Crestron | FT-600 | Product Specifications: FT-TSC600

Product Specifications: FT-TSC600
FlipTop™ Touch Screen Control System
>> Flush mount tabletop control and connectivity in one stylish
FlipTop™ design
>> Built-in 3-Series® control processor
>> Onboard 10/100 Ethernet and Cresnet® master ports [3]
>> Control port expansion via C2N-IO modules [2]
>> Integrated 5” capacitive color touch screen with
Smart Graphics™ support [6]
>> High-performance H.264 streaming video over Ethernet
>> Seamless integration with Crestron® DigitalMedia™
>> 5 soft-touch capacitive buttons for common functions
>> Hands-free audio conferencing using Rava® SIP
Intercom Technology [1]
>> Customizable audio feedback
>> Built-in microphone and speaker
>> Balanced line output for amplification of the speaker signal
>> PoE+ network powered
>> Configurable connection compartment allows versatile
combinations of pullout cables, cable retractors, connector
plates, and AC power outlets [2]
>> Tapered cable notch allows lid to be closed with cables
plugged in
>> Lacing bar for under table cable management
>> Universal cutout size fits all new and future FlipTops™
>> Black anodized or brushed aluminum finish
The FT-TSC600 FlipTop™ Touch Screen Control System by Crestron®
provides a configurable control and connectivity solution in a stylish, flush
mount tabletop design. Its built-in 3-Series® control processor and brilliant
5” color touch screen combine to deliver a complete, space-saving
controller for any small conference room or similar space. The built-in
connection compartment keeps interface cables and connectors at the
ready for plugging in laptop computers, mobile devices, AV sources, and
other equipment.
A FlipTop Touch Screen Control System is an ideal complement to a
DigitalMedia™ system or any other AV system. It provides an intuitive
and inviting “front end” for the more complex and mundane technology
beneath the tabletop and throughout the room. The integrated touch
screen and control processor can provide total control for an entire room,
offering a fully-customizable user interface for selecting presentation
sources, adjusting audio levels, dimming the lights, and even calling for
lunch service. Advanced capabilities include displaying full-motion video
and hands-free audio conferencing[1].
No Equipment Rack Required!
The FT-TSC600 encapsulates the industry’s best control technologies in
a single space-saving design that can alleviate the need for a separate
equipment rack. Onboard Ethernet and Cresnet® ports provide the
essential connectivity for integrating a roomful of equipment and
connecting to the building network. Expanded connectivity is available
using C2N-IO Control Port Expansion Modules, wireless gateways, and
other Crestron interface products.[2,3]
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Shown in Brushed Aluminum Finish
with Optional Cable Retractors,
Power Outlet Module, and
Connector Plates
FlipTop Design
Handsomely finished in a choice of black anodized or brushed aluminum,
Crestron FlipTops™ lend a contemporary metallic accent to conference
tables and podiums. The FT-TSC600 installs cleanly in virtually any flat,
horizontal surface up to 1-3/4 inch (44 mm) thick. Beveled edges provide
for a nearly flush appearance.
The FlipTop lid flips open with just the tip of a finger to access the touch
screen and connection compartment. Once connections and touch screen
settings are made, the lid can be closed. A generous, tapered notch at the
front of the lid opening allows interface cables to remain connected even
when the lid is closed.
Connection Compartment
The FT-TSC600 is highly configurable to provide a well-organized
connectivity solution tailored to each unique application. It provides options
for both pullout cables and panel-mounted connectors, with or without AC
power outlets. It comes standard with two cable pass-through plates and
four blank plates, all of which can be swapped out for your choice of cable
retractors, connector plates, and AC power outlet modules.
•• Cable Pass-Through Plates – Each cable pass-through plate provides
four grommeted holes to accommodate Crestron Certified Interface
Cables[2] and other AV, data, and communication cables. The user end
of each cable stows neatly within the connection compartment ready
for use while excess cable simply drops out-of-sight below the cable
FT-TSC600 FlipTop™ Touch Screen Control System
pass-through plate. The grommets provide a smooth, slippery surface
for easy pullout of each cable. Blank caps are also provided to cover
any unused holes. The cable pass-through plates are positioned at the
left and right sides of the connection compartment. The FT-TSC600
supports one or two cable pass-through plates. Two are included.
•• Cable Retractors – For an even more refined cable management
solution, the FT-TSC600 accommodates up to six Crestron CBLR2
Cable Retractors[2]. Crestron cable retractors feature a patented
mechanism that ensures smooth operation while eliminating
hanging cable loops beneath the table. Up to three cable retractors
can be installed in place of each cable pass-through plate, allowing for
a total of six cable retractors.
•• Connector Plates – If panel-mounted connectors are preferred, the
FT-TSC600 can accommodate up to four FTA-CP Connector Plates[2].
Connector plates are offered with a variety of common AV and data
connector types. Custom connector plates may also be fabricated by
the installer using the blank plates provided. All four connector plates
are positioned at the center of the connection compartment.
•• AC Power Outlet Modules – To provide power for laptops and other
portable devices, the FT-TSC600 can be equipped with up to four
120 Volt AC (NEMA 5) outlets, or up to two international AC outlets,
using your choice of FTA-PWR series AC Power Outlet Modules[2]. Each
FTA-PWR module occupies either two or three connector plate spaces.
Modules containing two international outlets additionally require one
adjacent cable pass-through plate space.
Integrated 5” Touch Screen
Flipping open the “FlipTop” lid exposes a large 5 inch capacitive touch
screen display, gracefully angled for easy operation and viewing. Smart
Graphics™ technology provides a stunning custom user interface with fluid
gesture-driven controls, animated feedback, metadata, embedded apps,
and high-performance H.264 video. Five soft-touch capacitive buttons are
also provided for quick access to commonly used functions.
All cables, power outlet module,
& connector plates sold separately
FT-TSC600-BALUM - Shown in Brushed Aluminum Finish
with Standard Cable Pass-Through Plates, Optional Power Outlet
Module, and Optional Connector Plates
Streaming Video
High-performance streaming video capability makes it possible to preview
a video source during a presentation or see a live camera image while
video conferencing — right on the FlipTop touch screen! Support for H.264
and MJPEG formats allows the FT-TSC600 to display streaming video from
an IP camera, a streaming server (Crestron CEN-NVS200[2] or similar), or a
DigitalMedia switcher. Video is delivered to the touch screen over Ethernet,
eliminating the need for any extra video wiring.
Hands-Free Audio Conferencing
Using Rava® SIP Intercom Technology, the FT-TSC600 enables handsfree VoIP communication between any two Rava-enabled Crestron touch
screens. Rava works over Ethernet, supporting audio conferencing[1],
intercom, video intercom[4], and paging without any special wiring.
VoIP phone capability is also possible through integration with an SIPcompatible IP phone system or SIP server, allowing hands-free telephone
and teleconferencing functionality complete with speed-dialing, caller ID,
custom ringers, and other enhancements. Built-in echo cancellation affords
full-duplex performance for clear, seamless voice communication using the
FT-TSC600’s integrated microphone and speaker.
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All cable retractors,
power outlet module, &
connector plate sold separately
FT-TSC600-B - Shown in Black Anodized Finish
with Optional Cable Retractors, UK Power Outlet Module,
and Connector Plate
FT-TSC600 FlipTop™ Touch Screen Control System
Line Output
In addition to its onboard speaker, the FT-TSC600 includes a balanced
line-level audio output, allowing the speaker signal to be routed to the
room’s audio system. Amplifying the FlipTop’s audio signal through the
room speakers enhances its audio conferencing capabilities, allowing a
small group of individuals to participate in a conference call using a
single FT-TSC600.[1]
3-Series® Control Engine
The FT-TSC600 features a built-in 3-Series control processor, which can
eliminate the need for a separate rack-mounted control system for many
applications. Crestron 3-Series delivers a distinctively robust, dynamic, and
secure control system platform capable of faithfully managing a room full
of disparate technologies — from audio and video equipment to lighting,
climate control, shades, drapes, and other amenities. Its Modular
Programming Architecture allows the FT-TSC600 to run multiple
programs simultaneously for increased efficiency and flexibility. Rock solid
networking and IP control afford seamless integration with other systems
and devices, with add-on control capability using Crestron touch screens,
wireless remotes, and mobile devices, and remote management through
Crestron Fusion™ Enterprise Management Software.
Equipped with a Cresnet master port, the FT-TSC600 supports the full line
of Crestron keypads, lighting controls, shades, thermostats, sensors, and
other devices that don’t require the higher speed of Ethernet.[3]
Control Port Expander
Interfacing with IR, serial, and relay controlled devices is facilitated
using the C2N-IO Control Port Expansion Module[2]. The C2N-IO is a
compact device that can be mounted virtually anywhere. It connects to the
FT-TSC600 via the Cresnet port, and provides one bidirectional RS-232
port, one IR/serial port, and two relay ports for integration with third-party
devices. A total of two C2N-IOs can be connected directly to the
FT-TSC600 without requiring an additional power supply[3]. Besides the
C2N-IO, the FT-TSC600 is compatible with the complete line of Cresnet
and infiNET EX® control modules, as well as 3-Series control
card interfaces.
Native support for the BACnet/IP communication protocol provides a direct
interface to third-party building management systems over Ethernet.[5]
Power over Ethernet
Using PoE+ technology, the FT-TSC600 gets its operating power right
through the LAN wiring. PoE (Power over Ethernet) eliminates the need
for a local power supply or any dedicated power wiring. The FT-TSC600
supports LLDP advanced power management, requiring only 15 Watts from
the PoE power budget when powered by a compatible PoE+ switch such
as the Crestron CEN-SWPOE-16[2] (see specifications for more information).
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Build Yours Now
Your custom FlipTops are waiting. Simply use the Crestron FlipTops
Configuration Tool to build and order yours in just minutes! The drag-anddrop user interface makes it easy to select your choice of finishes, cables,
cable retractors, connector plates, and power outlets.
Visit: and scroll to the bottom of the page.
Touch Screen Display
Display Type: TFT active matrix color LCD
Size: 5 inch (127 mm) diagonal
Aspect Ratio: 15:9 WVGA
Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
Brightness: 300 nits (cd/m2)
Contrast: 450:1
Color Depth: 24-bit, 16.7M colors
Illumination: Edgelit LED
Viewing Angle: ±69° horizontal, +62°/-64° vertical
Touch Screen: Projected capacitive
Hardkeys: (5) Projected capacitive pushbuttons, programmable,
pre-labeled with icons for “Power”, “Home”, “Lights”, “Up”, and “Down”
Flash: 4 GB
Maximum Project Size: 512 MB
Control Engine
3-Series®; real-time, preemptive multi-threaded/multitasking kernel;
Transaction-Safe Extended FAT file system; supports up to 10
simultaneously running programs
Graphics Engine
Supports Smart Graphics™ [6]
Ethernet: 10/100 Mbps; auto-switching; auto-negotiating; auto-discovery;
full/half duplex; industry-standard TCP/IP stack; UDP/IP; CIP; DHCP; SSL;
IEEE 802.1X; SNMP; BACnet™/IP[5]; IPv4 or IPv6; Active Directory
authentication; IIS v.6.0 Web Server; SMTP e-mail client; installer setup via
Crestron Toolbox™ or MSIE[7], IEEE 802.3at Type 2 compliant
Cresnet®: Cresnet master mode
USB: Supports computer console
FT-TSC600 FlipTop™ Touch Screen Control System
Streaming Formats: H.264 (MPEG-4 part 10 AVC), MJPEG
Power Requirements
Features: Built-in microphone and speaker, Rava® SIP Intercom, line out
(same signal as speaker)
Audio Feedback Formats: MP3
Connectors – Connection Compartment
Cable Pass-Through Plates: Supports up to two cable pass-through
plates (included). Each plate includes four grommeted holes which may be
selectively covered using blank caps provided. The cable pass-through
plates are positioned at the left and right sides of the
connection compartment.
Cable Retractors: Up to three CBLR2 Cable Retractors can be installed
in place of each pass-through plate, allowing for a total of six
cable retractors.
Connector Plates: Supports up to four FTA-CP Connector Plates[2]. Four
blank plates are included. The connector plates are positioned at the
center of the connection compartment.
AC Power Outlet Modules: A single FTA-PWR-102 Dual AC Power
Outlet Module[2] can be installed in place of any two adjacent connector
plates, or two FTA-PWR-102 modules can be installed in place of all four
connector plates. A single FTA-PWR-2*1 series International AC Power
Outlet Module[2] can be installed in place of any three contiguous
connector plates. A single FTA-PWR-2*2 series Dual International AC Power
Outlet Module[2] can be installed in place of any three contiguous connector
plates plus the adjacent cable pass-through plate.
Connectors – Bottom Panel
AUD OUT: (1) 3-pin 3.5mm detachable terminal block;
Balanced mono line-level audio output;
Output Impedance: 100 Ohms;
Maximum Output Level: 4 Vrms
COMPUTER: (1) USB Type B female;
USB computer console port (6 ft cable included)
NET: (1) 4-pin 3.5mm detachable terminal block;
Cresnet master port, connects to C2N-IO Control Port Expansion Modules
and other Cresnet devices[2,3]
LAN PoE: (1) 8-wire RJ45, female;
10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet port, Power over Ethernet compliant[3]
G: (1) 6-32 screw, chassis ground lug
Controls & Indicators
MSG: (1) Red LED, indicates processor has generated an error message
NET: (1) Amber LED, indicates communication with the Cresnet system
PWR: (1) Dual-color LED, indicates operating power supplied via PoE,
turns yellow while booting and green when operating
HW-R: (1) Recessed miniature pushbutton for hardware reset
SW-R: (1) Recessed miniature pushbutton for software reset
LAN PoE: (2) LEDs, indicate Ethernet port status
| 800.237.2041
Power over Ethernet: IEEE 802.3at Type 2 PoE+ Powered Device;
• 15 Watts if using an 802.3at Type 2 PSE with LLDP advanced power
• Class 4 (25.5W) if using an 802.3at Type 2 PSE without LLDP;
• Class 0 (12.95W) if using an 802.3af (or 802.3at Type 1) PSE (no
Cresnet power available via NET port)[3]
Available Cresnet Power: 5 Watts (208 mA @ 24 Volts DC)[3]
Utility Power: Dependent upon the AC power outlet module installed; refer
to the FTA-PWR spec sheet for more information[2]
Temperature: 32° to 112°F (0° to 45°C)
Humidity: 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Heat Dissipation: 51 BTU/Hr
Chassis: Metal, black
Cover: Aluminum, black anodized or brushed aluminum finish
Touch Screen Bezel: Aluminum
Mounting: Flush tabletop mount, 1-3/4 in (44 mm) maximum surface
thickness, 6-1/4 in (159 mm) deep x 7-1/2 in (190 mm) wide cutout
(template provided)
Height: 8.59 in (218 mm);
12.34 in (314 mm) with lid open
Width: 7.98 in (203 mm);
9.19 in (234 mm) with mounting brackets
Depth: 6.77 in (172 mm);
7.88 in (200 mm) with lid open
5.2 lb (2.4 kg)
Available Models
FT-TSC600-B: FlipTop™ Touch Screen Control System, Black Anodized
FT-TSC600-BALUM: FlipTop™ Touch Screen Control System, Brushed
Available Accessories
CBL Series: Crestron® Certified Interface Cables
CBLR2 Series: Cable Retractors for FlipTops™
FTA-CBLRA-INSERT-2WIRE-102: Cable Retractor Spacer Insert
FTA-CP Series: FlipTop™ Connector Plates
FT-TSC600 FlipTop™ Touch Screen Control System
FTA-PWR: FlipTop™ AC Power Outlet Modules
C2N-IO: Control Port Expansion Module
C2N-HBLOCK: Multi-type Cresnet Distribution Block
CEN-SWPOE-16: 16-Port Managed PoE Switch
CEN-NVS200: Network Video Streamer
SW-VMK-WIN: TouchPoint® Virtual Mouse & Keyboard Software for
CRESTRON-APP: Crestron® App
CRESTRON-MOBILE-PRO: Crestron Mobile Pro® Control App
XPANEL: Crestron Control® for Computers
SW-MYCRESTRON: myCrestron Dynamic DNS Service for Crestron
SW-FUSION-EM: Fusion EM® Energy Management Software
SW-FUSION-RV: Fusion RV® Remote Asset Management Software
SW-ROOMVW-ENT: RoomView® Express - Remote Help Desk and
Resource Management Software
SW-3SERIES-BACNET-50+: BACnet®/IP Support for 3-Series®
1. Supports audio conferencing with another Rava-enabled device over an IP network, or with any
telephone device through integration with a SIP-compatible IP phone system or SIP server.
2. Item(s) sold separately.
3. To supply Cresnet power via the NET port, the FT-TSC600 must be powered using an
IEEE 802.3at Type 2 PoE+ PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment). If the FT-TSC600 is powered
by an 802.3af or 802.3at Type 1 PoE PSE, no load should be connected to the “24” terminal
of the NET port, and an external Cresnet power supply must be used to power any attached
devices that require Cresnet power.
4. H.264 compatible IP camera required.
5. License required. The FT-TSC600 supports a maximum of 250 BACnet objects when
dedicated for BACnet use only. Actual capabilities are contingent upon the overall program size
and complexity.
6. Supports Smart Graphics only. Not compatible with “traditional” UI projects.
7. Web-based installer setup requires the Microsoft® Internet Explorer® Web browser running on
a Windows® PC.
This product may be purchased from an authorized Crestron dealer. To find a dealer, please
contact the Crestron sales representative for your area. A list of sales representatives is available
online at or by calling 800-237-2041.
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FT-TSC600 FlipTop™ Touch Screen Control System
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