2005 Paper 8 Question 8

2005 Paper 8 Question 8
2005 Paper 8 Question 8
VLSI Design
(a) Sketch the circuit of a 2-input NOR gate in static CMOS, and explain how it
[4 marks]
(b) Johnson’s alternative design has the following circuit:
Explain how it works.
[4 marks]
(c) Correct operation relies on careful choice of the transistor sizes. Assuming
that a conducting p-channel has a resistance γ times that of a similarly sized
n-channel and that the threshold voltage is 15 the operating voltage, calculate
suitable widths for the transistors, and explain the reasons for their values.
[2 marks]
(d ) Calculate the logical effort and parasitic delay for both designs when γ = 2.
[10 marks]
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