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Mettler Toledo UMT Technical data
Excellence Balances
Excellence Plus XP
Micro and Analytical balances
Comprehensive Security
Has no Alternative
Excellence Plus XP
We Understand Your Safety Concerns
And We Have the Solution
Three innovations provide comprehensive weighing security
METTLER TOLEDO is changing the world of analytical balances.
SmartSens, SmartGrid and SmartScreen – three innovations combined in a
single balance – provide comprehensive weighing security. They provide
maximum user protection, unparalleled measurement performance, full
data security and seamless traceability.
The result is secure processes, higher speed and lower costs.
Excellence Plus XP: Improved performance with more security.
User Safety
Hazardous Material, Valuable Substances?
Weigh Them Safely with no Loss.
SmartSens for hands-free draft shield operation
Open sesame! Thanks to the SmartSens infrared sensors, you can weigh
without touching the balance. Tare, open the door, close the door, weigh,
print: Everything is done automatically with a wave of your hand. You can
focus completely on the sample, and weigh valuable or toxic substances
safely and without spilling.
Excellence Plus XP with SmartSens:
Keeping you as safe as your samples.
Height-adjustable inner draft shield:
The smaller the weighing chamber, the
less air turbulence and the faster you
get stable results. Samples can also
be acclimatised in a protected area on
top of the inner draft-shield.
Minimum risk of
contamination, maximum
protection for your sample:
Each panel of the draft shield
can be removed easily and is
cleaned in a flash.
Allows weighing without touching
the balance. With complete focus on
the sample, valuable or toxic
substances are weighed safely and
without spilling.
Secure Sample Handling
Assorted Tare Containers?
Weigh Directly and Fast.
SmartGrid is the key to high speed and secure sample handling
SmartGrid, the unique grid weighing pan, successfully minimizes the
effects of air turbulence in the weighing chamber. Stabilization times
are dramatically shorter so you receive measuring results faster.
Overfilling is easily avoidable and minimum weights are even smaller,
which pays off when it comes to valuable substances. The ErgoClips
allow you to securely fasten any type of tare container so that none of
your sample is wasted.
Excellence Plus XP with SmartGrid: Safe weighing and fast results.
Double your savings thanks to higher sample yield and higher
Distortion of the weight value due to
statically charged tare containers is
practically prevented by the Faradayshield effect of the grid basket.
ErgoClips allow secure
placement of volumetric and
round-bottom flasks, glass
and plastic test tubes as well
as disposable weighing pans.
But if anything ever does go wrong,
SmartGrid ensures that spilled
substances simply fall into the tray
underneath. Spills will not falsify
your weighing result and can
simply be thrown away.
Data Security
Secure Operation Guaranteed –
for Smooth Processes and Flawless Data
SmartScreen guarantees complete control
SmartScreen is the brain behind the Excellence Plus XP. Multilingual
and color-coded. Easy-to-use and self-explanatory. With touchscreen
and profiles configured individually for up to eight users or jobs,
SmartScreen saves time and helps prevent mistakes.
Excellence Plus XP with SmartScreen: Extremely easy to operate.
For the highest data security and full regulatory compliance.
More personalized in every way.
Up to eight users can save their
individual settings in their own
languages, including color profile,
and protect them against
unauthorized access.
Preconfigure up to eight jobs.
With defined fault tolerances for
each job and password protection.
We have eliminated the danger of
unwanted modifications. You can
also change quickly from job to
job, to avoid unproductive time.
Clear documentation for perfect
traceability. What is weighed, when,
how and by who can be completely
configured and documented, protecting
users, data and processes.
Excellence Plus XP Analytical
XP Analytical Balance –
Synergies par Excellence
Measurement certainty, user safety
and data security combined with
high-speed and maximum operating
Communication is everything.
Menu guidance, input and
output in seven languages:
Flexible interfaces.
Equipped as standard with a sealed
RS232 interface and a slot for a
second, optional interface:
• Bluetooth
• Ethernet
• LocalCan
• RS232
• PS/2
• USB (with USB Convertor cable)
30% smaller sample sizes.
Repeatability is increased by
30% thanks to the integrated
temperature control system (ITC).
Spills contained.
Spilled substances are caught by
the tray underneath the weighing
pan and are easy to dispose of.
Completely protected.
Thanks to the fastening of the
grid weighing pan at the rear
of the weighing chamber, the
two adjustment weights are
completely protected against
contamination by a chrome
steel cover.
Individual operation.
The top panel and each side
panel of the glass draft shield
is motorized and can be
opened individually.
Status display.
The green illuminated
symbol shows that
SmartSens is activated
and set to “Print”.
Excellence Plus XP Micro
XP Micro Balance –
for the Smallest Sample Quantities
World-leading measurement performance: 52 g x 1 µg
Minimum sample weight according to USP as low as 2.1 mg
Direct-dosing of small samples into large tare containers
No sample transfer means no loss of valuable substances
When it comes to weighing small samples, we leave nothing to chance.
Our XP56 micro balance, offering a world-leading capacity of 52 g with
1 µg readability, allows minimum sample weights according to USP as
low as 2.1 mg – for maximum yield of your substances and substantial
cost savings.
Moreover, XP Microbalances enable you to dose your samples directly into
the tare container which helps avoid sample transfer errors. The result:
maximum measurement certainty and reduced contamination risk.
Infrared sensor for the
automatic and hands free
operation of the inner and
outer draft shield. The
outer draft shield opens
horizontally, the inner
one vertically.
Easy cleaning
The inner draft shield is quick and easy to dismantle.
ErgoClip Basket micro and
ErgoClip Flask micro
For secure positioning of various
reagent test tubes and measuring
flasks. The ErgoClips can be turned
to any angle on either side making it
easier to dose directly into narrow
container openings.
MinWeigh Door micro
makes it possible to dose without
opening the interior windbreak.
Weighing directly in the required
container via a narrow opening
enables stable results to be achieved
in the least possible time.
Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance
Through Built-in Warning Functions
Eliminate risk factors with Balance Check
User Management
proFACT automatic internal adjustment
Precise weighing is the backbone of many laboratory processes.
Non-compliance with defined maximum limits can have disastrous
consequences in regulated areas. Measurement series must be repeated,
and valuable substances are wasted. Inaccurate values can even cause
production to stop. Unnecessary costs are incurred.
Thanks to the built-in warning functions MinWeigh and LevelControl,
the User Management function and proFACT automatic internal adjustment,
risk factors are eliminated, keeping you within regulatory limits.
Excellence Plus XP: Ensuring your security.
Limit value
Balance risk factor?
BalanceCheck and proFACT automatic adjustment.
Receive automatic prompts to validate the measuring accuracy with an
external weight – whenever the SOP calls for it. Between test intervals, proFACT
automatic adjustment ensures that you never exceed your maximum limits. It
also stores the last 50 adjustments in the History File.
OIML weights
For the systematic control of inspection,
measuring, and test equipment we offer
a comprehensive assortment of
(ASTM weights available in the USA.)
Human risk factor?
MinWeigh warning function. Does
your weighing result fall below the
defined fault tolerance? MinWeigh
uses the unmistakable red-colored
display to warn you that the result
is invalid.
User Management
Individual access rights can be
provided for each application and
up to eight users. Applications and
users that are not being used can
be disabled. Faulty operation is
ruled out.
SOP device balances
Test, Maintain, Monitor
A. At least 60 min. before calibration
Switch on balance
Freely configurable time and/or
temperature-controlled internal
adjustment and linearisation with
two built-in weights.
B. Clean weighing platform. Observe acclimatisation time
C. Allow certified control masses to acclimatise
D. Check and if necessary correct levelling
E. Close draft shield
F. Set display to "Zero"
G. Certified control mass
Environment as a risk factor?
LevelControl warning function.
Was the balance jarred when it
was cleaned? Is it inaccurate
because it’s no longer level?
LevelControl gives off an
acoustic warning signal and
shows you, in the display,
exactly what you need to do to
level the balance.
Data Management
LabX Software –
the Weighing Assistant
Easy data collection
Full user guidance
Calibration management
Full traceability
Export to Excel, LIMS…
LabX pro supports 21 CFR Part 11
and network integration
LabX light – Weighing data
management made easy
LabX pro balance is a powerful, PC-based solution for
managing and controlling balances. The software allows all
balances to be fully networked and enables seamless
integration into laboratory information systems (LIMS). LabX
pro collects all relevant data and allows access to the settings
and status of all balances from any PC in the network. Thanks
to rapid access, users can login to the system directly from the
balance and carry out weighing jobs without touching a PC.
Of course LabX also fully supports compliance with 21 CFR
part 11.
LabX light balance is a user-friendly solution
for connecting a single balance to a PC. In
addition to the many data collection options,
LabX light balance also offers convenient
functions to set and control balance settings.
If the collected data needs to be processed
further in another application such as Excel,
of course LabX offers the appropriate
Integrable anti-static kit
Eliminates electrostatic
Integrable anti-static kit
The same weighing sample but different weight
values in the display? The phenomenon is wellknown and the explanation is usually a simple one:
electrostatically-charged samples lead to inaccurate
results. The integrable ioniser immediately
neutralises the electrostatically-charged object.
The forces that give false weighing results are
Fully integrable, no swirling, extremely fast
The fully integrable ioniser generates positively and
negatively-charged ions. These immediately
eliminate the electrostatic charge that causes the
interference. The system does not swirl any of the
weighing material as may be the case with other
products available in the market. Toxic substances
no longer pose a threat to the user. Crosscontamination of samples is prevented. The antistatic kit guarantees precise weighing under the
most severe conditions.
Standard equipment
Technical Data
SmartSens, Sensor for hands free operation
SmartGrid, grid weighing pan for fast and stable results
SmartScreen, color display for safe and user-friendly operation
ErgoClip Basket small, or ErgoClip Basket micro (with models
XP56/XP26). Holder for tare containers for ergonomic weighing
MinWeigh warns if the minimum weight is not reached
(Minimum weight determined on site by service technician)
User Management for granting access rights
LevelControl warns when the balance is not levelled
BalanceCheck, prompts automatically for validation with external
ProFACT, fully-automatic temperature and/or time-controlled
internal adjustment and linearisation
• Seven different applications with user guidance
(incl. density determination, statistical analysis, formulation and
differential weighing)
• Individual reports can be defined with up to 4 IDs
• Built-in RS232 interface and two auxiliary outlets
• Slot for second interface (7 options)
• Height-adjustable inner draft shield
• Motor-driven draft shield doors
• Completely dismountable draft shield for easy cleaning
• Terminal can be positioned separately from the balance
• Protective cover for the terminal
• Production certificate
ErgoClips for XP Analytical balances
ErgoClip Round Bottom
Flask 11106746
ErgoClip Basket Small
ErgoClip Weighing Boat
ErgoClip Flask
ErgoClip Tube
ErgoClip Titration Basket
XP Analytical balances
Technical data (Limit Values)
Maximum capacity
Maximum capacity, fine range
Readability, fine range
– (at nominal load)
– (at low load)
– (at low load), fine range
Excentric load deviation (test load) 1)
Sensitivity offset
Sensitivity temperature drift2)
Sensitivity stability 3)
Interface update rate
120 g
31 g
0.1 mg
0.01 mg
0.06 mg (100 g)
0.05 mg (10 g)
0.015 mg (10 g)
0.15 mg
0.2 mg (50 g)
4x10–6 ·Rnt
1x10–6 /°C·Rnt
1x10–6 /a·Rnt
Typical values for calculating the measurement uncertainty
Repeatability* (sd)
0.04 mg+1x10–7·Rgr
Repeatability*, fine range (sd)
0.008 mg+1.5x10–7·Rgr
Differential linearity deviation (sd)
√2.5x10–11 g·Rnt
Differential eccentric load deviation (sd)
Sensitivity offset (sd)2)
Minimum weight (according to USP)
24 mg+4.5x10–4·Rgr
Minimum weight * (U=1%, 2 sd)
1.6 mg+3.0x10–5·Rgr
Settling time
Settling time, fine range
220 g
0.01 mg
0.03 mg (200 g)
0.015 mg (10 g)
0.1 mg
0.2 mg (100 g)
2x10–6 ·Rnt
1x10-–6 /°C·Rnt
1x10–6 /a·Rnt
220 g
81 g
0.1 mg
0.01 mg
0.06 mg (200 g)
0.05 mg (10 g)
0.015 mg (10 g)
0.15 mg
0.25 mg (100 g)
2.5x10–6 ·Rnt
1x10–6 /°C·Rnt
1x10–6 /a·Rnt
220 g
0.1 mg
0.07 mg (200 g)
0.05 mg (10 g)
0.2 mg
0.25 mg (100 g)
3x10–6 ·Rnt
1x10–6 /°C·Rnt
1x10–6 /a·Rnt
520 g
0.1 mg
0.12 mg (500 g)
0.1 mg (10 g)
0.4 mg
0.4 mg (200 g)
3x10–6 ·Rnt
1x10–6 /°C·Rnt
1x10-–6 /a·Rnt
0.008 mg+6x10–8·Rgr
√5x10–12 g·Rnt
24 mg+1.8x10–4·Rgr
1.6 mg+1.2x10–5·Rgr
0.04 mg+5x10–8·Rgr
0.008 mg+1.2x10–7·Rgr
√1.2x10–11 g·Rnt
24 mg+3.6x10–4·Rgr
1.6 mg+2.4x10–5·Rgr
0.04 mg+5x10–8·Rgr
√2x10–11 g·Rnt
120 mg+1.5x10–4·Rgr
8 mg+1x10–5·Rgr
0.04 mg+6x10–8·Rgr
√5x10–11 g·Rnt
120 mg+1.8x10–4·Rgr
8 mg+1.2x10–5·Rgr
According to OIML R76
In temperature range 10 – 30 °C
3) Stability of sensitivity as from first installation with proFACT
sd: Standard deviation
Rgr: Gross weight
Rnt: Net weight (of sample)
a: Year (annum)
For more information visit
Connection guaranteed
Whether Bluetooth, Ethernet
or simply RS232: The XP
guarantees connectivity.
Wireless connection
to balance with the
Bluetooth Printer BT-P42.
78 x 73 mm
111 mm
263 mm
322 mm
235 mm
40 x 40 mm
Weight: 10.0 Kg
487 mm
ErgoClips for XP Micro balances
MinWeigh Door
for exterior draft shield
ErgoClip Basket micro
MinWeigh Door micro
for inner draft shield
ErgoClip Flask micro, including extension
XP Micro balances
520 g
101 g
1 mg
0.1 mg
0.6 mg (500 g)
0.5 mg (10 g)
0.1 mg (10 g)
0.5 mg
0.5 mg (200 g)
4x10–6 ·Rnt
1x10–6 /°C·Rnt
1x10–6 /a·Rnt
Technical data (Limit Values)
Maximum capacity
Maximum capacity, fine range
Readability, fine range
- (at nominal load)
- (at low load)
- (at low load), fine range
Excentric load deviation (test load) 1)
Sensitivity offset
Sensitivity temperature drift2)
Sensitivity stability 3)
Interface update rate
0.4 mg+2x10–7·Rgr
0.04 mg+2.0x10–7·Rgr
√8x10–11 g·Rnt
120 mg+6x10–4·Rgr
8 mg+4x10–5·Rgr
Typical values for calculating the measurement uncertainty
Repeatability* (sd)
0.0007 mg+4x10–8·Rgr
Repeatability*, fine range (sd)
Differential linearity deviation (sd)
√1.2x10–13 g·Rnt
Differential eccentric load deviation (sd)
Sensitivity offset (sd)2)
Minimum weight (according to USP)
2.1 mg+1.2x10–4·Rgr
Minimum weight * (U=1%, 2 sd)
0.14 mg+8x10–6·Rgr
Settling time
Settling time, fine range
22 g
0.001 mg
0.0025 mg (20 g)
0.0015 mg (1 g)
0.006 mg
0.02 mg (10 g)
22 g
5.1 g
0.01 mg
0.002 mg
0.008 mg (20 g)
0.005 mg (1 g)
0.002 mg (1 g)
0.01 mg
0.025 mg (10 g)
52 g
0.001 mg
0.006 mg (50 g)
0.0015 mg (1 g)
0.02 mg
0.03 mg (20 g)
52 g
11 g
0.01 mg
0.002 mg
0.014 mg (50 g)
0.006 mg (1 g)
0.002 mg (1 g)
0.03 mg
0.035 mg (20 g)
0.004 mg+5x10–8·Rgr
0.0012 mg+1x10–7·Rgr
√3x10–13 g·Rnt
3.6 mg+3x10–4·Rgr
0.24 mg+2x10–5·Rgr
0.0007 mg+6x10–8·Rgr
√5x10–13 g·Rnt
2.1 mg+1.8x10–4·Rgr
0.14 mg+1.2x10–5·Rgr
0.004 mg+6x10–8·Rgr
0.0012 mg+1x10–7·Rgr
3.6 mg+3x10–4·Rgr
0.24 mg+2x10–5·Rgr
* Repeatability and minimum weight capacity can be improved by the following measures:
Select suitable weighing parameters, choose a better location, use smaller weighing containers
1) According to OIML R76 2) In temperature range 10 – 30 °C 3) Stability of sensitivity as from first installation with proFACT
sd: Standard deviation Rgr: Gross weight Rnt: Net weight (of sample) a: Year (annum)
Printer RS-P42 with RS232 connection
Printer BT-P42 with wireless Bluetooth connection
Footswitch: switch for balance functions
ErgoSens: hands free sensor for balance functions
Terminal extension cable 4.5 m
Density determination add-on
Integrable anti-static kit, complete
RS232-C (interface)
Bluetooth BTS Single point (interface)
Bluetooth BT Multi point (interface)
Ethernet (interface)
PS/2 keyboard connection (interface)
LocalCAN (interface)
Cable RS9-RS9 (m/f), 1m
Cable LC-RS9 for LocalCAN
Weighing Kit – ErgoClip Set
PC-Volume Option 1
Evaporation trap, PC-Volume Option 2 XS/XP
PC-Volume Option 3 XS/XP
Printer stand
SE-Kit XP-A separate electronics
USB Convertor cable
Conformity and Operational Reliability
With Service XXL
Qualify your balances and work efficiently and safely from day one.
METTLER TOLEDO offers customized solutions for working in a regulated
EQ-Pac – Conformity and efficiency all inclusive
The complete Equipment Qualification solution. All relevant
IQ/OQ/PQ/MQ processes, the associated services and the
necessary documentation are combined in a complete package.
In order to perform the preliminary Design Qualification (DQ)
competently and quickly, we recommend the use of the METTLER
TOLEDO DQ protocol in addition to the EQ Pac.
IPac – to ensure qualified installation
Ready for use straight away. With IPac, you ensure a professional
installation and initial qualification. IPacs are ideal for integrating
the weighing unit into an existing quality management system.
XXL Service – more than just service
METTLER TOLEDO offers custom services for day-to-day
operational reliability, to maintain the value and ensure fault-free
operation of your weighing unit. Our global service network
comprises over 1200 highly-trained and local engineers offering
cost-effective service solutions. Contact your local METTLER
TOLEDO partner.
For more information
Mettler-Toledo GmbH,
Laboratory & Weighing Technologies
CH-8606 Greifensee, Switzerland
Tel. +41-44-944 22 11
Fax +41-44-944 30 60
Quality certificate
development, production
and testing under ISO 9001
Environmental management system
under ISO 14001
Subject to technical changes
© 05/ 2006 Mettler-Toledo GmbH
Printed in Switzerland 11795509
MCG MarCom Greifensee
“Communauté Européenne”
This mark guarantees that our
products comply with the latest
AX analytical balances and
MX/UMX microbalances from
Utmost measurement
performance for maximum
That’s the weigh!
Setting the standard:
analytical and microbalances.
Operation of microbalances and analytical balances
A question of adjustment.
Configure your own
specific methods.
Eight mutually independent user settings can be configured at will
Easy operation with TouchScreen
Alphanumeric keypad for clear identification of samples
Information window gives clear overview of application progress
“Now I can configure the balance
individually. Just the way I like it.
I save the selected settings and
activate them under my name. So
I always work with a completely
personalized balance.”
Gisela Bender, lab technician
A soft touch on the name.
One of the eight individual
balance configurations is
immediately activated.
Direct access.
Individuality at the workplace is
motivating. And results in fast and
reliable work. Which is why the balance can be configured according to
the task. Up to eight password-protected methods or user settings can
be defined. The desired settings can
be called up at a keystroke.
Easy operation.
Thanks to touchscreen technology
configuring the balance is especially
easy. The screen guides you. You
select and confirm with the touch of
a fingertip. The selected settings are
then saved automatically.
Everything visible.
A glance at the large, clear screen
tells you not only the weight value
but also information about your
application. The information to be
displayed about the application and
functions can be individually defined
by each user.
Perfect documentation
also. Assured traceability
complies with all quality
assurance regulations.
Multilingual dialogue.
The operator dialogue is in the
language of your choice: English,
German, French, Spanish, Italian,
Japanese or Russian.
The alphanumeric keypad can be
called up for easy input of user,
application, and sample information.
During the process: Easy to
operate, clear overview, reliable
The display can show additional
individual information about the
progress of each application.
SmartSens for microbalances and analytical balances
Door opener.
SmartSens automatically opens
the weighing chamber for you.
“Hands-free operation – a simple
but brilliant idea. This leaves me
both hands free for weighing –
but on only with these balances.”
SmartSens for hands-free operation
Operator terminal can be positioned as convenient
Display unit can be set at the best angle for good visibility
Automatic and smart.
SmartSens comprises two sensors,
one at each side of the weighing
chamber. If a hand approaches,
the chamber automatically opens at
the left, at the right, or completely.
When the hand is removed, the
glass weighing chamber doors
slide shut and the weighing process
Safe weighing results.
Hands-free weighing with SmartSens lets you focus entirely on
handling the sample. So you can
avoid unnecessary waste of sample
Personal adjustment.
The way SmartSens functions can
be configured differently to suit
personal work styles. Each configuration is then saved together with
other settings for up to eight different balance operators.
John Miller, lab technician
No messing.
SmartSens makes new ways of
operating the balance possible.
The automatic system functions
flawlessly, even under difficult or
contaminated conditions, and
is always dependable. No maintenance work or adjustments are
Personal inclination.
You can adjust the
angle of the display
unit. This makes it
easy to read from any
direction, even when
the lighting is less
than perfect.
A new slant.
You can adjust the inclination of
the operator terminal to make it
easy to read even under unfavorable lighting conditions.
Keeping your
distance. The operator terminal can
be completely
separated from the
weighing unit and
positioned up to
five meters away.
Proceed with caution.
Operation without contact, thanks to SmartSens.
Ideal in contaminated
Keep your hands
to yourself. Thanks
to SmartSens you
can weigh without
ever touching the
balance: taring,
printing, opening
and closing the
door, weighing –
all automatic.
The range of microbalances and analytical balances
A shared resolution.
Highest accuracy with the
smallest samples.
Weighing range electronically accurate to 0.0001 mg
Comprehensive product range with capacities up to 510 g
High-resolution models for smallest samples
proFACT for fully automatic calibration and linearity adjustment
MinWeigh for utmost certainty when weighing very small quantities
A new benchmark.
METTLER TOLEDO has again set
new standards for analytical weighing with its UMX and MX microbalances and its AX analytical
Safety factor.
Sophisticated electronic circuitry,
with high computing power, filters
out environmental disturbances
during weighing, such as shaking
and air circulation, more effectively
than ever. This produces results
at accuracies and speeds never
before achieved.
Automatic precision.
Even the slightest environmental
influences such as temperature fluctuations affect the weighing results.
The built-in proFACT automatic
calibration system counteracts this.
When the balance goes outside set
tolerances, it uses built-in weights
to recalibrate itself fully automatically. At the same time linearization
is carried out over the entire weighing range. This means that proFACT
reduces your costs, because you
can forget those daily checks using
external weights.
Precious little.
UMX, MX and AX balances offer
high maximum loads at a most
accurate readability down to
0.1 µg. This means that some
models have up to 50 million divisions of resolution. So you can
work with even smaller samples
and easily comply with international regulations for a defined
minimum allowable weight.
“Today, particularly in the field of
molecular biology, we work with
extremely expensive substances and
compounds. There is therefore scope
for reducing costs, and we take
advantage of balances such as the
new AX, MX and UMX from
METTLER TOLEDO to do just this.
It is fantastic how these balances
achieve the specified standard
deviations, even with the smallest of
samples, and thus guarantee valid
weight measurements.”
Taro Yamada, Lab Manager
100% correct weighing results.
MinWeigh warns unmistakably
with a weight symbol and gray
display if the minimum weight
allowed by international guidelines is fallen below. Which ensures that expensive substances
are used optimally and not
You will find more information
about MinWeigh on page 18.
Minimal. Smaller minimum samples are possible thanks to unprecedented accuracies with
the additional inner draft
shield on the AX balance.
Calibration. Fully automatic,
thanks to proFACT. The AX
lowers two built-in weights
automatically onto the
weighing pan, ensuring that
you continue to weigh with
optimum precision at all
times over the entire weighing range.
Little difference. With DeltaRange models, a fine weighing range with ten times the
accuracy of the regular range
is recalled every time the
balance is tared within a certain range. This is ideal when
using heavy tare containers
for very small samples.
UMX ultra-microbalances and MX microbalances
On a fine scale.
UMX ultra-microbalances
and MX microbalances.
Separate electronics unit for minimum disturbance to weighing process
Door opened ‘hands-free’ or from keypad
Rugged construction
Overload protection
“C’est magnifique, when the best
gets even better. Like with the new
MX and UMX balances from
be certain that we are obtaining
valid results even with
minimum-weight samples.”
Pierre Louvel
quality manager
Easy to clean with removable draft shield
Filter weighing kit for filter diameters up to 100 mm
Details count.
Earlier models set new standards
a few years ago, and are today
regarded as the industry benchmark.
Now the latest ultra-microbalances
and microbalances represent a
marked improvement with new
electronics and fine honing of every
detail. Here again our aim was to
fulfill the wishes and needs of users,
or better, to exceed their expectations.
Practical solutions.
Despite the sophisticated and clever
technology which is used to perform a weighing operation with an
unprecedented 50 million calibration divisions, the concept of this
high-end balance is completely
practical. Every detail bears witness
to this. As you work from one
sample to the next, you will see
that the new METTLER TOLEDO
UMX and MX microbalances are
designed to boost efficiency,
increase reliability and guarantee
network compatibility.
Reference class.
The performance of UMX and MX
balances is already making them
valued instruments in metrological
institutes for the certification of
weights. And their operation is just
as simple and convenient as with
analytical balances.
Accessible from both sides.
You can place objects in the
weighing chamber from the
left or the right: the motorized draft shield can be operated hands-free, from the
keypad or by hand. In addition, the glass draft shield
cover can be removed for
applications that require it.
cleaning. Simply remove
the round glass draft
shield by hand, and the
balance is easy to clean.
Minutest weighings. With the UMX
balances, samples of up to 5 g can be
weighed to an accuracy of 0.1 µg.
Highly accurate differential weighing. With a
reproducibility never before
achieved. The filter set
is designed for weighing
the finest traces of filter
residue (filters up to
110 mm diameter).
Detailed print-outs. ISO- and GLP-compliant reports printed by the GA42 on
plain paper. It documents the calibration
procedures initiated automatically by the
AX together with the date, sample and
identification numbers, time of day, type
of instrument and serial number, and
marks a space for your signature.
AX semi-microbalances and analytical balances
Freedom of movement.
With AX semi-microbalances
and analytical balances.
Door opened on approach or by pressing a key
“I can reach the weighing pan
from the side that suits me best.
Being left-handed, that makes my
life a lot easier. And that’s the
great thing about the AX – handy
to use, just like I wanted.”
Automatic opening for left- or right-handed operation
Free access to weighing pan with no cross-struts
Rugged metal housing
Low-profile square weighing pan
Gisela Bender, lab technician
Practical considerations.
These have led to the unequaled
design of the draft shield on semimicrobalances and analytical
balances. It can be opened completely. Or only on the side preferred
by left- or right-handed users.
Or at one side only, for left- or righthanded operators. With hands-free
actuation or at the touch of a key,
the doors slide open and shut
automatically. This is what we
mean by convenience. But above
all, efficiency.
Long-term decisions.
The materials used to make these
balances – glass, metal and performance polymers – are of the
highest quality. They are resistant
to acids. Cleaning is easy, since
there are virtually no awkward
grooves or recesses. METTLER
TOLEDO balances withstand the
rigors of intensive daily use
Convenient operation.
The display is easy to read, and
the keys are arranged for maximum clarity. A generously dimensioned low-profile weighing
pan allows you to rest your hand
on the benchtop when weighing
in formulations. The weighing
chamber is easy to clean.
Free access to the weighing
pan. The three-part draft
shield can be opened as a
whole, leaving no cross-struts
to obstruct access. However,
it can also be opened only at
the top, left side or right side
to access the weighing
chamber. So you only need
to open the chamber just
enough for the weighing task
Free access to weighing
chamber. SmartSens
opens the weighing chamber at the left, at the right
or entirely, depending on
the active configuration,
when a hand approaches
the balance. The front
pane provides a protection
against radiant heat from
the person working with
the balance.
Free access for robot
arms. The generously
dimensioned weighing
chamber, with no crossstruts, offers unobstructed
access from three sides
when required.
Easy on the arm. When
dosing into low containers
you can rest your hand on
the benchtop, since the
weighing pan is at such an
unusually low level.
Applications and interfaces for UMX, MX and AX balances
A good all-rounder.
Network compatibility with
built-in applications.
Built-in user-guided software as standard
For density determination, differential weighing, PipetCheck, plus-minus weighing,
piece counting
Optional second interface, LocalCAN or RS232
Plug and weigh.
The AX, MX and UMX interface
concept guarantees maximum
flexibility. One RS232 interface is
fitted as standard. You can also
equip the balances with an additional RS232 interface, a LocalCAN
universal interface or a downwardcompatible interface.
Programmable for the future.
LocalCAN is a particularly safe
investment in future technology.
The possibility of programming it
externally means that this interface
can also comply with future standards. In addition, it enables up
to five peripheral devices to be connected at the same time.
Integration into existing systems.
If an AX, MX or UMX balance needs
to be integrated into an existing
system configuration, the ‘MiniMettler’ interface is ideal.
Task-specific adaptability.
Practical methods for various
frequently used applications are
incorporated as standard software.
Density determination. You can
calculate the density of solid
objects and liquids directly with
the buoyancy method. The result is
displayed immediately on the
balance screen.
Differential weighing. Frequently
a routine task: measuring the difference between initial and residual
weights as a percentage and in
grams. With this application you
are free to specify your own working method and sequence.
Pipette checking. The gravimetric
method is a particularly reliable
and simple way of verifying the
accuracy of a pipette. All the data,
results, and tolerances of 20 pipettes
can be saved in the database.
The data, results, and tolerances of
20 pipettes can be stored.
Straight talking. You are guided
through the differential weighing
procedure step by step. Naturally
in the language of your choice:
English, German, French,
Spanish, Italian, Japanese,
or Russian.
Versatility. The flexible interface concept allows several devices to be
connected at the same time. Whether
you use an RS232 interface or, with the
future in mind, a LocalCAN interface:
just connect the peripherals – and
you’re in business.
Sophistication. The density kit,
accessed from the left or the right,
with software already incorporated in
the balance for automatically determining the density of solid objects
and liquids.
Reliability. The pipette checking
application is a very simple and
reliable method for verifying the
precision and accuracy of your
pipettes. Giving you confidence at
all times when pipetting.
Pipetting with METTLER TOLEDO.
RAININ, a METTLER TOLEDO company, offers a complete system of
hand-friendly pipettes, tips, and
accessories. You will find more information at
Simplify your routine work.
LabX software for instrument control
Complete overview.
Everything under
LabX helps you to simplify your
daily work in many areas. For example, you can import your sample
data directly from LIMS, create templates for daily routine analyses,
prepare statistics and control diagrams, and much more besides.
LabX provides you with an array of
templates for simple and differential
weighing so you can greatly
simplify your application structure.
LabX software
for balances
Completely efficient
instrument management.
With LabX you can manage your
instruments centrally. Operations
such as validating calibration data,
or updating methods, can be performed on the same PC. If desired,
changes can be implemented globally for all connected instruments.
So you save time and avoid errors.
Monitor your measurements
– with LabX, from wherever
you like.
Direct access to LabX from
a balance.
LabX allows measurements with
AX/MX/UMX balances and titrators
to be monitored from anywhere in
the network. Just connect your
instruments to a PC or directly to
your company's Ethernet network
and you can validate the data from
your office or observe measurements in real time while you work
at another workplace.
You can work with LabX without
ever touching a computer. Balances
like the AX, MX, and UMX allow
you to login to LabX directly from
the balance. To do so, the balance
does not even have to be directly
connected to a computer: just connect it to your company network
via the METTLER TOLEDO e-Link
pro balance
instruments supported
Client/server architecture
Control of multiple instruments
Instrument management
21 CFR Part 11 support
Direct access from balance (RapidAccess)
Online view/control in real time
Task/methods editor
Automatic statistics/control diagrams
Report generator
LIMS connectability
light balance
Balances AX, MX, UMX, AG, XS, XP,
If you have questions please
do not hesitate to contact us or
visit our website at
Complete support for 21 CFR Part 11.
LabX provides all the tools needed for FDA-compliant data
management and storage according to 21 CFR Part 11.
These include comprehensive user management, access
protection, electronic signature capability, and audit trail
functionality. For system validation METTLER TOLEDO
offers comprehensive support as well as a two-volume
validation manual so that your validation costs stay within
Integrate your instruments into your network with e-Link
e-Link Ethernet Interface allows you to integrate balances,
titrators, checkweighers, and terminals into your network
without any adaptation of software or hardware, and with
e-Link IP even in wet or hazardous areas. e-Link offers
everything needed for networking – a processor, a rugged
TCP/IP stack, a webserver, and a network connection to
create an Ethernet bridge to your serial devices.
You will find more information on our website at
System solutions for maximum
process optimization. e-Link can
be integrated into existing software
solutions such as LabX and
Technical data and accessories
AX/MX/ UMX balances
AX-SE – for weighing in contaminated
or underpressure environments
Standard features
• Backlit graphic display with touch screen
• ProFACT, fully automatic temperature-driven
calibration and linearization
• Built-in RS232 interface; plug-in module available for optional second interface of your choice
• Glass draft shield with automatic door opening
and removable cover
• SmartSens for hands-free operation
• Replaceable protective cover
• Below-the-balance weighing facility
• AC/DC adapter for connection to AC power line
• Country-specific power cable
• Weighing adapter for optimum adaptation to
ambient conditions
U ionizer
Usable with practically all balances and weighing
objects, the ionization system comprises a
U-shaped ionizer and a high-voltage power supply
unit. The object or container being weighed is
discharged by being passed through the U ionizer
when loading the balance. The object being
weighed is neutralized. The neutralization process
takes only seconds. Although the ionizer uses a
high voltage, it can be touched with absolute
safety. You will find more information about antistatic solutions in our separate brochure.
Funnel set
For simple weighing of small
amounts of powdery substances.
For balance models: MX/UMX
MX/UMX funnel set
Part no.
All models can:
• Download software from the Internet
• Display various units of weight
• Determine the density of solids and liquids
• Perform differential weighing
• Check the precision of pipettes
• Make statistical evaluations
• Calculate with factors
• Carry out piece counting and percent weighing
• Be tared over the entire weighing range
• MinWeigh (activated by local MT Service at your
Technical data (threshold values)
Maximum capacity
Maximum capacity of fine range
Readability in fine range
Repeatability (sd) at maximum capacity
Repeatability (sd) (at gross capacity)
Corner load at 1/ 2 maximum capacity 1)
Sensitivity drift
Temperature drift of sensitivity 2)
Stability of sensitivity 3)
Typical weighing time 4)
Update rate of the interface
Weighing unit dimensions (w xd x h) [mm]
Control unit dimensions (w xd x h) [mm]
Effective height draft shield [mm]
Weighing pan dimensions (w xd) [mm]
Filter weighing
Special filter sets for MX micro and AX semi-micro balances.
Suitable for filters up to 110 mm diameter. The special construction largely prevents disturbing environmental influences.
RS-P42 printer
The RS-P42 printer documents the measurement
values from the UMX, MX,
and AX simply and securely according to guidelines
of modern Q systems.
Thanks to a separate control
unit for all AX modules the
electronics can be placed
separate from the weighing
cell.5 m cable.
For balance models:
AX26, AX26DR
AX205, AX205DR
For balance models:
Part no.
AX filter set for filters up to
∅ 105 mm
Filter sets for filters up to
∅ 50 mm
Filter sets for filters up to
∅ 110 mm
Part no.
Part no.
• LocalCAN universal interface module
• RS232 interface module
• MiniMettler interface module
• Auxiliary display
• Interface cable
• BalanceLink PC software for data acquisition
by a PC
• Foot switch
• Carrying case
5 m terminal cable with
cover plate.
Part no.
2,1 g
0,0001 mg
0,00025 mg
0,00025 mg (0,2 g)
0,001 mg
0,0025 mg
1,5 x10–5
16 s
7 /s
128 x 287 x 113
224 x 366 x 94
5,1 g
0,0001 mg
0,0004 mg
0,00025 mg (0,2 g)
0,004 mg
0,005 mg
7,0 x10–6
18 s
7 /s
128 x 287 x 113
224 x 366 x 94
5,1 g
0,001 mg
0,0009 mg
0,0008 mg (0,2 g)
0,004 mg
0,005 mg
7,0 x10–6
16 s
7 /s
128 x 287 x 113
224 x 366 x 94
22 g
0,001 mg
0,002 mg
0,0015 mg (1 g)
0,006 mg
0,025 mg
2,5 x10–6
16 s
7 /s
241 x 505 x 293
21 g
0,01 mg
0,002 mg
0,006 mg
0,002 mg (1 g)
0,008 mg
0,025 mg
3,0 x10–6
16 s
7 /s
241 x 505 x 293
110 g
31 g
0.1 mg
0.01 mg
0.05 mg
0.015 mg (10 g)
0.15 mg
0.25 mg
4.0 x 10–6
12 s
7 /s
241 x 505 x 293
80 x 80
220 g
0.01 mg
0.03 mg
0.015 mg (10 g)
0.1 mg
0.25 mg
1.5 x 10–6
12 s
7 /s
241 x 505 x 293
80 x 80
In the temperature range 10...30 °C
220 g
81 g
0.1 mg
0.01 mg
0.06 mg
0.015 mg (10 g)
0.15 mg
0.25 mg
2.0 x 10–6
12 s
7 /s
241 x 505 x 293
80 x 80
220 g
0.1 mg
0.07 mg
0.05 mg (10 g)
0.2 mg
0.25 mg
2.5 x 10–6
7 /s
241 x 505 x 293
80 x 80
220 g
81 g
1 mg
0.1 mg
0.6 mg
0.05 mg (10 g)
0.3 mg
0.25 mg
3.0 x 10–6
7 /s
241 x 505 x 293
80 x 80
310 g
0.1 mg
0.1 mg
0.07 mg (10 g)
0.3 mg
0.5 mg
5.0 x 10–6
7 /s
241 x 505 x 293
80 x 80
Stability of sensitivity when first put into operation with proFACT self-adjustment switched on
510 g
0.1 mg
0.1 mg
0.07 mg (10 g)
0.4 mg
0.6 mg
5.0 x 10–6
7 /s
241 x 505 x 293
80 x 80
510 g
81 g
1 mg
0.1 mg
0.6 mg
0.1 mg (10 g)
0.5 mg
0.6 mg
7.0 x 10–6
7 /s
241 x 505 x 293
80 x 80
Includes sample handling and stabilization time
Typical data for calculating the measurement uncertainty
Typical repeatability (sd)
Typical repeatability in fine range (sd)
Typical differential non-linearity (sd)
Typical differential corner-load deviation (sd)
Typical sensitivity drift (sd)
Typical minimum weight (per
Typical minimum weight (per USP) in fine
0.0002 mg +2.5x10–8 • Rgr 0.0002 mg +3x10–8 • Rgr
1x10–14 g • Rnt
0.0005 mg +4x10–8 • Rgr
8x10–14 g • Rnt
0.001 mg +2.5x10–8 • Rgr
8x10–14 g • Rnt
0.004 mg +5x10–8 • Rgr
0.0015 mg
5x10–14 g • Rnt
+5x10–7• Rgr
8x10–14 g • Rnt
0.04 mg +1x10–7• Rgr
0.01 mg
+6x10–7• Rgr
6x10–12 g • Rnt
0.01 mg +6x10–8 • Rgr
0.04 mg +5x10–8 • Rgr
0.01 mg
1x10–12 g • Rnt
+2.5x10–7• Rgr
3x10–12 g • Rnt
0.04 mg +5x10–8 • Rgr
0.4 mg +5x10–7• Rgr
0.04 mg
5x10–12 g • Rnt
+1.2x10–7• Rgr
1x10–11g • Rnt
0.04 mg +6x10–8 • Rgr
0.04 mg +6x10–8 • Rgr
0.5 mg +2x10–7• Rgr
0.04 mg +4x10–7• Rgr
8x10–12 g • Rnt
8x10–12 g • Rnt
√ 1.5x10-11·Rnt
2.5x10–7 • Rnt
3x10–7 • Rnt
3x10–7 • Rnt
2.5x10–7 • Rnt
2.5x10–7 • Rnt
5x10–7 • Rnt
2.5x10–7 • Rnt
2.5x10–7 • Rnt
2.5x10–7 • Rnt
2.5x10–7 • Rnt
2.5x10–7 • Rnt
2x10–7 • Rnt
2x10–7 • Rnt
3x10–6 • Rnt
1.5x10–6 • Rnt
1.5x10–6 • Rnt
8x10–7 • Rnt
8x10–7 • Rnt
8x10–7 • Rnt
6x10–7 • Rnt
6x10–7 • Rnt
6x10–7 • Rnt
6x10–7 • Rnt
6x10–7 • Rnt
8x10–7 • Rnt
8x10–7 • Rnt
mg+7.5x10–5 • Rgr
0.6 mg
+9x10–5 • Rgr
1.5 mg
+1.2x10–4 • Rgr
3 mg
+7.5x10–5 • Rgr
12 mg
+1.5x10–4 • Rgr
4.5 mg
+1.5x10–3 • Rgr
120 mg
30 mg
+3x10–4 • Rgr
+1.8x10–3 • Rgr
30 mg
+1.8x10–4 • Rgr
120 mg
30 mg
+1.5x10–4 • Rgr
+7.5x10–4 • Rgr
120 mg
+1.5x10–4 • Rgr
1200 mg
120 mg
+1.5x10–3 • Rgr
+3.6x10–4 • Rgr
120 mg
+1.8x10–4 • Rgr
120 mg
+1.8x10–4 • Rgr
sd: Standard deviation Rgr: Gross weight Rnt: Net weight (sample weight) a: Year (annum)
1) The minimum weight can be improved by the following measures: Choice of more suitable weighing parameters, selection of a better location, use of smaller tare containers, use of an inner draft shield
1500 mg +6x10–4 • Rgr
120 mg +1.2x10–3 • Rgr
METTLER TOLEDO MinWeigh and service
Tailored service from METTLER TOLEDO.
We offer the corresponding all-round
service for balances which form part of a
quality management system or are used
in regulated areas.
When very small weights
are highly important.
MinWeigh, another innovation from METTLER TOLEDO.
MinWeigh is the new “Quality Application” for AX, MX, and UMX balances.
MinWeigh revolutionizes weighing where very small weights become highly
important because quality management demands absolute compliance with
specified tolerances. Because MinWeigh answers the minimum weight
question with unprecedented precision.
Systematic control of inspection, test, and measuring equipment is more important than ever before. Not only as a
crucial component of seamless quality assurance but also
as an additional instrument for permanently reducing costs.
It also avoids complaints by inspectors and auditors.
The Q-circle (qualification/validation) illustrates simply how
the regulations are applied in practice to a balance and
how we can support you with our services in all areas.
Suitable for:
• Companies which comply with GMP, GLP, ISO
• FDA regulated areas
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Chemical industry (suppliers to the pharma industry)
• Biotechnology
• Food industry
• Electrical, metal, and automobile industries
Central challenge: Standards.
MinWeigh provides an outstanding
service where guidelines of a quality assurance system such as GLP
or GMP apply.
Design Qualification (DQ)
Define the requirements for a product according to the specification,
regulations, and compliances.
Installation Qualification (IQ)
Correct and documented installation at the right location.
Operational Qualification (OQ)
Check and confirm the required performance data.
Performance Qualification (PQ)
Check that in normal operation the instrument constantly performs according to
Central question: quality. In a
quality management system, measurement uncertainty cannot be left
to chance. It must lie within defined
limits. How large must the minimum weight be to come inside the
tolerances of the quality management system?
When the minimum weight is reached,
the display changes from gray to black.
The weight symbol disappears.
Maintenance Qualification (MQ)
Periodic mainten
The basic setting is made by a METTLER
TOLEDO service technician at the place
where the balance will stand. In other
words, in your laboratory. The technician
performs the necessary measurements.
According to the specifications of your
quality assurance system he determines
the minimum weight with the best possible
settings and the typically used tare weight.
Central function: MinWeigh.
METTER TOLEDO offers a solution
for the minimum weight with the
MinWeigh application which is
built into the AX/MX/UMX balances.
MinWeigh knows the required
minimum weight. If the minimum
weight is not reached, MinWeigh
detects the error and warns you via
the balance terminal. Further use of
non-compliant weighing results is
Make sure that your balance is optimally configured to your needs right from the start. Qualification of your
balance ensures precision, reliability, and a long service life. Benefit from the worldwide know-how and yearslong experience of METTLER TOLEDO. Combine our different service offerings into an optimal solution for your
service needs.
Packaged service. Tailored to your needs.
Service Packages
Simply select the appropriate service
package according to the demands
placed on the balance. You can add
further services to ensure the package matches your changing requirements.
If the minimum weight is not
reached, the net weight is
marked with an asterisk on
the report.
Service specialists
With sales and service companies
in more than 100 countries,
METTLER TOLEDO ensures you
are cared for by highly trained
Service know-how
Knowledge and practical experience is exchanged within our
global service network – for your
benefit, too. / service
Mettler-Toledo GmbH
Laboratory & Weighing Technologies
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Quality certification. Development, production and auditing in accordance with
ISO9001. Environmental management
system in accordance with ISO14001.
Worldwide service. Our dense
service network, among the best in
the world, ensures the maximum
availability and lifespan of your
«Conformité Européenne».
This label is your guarantee that
our products conform to the latest
For all other countries:
Mettler-Toledo GmbH
PO Box VI-400, CH-8606 Greifensee
Tel. +41-1-944 22 11, Fax +41-1-944 31 70
Subject to technical changes, © 5/04 Mettler-Toledo GmbH, Printed in Switzerland 11795256, MCG MarCom Greifensee
Now on the Internet. You can find
important information about our
products and services, as well as our
company, quickly and easily at
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