PHH02 Remote Chime

PHH02 Remote Chime
Remote Chime - Receiver
Plugs Into
Description: Emits a doorbell like chime when it receives the appropriate "ON" Command from an X10 Controller. Commonly used with the
PHS01 Floodlight Motion Detector for advance notice of someone approaching the house. Available only in white. Plug-in Module. lt can also be
activated using the correct House and Unit Code from any Xl0 Controller.
Specific Requirements: 120VAC.
Optional / Supplementary Devices & Modules:
Works with PSC01 PowerFlash Security Interface Module.
Works with any X10 Motion Detector: PHS01 Floodlight Motion Detector, PMS03 Occupancy Detector, DM10A Outdoor Motion Detector
Note: When using the PMS03 or DM10A a RF Base Transceiver is required, model PAT01.
X10 Protocol:
House Code Dial - Letters A-P, Default "A" Unit Number Dial - Numbers 1-16, Default "1"
Each X10 Receiver Module is set to a unique Unit Number or to an identical Unit Number as desired.
Each X10 Controller operating a specific set of Receiver Modules must be set to the same House Code as the Receivers they are controlling.
Electrical Protocol:
Nearly all residential homes are wired SPLIT-PHASE. Each 120V Phase is NOT directly connected with the other 120V phase. If after installation,
an X10 Receiver does not respond to a remote Controller, then check to ensure that the breaker serving the X10 Receiver is on the same phase as
the Controller. If not, the breaker can be changed to the opposite phase. An alternative solution is recommended, to install a Phase Coupler for
improving remote communications throughout the home. See, then select Technical Support and PLC Troubleshooting.
Setup the Chime Module:
1. Using a small screwdriver adjust the Code Dials to the desired House Code and Unit Number. If the Remote Chime is to be used with the Dual
Floodlight Motion Detector (PHS01), you should ensure that the Chime House Code matches the PHS01 House Code and the Chime Unit Number
corresponds to one of the PHS01 Sensor Switch IN settings, +1 +2 +3 or +4. I.E. - PHS01's Unit Number Dial is set to "1", with the first Sensor
Switch (+1 set to IN), the Chime should be set to Unit Number "2".
2. Plug the Remote Chime into a 120V AC wall outlet.
Testing the Remote Chime:
1. When the Chime is plugged-in, it will ennunciate its Chime Sound immediately.
2. Press the ON button from any X10 Controller corresponding to the House Code and Unit Number set on the Remote Chime. The Chime should
annunciate its sound. The Chime only responds to the X10 ON Command. The OFF command has no effect. As soon as the Chime completes its
annunciation cycle it is ready to respond to another ON Command.
3. If you are using a PSC01 Powerflash Module, set it to Output Mode 3, House and Unit Number must match the Chime. Press the TEST button on
the PSC01, the Chime should annunciate.
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Technical Support: (800) 832-4003
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