Mounting System Operating Instructions

Mounting System Operating Instructions
Manufactured for
Mounting the end device
NOTE: Because of the danger of the mobile stand tipping over, be sure not to
roll over any objects on the floor or the connecting cable.
Note: The mounting and assembly must be carried out by a technician (or a
comparably qualified person).
Note This product should be inspected at least once a year with regard to the
following, and maintenance should be carried out accordingly:
• Functional test
• Electrical safety test
• Support system test
Ensure that your service supplier is informed and trained to the scope of the
maintenance work.
Input 100-240 V ~50-60 Hz 1.25A max
GS 900 Procedure Light
Mounting System
Operating Instructions
Move the equipment to the location of usage and secure both locking
WARNING: Electrical shock. Turn off the product, disconnect the
power plug, and ensure that the product cannot be switched on
again accidentally before attempting any cleaning. Ensure that no
cleaning fluid runs into the product.
WARNING: Electrical shock. There is a danger of an electrical
shock if contact is made with damaged electrical parts. In case of
any damage to the power supply cable or plug, do not connect the
equipment to the power supply.
Check the power plug and the connection cable for damage.
The power plug should be inserted into a contact-protected power
socket that has been installed and grounded in accordance with
Manual part no. 713341 Ver B.
Warnings and cautions
WARNING: Operator injury. The spring arm, which is compressed,
can jump backward and result in injuries. During the installation of
the luminaire, ensure that no one is within swiveling range of the
spring arm.
Adjust the spring force
Springs are subjected to natural wear. Therefore, the spring force may give
way and reduce after long operation, and has to be re-adjusted.
CAUTION: Equipment damage. The spring arm will be damaged if
it is pulled beyond the lower or upper stop.
Dismantling the luminaire
104° F
(40° C)
700-1060 hPa
50° F
(10° C)
The CE mark on this product indicates that it has been tested
and conforms with the provisions noted in the 93/42/EEC
Medical Device Directive.
WARNING: This product may only be operated by persons with
medical knowledge.
WARNING: This product may only be cleaned by trained cleaning
WARNING: Read and understand these instructions prior to use of
this product. Failure to understand the operating requirements for
this product may result in injury to yourself, the patient or may
damage the instrument.
WARNING: Do not operate this product in the presence of
flammable anesthetics or other flammable substances in
combination with air, oxygen-enriched environments, or nitrous
oxide; explosion can result.
WARNING: The mounting systems should only be connected to a
properly installed and grounded power line.
Intended use
The mounting system is used for supporting and positioning the luminaire and
for supplying it with power.
3 4 1 2
WARNING: Electrical shock. Turn off the product, disconnect the
power, and ensure that the product cannot be switched on again
accidentally before attempting any dismantling.
Bring the swing arm into the uppermost position.
Rotate the brake screw (1) so that the sleeve (2) can be rotated.
Rotate the sleeve 180 degrees, until the securing segment (3) appears
in the slot (4).
Firmly hold the luminaire (5) and take out the securing segment with a
narrow, slotted screwdriver. Disconnect the luminaire.
Put on the protective cap.
Adjust the spring force so that the spring arm comes to a standstill with the
luminaire in every desired position.
Grab the spring arm at the front end and slowly pull it down until it
reaches the stop. Take out the protective cap from the spring arm
Cleaning and disinfection
WARNING: Electrical shock. Turn off the product, disconnect the
power, and ensure that the product cannot be switched on again
accidentally before attempting any cleaning. Ensure that no
cleaning fluid runs into the product.
Disconnect the power and let the luminaire cool.
Wipe the product with a lightly moistened piece of cloth. If required,
add a mild solution of soap (washing agent).
For disinfection, do not use a disinfectant containing alcohol, strong
alkali solutions, or acids.
WARNING: Electrical shock. Before any testing work, turn off the
product, disconnect the power, and ensure that the product cannot
be switched on again accidentally.
Twice a year:
• Check for damage to paint
• Check for cracks in plastic parts
• Check for deformation of the support system
Remove the large side cover of the spring arm joint, using the blade of
a large screwdriver without damaging the cover.
Insert a slotted screwdriver in the hole.
• If the spring arm drops, the spring force is too low. Turn the adjusting
screw clockwise to fix this.
• If the spring arm goes up, the spring force is too high. Turn the
adjusting screw counter-clockwise.
Push the large cover back in place until it securely snaps into position.
Push the sleeve (1) onto the spring arm so that the slots (2) are covered.
Push the luminaire (3) and the securing segment (4) completely in the
slot (2), so that the securing segment is guided in the groove (5).
Grease the securing segment
Turn the plastic sleeve (1) 180 degrees, and tighten the braking screw
(6) until the luminaire (3) is braked.
Ensure that the luminaire is securely seated.
You must check all mounting systems to the following points.
CAUTION: Equipment damage. To avoid damage to plastic parts,
do not use any scouring agents and alkali, acidic or alcoholcontaining cleaning agents.
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Dismantle the luminaire.
Check the securing segment for a minimum thickness of 0.05 in (1.5
mm) and if required, replace it.
Grease the securing segment and the pin of the luminaire.
Mount the luminaire.
• Check the fastening bolt on the lower side of the tripod base and if
required, tighten it.
• Check the securing segment according to the service section
• Grease the securing segment
In case of any damage or faults, contact your supplier.
ONDAL part no. 1541412
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