerson Wireless Solutions for Plant Operations
Start Anywhere, Go Everywhere
Start Anywhere, Go Everywhere
Emerson Wireless solutions use the most proven, reliable technology that’s right for the application.
All Emerson Wireless devices, gateways, access points and software use wireless communication
standards and have gone through rigorous coexistence testing to insure seamless integration.
Emerson Wireless solutions for field instrumentation delivers:
„„ Low installation costs over wired
„„ Unparalleled ease-of-use
„„ Greater than 99% data reliability
„„ Seamless integration
„„ Control-ready wireless network
Wireless applications fall into two distinct categories, based on their unique technical
requirements: wireless field applications and wireless plant applications.
Wireless field applications
Include field devices that enable asset or process monitoring or control
in harsh, dense, or remote areas. Wireless field devices can be installed
for less cost than wired technologies, so your investment return is almost
immediate. You can quickly and easily eliminate “blind spots” where it
was previously too difficult or expensive to install wired instruments.
Low Bandwidth
Quality of Service - High priority communications
„„ Security - Robust, multi-tiered security through advanced encryption,
authentication, verification, key management, and anti-jamming
„„ Reliability - Self-organizing mesh network that does not require line of
sight and achieves greater than 99% data reliability
„„ Power - Batteries must last at least 5-10 years in harsh environments
„„ Standards-based - WirelessHART (driven by process community)
yyField data backhaul
yyMobile workforce
yyControl network bridge
yyRemote video monitoring
yyMobile Video & Voice
Start here
or here
yyDifficult process monitoring
yyRotating equipment
yyAuxiliary systems
yySafety systems status
yyOperator safety
yyMobile assets
yyOn/off valve position
yyProcess start-up
yyTemporary installations
yyWired alternative
yyDisaster recovery
With Emerson Wireless solutions, you can start anywhere based on your
highest priority needs, and easily expand the solutions over time.
Wireless plant applications
Include business and operation applications, such as mobile worker, safety mustering, and video
monitoring. Wireless plant solutions seamlessly integrate with the wireless field network.
High Bandwidth
Quality of Service - Multiple applications must share the available bandwidth
„„ Security - Multiple layers of protection, including admission control,
intrusion prevention, encryption, authentication, authorization, and rogue
device detection
„„ Reliability - Controller-based, centrally managed Wi-Fi mesh network that
performs load balancing, real-time radio resource management, device failover, and prioritization of all communications on the network
„„ Power - Devices are either line powered or re-charged daily
„„ Standards-based - IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi (driven by IT community because it
applies to many industries)
See Your Plant in a Whole New Way
Emerson Wireless solutions for field instrumentation helps you cost-effectively touch
more of your plant with predictive intelligence than ever before…with an installed
cost savings over wired technologies. You can eliminate “blind spots” in your plant
where it was previously too difficult or expensive to install wired instruments.
The Emerson Wireless approach gives you the freedom to have as much or as little
wireless as you want. You can begin with process monitoring or control applications,
and start achieving the same improved operations that so many others are
experiencing today.
Extend the Life of Assets
“(Insight) from predictive wireless filter plugging alerts prevented a shutdown.
Operators were able to shut down the pump, clean the filter and get it back on line in
a matter of hours.”
– Refining Project Manager
Optimize Process Unit Efficiency
“Four days after the order was placed we could see minute-by-minute mid-zone
temperatures trending on the control system… Overall, we have improved operation of
the lime kiln, and increased throughput by 5%.”
– Pulp Mill Leader
Minimize Maintenance
“Our need to monitor these points cost effectively eliminated traditional wired vibration
monitoring solutions. Now we can have information about these pumps without getting
suited up to go in and collect vibration data.”
– Plant Vibration Analyst
Meet Safety & Environmental Goals
“There are savings of $14,600 per year in reduced operation and maintenance costs,
but the incalculable savings were in safety.”
– Chemical I&E Designer
DeltaV Wireless I/O Card (WIOC)
DeltaV S-Series native WirelessHART
seamless integration DeltaV S-series
Emerson Wireless Field Link
Offers native PlantWeb
redundancy for wireless control
on DeltaV S-series
Rosemount® 848T
High density
measurement delivers
more data for use in
improving operations
and maintenance
Rosemount® 3051S Wireless
Pressure Transmitter
Optimizes productivity
with unprecedented
performance and reliability
Rosemount® 3051S
Wireless Level
Delivers fully integrated,
level solutions
Rosemount® Analytical 6081
Wireless pH Transmitter
Continuously reports pH and
ORP and delivers advanced
diagnostics to monitor sensor
health and loop integrity
Roxar CorrLog
& SandLog
Wireless Transmitter
Flexible and cost
effective solutions for
online measurement
Rosemount 248
Single-point basic
Emerson Wireless Gateway
Flexible connectivity and
easy device configuration.
Connects any host system.
Rosemount® 648 Wireless
Temperature Transmitter
Provides reliable temperature
measurement solutions that
are installation ready.
Rosemount® 702 Wireless
Discrete Transmitter
Cost effectively enables access
to discrete points
Rosemount® Analytical 6081-C
Wireless Conductivity Transmitter
Measures conductivity using industry
standard contacting conductivity sensors
TopWorx 4310 Wireless
Position Monitor
Detects rotary or linear
movement, and also monitors
on/off status of valves and
sliding-stem regulators
Smart Wireless THUM™ Adapter
Unleashes the full potential of
your wired HART devices such
as the Fisher FIELDVUE®
DVC2000 digital valve controller
Rosemount® 3308
Wireless Guided
Wave Radar
World’s first true
wireless and interface
CSI 9420 Wireless
Vibration Transmitter
Provides cost effective
monitoring of mechanical
equipment such as
motors, pumps
and compressors.
Fisher® 4320 Wireless
Position Monitor
Detects rotary or linear
movement in valves and
provides accuracy with %
of span feedback
Imagine the possibilities with Emerson Wireless
solutions for field instrumentation.
Control Network
Remote Video
Imagine the possibilities with Emerson Wireless Solutions
for Plant-Wide operations.
Improve Productivity and Safety –
for Your People and Your Plant
Emerson Wireless solutions for plant-wide operations leverages industrial Wi-Fi
technologies and applications to enable greater workforce productivity and safety, as
well as improved business and plant management. Wireless technologies can provide
benefits that were previously not available because it was too expensive or simply not
possible, to implement. With Emerson Smart Wireless solutions, the possibilities are
truly limitless.
Emerson follows the concept of engineered solutions for wireless applications which are
designed for plant operations. The solutions are designed based on Emerson expertise
to address operation technology challenges, and best-of-breed products which are
totally standards based to address the information technology policies and regulations.
Each application is set to enable worker productivity, reduce implementation costs,
and help customers address safety issues, and yet, being able to share the same
wireless infrastructure properly designed and delivered as a project. The projects
include the initial survey activity entitled Radio Frequency Front End Engineering
Design study (RF FEED Study), implementation and after project support services.
Wireless Field Data Backhaul Field devices are often remotely
distributed throughout a plant – across roads, or on mobile
platforms like railcars, barges or trucks. Wireless field data
backhaul solutions integrate field instrument data with
the process control system at significantly lower cost and
implementation time over wired solutions.
Wireless Mobile Workforce Mobile workforce solutions can
dramatically improve productivity by using cutting-edge
wireless technology to provide instant access to process
control data, maintenance information, and operation
procedures. Eliminate the paper trail and transcription errors
by wirelessly connecting the field operator to the process.
Wireless Remote Video Monitoring Wireless video
solutions provide a quick and cost effective approach
for security and process monitoring. Real time video
feeds greatly help to improve security and safety. Video
tracking of certain process emissions enables better
environmental compliance.
Wireless Control Network Bridging Often times the
control room is remote from a controller, or separated
by an obstruction like a road or body of water. Installing
fiber-optic cable is expensive. Wireless technology can
easily connect control system units securely and
Scalable solutions allow you to evolve your wireless networks.
Completely Scalable
You don’t have to start with an extensive wireless
infrastructure. You can start small, and continue to
add applications.
Emerson’s Wireless solutions are completely scalable,
allowing you to start anywhere and grow, with full
confidence that you can easily expand the scope of your
wireless implementation.
Solution Scalability
Stage 1
You can start with a remote wireless field application,
such as tank farm monitoring, and use Wi-Fi to bring
data to the control room.
Stage 2
Later, you can expand the network to add a small-scale
wireless mobile workforce application.
Stage 3
When the time is right, expand the wireless
plant network coverage and utilize RFID
tags for location tracking and add wireless
video capabilities.
Stage 4
Over time, add more devices and continue
to expand wireless network coverage for
more applications.
Wireless Field Data Backhaul
Process units can be widely and remotely distributed
across areas including obstructions such as roads, bodies
of water, difficult terrain, or on mobile platforms like
railcars, barges or trucks. Such situations can make it
very difficult and expensive to automatically collect and
integrate process data.
Now, with Emerson Wireless solutions, process
measurements that were physically or economically out
of reach can be easily installed for far less money than
wired instrumentation.
Emerson Wireless solutions easily close the information
gap. Wireless field devices collect process data and
Wi-Fi provides backhaul to integrate the remote
measurements with the process control system.
Emerson Wireless Gateway 1552WU
Increased Process Visibility
Emerson Wireless solutions enable you to cost-effectively
collect additional process measurements. You can
eliminate clipboard rounds and enable increased process
visibility for applications such as, remote tank farm
monitoring, well-head monitoring, rotating or moving
equipment, and areas that are otherwise out of reach.
Reduced Cost
Wireless technology can dramatically reduce installation
costs over wired data integration by eliminating most
of the cabling, conduit, labor, and engineering costs
associated with trenching fiber-optic cabling across
distances that can stretch many miles.
The Emerson Wireless
Gateway 1552WU
Enables a full featured wireless solution
that combines plant and field networks
into a seamlessly integrated architecture
enabling pervasive sensing solutions in a
simpler and economical manner.
Control Room
Access Point
Wirelessly transmit data
across long distances and
through obstructed areas
Remote or obstructed field data can be integrated with your
control system easily and cost-effectively.
Reduced Implementation Time
Wireless technology reduces the time required
to engineer and install new field instruments by
eliminating the need for wiring design and cable
installation. Wireless process measurements can be
easily added in the time it takes to join the wireless
device to the network, install it into the process, and
commission the device into the control system.
Scalable Solution
At any point you can grow your access
point network coverage to build a Wi-Fi
mesh backhaul adding multiple wireless
field networks throughout your facility.
Wireless Mobile Workforce
Emerson’s Wireless solutions for Mobile Workforce can dramatically improve productivity and
efficiency by using cutting-edge wireless technology to provide real-time process data, predictive
intelligence from plant assets, and knowledge sharing among workers.
Operators can leave the control room and still have a live view of the process and monitor for alarms and
events from anywhere within the plant.
Field operators and maintenance personnel can use rugged laptops or tablets suitable for hazardous
locations to wirelessly access process data and business applications. Field personnel can follow real-time
work instructions to perform operations, use process data or asset data for troubleshooting, document
work status, or collect information with integrated barcode technology.
Improved Productivity
With real-time information from control and asset
management systems, field workers can resolve
operational problems much faster. Mobile worker
applications allow them to report observations,
perform procedures, communicate with the central
control room, and initiate or execute work orders.
Improved Equipment
Wireless tools such as rugged laptops or tablets
allow field workers to access maintenance histories,
instructions, and other diagnostic information on
the spot. This data help maintenance personnel
debug equipment problems much more efficiently.
The Mobile workers can immediately track or report
inspections, tests, and repairs.
Improved Operation Accuracy
Task lists, work procedures, and operation
guidelines can be electronically accessed. This
functionality helps field workers to finish process
operations more accurately. The work completed
by the operators is recorded, transferred and
synchronized with control or maintenance systems
in real time, helping to reduce errors.
Typical Use Cases
Either during commissioning activities or turnaround schedules,
Mobile Workforce enables cost savings by reducing the amount of
hours or the number of involved personnel to perform the tasks.
This is simply achieved when the field worker is empowered with live
data which was only available at the control room before.
The Mobile Workforce solution also enables worker productivity
enhancements on a progressive manner by simplifying the worker
tasks. Field workers are now able to access more information and be
more independent to complete work orders.
The rugged laptops and tablets are wirelessly connected to the
system and can be used to track workers or even share data from
local sensors in order to help providing personal safety.
Field operation can be more efficient based on real-time live
information available through HMI graphics at the hands of the field
worker. Checking equipment status, or manipulating control loops,
or even entering field trip’s logs via electronic means are all available
with Mobile Workforce.
Wireless Remote Video Monitoring
Video monitoring in manufacturing facilities has traditionally been
used as a security function for the benefit of viewing events in the past
– if used at all. This is still very useful, but thanks to advanced network
technologies, wireless video can serve as a more vital component.
More and more plants are actively incorporating video into their risk
management and operations programs to improve plant security,
personnel safety, process operations, and environmental compliance.
With the right implementation, plants can realize significant benefits
and improve the bottom line.
Emerson Wireless solutions for video monitoring uses industrial grade wireless cameras to
communicate data to a central recording system that allows for live viewing, playback, and
historical archiving.
Emerson offers best-in-class discreet camera and positioning systems including explosion-proof
and pressurized camera enclosures, high-security housings, video matrix systems, and advanced
digital video recorders and thermal imaging systems.
Process Efficiency
Security requirements by federal, state, and local officials
can be met quickly and cost-effectively with a wireless video
deployment that monitors the area perimeter, entry points,
and remote locations at a much lower cost than a wired
video solution. Advanced video analytics software can be
used to automatically detect suspicious events or behavior
without having to continuously monitor dozens of screens.
Wireless video cameras in remote locations or in the
field can enable more effective communications
between remote sites and control rooms for improved
troubleshooting. Mobile wireless video conferencing
technology can quickly connect people with remote sites on
demand and in real time.
In hazardous areas of your plant, having an electronic eye
on potential problem areas can help reduce personnel
exposure to areas of risk and can quickly alert you of spills or
emergency situations.
Real-time video monitoring can also enable an additional
“all clear” visual before the execution of a process start-up,
shutdown, or turnaround.
Thermal imaging enables monitoring of high-temperature
applications and assets that are subject to overheating to
provide early warning for prevention of abnormal situations.
Emissions Monitoring
With video monitoring for plant emissions,
fines can be kept to the minimum through accurate
demonstration of exact start and stop times to regulatory
officials should an emissions excursion occur.
Wireless Control Network Bridge
Remote Site
Control Room
Foundation Fieldbus
Foundation Fieldbus
Often times the control room is remote from a controller, or separated by an obstruction like a
road or body of water. Wired communication links can be cost prohibitive or impractical. Wireless
technology can easily connect control system units securely at lower costs. Control network
wireless bridging is a stand-alone solution to allow fully redundant wireless communications.
Eliminate Islands of Automation
Expand Control
A wireless bridge between two DeltaV or Ovation
automation system units is a seamless solution that can
integrate these islands of automation to enable plant-wide
data integration.
Wireless solutions allow you to expand an existing control
system to manage new process areas that could be operated
and controlled over a redundant wireless communication
link from a new remote control room separated from the
existing control room. The wireless bridge saves the cost of
trenching and installing fiber optic cables. It also eliminates
any risk inherent with trenching within a live process area.
Reduce Cost
Wireless technology significantly reduces the cost of
bridging remote unit connections by eliminating the cost of
the cabling, conduit, labor, as well as the engineering costs
of laying cable across large distances, difficult terrains, or
public property. Wireless bridging solutions also allow you
to shorten deployment time, so you can quickly enable new
applications that are not available in the remote area.
Control System Bridging Expertise
Emerson experts will work with you to determine the
needed requirements for your specific process application
to ensure that you can maintain control – even during
process upsets when high bursts of communication occur.
Emerson provides applications and guidance for monitoring
the wireless network proactively to provide early warning
of potential communication outages. Emerson will also
work with you to create appropriate control strategies and
best practices for operating the remote unit of your process
wirelessly from the control system.
Network Infrastructure
Key Components
Wireless solutions for plant operation applications include key components that all work
together to deliver a secure, consistent and reliable wireless infrastructure.
Choose a solution that delivers secure, consistent, and reliable wireless communications.
Mesh Access Points
Wireless LAN Controller
Outdoor wireless mesh access points provide a
universal standard network infrastructure for
easy integration of all the wireless applications
in your plant. They allow client devices to
connect to the network and communicate.
Mesh access points are class I, Div 2 certified
and support dual band radios compliant with
IEEE 802.11 standards.
The wireless LAN controller manages
access points. It provides real-time
communication between wireless
access points to manage mobility issues
and deliver centralized security policies
to ensure only authorized users and
devices are able to access the network.
Root Access Points
These are exactly the same piece of hardware
as the mesh access points, but they join
the wireless to the wired network. They
communicate wirelessly with the mesh access
points that are strategically located where you
need wireless.
Cisco Prime Infrastructure
The Cisco Prime Infrastructure allows network
managers to design, control, and monitor
enterprise wireless networks from a single
location. This software provides network
management including diagnostics and
troubleshooting tools to keep the network
running smoothly.
Backhaul Mesh Network
The backhaul mesh ties all of the
access points together into one
wireless network, replacing the cable
that would normally join the devices
together in a wired solution. The
mesh access points “self organize”,
find each other, and create a robust
mesh network.
Client Devices
Any client devices that are certified for
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g radio communications
will be able to utilize the wireless
plant network infrastructure. These
include rugged laptops and tablets
– whatever is appropriate for your
wireless solution needs.
Emerson Wireless Solutions for Plant Operations
Seamless Integration to Wired Network
Prime Infrastructure
Wireless LAN Controller
Mesh Access Points
Backhaul Mesh
Open. Reliable. Secure.
The industrial mesh access points are
designed for industrial Wi-Fi deployments.
Standard mesh network is certified for
hazardous environment
(Class 1, Division 2 / Zone 2. Group B, C, D
„„ Standards based (IEEE 802.11 ab/b/g/n)
„„ Has multiple power options
(Power Over Ethernet, etc.)
„„ Compliant with Wi-Fi Protected Access 2
(WPA2), which employs hardware-based
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
encryption between wireless
nodes to provide end to- end,
enterprise-class security
Reliable Communications
The Wi-Fi network uses mesh technologies which is not only selforganizing, but also self-healing. The intelligent mesh protocol dynamically
optimizes the best route to the wired network within the mesh, mitigates
interference and ensures high network capacity. If interference occurs, the
network automatically re-routes to a better communication path.
In the event of an access point failure or blockage, there is a coverage
hole in the system. When the system detects such a hole, wireless LAN
controllers automatically adjust power on adjacent access points to cover
the area where the failed access point provided service. It also supports
quality of service (QoS) for all data applications.
Robust, Embedded Security
Emerson offers powerful and comprehensive secure solutions to enable
confidential communications, policy controls, and threat defense capabilities
to protect information and systems from wireless attacks. All wireless
communications – from the client device to the mesh access points and
between mesh access points back to the wired network – are encrypted
using the WPA2 and AES standards. Additionally, the wireless network
utilizes 802.11i/ WPA2, 802.1x, and EAP standards to ensure only authorized
users have access. Emerson can additionally deploy a Wireless Intrusion
Prevention System to provide “defense in depth” for your wireless network.
Design and Installation Services
Solution Design and Planning
Network System Design
To help you achieve exceptional business
results, Emerson services are available to
ensure appropriate wireless technology selection,
standards compliance, and optimum wireless
network design to meet best engineering practices
and operational performance requirements.
Emerson’s wireless engineers design the overall
system architecture, the detailed network
infrastructure, and Wireless solutions to
meet your specific needs.
While not required for wireless solutions for field
instrumentation, a professional site assessment is
critical to the successful implementation of wireless
plant applications. Emerson wireless engineers offer a
comprehensive site assessment where they conduct
an RF analysis, determine wireless component
locations, and assess security and application
performance requirements.
Wireless applications in the field can be commissioned
by your technicians, or you can work with Emerson’s
certified field service technicians. Emerson’s Smart
Start service ensures your wireless devices and
networks are correctly installed and commissioned.
Our experienced technicians will ensure devices are
properly configured and communicating with the
Smart Wireless Gateway. They will assign network
addresses and verify that your wireless field network
is fully operable as a self-organizing network.
...or, No Site Assessment
Plant Solution Installation
Site assessments are not required for wireless
solutions for field networks. To help you easily plan
and incorporate best practices, Emerson’s AMS®
Wireless SNAP-ON application enables efficient
wireless field network planning. This tool allows you
to customize your wireless field network by using an
image of your plant in the application to help plan
your network according to best practices.
Wireless solutions for plant operations are
delivered with Emerson project management
services and supported by structured project
management processes. Emerson procures the
equipment, configures system software, stages
the system, manages network system installation
and commissioning, and performs application
implementation and integration.
Site Assessment...
Field Solution Installation
After-Project Support
Emerson’s offers wireless Life Cycle Services to help you maintain system uptime, apply wireless
technology for better results, and preserve your intellectual and capital investment. You can select the
service level and response time that’s right for your plant.
Emerson’s after-project wireless support services include:
Technical Support
Emerson’s Global Service Center will be
your single point of contact for technical
support for any wireless support needs.
On-Site Emergency
This service will commit availability of
a wireless specialist for on-site support
within an agreed-upon time period as
specified in the service agreement.
Spares Access
There are multiple options available
to you to accommodate your wireless
network spares support needs.
Reduced Risk
Emerson Wireless
services ensures your
success with a comprehensive
portfolio of wireless services,
experienced engineering teams,
and proven project management
Emerson offers integrated
wireless solutions with cutting
edge wireless technology. You
benefit from Emerson’s extensive
process industry knowledge and
wireless technology expertise.
Preventive and Reliability
This service provides a certified Emerson
wireless specialist on-site to assess the wireless
plant network performance through various
diagnostics and preventive maintenance
routines in order to establish the health of the
wireless network and make recommendation to
maintain and improve its operational reliability.
Application Enrichment
Application enrichment services deliver projectspecific solutions by phone or on-site. This may
include wireless network access point hardware
changes, additions, network performance
evaluation, security assessment, or network
application changes or additions.
Best Wireless
Emerson engineering teams
developed best practices for
wireless system design and
implementation based on years
of proven experience.
Single Point
of Contact
Emerson experts are
always within reach through
state-of-the-art support systems
by phone, e-mail and website.
Local on-site support can be
available for fast response.
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