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Dension Lite BT User manual
Gateway Lite BT
iPod, USB and Bluetooth
(A2DP streaming & Hands Free
CD buttons have the following functions in different
The Dension Gateway Lite BT is an easy to use multimedia adapter that enables music playback on your
vehicle’s entertainment system from several sources.
Control playback using the buttons of the car stereo.
Enjoy Bluetooth connectivity for hands free mobile
call handling and music streaming (via A2DP).
Before you start, please check that your iPod or
iPhone is up to date. You can get the latest firmware
updates via iTunes or the settings menu on your
device. If you use a USB device, please check the
above requirements.
iPod modes:
Gateway Lite BT is designed for cars without text
display (except for BMW and some Toyota models),
therefore the control feature set is limited (track
skipping and USB folder browsing).
Supported Audio devices
USB: Flash Memory and Hard Disk Drive (USB 1.1 or
File System: FAT16 or FAT32
Storage capacity: up to 64GB music content
Music Format: MP3, WMA (except for DRM protected, WMA-lossless, WMA-Pro) and WAV
iPod (4th generation)
User Manual
Switch ON your car radio and select the ‘CD changer’
source. This is usually done by pressing the CDC or CD
button, or pressing the CD button twice. If in doubt
consult the audio section of your car’s manual.
Connect your iPod or USB drive to the Gateway. The
first file on the device starts to play. If the Gateway
has been used earlier, music will play from your iPod
or USB from the point last played. If both are connected, the last used source will continue to play.
Switching off the radio (or the ignition) will stop
playback and put the devices connected to standby.
Next/Back and Random/Repeat/Scan buttons (radio
dependent) work according to their usual function.
iPod nano (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th generation)
If neither the iPod nor a USB drive is connected
‘CD5/Track99’ is displayed with the counter running.
iPod mini
iPod Photo 4G
iPod Video 5G
iPod Classic
iPod touch (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation)
iPhone 4S, 4
iPhone 3GS, 3G
These require an optional iPod connection cable (IPDC1GW).
Devices supported using an optional Lightning
Adapter (LIA1GW0):
iPhone 5S, 5C, 5
iPod touch (5th generation)
iPod nano (7th generation)
These require an optional Lightning Cable (original
Apple or IPLC1GW) or 'iPhone 5 cradle' (IP5LCRU or
IP5LCRP). Also supported via a genuine ‘Lightning to
30-pin adapter’ and an iPod dock cable (IPDC1GW).
Please refer to the manual of your car audio system
for details on how to operate. Gateway Lite BT needs
to be installed and configured correctly for your
vehicle. For assistance with installation, please refer
to the Installation Guide.
Two operation modes are available:
iPod User Interface (iPod UI)
iPod Gateway Interface (iPod GW)
In iPod UI mode the original user interface of the
iPod remains active (i.e. the click wheel still works) so
you can use it for browsing normally.
During playback the Radio displays CD5. The shown
track numbers and time counter are not synchronized with the iPod. We recommend the use of this
mode if you want original iPod functionality.
In iPod GW mode the click wheel or the touch screen
is disabled2, the iPod displays the currently played
song information. (On iPod touch and iPhone the
‘Accessory attached’ message will be displayed only.)
iPod playback control is possible only from the car
stereo (Head Unit or steering wheel). In this mode
the track number and the time is displayed on the
radio display (Radio dependent).
Please note that on iPod touch and iPhone running iOS 6 or
newer the ‘GW mode’ does not disable UI control or normal
iPod GW
iPod UI
1 playlist
2nd playlist
3rd playlist
4 playlist
Play All
parking disc
Set iPod UI mode
Set iPod GW mode
During Playback you can select next or previous
playlist by pressing the FF or REW ( / ) function
button on the Head Unit (device dependent).
Dension also offers an optional dash-mount cradle to
dock your iPod safely (not included).
The iPod is being charged while connected to Gateway Lite BT (including Lightning Adapter connection).
If a USB drive is connected, the Gateway will start
playing back in ‘Play All’ mode. If the Gateway has
been used earlier, music will play from your USB
drive from the point last played.
You can choose Folders (assigned in alphabetically
order) stored in the root directory by using the CD
selection buttons.
1st Folder
2nd Folder
3rd Folder
4th Folder
Play All
unused disc
During playback the Radio displays ‘CD’ and the track
number with the time elapsed of the current track
(Radio dependent). When CD1 through CD4 is selected, you can jump to the next or previous subfolder
using the FF/REW ( / ) buttons. In ‘Play All’ mode
all Folders/Subfolders can be reached and selected
using the FF or REW function buttons.
Tips and Tricks:
You can easily define how the CD selection buttons
are assigned by naming the Folders as: 1-Rock, 2Blues, 3-Pop, etc. as shown below:
If the text selection procedure was correct AUX
GW will appear on the display
Changing the hands free quality and microphone
Please note: Text display is possible on some Toyota
radios as well. Press “DISP”, “TXT” or “TEXT” button
on the radio to activate it.
If the factory default settings is not optimal for the
hands free operations, press the Next track button
during the phone call ( ) to go through the 10 different volume values consequentially (a beep will be
audible when changing). If you find the optimal
sound level, cease from pushing the Next track
button to save settings automatically after the conversation.
Connecting a phone
Depending on the capacity of the USB drive building
the database may take some time. During this process you may not have access to your music, so you
might find our Gateway Indexer Software helpful in
speeding up the indexing procedure. It can be downloaded from
When changing the music content on your USB
drive, it is highly recommended to delete the index
files (GW_DBx.BIN) from the root folder.
Gateway Lite BT is designed for cars without text
display – except for compatible BMW and Toyota
When installing the device in a BMW, the text (song
info) can be displayed on several screens (Radio, MID
or Navigation) and it has to be set after the Gateway
installation. In order to activate text display mode
you need to enter the Text selector mode:
Turn the Radio ON and select the Gateway (CDChanger)
Disconnect all devices from the Gateway and
wait until ‘Disc 1/Track99’ appears
Keep the FF (Fast Forward) button pressed for
at least 10 seconds, then release. The display
turns to ‘Disc 1/Track 01’ within 3 seconds (Text
selector mode)
Press the Next track button ( ) to toggle Tracks
02 through 04 to set the screen mode
Please note: Track 01 is the non-Text Mode
After setting the appropriate mode, press FF
– Fast Forward) to confirm. Pressing the
REW ( – Rewind) button will exit the Text selector cancelling all changes
Pair the phone to the Gateway from your phone’s
Bluetooth menu. Enter the Bluetooth menu on your
phone (in ‘tools’, ‘connections’ or ‘settings’, etc.)
search for available devices, select Gateway Lite BT
and enter the code 8888 to connect. Check the
connection status on the phone’s screen. Your device
is now paired and will automatically connect each
time the Gateway is switched on and is near (Phone
dependent). If the reconnection procedure is not
successful (or the BT was turned off on the phone)
the Gateway tries to reconnect automatically. If the
connection cannot be established or the Gateway
Lite BT is not visible, please turn the radio and the
ignition off, remove the car key, wait for a minute
and retry the pairing procedure.
Receiving, Making Phone calls and dialing
When you receive an incoming call in Gateway mode
(CD-Changer mode), the music gets muted and the
ringtone is directed to the speakers (phone dependent). Please wait for 4 seconds (needed to activate
the Handsfree profile) then press the Next track
button ( ) to accept the call. You can terminate an
ongoing call or reject an incoming call by pressing the
Previous track ( ) button. After finishing the call, the
Gateway will return to the original Gateway source.
If you have an incoming call when the Radio or Single
CD source is playing, the actual audible content will
be muted periodically (the mute wire must be connected to the radio). Press or select the CD-changer
source (Gateway mode) on the radio to answer the
call (the call will be accepted automatically after
switching source). After finishing the call, you can
switch back to the previous source manually.
Making a phone call is possible using the mobile
phone only. The Bluetooth hands free mode works in
Gateway (CD-Changer) mode only. It has to be selected, or the conversation will not be heard through
the car speakers.
You can reject an incoming call by pressing the Previous track button ( ) if the Gateway source is selected.
Music Playback via Bluetooth (A2DP streaming)
If your car’s electrical system begins to behave erratically, please disconnect the Gateway Lite BT device
physically immediately and have it checked by your
installer or an automotive electronics professional.
Dension and its authorized distributors and retailers
are not liable for any incidental consequential or
indirect damages or loss and do not assume liability
for any diagnostic fees.
Gateway Lite BT supports audio playback via Bluetooth from a mobile phone using A2DP/AVRCP and
HSP profiles. During the playback Previous/Next
buttons ( / ) are functioning (phone dependent)
from the car radio or the steering wheel.
The use of handheld devices while driving may be
subject to government legislation. Please ensure that
your use of the Dension device complies with applicable traffic laws. Dension does not assume liability
for any events resulting from the illegal or irresponsible use of handheld devices while driving.
For music playback via Bluetooth please disconnect
all other devices (USB or iPod) that are connected to
the Gateway Lite BT.
Dension reserves the right to modify its products or
specifications without prior notice.
Please note that with certain Bluetooth devices:
Remote controlling may not be available
The media player on the phone may have to be
started / stopped manually
1. Wrong file system
2. The content is
write protected
3. Not supported
4. Problem with
1. Check the file
system (FAT32 is
supported only)
2. Check the file
3. Use compatible
file formats
4. Delete index
files from the
root and index it
again using the
Gateway indexer
No text display
- although it
was working
earlier (only on
BMW or Toyota)
iPod UI selected
Change the iPod
mode to iPod GW
Radio is not
Mute wire is not
connected to the
Please connect the
mute wire according
to the installation
Remote control is not
working in BT
audio mode
BT settings of the
phone might be
Close all running
application, delete
pairing history,
reboot the phone
and pair again
USB is not
Dension devices carry a one-year limited warranty
that protects you from defects in material and workmanship of products sold by Dension or its authorized distributors and retailers. Dension does not
warrant any installation work or assume liability for
any damage caused due to negligence, improper
installation or operation. For warranty claims, proof
of purchase is required
Update and Support
If you need further assistance in using your Dension
Smartlink, please contact your local supplier or visit and click on ‘Support’.
Please check the download section for the latest
firmware version and product documentation of your
Gateway device, as these may provide additional
features or easier use of the product.
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