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GE Healthcare
Optima* CT660 FREEdom Edition
Discover the power of
Optima CT660 FREEdom Edition
Exceptional, personalized patient care
tailored to fit your needs.
Diagnostic power.
Workflow efficiency.
Lower dose.
The Optima CT660 FREEdom Edition brings
it all together addressing the changing
dynamics of today’s healthcare marketplace
designed to help you achieve exceptional
patient care, operational excellence and
financial performance.
You want the best for your patients
Hospitals and clinicians today must do more with
less. Healthcare reform, market uncertainties and
changes in care delivery, including the emergence
of Accountable Care Organizations, are driving
purchasing decisions.
We’ve simplified workflow on the Optima CT660 for
quick, streamlined operation. Advanced workflow
features like ED mode, auto patient positioning, and
synchronized injection improve quality of care by helping
your staff focus more time on patient care and comfort.
Therefore, your need for quality patient care at low
dose and greater productivity and affordability are
more important than ever.
As the industry leader in innovative, clinically proven
low-dose technology, we’ve loaded the Optima CT660
FREEdom Edition with features like ASiR*, Optidose*,
and Dose Check* to help you achieve diagnostic image
quality and deliver the highest quality patient care at
optimized dose.
The Optima CT660 FREEdom Edition is a newgeneration, intelligent Volume CT scanner. It combines
intelligent motion correction from our Discovery*
CT750 HD FREEdom Edition with the exclusive
workflow capabilities of the Optima CT660 for fast,
high-quality acquisitions at optimized dose.
The Optima CT660 FREEdom
Edition embodies the
GE commitment to making
affordable technologies
and quality care available
to more people in an
environmentally conscious
It is among the world’s most
energy-efficient volume CT
systems, using about 60% less
energy than our previous
generation scanners. With a
thoughtful overnight “sleep”
mode and electronic designs,
it uses less energy both when
operating and inactive. Its
smaller size and lighter weight
reduce transportation costs.
And it complies with
international regulations on
design requirements for
recycling and the prohibition
of hazardous materials.
Because you want the best for your patients—
Optima CT660 FREEdom Edition.
Motion FREEdom with SnapShot Freeze
Introducing SnapShot* Freeze, an intelligent motion correction breakthrough.
With SnapShot Freeze, coronary motion is significantly reduced, transcending
the limits of a hardware-only system.
29 msec
Effective Temporal Resolution
Snapshot* pulse—up to 83%
dose reduction.
SnapShot Pulse mode enables
low-dose imaging of the
coronary arteries and structures
that are near the heart and may
be affected by heart motion,
such as thoracic aortas or
pulmonary arteries. Prospective
gating-based SnapShot Pulse
can achieve up to 83% dose
reduction compared to an ECGgated helical acquisition mode.
.058 sec
Equivalent Gantry Speed
Coronary artery motion is a leading cause of
non-diagnostic cardiac CTA exams, especially
in patients with high heart rates.
SnapShot Freeze calculates a vessel’s motion
path and velocity from adjacent cardiac
phases and uses that information to
determine where the vessel will be at the
target phase and corrects for that motion.
Heart Rate Variation 56 to 94 bpm
Because SnapShot Freeze corrects motion
within a single heart cycle, it is not susceptible
to beat-to-beat inconsistencies, which can
make multi-sector (i.e., multi-heart cycle)
reconstruction less effective.
Without SnapShot Freeze
With SnapShot Freeze
Workflow enhancement
with SnapShot Assist
Start timing bolus or practice
breath hold
System suggests type, pitch
thickness, interval
Always keep an eye on
the ECG waveform.
You visualize the ECG waveform
directly on the ECG monitor,
twelve-inch Xtream gantry
display, and the CT scanner
console, allowing you to easily
review the patient heart rate
during cardiac scanning.
Enhance workflow
with SnapShot* Assist
FREEdom Edition
SnapShot Assist combines
information about patient
heart rate variability and
BMI to guide you to
optimal cardiac scan
settings. These displayed
settings are based on over
a decade of GE experience
in cardiac CT and can be
updated as desired to
match your department’s
best practices scan
Just 5
Touches for
Emergency: When seconds count
With the Optima CT660 FREEdom Edition, you set
up ED exams quickly and patients can be scanned
in seconds. The optimized ergonomics allow you
to set-up the exam without leaving the patient’s
side, which is reassuring to patients.
New ED exam workflow
Using the One-Stop ED scanning mode, you set up
ED exams on the GE-exclusive Xtream gantry display
without leaving the patient’s side. Ten prospectively
user defined reconstructions let you quickly assess
trauma patients with multiple injuries to determine
the extent of those injuries.
Review your images in real-time
Using Image Check real-time reconstruction (55 fps),
the acquired images appear quickly on the CT console,
enabling a quick diagnosis and improving triage and
door-to-door treatment times in emergency radiology.
Focus less on the system and more on your patients
The Xtream display prominently shows the patient
name, making exams more personal. It also includes
a number of educational videos that explain CT
procedures or can be used as a distraction
technique for younger patients.
User-friendly console
The Optima CT660 FREEdom Edition workspace
provides flexibility and comfort, whether you’re sitting
or standing. The graphical user interface, common
to all GE CT systems, puts automated processing at
your fingertips.
The table provides automatic One-Step positioning,
reducing manual positioning and streamlining
Synchronized injection
Xtream Injector provides a synchronized start of the
scan and injection from the CT operator console.
Synchronization provides increased opportunity for
successful contrast bolus timing and consistency of
user-entered parameters, potentially reducing the
opportunity for error.
Personalized touches
One-touch set-ups allow you to personalize image
presentation to individual physician preferences in
advanced processing, volume-rendering attributes,
multi-planar reformats and image sizing.
Giving you profound
image clarity at lower dose
Dose reduction with ASiR is combined with
GE Healthcare’s proven Optidose technologies
that deliver dose reduction at the source.
Optidose offers SmartTrack dynamic collimation
that keeps the X-ray beam tightly focused on
the active detector cells and Dynamic Z-Axis
tracking, which blocks unused X-rays at the
beginning and end of a helical scan.
Without ASiR
With ASiR
Traditionally in CT there has been an undesirable
trade-off between image performance and low
radiation dose levels. While high image performance
often requires greater patient exposure to diagnostic
radiation, lower dose levels usually mean lower image
clarity due to higher noise and more artifacts.
ASiR* may help you achieve dose reductions while
delivering the diagnostic image quality needed for
confident diagnosis.1 It may also improve low-contrast
detectability. ASiR, a projection-based iterative
reconstruction technology, changes the dose
paradigm across many anatomies and patients.
Customers using ASiR have demonstrated excellent
diagnostic image quality at low dose across exam
types and body regions.
GE Healthcare has taken steps toward eliminating this
trade-off by developing parallel technologies to reduce
the dose while maintaining diagnostic image quality.
dose check
Prior to starting the scan while setting the scan
parameters, Dose Check provides tools to
notify and alert you whether the estimated
dose index is above user-defined notification
values. The Dose Check feature is designed to
comply with the NEMA XR-25-2010 standard.
In clinical practice, the use of ASiR may reduce CT patient dose depending
on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location, and clinical practice. A
consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine
the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular
clinical task.
image gallery
image gallery
image gallery
image gallery
Power and performance,
even for demanding cases
With the Optima CT660 FREEdom Edition, you can
image small structures and see fine details, or examine
large patients without compromising imaging quality
and speed. With a strong combination of a reliable
X-ray tube and a powerful 72 kW generator delivering
a peak of up to 600 mA, you can rely on the system to
scan patients even in the most demanding situations.
Without IQE
With IQE
Speed and coverage
For dynamic acquisition studies like pulmonary
embolism, thorax, and vascular, as well as for
pediatrics and uncooperative patients, it is critical
to acquire thin slices at the high table speed in
GE helical reconstruction technologies and crossbeam
correction work together to enable fast routine
scanning of up to 70 cm in 7 seconds while delivering
0.35-mm isotropic spatial resolution.
An innovative detector developed for high
spatial and temporal resolution
The V-Res detector and Volara DAS are optimized for
thin-slice, volumetric imaging with high spatial and
temporal resolution. Their design and GE’s patented
HiLight* material composition combine to satisfy the
critical-to-quality requirements for primary speed,
afterglow, X-ray stopping power, transparency, lightto-electronic signal conversion, z-axis uniformity,
and robust performance.
These exceptional capabilities enable the Optima
CT660 FREEdom Edition scanner to uniformly and
routinely achieve excellent imaging performance in
a wide array of clinical applications including cardiac.
power and performance
Optima CT660 FREEdom Edition:
A partner of choice for your most critical studies
Advanced technology for dynamic perfusion
studies: twice the coverage with less dose1
The Optima CT660 allows extended coverage of up
to 120 mm with Volume Helical Shuttle or 80 mm
with VolumeShuttle1, providing more neuro perfusion
coverage. Perfusion 4D takes simplicity and intelligence
to a new level and supports quick analysis of CT
perfusion images obtained by cine imaging.
Angiography: extended range for dynamic cta
and functional assessment
The Optima CT660 speed and coverage may allow you
to capture the arterial phase for assessment of most
vascular segments. Autolaunch and preprocessing
offer substantial time savings, by preparing up to eight
cases for reading. In addition, Autobone automatically
subtracts bones in angiography studies and features
automatic vessel tracking and thrombus segmentation.
Oncology: Detect, characterize,
and quantify lesions
The thin slices of the Optima CT660 provide
extreme image clarity for detecting very small
lesions. GE Healthcare’s AW oncology capabilities
help streamline time-consuming oncology follow-up
studies with integrated reading tools.
Oncology follow-up studies represent over 70%
of routine reviews. Oncoquant* imaging software
automates workflow from your PACS, facilitating easy
comparisons over time and efficient follow-up exams.
So you spend more time reading and reviewing, with
less time retrieving studies and preparing exams.
Lung VCAR offers a more productive reading workflow
solution with automatic processing, enabling fast second
reviews and easy comparison of follow-up studies.
Colon VCAR enables the detection of colonic lesions
with electronic cleansing. The software allows you to
primary-read and problem solve using correlated 2D,
3D, or 360-degree dissection views.
Less dose due to X-ray beam being turned off during table moves.
Powered by AW
Beyond post-processing image
efficiency, a comprehensive
solution is available to
empower your Optima CT660
FREEdom Edition experience.
Clinical relevance is the main driver of
GE Healthcare’s post-processing software
Since 1990, improvements in the company’s offering
have led to a robust and constantly enriched
foundation coming directly from the modality’s latest
innovations. Today it provides a unique and consistent
multimodality 2D, 3D, and 4D environment, placing
patient pathology in the center. On top of this
foundation is GE Healthcare’s large portfolio of
vascular, cardiac, oncology, and neurology advanced
applications that enhance scanner capacities to
provide accurate assessments.
Clinical relevance without system
interoperability means nothing
With significant dose reduction, CT scanners increase
body exploration capacities. Additionally, the volume
of data is growing fast and managing it becomes
time-consuming and complex. That is why AW ensures
deep integration with medical equipment—CT, MRI,
PET-CT, Vascular—and your RIS and PACS systems.
Because communication alone is not enough, AW
provides Workflow Booster, an automatic case
preparation and preprocessing tool.
Unleash the power and access it from
Complex pathologies require teamwork and expertise
sharing inside or outside of your facility. GE Healthcare’s
client server model, AW Server, complements the
traditional AW workstations, offering a centrally
managed, post-processing engine accessible from
any PC or Mac1, staff meeting, radiologist office, or
outside if allowed2.
Following systems are supported: Windows® XP, Vista & Windows 7,
AW Workstations, Mac® (using Windows Parallel).
IT team needs to configure appropriate access to server from outside
the facility.
About GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies
and services that are shaping a new age of patient care. Our broad
expertise in medical imaging and information technologies,
medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery,
biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, performance
improvement and performance solutions services helps our
customers to deliver better care to more people around the world
at a lower cost. In addition, we partner with healthcare leaders,
striving to leverage the global policy change necessary to
implement a successful shift to sustainable healthcare systems.
Our “healthymagination” vision for the future invites the world
to join us on our journey as we continuously develop innovations
focused on reducing costs, increasing access, and improving
quality around the world. Headquartered in the United Kingdom,
GE Healthcare is a unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE).
Worldwide, GE Healthcare employees are committed to serving
healthcare professionals and their patients in more than 100
countries. For more information about GE Healthcare, visit our
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