Update Bulletin No. 400
Update Bulletin No. 400
you for
your interest
in writing to me about
portable electric power
pack supply sources. I
used and researched several of the various models
available. They are exJim Dulley
cellent for emergencies
(such as power outages during storms) and
for recreational and home use. If you need to
run a standard saw, trimmer, etc., out in your
yard or in the woods, these power packs can
handle this for you. I use one for backup
power for my pellet/corn stove in emergency
power outages.
All of the power packs use 12-volt batteries. They are all sealed lead acid batteries
that require no maintenance and will not
leak. Clore Automotive uses an absorbent
glass matt type of battery that can be used in
any position. Most standard batteries, even
sealed ones which do not leak when they are
knocked over, generally should be used in an
upright position.
vide 18 amps for one hour or one amp for 18
hours or six amps for three hours. The smallest, super-lightweight models have only seven
amp-hour batteries and the most powerful
ones have 96
All of the ones
I listed have
power to start
a car with a
dead battery.
Portable units power TV
There are
many 12-volt DC (direct current) appliances
available at most camping and outdoor equipment shops. You plug these into the 12-volt
socket on the power pack. The socket is
usually a basic car cigarette lighter socket. If
your power pack needs recharging, you can
plug it into your car cigarette lighter as you
drive and it will recharge in several hours.
Standard household items, TV’s, radios,
clocks, lights, etc., operate on 115-volt AC
(alternating current). In order to convert the 12-volt
DC battery power into 115The amount of power
volt AC power, an inverter
that a power pack can prois needed. Three of the
vide is determined by how
manufacturers (Black &
much electric energy can be
Decker, Xantrex and Nastored in the battery. The
tional Solar) have built-in
battery storage capacity is
inverters so that you can just
measured in ampere-hours
(amp-hrs). In simple terms, Lightweight Jump-it on a boat plug any standard appliance
into the side of the power pack. The others
this means how much electric current (amps)
offer optional inverters that either plug into
that it can provide for how many hours. If a
the power packer 12-volt cigarette lighterbattery has an 18 amp-hr rating, it can pro-
style socket
or snap onto
the back. If
you plan to
power pack
mainly for
115-volt applications, Portable units power lights
then the built-in inverter is convenient. The
advantage of a separate inverter is that you
can plug it into your car cigarette lighter
socket and operate a TV or computer in
your car. Pay attention to the maximum
wattage output of the inverter so you do not
exceed it in use to it may overheat.
All of the units I have listed on pages
one and two are of excellent quality. The
models that are about 20 amp-hours and less
provide plenty of emergency power and are
ideal for portability (attractive, easy-to-carry
cases). The heavier, higher capacity models
are often used with stationary solar or wind
generation systems, but they will provide a
lot of electricity for an extended emergency
The prices vary from about $30 to more
than $150 depending upon the maximum
battery and inverter output. Vector sells
remanufactured models online for the lowest cost, but they do not have built-in inverters. The Black & Decker Electromate 400
is one of the nicest models with
convenient controls and handle
for carrying. Its suggested retail
price is $99.
Selected Manufacturers of Portable Battery/Inverter Power Packs
BLACK & DECKER, 626 Hanover Pk., Hampstead, MD 21074 - (800) 544-6986 www.blackanddecker.com
model - “Electromate 400”
nominal voltage - 12 volts dc
battery pack type - sealed lead acid
battery power - 19 amp-hours
weight - 21 lbs.
size - 17” L x 7” D x 11” H
charging time - 24 hours with adapter plugged into 115-volt house outlet, 4-6 hours from car cigarette lighter
features - The Electromate 400 has two 115-volt alternating current AC outlets and two 12-volt direct current DC outlets. The
maximum AC output is 400 watts and the maximum DC outlet, through the jumper cable connector is 450 amps for five seconds.
This includes a tire pump which a pressure gauge up to 120 psi which is enough for racing bicycle tires. It also has an indicator light
for testing the alternator in your car. There is reverse polarity protector in case you connect the jumper cables to the incorrect
battery terminals. The LED work light is very useful on this model and LED’s are the more efficient light source so it will not run down
the power very much. The 115-volt charger is built into the case so you do not have to keep track of a separate charger (transformer). B&D also makes a smaller model with a built-in light, radio and TV sound, and also offers several inverters.
CLORE AUTOMOTIVE, 8735 Rose Hill Rd. #220, Lenexa, KS 66224 - (800) 328-2921 www.jumpstarter.com
model - “Jump-N-Carry” Model 4000
nominal voltage - 12 volts dc
battery pack type - sealed lead acid
battery power - 17 amp-hours
weight - 18 lbs.
size - 12” L x 7” D x 11.5” H
charging time - 2 hours from car cigarette lighter socket, 18 hours with adapter plugged into 115-volt house outlet
features - The Model 4000 is a compact unit designed for jump starting cars, but can also be used for emergency and recreational
activities. It uses an Absorbent Glass Matt battery that allows unit to be used in any position. It is a bright red color with a built-in
emergency spotlight. This can be handy when you experience trouble with your car. The 17 amp-hour battery will power the light
for a very long time. The battery has enough power to jump start many cars. It has 29-inch long jumper cables that clamp onto the
case for easy storage. With an inverter plugged into the Model 4000, you can plug any standard 115-volt AC device into it. This unit
has a very durable solid insulated polyethylene plastic case. They also make some other very powerful models with a battery power
up to 44 amp-hours.
Update Bulletin No. 400
page 2
ENERTECH INTERNATIONAL, 905 Armstrong, Algonquin, IL 60102 - (888) 841-5179
model - “Power Tank”
nominal voltage - 12 volts dc
battery pack type - sealed lead acid
battery power - 7 amp-hours, 12 amp-hours
weight - 9.7 lbs.
size - 7.4” L x 3.5” D x 8.6” H
charging time - 6 hours from car cigarette lighter socket, 15 hours with adapter plugged into 115-volt house outlet
features - The Power Tank is available in two power output models - PT-10/100 with 7 amp-hour and PT-200 with 12 amp-hour.
These models are unique in that they have a built-in bright efficient fluorescent light in the front of the unit. This is ideal for camping
and other recreational activities. For emergencies, the light has a two-way switch that provides a flashing red warning or a concentrated white light that can be easily spotted. The PT-100 model includes battery jumper cables that are built into the sides of the unit
for ease in accessibility. They can be used to help start a boat, jet ski, farm equipment, or car. All models include an internal circuit
breaker that will protect the unit from excessive electrical power draw. This is similar to how your home circuit breakers protect your
house wiring. Inverters will be available soon.
NATIONAL SOLAR TECH., INC., 166 Taylor Blvd., Depew, NY 14043 (800) 310-7413 www.nationalsolaronline.com
model - “En-R-Pak” (built-in inverter)
nominal voltage - 12 volts dc
battery pack type - sealed lead acid
battery power - 100 amp-hours
weight - 85 lbs.
size - 17” L x 12” D x 15.5” H
charging time - 6 hours from car cigarette lighter socket, 15 hours with adapter plugged into 115-volt house outlet
features - En-R-Pak 200 is designed to be used with wind or solar power, but it can also be used as back-up electric power for
emergencies. It is one of the most powerful units available with 96 amp-hours of storage. It is powerful enough to provide 200watts for 115-volt AC devices (pure sine wave) while simultaneously providing 150 watts of DC power for another appliance (such
as camping equipment or other items that run on DC voltage). All the necessary electronics are built-in, to store, control and
produce electricity from the sun, wind or flowing water. The unit is configured to accept additional solar panels, wind or water
turbines. Therefore, you may add any of these items at any time. They provide many other kits that include solar panels and
windmill generators.
VECTOR MANUFACTURING LTD., 4140 SW 28th Way, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312 (866) 584-5504 www.vectormfg.com
model - “Jumpstarter” series
nominal voltage - 12 volts dc
battery pack type - sealed lead acid
battery power - 9 to19 amp-hours
weight - varies
size - varies
charging time - 6 hours from car cigarette lighter socket, 15 hours with adapter plugged into 115-volt house outlet
features - Can be used to quickly and easily start any vehicle. Several of the models have a built-in emergency light and an air
compressor/tire inflator. See details of several of the Jumpstarter models below. These models are convenient to use because
many of them have self-storing jumper cables. Vector also offers a complete line of inverters that can be connected the Jumpstarter
models to produce 115-volt power.
XANTREX, 8999 Nelson Way, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 4B5 (800) 670-0707 www.xantrex.com
model - “XPower Powerpack 300 Plus”
nominal voltage - 12 volts dc
battery pack type - sealed lead acid
battery power - 20 amp-hours
weight - 20 lbs.
size - 12.5” L x 5.1” D x 11.8” H
charging time - 4 hours from car cigarette lighter socket, 40 hours with adapter plugged into 115-volt house outlet
features - Unit provides 300 watts of 115-volt household electricity. The XPower Powerpack 300 Plus can be used to jumpstart
a car or the built-in air compressor with the nozzle adapters can pump air into tires or sports or camping equipment. There is a
built-in fluorescent light that provides illumination in emergency situations for up to 25 hours. The unit also features a battery level
meter that allows for easy battery status monitoring. Accessories include jumper cables, nozzle adapters, AC and DC charging
cables, and an accessory bag. The jumpstart cables measure 39.” The XPower Powerpack 300 Plus can also operate electronic
equipment such as laptops for six hours, a portable stereo for 17 hours, and a cordless phone for up to 40 hours. Also see page
four for information on the Jazz Inverter that provides 120 watts continuous, 300 watts surge.
Emergency Jumpstarters by Vector Mfg.
• Automatic on/off power control ensures safety and resists sparking
• Clamps power-on only with proper polarity connection
• 12 volt DC portable power outlet for DC accessories and appliances
• Rechargeable from home or vehicle
• Ideal for emergencies in remote locations
• Microprocessor control (Digital Smart Control)
• High frequency power conversion technology
• Three stage automatic rapid charging battery charger
• Short circuit and reverse polarity
protection (no spark) for user
• 26" heavy-duty welders type cable
and clamps
• Lightweight, high efficiency design
• High-density, 19Ah sealed, nonspillable battery
• Ultra bright 3 LED emergency
• Cables and clamps self-stored
• Digital display battery diogostics
VEC012B-Jump'N Charge
• It can also be used with other Vector 12 volt DC cordless,
portable, rechargeable appliances rated at 12 amps maximum
• An accessory outlet is provided for use with appliances that are
compatible. The DC accessory outlet also allows for DC
recharging from a vehicle or other 12 volt source.
• Twin LED area light (located on the
center of the control panel) will
provide proper lighting while
changing a tire of connecting
the Compact Elite to a battery.
Area light can operate
continuously for 50 hours on a
fully charged battery.
• Cordless/rechargeable, includes
AC and DC charging adapters
• Includes non-spillable, heavy
duty, 9 amp hour, sealed, leadacid battery
VEC010S Start-It
• Cable storage channels that keep
Compact Elite
jumper cables out of the way
Update Bulletin No. 400
En-R-Pak by National Solar Technology
(shown with optional solar panel)
The En-R-Pak
200 will control and
store power from a
car battery, household power, solar
panels, and a wind or
water turbine. It uses
the stored energy to
output 115 volts
(pure sine wave A/C)
and 12 volts DC. A
230 volt (50 Hertz or
60 Hertz) unit is available for international use.
No assembly is required. All of the electronics and gel cell batteries
are built into one unit. There are no wires to connect, no part drawings to
decipher and no set-up headaches. Your unit arrives charged and ready
to use. All you do is point the solar panel south,
plug the prewired cable connections into the power
center and you will be producing your own electrical power. Expansion Chassis (pictured on the left)
is an optional portable unit that has another built-in
battery and control circuits for an additional 100
amp hours of storage. A charge cable is included.
XPower Powerpack 300 Plus by Xantrex
page 3
Inverters by Black and Decker
The MaxxSST ™ 750-watt Power Inverter (below top) converts 12 volt DC
power into 115 Volt AC household power and features dual AC outlets. It’s easy
to use, just connect directly to your vehicle’s battery and power up your TV,
power tools and other small appliances. Designed for life on the go and engineered for safety, durability, and reliability. Built strong to last and equipped with
advanced Soft Start Technology®, for added reliability. A smaller 100-watt model
which plugs into a cigarette lighter is also shown (below bottom).
• Powers up to 6.52 amps (750 watts)
• 1500 Watt high surge peak
• Dual AC outlets
• Overload protection
• Short circuit protection prevents damage
• Ground fault interrupter circuit
• MAXX SST ™ Soft Start Technology®
• Noise filter technology
• Turbo cooling
• High and low voltage protection
• Low battery alarm and shut down
• LED power and fault indicators
• Heavy duty battery clips and cable set included
• Built-in mounting bracket
Electromate 400 by Black and Decker
The Electromate 400 offers 450 amps of instant starting power, 400 watts of
portable 115-volt power supply, and a built-in inflator perfect for inflating vehicle
tires and sports equipment.
Use the 12 volt DC and 120 volt AC outlets to power your cell phone, laptop,
video game console, TV/DVD, small household appliances and more. It’s also a safe
and easy way to jump-start your car, truck or boat battery.
You can use the Electromate 400 over and over again with proper recharging.
Plug a standard household extension cord onto the Electromate for automatic AC
charging until the LED display indicates ‘FULL’ charge (can also be recharged using
12 Volt DC accessory outlet).
The XPower Powerpack 300 Plus is powered by a rechargeable battery and can provide up to 300 watts of AC power to
jumpstart a car, truck, boat, or small RV. The unit also includes a
built-in air compressor for inflating tires, sports equipment and
camping gear.
It includes jumper cables that are designed for safe and efficient jump starting. There is a battery level
meter that allows you to easily monitor the battery status.
The two four-watt emergency fluorescent lights provide
light for up to eight hours. An
audible alarm signals if the unit
overheats or if under voltage occur. This system
is also available without the air compressor
feature - XPower
Powerpack 300.
• 450 Amp instant vehicle starting power
• 400 Watts of portable 115-volt AC power
• Built-in 12 volt DC outlet to power and/orrecharge DC appliances
• Inflator for vehicle tires or sports equipment
• Keyless on/off safety switch
• Vehicle alternator check
• LED battery status indicators
• Built-in LED emergency worklight
• Heavy-duty cable and clamp set and 12 volt DC car cord included
• Universal inflator adapter and nozzle set
Power: 400 watts continuous
Voltage: 120 V AC RMS
Frequency: 60 Hz + 4 Hz
Waveform: Modified
sine wave
Protection: Overload,
overheating, short
Model #: VEC026BD
Warranty: 2-year
limited Warranty
Update Bulletin No. 400
page 4
Jazz Inverter by Xantrex
“Freedom Jazz Inverter” - Provides 120 volt AC current from 12 volt DC current wherever it is needed. Portable power
and easy to install advanced series power. Capacities range from 50 to 2,500 watts to power almost any appliance.
High efficiency, compact design, High/Low voltage protection circuitry protects the inverter whenever input voltage
exceeds 15 volts DC or less than 10.5 volts DC. Thermal Cutoff automatically shuts inverter down if internal temperature
exceeds standard design parameters for safe operation
When sizing your inverter, simply calculate the highest total wattage needed at any one time and choose the closest
inverter with a higher output. For practical application, most people operate only one or two major appliances at a time. Start
up watts should be considered where appropriate.
Preparing for Emergencies
There are many items you should have in your automobile and
things you should do to be prepared for an emergency.
• Even if you are at home when a disaster strikes, and your home
is well stocked, you may still need the supplies in your car. Your
house may not be safe to enter, or may catch fire after a natural
disaster such as an earthquake.
• Your car will be one of the most important resources after a
disaster strikes. Keep it mechanically sound and pay close attention to the exhaust system. A leaking exhaust system could
• Always make sure you keep your gas tank full. Fill it when it is
half empty. You will thank yourself the first time you are stuck
in a traffic jam during bad weather.
• Think of your car’s trunk as an extra large supply cabinet. Keep
your supplies in the trunk along with other important items such
as tools, jumper cables and a spare tire.
• Keep the car mechanically sound and ready to use.
• Keep supplies in the car for use in an emergency.
• Replace your battery every five years. In an emergency, your car
battery needs to run the radio and heater for extended periods.
Have a mechanic check the following items on your vehicle
to keep it ready for an emergency: battery, antifreeze, wipers and
windshield washer fluid, ignition system, thermostat, lights and
flashing hazard, exhaust system, heater, brakes, defroster, tire
pressures and treads
To prevent car batteries from becoming a problem, perform
regular routine maintenance on the battery. Maintaining the correct electrolyte levels, tightening loose hold-down clamps and terminals are maintenance batteries require. Additionally, removing
corrosion and checking the alternator belt tension are also preventative maintenance steps required for a battery.
The frequency you perform these steps depends on your climate and battery type, but you should perform at least once before
cold weather starts and once a month during hot weather.
If the electrolyte levels are low in non-sealed batteries, add
distilled water to the level indicated by the battery manufacturer
or to 1/8” below the bottom of the filler tube. Try not to overfill,
especially in hot climates.
12-volt DC Automotive/Marine Accessories (for 20 amp-hr unit)
Typical Current Draw
Estimated Time
Fully Charged Unit
Air compressor
7 amps
1 hour
Bilge pump
3 amps
3 hours
Car vacuum
7 amps
1 hour
Cellular phone
0.5 amps
30 hours
Depth finder
0.5 amps
30 hours
Electric cooler
2.5 amps
4 hours
Fluorescent lights
0.4 amps
40 hours
12-volt radio
2 amps
5 hours
12-volt TV (9 inch)
5 amps
2 hours
Spot lights
8 amps
1 hour
115-volt AC Household Electrical Appliances (for 20 amp-hr unit)
Typical Wattage
Estimated Time
Fully Charged Unit
5 watts
40 hours
Laptop computer
22 watts
6 hours
Desktop computer
135 watts
2 hours
15 watts
10 hours
Fax machine
135 watts
2 hours
135 watts
2 hours
9 watts
21 hours
Spot Light
100 watts
1.5 hours
Sump pump
100 watts
1.5 hours
Cash register
30 watts
4 hours
Electric pad
45 watts
*16 hours
Security Alarm
5 watts
40 hours
Fluorescent light
13 watts
10 hours
40-watt light bulb
40 watts
3 hours
Clock radio
8 watts
22 hours
Television (5 inch color)
20 watts
6 hours
* Based on intermittent on-time due to thermostat
* Suppliers of PV Solar Charging Panels
** Suppliers of Windmill Charging Systems
ASTRO POWER, 461 Wyoming Rd., Newark, DE 19716
BP SOLAR/SOLAREX INC., 2300 N. Watney Way, Fairfield, CA 94533
EVERGREEN SOLAR, 259 Cedar Hill St., Marlboro, MA 01725
KYOCERA AMERICA, 7812 E. Acoma Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260
NORTHEN ARIZONA WIND & SUN, 2725 Larkin Dr., Flagstaff, AZ 86004
SIEMENS SOLAR INDUS., 4650 Adohr Ln., Camarillo, CA 93011
SUNELCO, PO Box 787, Hamilton, MT 59840
TERRASOLAR, INC., 44 Court St., Brooklyn, NY 11210
UNITED SOLAR SYSTEMS, 3800 Lapeer Rd., Auburn Hills, MI 48326
AEROMAX CORP., 9520 E. Lorna Ln., Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
ATLANTIC ORIENT, Farrell Farm Rd. Rt. 5, Norwich, VT 05055
BERGEY WINDPOWER, 2001 Priestley, Norman, OK 73069
LAKE MICHIGAN WIND,1015 C.R. U, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
SOUTHWEST WINDPWR., 2131 North First St., Flagstaff, AZ 86004
WIND GENERATOR PROD., 1423 SW 1st Ave., Ft. Laudredale, FL 33315
WIND TURBINE, 16801 Industrial Cir. SE, Prior Lake, MN 55372
WINDSTREAM POWER, PO Box 1604-HP, Burlington, VT 05402
WINDTECH INTN'L., PO Box 27, Bedford, NY 10506
* Update Bulletin #450 has a full buyer’s guide of PV solar systems
** Update Bulletin #485 has a full buyer’s guide of windmill systems
Visit www.dulley.com for a listing of all 194 Dulley Update Bulletins available for downloading and other energy
conservation and home money-saving articles and reference materials.
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