Start Moving
Start Moving
25 points
Body-Solid Push-Up Bars (#2000): Increase
your range of motion and boost your strength
with this pair of push-up bars from Body Solid.
GNC ProJumper Digital Jumper Rope with
LCD Display (2028): The large digital display
keeps track of calories burned as well as
jumping rotations. Keeps a digital record of
your jumping rotations so you can easily track
your progress and maximize your workout.
GNC Digital Power Hand Grip with LCD
Display (2029): Digitally tracks each rep
only after you’ve squeezed the grip, ensuring
you’ve reached maximum resistance. The
medium resistance is optimal for most people
and great for working
• Digital record of reps to easily track progress
• Easy to read LCD Screen
• Long Lift CR-2025 lithium battery (included)
GNC PowerUp Digital Resistance Bands
with LCD Display (2030): Digitally tracks
each rep after you have stretched the band,
ensuring the highest level of resistance. The
medium resistance is optimal for most people
and great for working
• Digital record of reps to easily track progress
• Easy to read LCD Screen
• Long Lift CR-2025 lithium battery (included)
Stamina Pilates Magic Circle (2048): The
Pilates Magic Circle was created by Joseph
Pilates to be a versatile exercise aid you can
use anywhere.
• Soft rubber ring provides resistance for
faster, more targeted toning, improving
muscle strength throughout the body
• Works on problem areas like the inner and
outer thighs, upper arms, and chest
• The easy-to-follow instructional DVD
demonstrates how the Pilates progressive
fitness system can help you sculpt and
reshape your body
Wai Lana 3 lb Pink Dumbbell Kit (2072):
Develop firm, well defined arms. Increase
strength, stamina, and bone density. Perfect
for home, work or travel. Includes:
• Two 3 lb pink durable neoprene coated hand
• Practical easy to follow instructional exercise
Wai Lana Ankle Weight Kit (2073): Designed
to help strengthen your legs, hips & buttocks,
light weight helps define & tone muscles
without adding bulk. Includes:
• Two padded, 2.5 lb ankle weights
• Workout DVD (35 minutes)
Wai Lana Pilates Yoga Figure 8 Fitness
(2075): Figure 8 padded resistance cord helps
to build core strength. Includes:
• High-resistance padded fitness o-ring
• Beautiful workout DVD set by the ocean (45
• Improve upper-body definition
• Perfect for all fitness levels
• Workout ends with cool-down stretches and
lengthen muscles
Wai Lana Eco Ball Kit – Medium (2074):
Planet and health friendly eco ball kit. Stretch,
strengthen and sculpt your entire body.
• Phthalate-free
• Anti-burst Eco ball
• 65 cm Green ball
• Complete workout on DVD (25 minutes)
• Foot pump for quick, easy ball inflation
Wai Lana Toning Bands (2076): Two Pilates
Yoga Bands – Choose the band that makes
exercise a challenge.
• Light, Medium & Heavy resistance
• 6” W x 4’ L
• As you get stronger, progress to a thicker
25 points
Wai Lana Triple Toning Cord Kit (2077): Will
quickly strengthen and define muscles. Kit
• Three toning cords offering progressive
• Door attachment for more exercise options
• Triple Toning Cord Workout DVD (25 minutes)
Wai Lana Yoga/Pilates Mat (2079): Yoga
mat designed to provide a safe, comfortable
foundation for any yoga practice.
• Sticky yet smooth surface that prevents
• Thicker cushioning for added comfort
• Offers support and stability in poses
• Latex-Free
Valeo Foam Exercise Mat (2128): The Valeo
Foam Exercise Mat is:
• 2’ W x 6’ L
• Two mats in one - one ribbed side, other side
is smooth
• Closed-cell foam for a comfortable workout
• Self-grip straps keep mat rolled for easy
transport and storage
• Clean with a damp cloth
CTA Digital Mat Weights Combo (2130):
Enhance your Wii FIT workout.
• Non-slip grip
• 2 Velcro strapped Wrist/Ankle weights
North American Healthcare Leg Weights
(2137): Wear your workout wherever you
go! Turn normal activities into fat burning
• Weighted sleeves for arms and legs can be
worn discreetly under regular clothing
• Weights are adjustable for a customized
• Wear them for just 10 hours a day is equal to
a two mile run
Wai Lana Waterfall Organic Yoga Bags
(2078): 100% organic cotton:
• Colored with natural, eco-friendly dyes
• Stylish and attractive, waterfall print
• Convenient drawstring closure
• Sturdy and durable
Fitness Quest Perfect Basic Pull-up Bar
(2090): The Perfect Pull-up Bar helps you
build upper body strength with an adjustable
swing arm.
Valeo Portable Fitness Kit (2129): The
Valeo Portable Fitness Kit has everything you
need for your resistance training regimen. Kit
• 2 resistance tubes - 1 medium -1 heavy
• 2 handles
• 1 ankle strap
• 1 door attachment
• 1 jump rope
• 1 hand grip
• 1 mesh tote bag
• 1 exercise chart
North American Healthcare Arm Weights
(2136): Wear your workout wherever you
go! Turn normal activities into fat burning
• Weighted sleeves for arms and legs can be
worn discreetly under regular clothing
• Weights are adjustable for a customized
• Wear them for just 10 hours a day is equal to
a two mile run
PACMAT Floor Exercise Mat (3002): Add
comfort to your work out with this exercise
floor mat.
• Composed of Nitrile rubber
• Patented cellular foam will not crack, peel or
tear under normal use
• Water resistant for easy maintenance
Start Moving
35 points
Stamina Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution
(2049): The Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution
is a full range-of-motion toning, stretching,
strengthening, weight loss, wellness system
for all fitness levels. Kit includes:
• One 3 lb Soft Kettlebell
• One 5 lb Soft Kettlebell
• 4 Workouts on One DVD: Upper Body, Buns
and Thighs, Core and Fat Burning
• Kathy Smith Nutrition Solution
• Kettlebell Solution Workout Wall Chart
Stamina Step ‘n Tone (2050): The InStride
Foldaway Step ‘n Tone is a great way to tone
your legs, hips, and thighs as well as your
arms, shoulders and torso while burning extra
calories and improving circulation.
• For use in home or at the workplace
• Fits under a desk, in a closet, or under a bed
for easy storage
• Lightweight design is easily moved from
place to place
Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus (2051):
There’s no better way to take your upper-body
workout to the next level.
• Simple assembly
• Portable
• Attaches to & removes easily from the doorframe
• Fits standard doorways
• Multiple (five) grip positions allow you to
build and tone upper body muscles
• Professional quality
• Heavy duty training tool supports up to 250
• Excellent for pull-ups, triceps dips, push-ups,
and sit-ups
Stamina InStride Folding Cycle (2052):
Lightweight and portable so you can take it
with you to use at the office, on vacation or
home to burn extra calories while performing
your regular daily tasks.
• Easily fits under table or desk for exercise
that fits into your life
• Battery-operated electronic timer
• Rubber feet
• Foot straps
Stamina InStride Cycle XL (2053): Cycling
improves cardiovascular health, and improves
the function of the heart and blood vessels
while decreasing your risk of heart disease.
• Adjustable tension
• Electronic timer
• Straps to hold feet in place
Wai Lana Basic Yoga Kit (2082): Wai Lana
makes the ancient practice of yoga easy and
inviting to everyone with her Basic Yoga Kit.
Kit includes:
• Yogi Mat™ 1/8” H x 24” W x 68” L
• 4” Foam Block 4” H x 6” W x 9” L
• 6’ Yoga Strap
• Beautifully illustrated instructional poster
30”H x 44”W
Wai Lana Eco-Yoga and Pilates Mat (2081):
Gentle on your health and the environment.
• Earth-friendly (recyclable and ecologically
• Health-friendly (free from PVC, phthalates,
latex, chloride, and glue)
• Superb traction for extra grip in poses
• Soft, supportive surface for optimum
• 1/8” H x 24” W x 68” L
Wai Lana Flex & Firm Kit (2084): Increase
flexibility, balance & stamina. . Release stress
as you sculpt your body. . Chisel your Abs
& waistline. Firm & shape your legs, arms &
buttocks. Includes:
• 26” phthalate-free balancing ball
• DVD with 4 full-body workouts (80 minutes)
• Two convenient workout charts
• Figure 8 Resistance cord
• Easy foot pump
Wai Lana Fusion Easy Starter Kit (2085):
Relax and release back, neck and muscle
tension. Increase flexibility, balance and
stamina. Chisel your arms, legs, abs, and
buttocks. Includes:
• 26” phthalate free 65 cm balancing ball
• Yoga Pilates resistance band 6”W x 4’L
• DVD with 3 full-body workouts (50 minutes)
• Complete Workout chart
• Convenient foot pump
35 points
Wai Lana Yoga DVD Collection (2089): This
series makes the health-giving practice of
yoga easy and accessible to all.
Wai Lana Cotton Yoga Blanket (2083):
• 100% cotton
• All-natural
• Chemical-free and nontoxic
• Warm and durable
• A versatile yoga prop
• 60” x 80”
Perfect V2 Push-up (2092): Take the push-up
to the next level with reinforced construction
and improved functionality such as smooth
rotating handles and reinforced internal
workings to accelerate workout results by
engaging more muscles in the arms, chest,
shoulders, and back.
• Reduces strain on wrists and elbows
• Helps to stabilize and strengthen the
shoulder joint
• Wide turntable increases tensional stiffness
for solid feel during workouts
Start Moving
50 points
Body-Solid 10 LB Blue Medicine Ball (2001):
Wrap a total conditioning routine into a tight
little ball. The ball’s in your court for upper
body, lower body and core exercises!
• Strengthen core muscles
• A textured grip and adjustable air pressure
Stamina 38” Folding Trampoline (2055): An
easy way to get a cardio workout with limited
workout space.
• 38” rebounding surface
• Detachable rubber tipped support legs
The Step – Step (2095): Step your way to a
healthier lifestyle with this non slip platform
and work out video.
• Adjustable from 4” to 6” to 8”
• 14” W x 40” L in stepping surface
Bally Total Fitness Thigh Toner (2101): Total
Fitness Thigh Toner works your hips/thighs/
arms/chest/stomach/buttocks and more.
• Foam-covered spring-loaded steel frame
offers perfect resistance
• Compact build packs easily for business trips
or vacations
• Comes with instructional fitness guide
Stamina Aerobic Step (2054): Step up to a
total body workout at home with Stamina
Aerobic Step.
• Target glutes and hamstrings with
alternating lunges
• Strengthen chest and back with adjustable
position pushups
Wai Lana Get Started Yoga Set (2087): Wai
Lana makes it easy to begin yoga with this
yoga kit. Includes:
• Relaxation workout video (50 minutes)
• Mat is 1/8” H x 24” W x 68” L
• 6’ yoga strap
• 4” foam block 4” H x 6” W x 9” L
• Instructional poster 30” H x 44” W
Bally Total Fitness 65cm Anti-Burst Fitness
Ball (2100): This ball maximizes workout,
and gives maximum support for balance and
stability. Includes:
• Large 26” inflatable
• 20 minute instructional DVD
• Two-way action pump makes inflating faster
• 1-year limited warranty
Sportline Solo 900 Heart Rate Monitor
Watch (3001): With patented One-Touch
Technology, one finger and a few seconds
is all you need for ECG accurate heart rate
readings. Break free from uncomfortable chest
belts and complicated heart rate sensors that
only work when you’re standing still.
Start Moving
75 points
Wai Lana Total Yoga Kit (2088): Wai Lana
weaves ancient wisdom with modern practicality, making the ancient science of yoga
accessible and appealing to people from all
walks of life. Wai Lana’s Total Yoga Kit provides
all the tools necessary for a complete fitness
Barska Heart Rate Monitor Watch w/
Wireless Transmitter (2094): You won’t miss
a beat during fitness training with Barska’s
heart rate monitor watch.
Wagan Mini Stepper (2098): Reach healthier
levels for blood sugar and blood pressure in
just 15 minutes a day.
• Mini stepper provides as good a workout as
the full size alternative
• Digital display tracks cumulative workout
time, step count, and calories burned
Start Moving
100 points
Body-Solid Doorway Chin Up Bar (2001):
Get a great bicep and back work out in the
comfort of your living room.
• Designed to mount quickly in most doorways
• Constructed of heavy-gauge, reinforced steel
• Adjusts from 29” to 36”
• Extends a full 10” from door way for plenty of
head clearance
Icon ProForm Adjustable Platform Fitness
System (2018): The Step aerobics provides
a surprisingly challenging cardiovascular
• Unit’s height can be adjusted to 6”, 8”, and 10”
off the ground
• One-piece construction and easy snap-in
legs are durable and solid-feeling underfoot
• Non-slip surface adds safety and reliability
• Weight capacity: 300 lbs
Stamina AeroPilates Arc (2056): A fun,
economical way to add variety to your Pilates
• Gentle padded curve can either increase or
decrease the challenge of an exercise
• Can be used with a mat or reformer exercises
• Stretches hips, spine, and shoulders
• Includes workout DVD
Stamina InStride Pro Stepper (2057): Great
for a cardiovascular workout when you are
limited on space.
• Weighs just 20 lbs
• 12” W x 16” L
• Small enough to toss into a workout bag
• Two hydraulic cylinders provide resistance
• Work your calves, thighs buttocks and core
The Step Original Health Club Stepper
(2096): Non-slip surface on platform that supports up to 200 lbs.
• Stepping surface 14” W x 40” L
• Adjusts from 4” to 6” to 8”
• Includes 53 minute All-Step video featuring
the premiere step aerobics instructor Cathe
Start Learning
25 points
MIO Watch Pedometer/Body Fat Analyzer/
Flashlight (2013): Ever been curious how
many steps you take during the day? Well now
you can find out many steps and how many
calories you are burning throughout the day.
Escali Digital Clear Glass Platform
Bathroom Scale (2020):
• Impact resistant bathroom scale
• Tempered clear glass round platform
• Sleek black accents
• Capacity: 400 lbs
LifeSpan Fitness MyBeat Heart Rate Ring
(2066): MyBeat Heart Rate Ring is a heart rate
monitor you wear on your finger:
• Provides a continuous heart rate reading
• No wires. No chest straps. No contact points
to touch
• Simply put it on your finger and press start
• Allows you to program your target heart rate
• Time your exercise session up to ten hours
• Size Reducing Insert (Ensures One Size Fits
• Includes storage case and spare battery,
lanyard and safety lock
Casio Sports Stopwatch (2104): Stopwatch
functions include:
• Accurate measurement of elapsed time with
the touch of a button
• The fraction indicates the unit of
• Battery-One battery will last for 5 years
Lumiscope Deluxe Automatic Inflation/
Deflation Blood Pressure (2131): The Lumiscope Deluxe Automatic Inflation/Deflation
Blood Pressure and Pulse Monitor features:
• Irregular heartbeat detection
• A 4-users option with 99 sets of memories
each set averages 5 modes-hour, day, week,
month, all reading date/time display ( 12
Start Learning
35 points
Homedics Automatic Blood Pressure
Monitor with Smart Measure (2109): It
features Smart Measure Technology for
clinically proven accuracy. Includes:
• Standard size cuff
• Large size digits
• 99 Memory recall
• Date & time stamp
• Memory averaging functionmeasurements
• Stride and weight adjustment
Mark 1 Pedometer (2019): The Mark 1
Pedometer and Pulse Meter consists of:
• Step count 0-999999 Time/Distance/Calorie
• Finger touch pulse monitor
• 10 memory pulse recall KM/Mile, CM/Inch
• Stride and weight adjustment
35 points
MIO Watch Pedometer/Body Fat Analyzer/
Flashlight (2013): Ever been curious how
many steps you take during the day? Well now
you can find out many steps and how many
calories you are burning throughout the day.
Sportline Traq Any-Wear Pedometer (2122):
Set and track personal goals, Monitors total
time in activity.
• Infiniti motion sensor
• 7-Day total workout memory recall
• Tracks steps/running strides/speed/distance
• Calculates calories burned
• Monitors total activity time
• Clock/Calendar/Alarm
Homedics Glass Digital Scale (2110):
Beautifully designed, thin profile scale has
a glass platform and is made of strong
tempered safety glass with silver accents. It’s
clean, neutral design make it perfect for any
room in your home.
• 1.3” LCD display
• Strong tempered safety glass platform
• Thin profile
• Auto-on Technology
• 350 lb Capacity
Ideaworks Extra Wide Talking Scale (2135):
This talking scale has a 550 lb weight capacity
with an extra wide, stable weighing platform.
• Tempered glass top
• Two person memory feature
• Pleasant and easy to hear voice
• Tap on/off auto functions
• Large LCD display and a low-battery
• Great for visually impaired
Start Learning
50 points
Escali Glass Health Monitor Scale, 400 lbs
(2021): This bathroom scale has a modern
look which provides style and sophistication
to any bathroom.
• Black tempered glass platform accentuated
with stainless steel foot placers
• Measures weight, body fat, body water and
muscle mass data through the instant-on
feature; which provides user with immediate
information when positioned on the scale
• Bright blue backlit display
dreamGEAR® 3-in-1 Fitness Bundle for Wii™
(2036): This package offers three essential
items to upgrade your Fit™ game.
• “Neo Fit” soft-cover protective workout pad
for your Balance Board™
• Fitness mat
• Travel bag.
Escali Glass Body Fat/ Water Scale, 440
lbs (2022): This bathroom scale features
advanced digital weighing technology that
provides a high tech analysis of the fitness
level of the user.
• Scale measures percentage of body fat, body
water, and weight for up to ten individual
• Capacity of 440 lbs or 200 Kg
Sportsbeat Bowflex Classic C10 Heart
Rate Monitor-Black (2047): Quick Touch
Technology for Instant Heart Rate. Features:
• Time of day
• 100 hour stopwatch
• Calendar
• Alarm
• 24 hour countdown timer
• Backlight
• Water resistant
• Large LCD for easy viewing
• New CHR™ function
• Strapless Heart Rate: no chest strap required
50 points
Lifespan Pedometer (2067): Pedometer with
built-in USB connector to upload metrics.
• Measures steps, distance and calories
• LCD display
• 3-D accelerometer for accuracy
Biggest Loser Glass Nutritional Scale
(2103): Alpha input - no food codes, enter up
to 50 new foods/recipes.
• 11 nutritional values for over 1400 foods
• / 3 kg / 3000 ml / 105 fl oz capacity
• Bright blue backlit LCD
• Glass platform
Sportline Cardio 630 Women’s Coded Heart
Rate Monitor (2124): Provides heart rate and
percent of maximum display. Along with:
• Calorie-Burn Tracker
• Customizable User Profile
• Coded Heart Rate Transmission
• ECG Accurate Heart Rate Measurement
• Time/Date/Alarm
Biggest Loser Body Fat & Body Water
Monitor w/BMI (2102): Body Mass Index
(BMI) is a number calculated from a person’s
weight and height.
• BMI provides a reliable indicator of body
fat for most people and is used to screen for
weight categories that may lead to health
• It calculates the BMI value and provides a
status graph
• The rubberized platform prevents slipping
even when wet
Sportline Cardio 630 Men’s Coded Heart
Rate Monitor (2123): Provides heart rate and
percent of maximum display. Along with:
• Calorie-Burn Tracker
• Customizable User Profile
• Coded Heart Rate Transmission
• ECG Accurate Heart Rate Measurement
• Time/Date/Alarm
Taylor Body Composition Scale (2127): Uses
Bioelectrical Impendence Analysis (BIA) to
measure body fat and body water percentage,
0.1% body fat and body water graduation.
• Measures muscle mass and bone mineral
• Body fat and body water range graph
• Accurate to 440 lbs/200 kgs in 0.2 lb/0.1 kg
Lumiscope Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
(2132): This digital blood pressure monitor
has the capability to store 4 User Memory with
Averages. It is equipped with a 6 Color LED. It
gives you:
• Irregular heartbeat detections
• Accurate vital health information in seconds
• 396 reading memory with 4 memory zones
(99 readings each)
• An automatic time & date stamp
Start Learning
75 points
Silva-Tech4O Accelerator Men’s Carbon Fitness Watch (2015): Accelerator watch series
that incorporates advanced accelerometer
technology for a better gauge of your performance at the gym.
• “Knows” the difference between short and
long strides
• Records both long and short strides
• Calculates, and displays all measurements via
the wrist watch
• Provides speed, distance, and calories
burned during exercise so you can track your
Silva-Tech4O Accelerator Women’s
Vapor Fitness Watch (2016): Accelerator
watch series that incorporates advanced
accelerometer technology for a better gauge
of your performance at the gym.
• “Knows” the difference between short and
long strides
• Records both long and short strides
• Calculates, and displays all measurements via
the wrist watch
• Provides speed, distance, and calories
burned during exercise so you can track your
Escali Round Bath Scale, Primo Scale &
Health Subscription (2023): Clear Round
Bath Scale with tap-on platform. Includes:
• 1 year subscription to Health Magazine
• 400 lbs capacity and hold feature
• Primo Digital Kitchen Scale (black) with
2-button operation
• Removable stainless steel platform
Escali Track/Target Scale, Vitra Scale
& Health Subscription (2024): 1 year
subscription to Health Magazine; a Track/
Target Bathroom Scale that helps the user
follow their progress until their preset target
weight is achieved.
• Extra large capacity of 440 lbs
• Vitra glass top scale
• Includes a kitchen timer, clock and
MyWeigh High Capacity Talking Scale
(2070): Premier Talking Scale has:
• Extra large platform
• 550 lbs capacity
• Talking feature can be turned on or off
• Perfect for anyone with poor eyesight
• Accuracy/Reads to: 0.2 lb / 0.1kg.
• Automatically turns on when you step on the
• Operates on 4 AA batteries included
Homedics Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure
Monitor (2113): Microsoft Healthvault Compatible, Voice Assist Talking Function with:
• Large digits
• Easy to read display
• Smart Measure Technology
• Irregular Heartbeat Detector
• Risk Category Indicator
• 120 Memory recall/ 2 users
• Memory averaging
MyWeigh Spanish Talking Scale (2071):
Spanish talking scale.
• Automatically turns on when you step on
• Extra large digital display
• Extra durable large stable platform
• Reads in pounds and kilograms
• Accurate within 1% of actual weight
• 550 lbs (250kg) capacity
• Talking feature can be turned off
Oregon Scientific GPS Speed and Distance
Monitor (2117): Measures speed & distance
via GPS.
• Displays real-time, average and maximum
• Displays total distance traveled
• Updates time automatically via GPS
• Large backlit display
• Lap counter
• Contoured casing design
• Requires 1 AA battery
Start Learning
100 points
LifeSpan Fitness Digital Scale with USB
(2068): Digital Scale with online Membership
to LifeSpan Fitness Club
• Date, time, weight and body fat %
automatically save to USB
• Easy to upload to your account with USB
• Track your weight, vital stats and all your
• Displays: Weight, Body Fat 0% – 50% range,
Date, Time
• Infinite users with online historical retention
• Capacity 330 lbs
• Power Source: 6 AAA alkaline batteries
• Automatic power off to save battery life
LifeSpan Fitness Blood Pressure Monitor
with USB (2069): Check your heart rate and
blood pressure. Track the results and view
your health improvements.
• Blood pressure monitor includes a USB port
• Quickly and easily save heart rate and blood
pressure readings
• Upload to the LifeSpan fitness club, free
online membership included
• Displays: systolic, diastolic, pulse, date, time
and user information
• Accuracy: static pressure within +/- 3mmHg,
pulse within +/- 5%
• Personalized website to manage your health/
• Automatically import your blood pressure
and resting HR
Oregon Scientific GPS Back to Base
Altimeter (2118): GPS enabled with
backtracking functions for up to 3 locations.
• Clock, calendar and alarm functions with
• Temperature display
• Digital compass
• User-programmable altitude
• Barometric pressure
• Weather forecaster
• Min/Max altitude memory
• LED light
Sportline DUO 1060 Speed & Distance
Heart Rate Monitor (2125): Integrated
pedometer with strides, distance, & speed.
• Intelli-Track HR zone display
• Wrist top and chest belt unit
• Continuous heart rate
• On-Demand heart rate
• Any-touch technology
• Target HR zone selector
Sportline DUO 1060 Women’s Speed
& Distance Heart Rate Monitor (2126):
Integrated pedometer with strides, distance,
& speed.
• Intelli-Track HR zone display
• Wrist top and chest belt unit
• Continuous heart rate
• On-Demand heart rate
• Any-touch technology
• Target HR zone selector
• Fat-burning zone locator
Start Rejuvenating
25 points
Conair Body Benefits Massager Neck Rest
with Heat (2003): This massaging neck rest
has a user-adjusted 3-position rotational arm.
• The neck rest is covered with a blue fleece
inset for added comfort
• Equipped with variable speed vibration
• On/off heat with LED light
• Easy access controls
• Battery and AC operated
• Limited one-year warranty
Conair Body Flex Massager with Heat
(2004): Relax or revive with the powerful
vibrating action provided by the Body Flex®
• Five massaging surfaces include large head
and concentrator knob
• Three textured surfaces to give you a choice
of technique
• The heat On/Off and Low/High massage
power switches make it easy to operate
Conair Foot Bath Spa Massager (2005): This
foot bath has an exclusive percussion vibration massager.
• A full platform with fine bubbles
• Unique, soft lower-calf leg rest
• Two toe-touch controls to activate percussion vibration and micro bubbles with heat
• Limited one-year warranty
Conair Moist King-Size Heating Pad with
Auto Off (2006): This heating pad is 12” x 24”
and has:
• An automatic off switch
• 3 heat settings
• An absorbent sponge for moist heat
• Machine washable cloth cover
• Self-adhesive belt
• Limited five-year warranty
Conair Heating Pad Heart Pillow (2007):
Heated therapy for pain relief, cozy & plush
fabric, soothes minor aches & pains, power
On/Off, powered by AC adapter.
• Cozy plush fabric
• Soothes minor aches and pains
• Push-button power on/off
• Powered by AC adapter
• Limited one year warranty
RoadPro Compact Ionic Air Purifier (2017):
Freshens the Air and Removes Odors.
Generates Negative Ions to eliminate odors
and allergens.
• 12-volt DC plug in
• Chemical and maintenance free
• Attractive illuminated tip
• Quiet Operation
• Eliminates smoke and gas fumes
H2OPlus Oasis™ Daily Hydration System
(2025): Water-based, oil-free formulas are
fully-charged w/hydrating marine algae to
restore/maintain essential moisture, for all skin
types. Contains:
• Face Oasis Cleansing Water 2 fl oz
• Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment 1.7 fl oz
• Eye Oasis Moisture Replenishing Treatment
.24 fl oz
GNC 7-Day Travel Pill Box Dispenser with
Timer and Alarm (2031): Store supplements
and medications for a week, by day of the
week, as well as morning noon, evening and
• Divided compartments for each day
• Easy to set audible and visual count-down
• Never forget your medication or
supplements again
25 points
GNC SaniBrush Sanitizing Antibacterial
Toothbrush Cleaner (2032): Powerful germicidal ultraviolet light has been scientifically
proven to eradicate up to 99.99% of harmful
• Proven to kill H1N1 Swine Flu, Strep, E. Coli
and Salmonella
• Sanitizes 4 toothbrushes at a time
• Removable tray for easy cleaning
• Auto shut off when sanitizing is complete
Wai Lana Favorite Juices (2080): For better
health try Wai Lana’s Favorite Juices. These
juice recipes may help you:
• Lose weight
• Reduce stress
• Eliminate toxins
• Improve digestion
• Decrease your risk for cancer
Homedics Neck and Shoulder Massager
w/Heat (2108): Focused vibration, Soothing
heat, ComfortTouch plush fabric.
• Internal wire frame construction
• On-board controls: 2-speed massage/onetouch heat
• AC adapter or battery operation for added
convenience and mobility
• Takes 4 “AA” batteries not included
GNC Sani Pro Handheld Ultraviolet Light
Cleaning Wand (2033): Sanitize the most
sensitive areas of your home such as the
kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and baby’s room.
• Powerful germicidal UV light
• Kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria
• Rechargeable with auto shut off
Wagan Soft Velour Heated Seat Cushion
(2097): Perfect for cold weather driving, this
cushion provides soothing heat for tired and
sore muscles.
• It’s easy to use: just plug in and warm up
• Elastic straps and hooks make it easy to
secure the cushion to your seat
• The velour is comfortable, soft and easy to
• Fits most cars, trucks, RVs and boats
Master Massage SpaMaster Essentials
Aromatherapy Massage Oil (2133): Our nonallergenic, superior-grade massage oils are a
blend of 8 different natural oils and 3 vitamins.
• These contaminant-free oils are water
dispersible for ease of washing linens
• They are vegetable based with no petroleum
additives, alcohol, or animal ingredients
• Refreshing Blend Aromatherapy Oil awakens
your spirits, rejuvenates your body and gives
you a sense of renewed energy
• The unscented oil provides superior
lubrication and smooth glide
• Includes 4, 8-ounce bottles
Start Rejuvenating
35 points
Conair True Massaging Foot Bath (2008):
Relax with this massaging foot bath.
• Percussion vibration massager
• 3 attachments to suit your massage needs
• Micro bubbles with heat provide further
Conair Interplak Dental Water Jet (2009):
Keep teeth and gums healthy and free from
• 7 speed variable flow water pressure
• Includes five tips: 2 standard tips, 1 brush tip,
1 subgingival tip and 1 tongue cleaner
35 points
H2OPlus Oasis™ Intensive Hydration
System (2026): Oil-free treatments deliver
time-released, marine derived hydration for
daily complexion replenishment.
• Face Oasis Cleansing Water 4 fl oz
• Oasis24 Hydrating Booster .85 fl oz
• Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment 1.7 fl oz
• Eye Oasis Moisture Replenishing Treatment
.24 fl oz
CamelBak The Classic 70oz Hydration Pack
in Black (2037): This is the granddaddy of
hydration systems and it keeps getting better
every year. The most versatile system in the
• New wicking mesh keeps your back extra-dry
• Breathable, padded straps
• New tab for holding L.E.D. blinker
• 70 oz reservoir included
• Includes the new Antidote™ Reservoir—the
ultimate cure for dehydration
CamelBak HydroBak 50 oz Hydration Pack
in Dark Blue (2038): The minimalist pack for
1.5 hours in the saddle.
• Includes the new Antidote™ Reservoir—the
ultimate cure for dehydration.
• External fill
• Bungee secures an extra layer
• Pocket for multi-tool or wallet, keys
Sharper Image Sound Soother 20 Soothing
Sounds: Choose from 20 soothing sounds
(2046): Brook, city, aviary, rain, fireside, north
woods, rainforest, summer night, ocean side,
steam train, Everglades, Yosemite Falls, wind
chimes, thunderstorm, ebb tide, heartbeat,
foghorns, dockside, white noise, surf’s up.
• Auto off-timer and nap feature
• Automatic reset after power failure and
daylight savings
Wai Lana Meditation Trilogy Music CD’s
(2086): Meditation Trilogy sounds to conquer
stress, fear and anxiety. Includes:
• Rest and Relax sounds
• Yoga sound
• Yoga Music of the heart
Homedics Back-Revitalizer Massager
(2111): The 5-motor invigorating massage
has soothing heat and quilted baffle box
construction for supreme comfort. Includes:
• Personalized zone control
• Variable 2-speed intensity
• Auto and home adaptors
Philips Sonicare Xtreme E3000 Toothbrush
(2119): Delivers all the oral health benefits of
other Sonicare toothbrushes, with a special
emphasis on improving the brushing habits of
younger users.
• Patented sonic technology delivers a unique
dynamic cleaning action for superior plaque
• Gentle comfortable, and effective, even for
those with braces or brackets
• High velocity bristle movement results in
direct contact with each tooth to cover more
area in less time
• Includes a two-year limited warranty and two
AA batteries
Spa Music - A Walk with Nature (4 CD Set)
(2134): A Walk With Nature is a must! Perfect
for massage, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy,
spa treatments, relief from stress, and healing.
• 230 minutes of high quality relaxing spa
• Harmonious melodies combined with the
beautiful sounds of ambience
Start Rejuvenating
50 points
Conair Waterfall Foot Bath (2010): Enjoy
rest and relaxation for your feet after a hard at
• Quiet fine bubbles
• Spot massage function
• 3pc. pedicure attachments include a pumice
stone, scrub brush and soft-touch massager
• Compact splashguard with storage
• Blue LED lights under the water reflect to
help you relax and give you a calming, spa
• 3 toe-touch controls activate high/low
bubbles, waterfall, and lights
Conair Interplak All In One Sonic Water
Jet Dental System (2011): All with Sonic
technology for healthy, clean teeth.
• First water jet system with water pulsation
• Sonic brushing action
• 6 attachments (2 are exclusive) water jet tip,
subgingival tip, tongue cleaner, soft
finger massager, 2 full size brush heads
H2OPlus Sea Marine Spa Retreat Set
(2034): Indulge in a rejuvenating at-home
spa experience, infused w/marine botanicals,
sea minerals and deeply moisturizing triple
• Sea Marine Triple Butter Sugar Scrub 11.5 oz
• Sea Marine Purifying Shower Cream 8 fl oz
• Sea Marine Triple Butter Body Cream 8 fl oz
Entrees To Excellence Small Fruit Basket
(2040): This classic hand-made wicker basket
is filled to overflowing with hand-picked,
exquisitely ripe Red and Golden Delicious
apples, Comice pears and Navel oranges.
Net wt. approximately 5 lbs The exact basket
and fruit selection may vary by season and
delivery location.
Homedics Deluxe Shiatsu Foot Massager
(2112): The Homedics Deluxe Shiatsu Foot
Massager has 6 sets of three rotating nodes
give your feet an invigorating massage.
• Optional heat
• Adjustable legs for a more comfortable
massage angle
• Built-in cord storage underneath unit
Omron Body Fat Analyzer (3000): Measures
Body Fat Weight and Percentage with
Clinically Proven Accuracy.
• Two modes for accurate results for athletes
and non-athletes
• Measurement results in 7 seconds
• Memory settings for 9 personal profiles
• Body mass index reading provides added
tracking ability
• Two AAA batteries included
• Measures your body fat, weight and
percentage in seconds, with clinically proven
Start Rejuvenating
75 points
GNC 3-In-1 Air Purifier w/Ultraviolet Light &
Carbon Filter (2035): Improve the air quality
in your home or office using electrostatic air
purification technology.
• UV light kills germs and bacteria
• Removes odor with washable filter
• Small enough for home or office
• Includes carbon filter and AC adapter
Fresh & Fruity Gift Tower Entrees To
Excellence (2042): This orchard tower boasts
the sweetest, juiciest pears, apples and
oranges along with cheese, crackers, summer
sausage, hot and sweet mustard, California
nuts and candies. Delicious! This item ships
Monday-Wednesday only via 2 Day Air.
Entrees To Excellence Fruits Abound (2041):
Crispy, crunchy, sweet and savory - our
collection of fresh fruit and nuts is just the
right mix of healthy and delicious.
• Apples and oranges
• Roasted salted mixed nuts
• Roasted salted pistachios
• Roasted salted cashews
• Honey cinnamon almonds
• Chocolate toffee almonds
• Mocha almonds
Polar USA FT2 Fitness Heart Rate Monitor
(2043): Achieve Your Fitness Goals. For
recreational exercisers who want an easy start
to fitness.
• Shows heart rate on large and easy-to-read
• Helps improve your fitness with automatic
age-based heart rate target zone
• Displays a summary of your latest workout
• Simple one-button start and coded heart
rate transmission to avoid cross-talk
• Records average and maximum heart rate
Brookstone Boisense Memory Foam Pillow
(2061): A hypoallergenic foam pillow that’s
soft and plush and cradles your head and
neck with pressure-relieving support for sidesleepers. NOTE: This is a personal care item,
and is not returnable.
• This memory foam core conforms to the
exact contours of your body, responding to
any changes in your sleep position
• BioSense memory foam is made with green
tea, charcoal and seed oil for natural odor
• Pillow features a ventilated design that helps
the pillow to adapt to your body temperature
in any climate
• Better Than Down cover is removable and
Brookstone Anti-Snore Pillow (2062):
Brookstone Anti-Snore Pillow is clinically
tested to be helpful in reducing snoring while
letting users keep their natural sleeping
• Built-in support system cradles your head
and neck
• Innovative support system
• Back sleeper or side sleeper, it makes no
• Washable outer cover
• Customizable with removable support pads
• Pillow fits into a standard pillow case
Wagan Tapping Belt (2099): Relieve
tiredness in the neck and shoulder with 20
different massage function combinations.
• 2 tapping rollers with 2 massage balls
• Stimulates blood circulation and relieves
• Digital controls for 10 different speeds
Hamilton Beach True Air Allergen Reducer
(2106): Effective performance for large 160
square foot rooms.
• Permanent 99% HEPA-grade filter
• Never touch a dirty filter again-just vacuum
• 3 speeds - quiet operation
• Use it horizontally or vertically
• Compact
75 points
Hamilton Beach TrueAir® Compact Pet Air
Purifier (2107): Complete air protection for
pet owners. Features:
• 99% HEPA filtration permanent filter
• Proven zeolite technology eliminates pet
• Effective performance for 140 square foot
• Vacuum-clean permanent HEPA filter
• 3 speeds
• Use it horizontally or vertically
Homedics Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier
+ SoundSpa® (2114): Ultrasonic Technology,
4 Soothing Sounds (White Noise/Summer
• Adjustable volume control
• Sleep mode with 30 minute shutoff
• Anti-Microbial technology
• Easy to remove and fill 1 gallon tank
• Adjustable mist control
• On/Off night light
• Shut-Off protection
Start Rejuvenating
100 points
Maui Jim “Breakwall” Sport Sunglasses
(2012): This Maui Jim Sport model was
designed for those consumers who have
active lifestyles and want the added
protection from a lightweight frame.
• Modern style
• Ideal for engaging in sporting activities
• Patented PolarizedPlus2 Technology
• Unisex
CamelBak H.A.W.G. NV 100 oz Hydration
Pack in Chili Pepper (2039): CamelBak’s NVIS
packs are redesigned with a fully ventilated
back panel that’s geared for epic escapes.
• Includes the new Antidote™ Reservoir with
Quick Link™ System—the ultimate cure for
dehydration XC Helmet carry
• Media pocket for MP3
• Integrated rain cover
Polar USA FT4F Women’s Fitness Heart Rate
Monitor (2045): For those who want basic
heart rate-based features to keep their fitness
training simple.
• Displays calories burned
• Includes flexible transmitter and coded heart
rate transmission
Nike Vision Skylon Ace Sunglasses (2014):
Protect your eyes and adapt to any light
• Interchangeable lenses
• Lightweight sports wrap frame
• Ideal for gold, running, tennis, and cycling
• 100% UVA and UVB protection
Polar USA FT4M Men’s Fitness Heart Rate
Monitor (2044): For those who want basic
heart rate-based features to keep their fitness
training simple.
• Displays calories burned
• Includes flexible transmitter and coded heart
rate transmission
Tempur-Pedic The NeckPillow by TempurPedic™ (2093): Properly align you neck and
spine for the perfect night’s sleep! NOTE:
This is a personal care item and cannot be
• Ergonomic shape developed by doctors to
promote alignment and support
• Relieves shoulder and neck pain by allowing
neck and shoulder muscles to
completely relax
• Contoured TEMPUR material
• Removable washable cover
• Dust mite and allergen resistant
• 20” x 12” x 4”
100 points
Homedics Professional HEPA Air Cleaner
100 CADR (2115): Get cleaner, fresher,
healthier air for your home for a healthier
• Guaranteed to remove 99.97% of the
particles that cause asthma problems
• Permanent HEPA filter removes 99.97% of
allergens like pollen, smoke and dust
• Remote control and LED display for
• Room coverage of 160 sq ft
• Programmable 12 hour timer
Philips Sonicare EasyClean Sonicare
Toothbrush (2120): Taking care of your
oral health is easy with the Philips Sonicare
EasyClean Toothbrush.
• Patented sonic technology
• Slim handle for comfort and maneuverability
• Removes up to 2x more plaque than a
manual toothbrush
• 2-minute smartimer helps ensure
recommended brushing time
• Quadpacer with 30 second interval timer
helps ensure thorough brushing throughout
the mouth
Homedics Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic
Humidifier (2116): Create you ideal room
climate with cool or warm mist for healthier
• Oscillating head allows 120 degree
• Ultrasonic technology for virtually silent
• Antimicrobial additive included to protect
against mold and bacteria in tank
• 1.5 gallon tank that provides 32 hours of run
time per fill
Philips Sonicare AirFloss with Microburst
Technology (2121): Microburst Technology
delivers a quick burst of air and micro
droplets Reaches between teeth to remove
interproximal plaque biofilm.
• Cleans mouth in 60 seconds
• Guidance tip
• Activation button
• Angled nozzle
• Water reservoir
• Lithium-Ion battery
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