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Conair 5000 Operating instructions
Easy Care 5000 Fabric Steamer
Model CGS28BA
When using electrical appliances, especially when children are
present, basic safety instructions should always be followed,
including the following:
Polythene bags over product or package may be dangerous. To
avoid danger of suffocation, keep this wrapper away from babies
and children. This bag is not a toy.
DANGER: When the unit is used in a bathroom, unplug it
after use since the proximity of water
presents a hazard even when the unit is switched off.
WARNING: Do not use this appliance in or near bathtubs,
showers, basins, or other vessels containing water.
• Do not immerse in water or other liquids.
• Do not reach for an appliance that has fallen into water. Unplug
• Take care to avoid contact between the hot surfaces of the unit
and the skin, paying particular attention to the face, neck and
• This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or
lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety.
• Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with
the appliance.
IMPORTANT: Always unplug the appliance when not in use or before
cleaning. Do not leave unattended when plugged in or switched on.
Do not place on any heat-sensitive surface and always allow to cool
before storing away.
• Do not use any attachments other than those supplied by Conair
Australia Pty Ltd.
• Use this appliance only for its intended use as described in this
instruction booklet.
• This appliance is not intended for commercial use.
• Never drop or insert any object into an opening or hose.
• Do not use if unit has been dropped or damaged.
• Do not use outdoors or operate where aerosol (spray) products are
being used or where oxygen is being administered.
• Keep the cord away from heated surfaces.
• Never yank the cord to disconnect from the power outlet, instead
grasp plug and pull to disconnect.
• Do not use this appliance if the supply cord is damaged. In the event
of damage, discontinue use immediately and contact your dealer
for instructions on returning it for examination or exchange.
• After use do not wrap the cord around the appliance as in time
this may cause the cord to fracture. Coil cord loosely around the
appliance in storage.
• While it is not recommended, if an extension cord is absolutely
necessary, a 15 amp rated power cord should be used. Cords rated
for less amperage may overheat. Care should be taken to arrange
the power cord so that the cord cannot be pulled or tripped over.
• Always ensure that the voltage to be used corresponds to the
voltage marked on the unit.
• For additional protection, the installation of a residual device (RCD)
with a rated operating current not exceeding 30mA is advisable in
the electrical current supplying the bathroom and other parts of
the home. Ask your installer for advice.
• Do not operate steamer without correctly filling the water
• Do not overfill the steamer, since it can cause hot water to boil out
and burn.
• Never pour water directly into the reservoir. Put water only in
water tank.
• Only use clean cold water for filling this appliance. In hard water
areas, we recommend the use of distilled water.
• Always keep the hose and nozzle elevated above the water
• Before unit is turned on, the hose must be extended, and then
place it in the hook.
• Do not place the steam nozzle directly onto any surface or on the
appliance power cord while it is hot or plugged in.
• Use with caution when changing attachments as they may contain
hot water or condensation from the nozzle. Attachments should
never be placed on the unit when in use or when preheating.
Ensure that the attachments are dry or cooled to avoid contact
with hot water.
• Attachments may get hot during use. Allow them to cool before
• When emitting steam, this appliance may cause burns if it is used
too close to the skin or eyes, or if it is used incorrectly. To reduce
the risk of contact with hot water emitting from the steam vents,
test appliance before use by holding it away from the body.
• Do not steam garments while on a person.
• Burns could occur from touching hot metal parts, hot water or
steam. Use care when you turn steam appliance upside down
– there may be hot water in the reservoir.
• Use with caution when carrying steamer, as it contains hot water.
• Hose will be hot when in use. Avoid prolonged contact to avoid
360˚ rotating hanger
spins for convenient
steaming access
30% more steam* with
a unique nano-silver
ceramic coated nozzle
Up to 100min of
continuous steam
Cool touch handle with
easy-grip control
Duo pant clip system,
specially designed to
easily steam trousers &
long garments
Removable 2.5 litre
water container with
steam time indicators
Automatic safety
cut-off system
Valve on base of
steamer for draining
Press attachment for
creating professional
creased results
*compared to a traditional T nozzle.
Adjustable telescopic
pole collapses for easy
Storage hook holds
nozzle when changing
garments. Ideal for
storing the attachment
when not in use
Duo power control with
2 settings:
• Advanced Pro-steam setting
with 1500 watts of power,
ideal for heavier garments,
bedding, linen, home furnishings & upholstery
• Normal 1200 watts setting, ideal for cotton, polyester, nylon, silk & delicate
non-iron fabrics
Wheel on base of
steamer for easy gliding
2-in-1 lint & bristle brush
attachment for removing
fluff and hair from home
furnishing and bedding
The garment steamer comes in several parts:
1. Telescopic pole
2. Extendable telescopic pole
3. One metal rod with pant clip system
4. Two grooved plastic connectors (one is attached to the base of the
steamer and the other is attached to the metal rod with pant clip
5. One round plastic connector with hook
6. One 360˚ rotatable hanger with pant clip system
7. 2-in-1 lint and bristle brush attachment
8. Press attachment
9. One woven hose + cool touch handle + triangular shaped nozzle
Assembling the Telescopic Pole, Pant Clip System and 360°
Rotatable Hanger
Step.1 Loose the existing grooved plastic connector from the base of
the steamer
Step.2 Insert telescopic pole, marked ‘1’ (with open hole facing down)
into the connector and receptacle in base of the steamer (Fig.B).
Slide the pole into the base of the steamer and twist into place,
and then push the pole down as far as it can go, until it clicks
into place. Screw tighly the grooved connector into place.
Step.3 Unscrew the grooved connector attached to the metal rod with pant clip system. Slide the pant clip system to
the desired position.
Step.4 Tightly screw the grooved connector.(Fig.C)
Step.5 Insert the round plastic connector with hook onto the top of
the pole on the garment steamer. (Fig.D)
Push the round plastic connector down the pole until it cannot
be pushed down any further.
Step.6 Take the extendable telescopic pole, marked ‘2’ and unclip the
white plastic clip (Fig.E). Extend the pole as far as required and
secure desired height by closing the white plastic clip. (Fig.F)
Step.7 Place the extendable telescopic pole (with open hole facing
down) into the top of the round plastic connector already on
the garment steamer. Align the pole and then lightly push
down into place. (Fig.G)
Step.8 Place the rotatable hanger with pant clip system over the top
of the pole. NB – The pant clips on the hanger should be at the front of
the garment steamer. Hold the pole and then push the hanger down into place.
The telescopic pole, hanger and duo pant clip system should now
be in place. You are now ready to attach the hose and nozzle to
the steamer.Attaching the Steamer Hose
To attach the steamer hose, insert the bottom of the steamer hose
into the base of the garment steamer. Twist clockwise to secure in
1. 2. 1. Insert 3.
2. Turn 3. Lock
Removing the Steamer Hose
Ensure that the garment steamer has cooled down.
To remove the steamer hose, turn slowly counter clockwise to
1. 1. Push down
2. 2. Turn counter clockwise
3. Continue turn until hose is released
This garment steamer includes a 360°rotatable
hanger. To use the hanger, simply hang your
garment over the hanger and turn as you wish.
Each time you move the hanger around, it will
automatically click and secure itself in place, for
fast and easy use.
This garment steamer includes a duo pant clip system for holding
pants taut for faster and more effective steaming. (Fig.L) The bottom
clips can be adjusted by loosening the knob on the metal rod and
the height can also be adjusted by simply sliding the metal rod up
or down the telescopic pole, depending on the length of the pants.
To move the metal rod up or down, simply unscrew and release the
grooved connector, then move the metal rod as required. (Fig.M)
NB – Some pants may be too long to use the bottom of the pant
clips. Simply use the top clips on the hanger and let the bottom of
the pants hang freely.
Attachments should only be connected and removed from the
nozzle when the unit is cool.
This garment steamer includes two plastic attachments:
2-in-1 lint and bristle brush attachment for removing
lint from fabrics.
Press attachment to steam creases from pants, shirt
sleeves and collars. It can also be used to press curtains
and other fabrics.
To attach the 2-in-1 lint and bristle brush to the nozzle, simply align
the bottom of the attachment with the bottom of the nozzle. Push
the top of the attachment forward until it clicks into place. The
2-in1 lint and bristle bush should then be attached to the nozzle
and is now ready to use.
To remove, simply unclick the top of the attachment and pull away
from the nozzle.
To attach the press attachment to the nozzle, turn the attachment
upside down so that the clip on the attachment is closest to the
handle of the nozzle. Align the bottom of the attachment with the
bottom of the nozzle. Push the attachment up until it clicks into
place. The press attachment should then be attached to the nozzle
and is now ready to use.
To remove, hold the clip on the bottom of the attachment and pull
away from the nozzle.
The storage hook included with this steamer has two uses:
1. Use it to hold the steamer nozzle when changing
garments on the hanger. Simply hook the back of the nozzle onto the side of the storage hook.
Be careful when placing the steam nozzle
on this hook as steam will still be emitting from the
steamer, when the steamer is switched on. Always
attach and remove the steamer nozzle by handling
(Fig.K )
the cool-touch handle.
2. Use it as a storage hook to hold the two attachments when not in use.
The nozzle on this steamer has a lightweight stainless steel surface
that is coated with ceramic and nano-silver. The nano-silver ceramic
coating works in two ways:
1. Ceramic coating provides even heat and steam distribution over
the entire surface of the nozzle, helping to easily remove wrinkles
and reduce hotspots on fabric.
2. Micro particles of nano silver refresh and rejuvenate fabric and
remove unpleasant odours.
Dust mites flourish in warm, humid environments and need humidity
of more than 50% year round to survive, making most coastal areas
of Australia and New Zealand the perfect breeding ground.
Millions of dust mites exist in homes attached to fibres in carpet,
bedding, pillows, sofas, rugs, throws, cushions, curtains, drapes and
children’s soft toys.
The mattress is the major breeding ground for dust mites. Depending
on its age, a mattress may contain between 100,000 and 10 million
dust mites and their eggs.
Using a steamer that emits steam hotter than 55˚C is the best and
most convenient way to eliminate dust mites from around the
home. This steamer emits steam to 100˚C.
Turn the water container upside down and inspect to make sure
the valve and spring assembly are functioning. Place the container
in the reservoir and check that it is seated securely. If the container
has been stored with water inside, it may be necessary to remove
the water and clean the container. Refer to the instructions on
clean and care for the water container.
1. Before plugging in the appliance, remove the water container
with the handle and turn upside down.
2. Unscrew the valve and spring assembly cap in the centre of the
3. Fill water container by holding the container under a source of
cold water. Only use clean water for filling the steamer. In hard
water areas, we recommend the use of distilled water.
There is no need to fill with warm or hot water, as the steamer
heats the water while producing steam.
4. Fill the container to the desired level. Use the measurements on
the side of the water container as a guide. Each measurement
indicates the time length of steam the garment steamer will
provide if it is filled to that level. Do not overfill the container.
NB – the total capacity of the water container is 2.5 litres.
5. Screw the valve and spring assembly cap back onto the water
container and return the container to the upright position.
6. Place the water container into reservoir in the base of the steamer
and ensure that it is seated properly in the cavity.
1. Ensure that the steamer is assembled correctly and that the hose
is connected securely to the base of the steamer.
2. Ensure that the on/off ‘LO/O/HI’ switch is set to the ‘O’ position.
3. Plug the steamer into a suitable power outlet.
4. This steamer features a duo power control with two settings:
I. Normal (LO) setting – 1200 watts of power. Ideal for steaming
cotton, polyester, nylon, silk and delicate non-iron fabrics.
This setting provides 100 minutes of continuous steam.
II. Pro-steam setting (HI) – 1500 watts of power.
Ideal for steaming denim, wool, cashmere and heavier garments,
bedding and linen, home furnishings and upholstery. This advanced
setting combined with a cloth cover is also ideal for steam cleaning hard surfaces such as windows, benchtops and flooring.
This setting provides 80 minutes of continuous steam.
Switch the on/off switch on the base of the steamer to the required
setting. When using the:
I. Normal setting, the LED will illuminate in a light red colour
II. Pro-steam setting, the LED will illuminate in a bright red
NB - Always check the LED light and on/off switch to ensure you
are aware of which steam setting you are using.
5. After flicking the on/off switch, steam will begin to emit from
the nozzle after about 60 seconds.
6. The automatic safety cut-off system on this steamer switches the
heater off when the water tank is empty, for safe and easy use.
CAUTION: Hose will be hot when in use. Avoid prolonged contact.
This steamer is suitable for use on all types of fabric including
cotton, polyester, nylon, elastane, denim, velvet, leather, wool,
cashmere, silk and delicate non-iron fabrics, as well as fabrics with
beading and embellishments.
This steamer is also great for all dry-clean only items – helping you
to save time and money on expensive dry cleaner bills.
It is also great for use on all home fabrics and soft furnishings such
as curtains, rugs, cushions, sofas, bedding, mattresses, pillows and
linen to help remove odours, kill dust mites and rejuvenate fabric.
The unique nozzle on this steamer provides 30% more steam
surface area when compared to a traditional T nozzle; and the
design and triangle shape of the nozzle makes it easy to steam
collars, sleeves, between and over buttons and between smaller
areas of garments, ensuring perfect steam results everytime.
Depending on the type of garment/fabric to be steamed, there are
several ways of steaming:
1. Grasp the nozzle with the steam jets facing away from you.
2. Begin at the bottom of the garment to allow the steam to rise
and remove wrinkles from the inside and outside of the fabric.
NB – Some garments are best steamed on the underside of the
3. Slowly move the nozzle from the bottom to the top of the
4. Remove the nozzle from the garment and smooth the fabric
with your free hand. This will allow the fibres of the fabric to
relax and help eliminate wrinkles and creases. NB – During operation, the steamer hose may gurgle. This is
a normal result of condensation collecting inside the hose.
Simply lift the handle upward until the hose is extended to full
height. The gurgling will stop when the excess moisture inside the
head has had a chance to drain back into the hose.
NOTE: Test fabric for colour fastness in a small inconspicuous spot.
Drape linens, towels, handkerchiefs and napkins over a rod or place
on a towel rack when steaming. Heavier garments and fabrics may
require repeated steaming. Repeat steaming as necessary. It takes
some practice to gain speed and efficiency and to learn that some
fabrics require multiple steam applications.
**Do not directly touch velvet, silk or delicate fabrics with the
nozzle. Lightly touch when steaming, to allow the steam to rise
over the garment.
Always steam with the hose in an upright position, so any
condensation is free to flow back into the steamer.
NB - During operation the steamer hose may gurgle. This is a
normal result of condensation collecting inside the hose. Simply lift
the steamer nozzle and handle into an upright position until the
hose is extended to full height, allowing the condensation to flow
back into the base of the steamer. The gurgling will stop when the
excess moisture inside the nozzle and hose has had a chance to
flow back into the base of the steamer.
If you steam with the hose upside down, condensation will collect
inside the hose. This will cause gurgling and some water droplets
to form near the steam jets on the handle. To avoid this, frequently
lift the steam handle upward until the hose is extended to full
Wash and dry as directed in the instructions of your drapes and
curtains. Re-hang drapes/curtains and then steam when in place.
1. Turn the product off by flicking the on/off LO/O/HI switch to the
‘O’ off position. Unplug from the power outlet.
2. Wait for the steamer to cool completely for at least 30 minutes.
3. Coil power cord loosely around the appliance.
4. Remove the steamer hose as per instructions in ‘Step 2 –
Attaching the Steamer Hose’.
5. Remove the water container from the base of the steamer.
Unscrew valve and spring assembly and empty unused water.
Allow to air dry.
6. Remove excess water from the reservoir in the base of the
steamer by lifting the unit and pouring into a sink.
7. Replace water container.
8. Store the unit in an upright position.
9. To compact the steamer for more convenient storage,
a) remove the hanger
b) unclip the extendable telescopic pole and secure
to its’ shortest height by re-clipping the white clip
c) rotate the bottom rod with pant clips so that it is
vertical and in-line with the pole
d) secure the hose in a circle and place the back of the nozzle
over the storage hook
e) place the middle round section of the hanger into the clip on
the front of the storage hook.
Decalcification of Your Steamer
If the appliance begins to produce steam more slowly than usual,
stops producing steam and then starts again, you may need to
decalcify your steamer.
Decalcification refers to removing the calcium deposits which can
form over time on the metal parts of the steamer.
For best performance, decalcify the unit from time to time such as
once a month, depending on how often you use the appliance. The
frequency also depends on the hardness of the water used.
To decalcify, fill the water tank with a solution of 1/3 white vinegar
and 2/3 water and replace the water container into its cavity in the
base of the steamer. Place the nozzle head over a sink and switch
the steamer on, to the ‘HI’ position. Run the steamer until at least
half of the liquid has been steamed (approx 1 litre). Turn the
steamer off, to the ‘O’ position, unplug from the power outlet and
allow to cool for 30 minutes.
To fully decalcify, remove the water container from the steamer
and drain the remaining liquid from the tank and cavity of the
steamer. Then, unscrew the drain hole cap on the
base of the steamer and place the base of the
steamer into a sink or area where the water can
be drained from the steamer. Leave for 10 minutes
and allow the remaining solution to be drained
from the water container and cavity of the steamer.
As the water drains from the steamer, it will also
drain the limescale from the steamer. Repeat the
above procedure as many times as necessary until a
normal steam rate returns, usually 2-3 times. With
each repeated cycle, use a fresh solution of vinegar
and water. Run one cycle of fresh, cold water after
the completion of decalcification before using the
steamer again.
Steamer fails to heat Steamer is not
plugged in
Plug into power outlet
and switch product on
No steam
Water level is
Switch product off
and refill water
Water drips from
Condensation in
Hold the nozzle and
hose vertically and
allow water to drain
back into unit
Nozzle gurgles
Condensation in
Hold the nozzle and
hose vertically and
allow water to drain
back into the unit
Poor steaming
1. S teamer is not
plugged in
2. Decalcification
is necessary
1. P
lug into power
2. Follow steps for
Note: Minerals in water will vary in different areas. To ensure
continued operation of the steamer, never store without cleaning
and removing excess water from the water container and the
water reservoir.
This product is subject to the express warranty given on the
warranty card included with the product, as may be amended by
reference to and in accordance with the terms of the warranty cards
displayed on Conair website
To make a warranty claim you must retain your proof of purchase.
Further details can be found at and
click on ‘customer service’.
Conair Australia Pty Ltd,
Suites 20 & 21,Ground Floor, 7 Narabang Way,
Belrose NSW 2085. Australia
Customer Service Hotline Australia: 1800 650 263
New Zealand: 0800 266 247
E-mail us at:
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