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Repeat Signag
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04 Rich media infrastruction links
Aquinas College displays NEC solutions
06 What is Ultra HD?
Toshiba explains about Ultra HD and what
it means to you
08 SMART Collaborative Classrooms
SMART Notebook Advantage annual
subscription upgrades to the latest
SMART Notebook with add-ons and
technical support
10 Visualise engaging your students
Optoma launch new visualiser and
projectors for education
11 Prizewinners
Congratulations to the winner of an
eBeam Edge for Education
12 ICT / AV product comparisons
As manufacturers continually bring out
new products to keep abreast of new
technology, lower total cost of ownership
with environmentally friendly products,
this feature gives you an update on what
projectors are available in the market
14 ICT / AV product comparisons
Interactive whiteboards and
interactive products technology
Interactivity with panels, tablets, visualisers
16 ICT / AV product comparisons
LCD monitors and touch screens
A look at what is available on the market
with links to manufacturers' brochures
and comparison charts
18 ICT / AV product comparisons
Visualisers, lecterns, rack cabinets,
sound and lighting
Manufacturers' products are often brought
out to solve specific problems, be that
storage of tablets in the classroom to
energy saving LED lighting for the drama
20 Success Story: Al Reselah School
of Science
Al Reselah School of Science aspires to
provide a high quality learning environment
using the most up-to-date curriculum,
teaching methods and technology to
ensure student achievement and success
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It's been a busy few months with the BETT Show, which you may
have visited, and manufacturers launching their new products to
help you teach and keep abreast of technology.
You have only to look round your school campus to see all the
mobile devices our new generation of digital natives carry around
with them. BYOD (bring your own device) is now a popular buzzword both in education and the workplace.
TOP-TEC Synergy collaboration tables
I recently visited Lincoln College with Helene, the SMART
education specialist, to sit in on a SMART Board® E70
demonstration. It was amazing, yet fun to watch, as teachers from
different departments interacted with Notebook software, using
pinch and zoom gestures to enlarge a 3D crab and view it from all
sides. Gone are the days when the poor old frog was dissected in
the Science Lab. Now you study it in detail, and it was fascinating
to watch the 3D frog being 'cut open' and its internal organs
removed, examined, and then all put back together again.
SMART Board® E70
interactive flat panel
to win
Repeat S
digital sigignage
software nage
21 Hitachi range of products
Hitachi have a range of products for
classrooms, lecture theatres and
auditoriums to provide solutions for all
educational needs
22 Hampton Court Palace chooses
multi-projection video experience
Casio projectors create immersive exhibit
dramatically housed on an 8m cyclorama
24 Product review: Repeat Signage
digital signage software
Learn how you can create a presentation
and have it playing in minutes. One of the
easiest to use digital signage software
packages on the market
30 Success story
Repeat Signage - a picture paints a
thousand words at Our Lady's
Convent School
Changes have been made to the
licencing of SMART Notebook
Collaborative Learning Software
and is now offered as an annual
subscription. For comparisons,
brochures and pricing of the SMART
Board® E70 interactive flat panel,
SMART Notebook licences, and
other 'All things SMART', please
visit: www.wedgwood-group.com/
Linda S. Adams - Editor
Wedgwood AV, who organised the
Education Technology
Lincoln College demonstration for
SMART products and Repeat Signage
digital signage software, offer no-obligation,
on-site demonstrations in mainland UK.
Contact: 01754 769967
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Rich media infrastructure
links entire campus
Aquinas College have moved into a
brand new state of the art premises,
benefiting from an IT infrastructure
capable of running multiple applications
and rich media services linking all
departments within the College. An
investment in the future with NEC's
commercial grade displays providing
total assurance of longevity, lifecycle
continuity and reduced cost of
The challenge
To create infrastructure to see the
College strive well into the future.
With the gloomy prospect of government
spending cuts affecting development of
schools and colleges, it is heartening to
hear of one College which has benefited
from a complete rebuild. The start of
the Autumn term saw Aquinas College in
Stockport settling into a brand new stateof-the-art educational facility.
Aquinas College are extremely proud of
their strong reputation and continuing
high achievement of students and it was
critical that the new build reflected and
supported the College's current status
and future aspirations as a provider of high
quality care and education. This was a
once in a lifetime opportunity to create
the infrastructure which would see the
College thrive well into the future, so early
on in the project the College's IT team
were keen to engage with an experienced
technology partner.
Andy Moss, IT Manager at Aquinas
College commented that bringing on a
trusted advisor at an early stage ensured
that they made the right decisions at the
right time. Their close association with
NEC enabled them to be fully informed
about what was achievable.
Wanting to get the most of this unique
opportunity, the College's requirements
were complex, so the IT advisor
looked to software vendor TriplePlay
to provide the means to manage a
comprehensive TV, Video on Demand
and Digital Signage System. The core
architecture design allows the college
to run multiple applications and services
from a single platform thereby maximising
their investment and minimising
implementation costs. The entire
campus has been networked allowing
fast, interactive rich media services for
students, staff and guests through digital
signage, IP TV and Video on Demand
The NEC solution
“With NEC as a technology partner
we were confident in providing the
College with ultimate solutions to
satisfy their IT needs well into the
With the infrastructure plan in place, the
next stage was to look to the face of the
installation. Two hardware vendors were
shortlisted and presented to the College.
An excellent representation from NEC
Display Solutions demonstrated its strong
offering of reliable large format LCD
04_Copyright © 2014 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
NEC was able to exhibit strong ecoconscious elements in their product
presentation and the College was
particularly interested in the unique
carbon footprint meter allowing tangible
measurements in terms of carbon
savings. NEC was able to demonstrate
extremely low failure rates and even
more reassuring was the solid supporting
warranty process, a consumer brand
could not compete with NEC's
advanced unit exchange guarantee.
NEC's reputation and experience in
the education sector reassured the
College that the NEC solution would
provide longevity in support of the IT
infrastructure. Still working from plans
at this stage it was anticipated that a
total of 14 screens would be sufficient to
connect the entire campus with the stateof-the-art communication and rich media
solution. With the building complete,
the final stages of the fit-out were taking
place. With a high level of activity going
on in the building, timing was critical to
ensure the safe installation of the screens
at a point in the fit-out programme which
would not compromise their performance.
It would have been highly inappropriate
for the screens to be installed before the
painters arrived! Working closely with the
IT advisor and NEC to optimise delivery
schedules and eight 42" and six 46" NEC
MultiSync® LCD displays were installed
providing a superior quality image at the
interface with College staff and students.
displays supported by a comprehensive
warranty and support package. The
College IT department were convinced
that a commercial large format product
offered a more robust solution than
a consumer TV. Strong advantages
included greater lifecycle continuity and a
larger array of inputs. These advantages
allowed for greater versatility and the
option to add to the estate in the future.
This being a once in a lifetime opportunity
for Aquinas College, it was critical to
invest for the future. Further important
considerations, particularly in view of the
new build status, was to demonstrate a
strong environmental consideration. The
Total Cost of Ownership was important
from a budget and environmental
Aquinas College is planning to add to their digital display assets with further installations
around the campus at locations where further coverage would be beneficial. With NEC
as a technology partner they are confident in providing the ultimate solution to satisfy the
College's IT needs well into the future.
The equipment
and benefits
8 x NEC MultiSync® V423 - Commercial grade 42" displays offering long term stability
Network Configuration for content management.
6 x NEC MultiSync® V463 - Affordable quality 46" displays for high impact visual
communication Network Configuration for content management.
New products
The NEC V463
is Full HD. With
Edge LED back
light technology,
power consumption,
weight and depth
has been further
reduced from the
mark set by its
NEC V463
The results
With the entire campus fully networked,
students, staff and guests from every
department are linked together in such
a way that they are fully integrated with
each other reflecting the values held
so highly within the College. With a
team of managers and administrators
from IT, library studies and senior staff,
communications are constantly updating
and evolving. Students also have input
via a system of user groups and the
College is aligning the new technologies
in support of study programmes.
NEC are happy to come along to your museum, gallery, exhibition centre
or other educational visitor attraction to demonstrate the NEC X Series of
ultra narrow bezel displays for video walls, touch screens for interactive
presentations and ultra short throw or interactive projectors.
• Wedgwood AV Ltd
• 01754 769967
• [email protected]
• www.wedgwood-group.com
Please telephone 01754
769967 to book your
UK mainland only.
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What is Ultra HD?
FULL HD 1920 x 1080
ULTRA HD 3840 x 2160
Full HD (high definition) is resolution
of 1920 x 1080 pixels which is the
equivalent of 2.1 megapixels. This is a
viewing aspect ratio of 16:9 and gives
a widescreen image and the typical
shape of most commercial displays
and consumer TVs today.
Ultra HD is also known as 4k2k - and
is one of the most talked about and
desirable new technologies on the
market. This technology will have a huge
effect on how we watch things in the
future. This is because Ultra HD delivers
by far the most incredible picture quality
to date.
Ultra HD has four times as many
pixels as Full HD (3840 x 2160) - and
can deliver stunning picture quality,
regardless of screen size.
This will effect everything you watch
from movies to TV shows and from
documentaries to sports - all in new levels
of details.
Traditionally, Full HD images can begin
to break up and lose detail on TV
screens of 55" or 140cm and above.
With an Ultra HD TV, you get incredible
resolution allowing you to enjoy
uncompromisingly crisp, clear images
and text - even when sitting close to
the screen.
It will definitely have an effect on
presentations and other educational
content - be it from the teacher or the
student - and on a screen that's virtually
cinema size.
Ultra HD is the equivalent quality of an
8mp image. Great for images taken via
digital cameras, smartphones or even
tablets. Plus, if connected to a laptop
with the ability to output 4k via HDMI, you
can watch videos as well as images in
Ultra HD quality. Perfect for teachers or
students where detail is everything!
Toshiba & Ultra HD
The innovators of Ultra HD - Toshiba
pioneered Ultra HD. Back in 2011,
Toshiba launched their first Ultra HD
TV. Fast-forward to 2014, and they still
represent the forefront of this innovative
technology. Autumn 2014 sees the
launch of Toshiba's third generation of
Ultra HD TVs.
Toshiba uses a unique video processing
engine called 'CEVO 4K' - to deliver
incredible picture quality through
advanced image upscaling technologies.
This means even existing high definition
content will look significantly sharper with
more vibrant colour and clarity, whilst Full
HD video such as Blu-ray movies can be
upscaled to near-Ultra HD quality.
This is done by enhancing textures,
brightness and black levels, whilst
reducing edge blurring or image 'noise'
for a truly amazing home or educational
06_Copyright © 2014 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
ultra hid
What benefits can Ultra HD bring to the classroom?
SD (Standard definition) 640 x 480
Larger screens sizes
HD (High definition) 1280 x 720
Perfect for the larger classrooms or lecture halls
Full HD (High definition) 1920 x 1080
See everything from anywhere
Ultra HD also known as 4K 3840 x 2160
Clear text and incredible image detail
Great when studying large amounts of text or viewing images
Provides impact for your presentations
After the initial expense of these TVs the running costs vs. Projectors are far less. TVs are also very energy efficient.
Please note that TVs are designed for consumer use for watching TV. Commercial displays are for education and business use.
• Wedgwood AV Ltd
• 01754 769967
• [email protected]
• www.wedgwood-group.com
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Developing a child's natural curiosity to
learn - SMART collaborative classrooms
SMART Notebook 2014 software
SMART Notebook Advantage - an annual subscription ensures you can upgrade to the latest
version of SMART Notebook, unlock add-ons and plug-ins and access live technical support.
SMART Notebook 2014 offers a wealth of features included to make lessons more engaging
and interactive including:
New - Advanced maths functionality for Windows and Mac classrooms with GeoGebra
Included - Rich formative assessment with SMART Response VE for students using
mobile devices enabling teachers to monitor understanding and attainment.
Included - 3D tools and ink editing, ideal for teaching English and humanities.
New - XC collaborative brainstorming tool for 1:1 classroom.
Plus many more exciting features.
SMART Notebook 2014 is only available when you subscribe to Notebook Advantage.
One year SMART Notebook Advantage is included within the price of all new SMART
interactive display purchases. If you purchased a SMART interactive display or interactive
projector between April 15, 2013 and April 14, 2014 you are entitled to receive one year of
SMART Notebook Advantage from the date of your installation. To receive this you will need
to register for a new software license by registering your hardware serial number.
SMART Board® E70
interactive flat panel
SMART Table® 442i
collaborative learning centre
SMART Notebook Advantage is an optional, annual subscription. By subscribing to
Notebook Advantage, you gain access to over £200 worth of new software, including access
to new and improved SMART Notebook 2014 software.
Already got Notebook? If you already have Notebook, you can continue to use this in
perpetuity and avail of bug fixes, however new features will no longer be added. There will
be no additional cost for this as the cost of SMART Notebook was already included in your
SMART hardware purchase. However, if you wish to receive updates and developments to
software you will now need to subscribe to a Notebook Advantage plan for this. Customers
installing SMART Notebook 2014 software, as part of Notebook Advantage, will be required
to sign up to a new End User Licence Agreement, restricting the number of installations of the
license key to a maximum four times per classroom.
SMART LightRaise™
60wi interactive projector
Got non-SMART hardware? You can add SMART Notebook 2014 and SMART Notebook
Advantage to any third-party hardware in the classroom, making it easier to standardise
software in classrooms throughout the school. Please note that SMART Notebook is
optimised for use on SMART hardware and therefore full functionality may not be experienced
on non-SMART displays.
Pricing There are two ways to pay for Notebook Advantage whether you are an existing
SMART user wishing to join Notebook Advantage, or whether you are renewing your end of
license agreement. These are:
SMART Board® interactive
whiteboard M600 and
UX80 projector
Classroom licence - this is best when there are a small number of boards to be upgraded.
Each classroom licence will allow four licenses to be activated, for example - one board and 3
other computers.
SMART Notebook Advantage 1 year £34 - £34 per display per year; SMART Notebook
Advantage 3 year £75 - £25 per display per year; SMART Notebook 5 year £100 - £20 per
display per year. Site licences are available subject to 100% adoption of Notebook.
Pheasey Park Farm primary school
08_Copyright © 2014 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
As one of the largest primary schools
in the country, you would expect that
Pheasey Park Farm primary school would
be an exemplar in its use of technology.
But despite having technology in every
classroom, much of it was not working
and often it was outdated. Teachers
resorted to using dry whiteboards and flip
charts to teach.
Gareth Hancox, Digital Learning
Coordinator, explains "When I was at
school, the focus was on the individual
and learning was done by rote. If you had
a good memory you could swot up the
night before an exam and still pass it well
without really understanding the subject
matter. But in the modern world this is
no longer acceptable. Our pupils will
enter the world of work where, in every
industry, technology plays a key role and
collaborative working is the norm. We
must prepare our pupils differently than in
my day if they are to succeed in today's
fast moving sophisticated society."
He has been developing the concept of
a collaborative classroom based on his
studies for his Masters Degree and his
own personal experience as a teacher.
His chance came when he was
introduced to Dave Whyley, Learning
Technologies Consultant from Whytek
Consulting, whose influence with
manufacturer SMART Technologies
helped to make a vision of a collaborative
classroom a reality. SMART Technologies
donated the latest SMART Board
interactive whiteboard, SMART LightRaise
interactive projector, 2 x SMART Table
442i collaborative learning centres, and
a SMART Board E70 interactive panel
to the school and it now has one of the
Success story: Pheasey Park Farm
Primary School
world's first primary school, truly SMART
collaborative classrooms.
Gareth explains "This new style of
classroom required a new approach one that fosters a more personalised
style of teaching. Every child is an
individual and no two pupils have exactly
the same skills or learning style. We
combine direct instruction, small-group
working, and one-on-one mentoring
with the focus on developing a child's
natural curiosity to learn. To help the
transition to this new style of teaching
and learning, we developed the smart
wrapper - an interactive lesson plan that
contains every detail of a lesson. Our
goal is to encourage pupils to take more
responsibility for their learning and inspire
them to continue their learning at home."
Gareth has been mentoring Mark
Hartwright - the teacher who works
predominantly in the SMART collaborative
classroom - in how to incorporate
the different technologies into his
lesson plans using the smart wrapper
methodology. Mark explains "The smart
wrappers really help me to plan the
lesson and maximise the lesson time I
have. Each of my activities can be taken
from the smart wrapper and loaded onto
the appropriate technology in the room.
The lesson is ready to start immediately.
This helps keep up the momentum and
pace of the lesson. The pupils know
exactly what is expected of them and
they use each piece of technology, often
working in smaller groups so that they
can discover learning for themselves.
They then show their work to the rest of
the class. This type of peer assessment
reinforces their learning and helps to build
confidence in pupils. Often the pupils will
work on the SMART Board or the SMART
Panel and if they think it is not their best
work, they will wipe it off and start again.
They are proud of their work and want it to
look perfect."
"I normally start the lesson on the SMART
Board as the wide screen format is
perfect for every pupil to see what are the
objectives of the lesson. Depending on the
subject matter, the lesson could be divided
into a number of related topics. I use the
technology in the classroom to facilitate a
collaborative way of learning. I often put the
pupils into small groups to work on their
respective topics and ask them to use the
appropriate SMART technology. This gives
them their own space to learn and working
in small groups helps them learn from each
One of the most popular pieces is the
SMART Table. Mark explains "Once you
have a SMART Table you wonder how
you taught without it. I am lucky enough
to have two SMART Tables so I can have
two different groups working on different
activities as part of my overall lesson plan.
To my amazement 16 pupils recently stayed
behind in the classroom during their lunch
break so they could practise their times
tables using both SMART Tables."
Gareth concludes "We are privileged to
be one of the first primary schools in the
world to be part of this new pedagogy.
We are inspiring pupils to learn more and
helping them develop social and critical
thinking skills that they will need throughout
their lives. I truly believe that the SMART
collaborative classroom is the future of
teaching and learning."
• 01754 769967 • [email protected] • www.wedgwood-group.com
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Visualise engaging
your students
Optoma's new DC350
visualiser helps you engage
your students even more by
sharing 3D objects and text
with the whole class
Turn your lessons into video
The visualiser has a 5 megapixel camera, 40x zoom
and 30 frames-per-second video so that you can
capture the detail of even the tiniest 3D objects or
text from a book, and project it onto an interactive
whiteboard or large screen in your classroom, lecture
theatre or auditorium.
Optoma DC350
The visualiser has an excellent automatic focus, with
the manual focus also available when additional critical
detail needs to be shown. Its recording feature is also
very useful as you can turn lessons into video, ideal for students who
have missed lessons or who need revision for examination purposes.
You can then save your videos and photographs and use them in future
presentations by saving them onto the on-board memory or onto an
SD card, or by simply transferring them to your PC using the USB cable
Optoma education projectors
Optoma's two new education projectors, the X316 (XGA) and
widescreen W316 can easily be connected via HDMI cable for digital
audio and video, giving you a bright clear image with sound. It has builtin speakers and full 3D technology, making it ideal for projecting your
visualiser lessons. For schools added peace of mind, Optoma supply a
3-year on-site warranty and 3-year lamp warranty.
Optoma X316-EDU and W316-EDU
Optoma are happy to visit your educational
establishment in mainland UK to demonstrate how you
can teach using the visualiser and projector range.
Please contact us to make a no-obligation appointment
please telephone Wedgwood AV 01754 769967
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Congratulations to Jane Adams of Skegness Academy,
Lincolnshire, winner of an eBeam Edge for Education in our prize
draw from issue 9 of Teaching Technology for Education.
eBeam Edge is a device that is smaller
than a board eraser and lighter than a
box of chalk. It can be added to a current
dry erase whiteboard or plain wall to
create an interactive whiteboard surface.
In combination with the receiver, pen, a
projector and a surface to project onto,
eBeam Edge for Education provides
a portable (or permanent) interactive
whiteboard solution.
The competition asked you to answer the following question:
What is the name of the eBeam product that includes speakers, a microphone and one-touch
recording? Jane’s entry was the first drawn at random from all correct answers: ‘eBeam Engage'
For comparisons of eBeam products, together with manufacturer specification brochures please visit:
When you subscribe free to Teaching Technology or Healthcare Technology, you will be
automatically entered into the ongoing monthly prize draw to win digital signage for your
organisation. www.teachingtechnology.co.uk
Repeat Signage 2014 Standard
Edition digital signage software
Congratulations to the 10 winners, all drawn at random from Issue 9
who have now received their software licences:
You can download a trial version of Repeat Signage at
You can create a presentation and have it playing in minutes.
See training video to creating a presentation in 9 minutes.
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Prize winners
ICT / AV Comparisons
As manufacturers launch new
products to bring you the latest
technology, here we take a look
at what's on the market to help
you in the classroom and beyond...
Once you have purchased a projector for
your classroom, there is the additional
cost of replacing projector bulbs for
the life of the projector. Many projector
manufacturers offer special education
warranties for peace of mind to help
reduce costs, for example, manufacturer
3 year onsite warranty and 3 year lamp
warranty. Where you have ceiling or wall
mounted projectors, should the projector
need repair, then there is the time and
cost of deinstalling and reinstalling the
unit. Some manufacturers offer a 3 year
de/reinstall warranty for education, which
means they will remove a faulty unit from
the ceiling or wall, have it repaired and
then reinstall it for you.
A few years ago, many of the projectors
on the market had a projector lamp life
of around 2,000 hours. Nowadays you
can have lamp life of around 3,000 /
4,000 / 5,000 or more hours and even
more when used in eco mode. There are
projectors on the market where you do
not need to change projector lamps, for
example, Casio projectors which have
a laser and LED hybrid light source that
Optoma projectors
consistently gives bright performance
for the life of the projector, with a life
expectancy of up to 20,000 hours.
Portable pico projectors have LED light
source of around 20,000 hours.
Where you have dry-erase whiteboards
in school, then you can make these
interactive by using a portable device
such as an eBeam or Hitachi EZ2-Pen,
or use an interactive projector.
Many projector manufacturers are happy
to demonstrate their projectors onsite and
explain new features to you.
SMART LightRaise
interactive projector
Epson large venue projector
Vivitek installation projector
Demonstrations available on some brands UK mainland - please contact • 01754 769967 • [email protected]
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by type
by type
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Over 2,500 ANSI lumens
Business projectors
Over 5,500 (large venue)
DICOM simulation mode
projectors for medical training
Education projectors
SVGA (800x600 pixels)
Integral projector/whiteboard
XGA (1024x768 pixels)
Interactive projectors
Image (gobo) projectors
HD Ready & True HD
LED / LED laser projectors
Wireless projectors
Pico pocket projectors
Triumph Board
SVGA under 3kg
Projection screens
XGA under 3kg
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Projectors 3kg to 5kg
Projector ceiling security kits
Projectors over 5kg
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UK demonstrations/sales
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Projector comparisons by manufacturer, brightness,
resolution, weight, technology and type, together with
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Whiteboard comparisons by manufacturer, size and type,
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eInstruction at Turning
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Where a school has traditional dry-erase
schools, you can give them a new lease
of life by using a handy little device
that turns the board, or even a wall,
FREE Interactive Whiteboard and
Interactive Products
guide 2014
Interactive Whiteboard and
Interactive Products guide 2014
Projector and presentation
equipment guide 2014
LCD monitor guide
Digital signage guide 2014
Triumph Board Portable Slm
Triumph Board Portable Slim is a mobile
interactive device which instantly turns
a traditional whiteboard or even wall
surface into an interactive whiteboard,
using infrared and ultrasound positioning
Induction loop, Sound
reinforcement and
PA System guide 2014
Available free from www.wedgwood-group.com
You attach it to a non-interactive board
or a wall with a magnet, suctioncups or
screw options, and you can project up
to 125-inch. Comes with RM Easiteach
software. The device is equipped with a
USB interface through which the board
can connect to a PC within seconds.
Optional wireless.
A handy little device is the ProVue
Interactive Adaptor. This allows any
existing standard projector to be
simply and effectively converted into an
interactive projector, allowing almost
any surface, such as walls, dry-wipe
whiteboards, curtains, ceiling or floors,
to be used as a virtual, fully interactive
screen. The size of your virtual screen is
only limited to the space available and
positioning of your projector - image how
big the screen could be by using a simple,
clear wall in the school assembly hall.
TOP-TEC Synergy collaborative tables
PolyVision eno interactive
whiteboards 3-in-1 solution
PolyVision eno is an interactive whiteboard that seamlessly blends analog
and digital, markers and multimedia with the simplicity of a traditional
markerboard. You can save money as there are no cords, cables or costly
installation. eno is environmentally friendly, with low total cost of ownership
as it requires no power and no software installation on the teachers'
computers. Comes with a manufacturers 25 year writing surface warranty.
ProVue Interactive Adaptor
Attached to a projector
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Turn dry-erase
3M Privacy Filters
Examination solutions
Recalling my own school days, desks had to be spaced well apart for
examinations and walking into the school hall seated 'miles apart' did
nothing to dispel exam nerves.
3M privacy filters, which can be fitted onto various size desktop monitors
and laptops, or you can purchase an LCD monitor already fitted with the
privacy filter, keeps information confidential. Available for displays currently
up to 30-inch diagonal, ideal solution for schools, colleges and universities
for examination purposes, as well as areas where information needs to be
kept confidential.
FREE Digital Signage guide 2014
Digital signage guide 2014
Interactive Whiteboard and
Interactive Products guide 2014
Digital signage
To promote your products and services
on small and large format displays you will
need a display screen(s), either an integrated
PC within the screen or a dedicated PC or
digital signage player and digital signage
Projector and presentation
equipment guide 2014
LCD monitor guide
Induction loop, Sound
reinforcement and
PA System guide 2014
Digital signage players
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Lecterns and rack cabinets
for classrooms, training rooms,
lecture theatres, auditoriums
and restaurants
Lecterns are available on the market
as traditional lectern stands to rack
cabinets where you can store your AV
equipment when not in use, yet have
everything to hand when delivering your
Turning Leaf AV lectern
Lecterns are available in wood, acrylic
and metal in various shapes, sizes and
colours from budget models to top
quality bespoke models and a great
choice in between.
JM Roving Rack
Turning Leaf presentation lectern
Induction Loops
FREE Induction Loop, Sound
Reinforcement and Portable
PA System guide 2014
Induction loop, Sound
reinforcement and
PA System guide 2014
Digital signage guide 2014
SigNET portable induction loops
Interactive Whiteboard and
Interactive Products guide 2014
Projector and presentation
equipment guide 2014
LCD monitor guide
SigNET counter loop kits
Lanta LED RGB panel
Available free from www.wedgwood-group.com
Lanta LED parcan
Bretford PowerSync Roller
Bretford PowerSync Cart
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Al Reselah School of Science aspires to provide a high quality
learning environment using the most up-to-date curriculum,
teaching methods and technology to ensure student
achievement and success...
The School
Al Reselah School of Science is a Private Medium British
School currently making the transition to Amercian
Curriculum. The school caters for Kindergarten up to
Grade 12 students. Al Reselah School of Science aspires
to provide a high quality learning environment using the
most up-to-date curriculum, teaching methods and
technology to ensure student achievement and success.
Al Reselah Pvt School sought to extend its current use
of interactive technologies by implementing a simplified
approach that would minimize their expenses and provide
the same collaborative solution without compromising
on the learning experience. Al Reselah Pvt School also
wanted to partner with an interactive technology provider
that would deliver exceptional support during each stage
of the process, and provide ongoing assistance after
The idea
One of the fundamental challenges for the school has been
how best to harness new technologies in order to create
more engaging and dynamic classroom interactions that
puts students in greater control of their own learning.
The school noticed that students are far more engaged
when using the technology in comparison to more
'traditional' practices.
The challenge
The school was using the combined technology involving a
dedicated PC, projector and an interactive whiteboard.
The solution
Al Reselah School chose to invest in Hitachi's 65-inch
Interactive Panel with a built-in PC for all learning areas
within the campus, a total of 50 units, transferring from
the interactive whiteboard (IWB) used previously by staff.
Operated by infrared (IR) technology, the Hitachi Interactive
Panel delivers excellent on-screen accuracy and allows
multiple students to easily interact with the panel. The
65-inch Panel also provides teachers and students with a
large area to share their ideas, view multimedia clips, and
interact with lesson content. Thus eliminating the needed
for a dedicated PC, and reducing costs of the maintenance
of using a PC, projector and interactive whiteboard.
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Hitachi have a range of products for classrooms, lecture
theatres and auditoriums to provide solutions for all
educational needs...
Our school has many traditional whiteboards - how
can can we make these interactive?
One solution...
Hitachi interactive projectors
Where you have rooms with existing dry-wipe whiteboards
and do not wish to replace with interactive models, then using
an interactive projector may be a solution for you.
Interactive projectors work like normal projectors with the
additional feature of an interactive pen and StarBoard
software. This enables you to transform any dry-erase
whiteboard, wall, a table top or a flat surface into an
interactive teaching aid. Using the StarBoard software you
can annotate and interact with your training material rather
than just project static images.
Another solution...
Hitachi are happy to demonstrate their new
Interactive Panel and range of projectors and
solutions to your educational establishment in most
parts of the UK. Telephone: Wedgwood AV Ltd
01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
Hitachi can also demonstrate their Interactive
Panel in EAME areas (Europe, Africa, Middle East).
Hitachi StarBoard LINK EZ2-Pen
As interactive whiteboards became popular in schools, it
is likely that many of the old dry-erase whiteboards found
themselves confined to storage. Schools can save money
and utilise these boards with a handy little device, the Link
The Hitachi StarBoard Link EZ2-Pen comes with two batteryfree reflective pens allowing control of all your computer’s
operations directly from the interactive area.
I need a portable LED panel with the functionality of
an interactive whiteboard that I can also use when
presenting in the lecture theatre
The solution...
Hitachi StarBoard 20-inch Panel
Being portable, this means schools can further save money as
teachers can take the device from classroom to classroom or
stored away for safekeeping after use.
Hitachi StarBoard 20-inch multi-touch panel, powered by StarBoard
software, is an LED panel, with the full functionality of an interactive
whiteboard. It has a 10 point multi-touch screen that provides quick
response for writing and touch gestures. Includes stand and pen.
The system can then be mounted to any flat surface or
whiteboard to form an interactive area providing all features
of an interactive whiteboard. The interactive area is resizable
and can be extended from 60 to 90 inches.
You can use the panel in the classroom with an interactive
whiteboard, or use it with a computer and video projector to enable
interactive presentations in large auditoriums.
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Hampton Court Palace chooses multi projection
video experience to create immersive exhibit
dramatically housed on an 8m cyclorama
Casio’s LED/Laser Projectors
help transport viewers back
in time and secure a place
in history in one of Britain’s
favourite Palaces.
Hampton Court Palace is one of the UKs
most popular and iconic historic palaces,
welcoming over half a million visitors each
year. Hampton Court is funded and run by
independent charity Historic Royal Palaces
which aims to help everyone explore the
story of how monarchs and people have
shaped society in some of the greatest
palaces ever built.
The Palace famously retains a unique
mix of architectural styles; reflecting its
500 years of history and the lives of its
different occupants (the most famous and
flamboyant being Henry VIII). The Baroque
rebuild, commissioned by William III and
Mary II in 1689, opened another chapter
in the Palace’s history, with a large part of
Henry VIII’s Tudor palace being demolished
to make way for a magnificent new
Baroque Palace in 1700.
Aileen Peirce, Interpretation Manager,
Historic Royal Palaces, takes up the
story:- “We were looking to replace an
older rather traditional exhibition with an
exciting and immersive experience that
would tell the story of William and Mary’s
incredible building project. We wanted it
to be flamboyant, intriguing and beautiful
to look at, giving visitors a real sense of
the Baroque style and introducing the
personal stories of the key characters.”
Aileen began the process of identifying
suppliers to assist bringing the Baroque
Story to life in an engaging and dynamic
way. The proposal was for an immersive
high definition video with multiple
projection points that would take the
viewer through the journey from design
conception, (including architectural design
by Sir Christopher Wren); through to the
turbulent build itself and finally onto the
assembly of the Royal Court at the rebuilt
With two rooms to be furnished, the
proposal was for a mix of introductory
standard video projection for the first
room; moving into a dramatic large
scale set in the second main room,
comprising of a 180 degrees cyclorama
complete with a 1:25 model of the South
Facade, including an automated reveal.
(A cyclorama is a concaved cloth arc
backdrop). Work began and in May 2013
the exhibit, opened for the first time to the
public, utilising cutting-edge combinations
of audio visual devices; lighting projection
techniques; compelling scripts and
musical scores and automation. Each
presentation lasts 15 minutes; looping
continuously on an automated system.
The Creative Director on the production,
Leo Warner, explains more: “The Exhibit
represents a clever combination of
techniques but undoubtedly, image
projection quality is of paramount
importance for the visitor experience. We
proposed a relatively new technology
using Casio’s state of the art ultra bright
LED/Laser hybrid models, but it was
one that resonated immediately with the
Palace team, due to the low maintenance
overhead on the multiple projectors
22_Copyright © 2014 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
As well as the cyclorama, the south facade
of Henry VIII’s Tudor palace was recreated
and projected onto the model before
dramatically knocking it down via projection
and replacing it with William III’s new
Baroque facade. The three Casio XJ-M155’s
projected colour enriched images from
‘inside’ the Royal Court, in such a lifelike
manner that they ‘transported’ visitors back
into the Baroque era.
“The first thing we noted, even at proposal
stage, was that the Casio projectors were
guaranteed for their lifetime at approximately
10,000 hours, and were more likely to
extend to 20,000 hours or five years of
usage, and being lamp free, require no lamp
changes and little maintenance overhead.”
Aileen notes.
They were right to be impressed by the lamp
and carbon efficiency that the Casio range
offers. Hampton Court’s usage is extremely
intensive – the Palace remains open every
day of the year bar Christmas Day, from
10am till 6pm, so the instant ‘power on and
off’ and around a 75% reduction in energy
costs over traditional projectors remain
further valued steps in achieving lower
running costs and efficiency from the exhibit.
With other lamp-based projectors, the
maintenance team were finding that lamps
would require replacement after an average
of 1000 hours, and dust filters had to be
maintained and cleaned every three months.
This maintenance had to be scheduled
outside opening hours, and even after a
fresh lamp was inserted, degradation of the
light source started to occur. With the Casio
models, simply there is no lamp to replace;
no filters to clean and ongoing, continuous
ultra bright light is assured. The lower total
cost of ownership is so significant that the
Palace team is looking to expand Casio’s
LED/Laser technology throughout the Palace
as traditional projectors reach their end of
• Wedgwood AV Ltd
• 01754 769967
• [email protected]
• www.wedgwood-group.com
Enter five of Casio’s LED lamp free Short
Throw XJ-ST145 projectors offering crystal
clear 2500 lumens to make up the dramatic
blended projection onto the 8 metre
cyclorama; running alongside three adjoining
Casio XJ-M155 Signature Range projectors
to offer 3000 lumens wide-angle zoom
projection directly onto the model façade.
The short throw projectors were housed
just over 2 metres above in a bespoke
timber support beam to facilitate the ‘edgeblending’ that would produce a single
continuous image without any visible bands
on the 8 metre wide cyclorama.
Casio M-series Signature range
“We’re truly delighted to be able to bring history to life
using cutting edge technology that works reliably and lowers
maintenance costs. Everything we have achieved with the
Baroque Story experience; from the control units working
via iPads to the automated lighting circuits; to the Laser/LED
projection; serves to create a wonderfully rich immersive
experience for our visitors, transporting them back to the
time of William III and Mary II and we’re delighted the
response from visitors has been very positive.” Aileen
Casio short-throw series
Casio are happy to come along to your museum, gallery, exhibition centre
or other educational visitor attraction in the UK to demonstrate their series
of Signature, Short Throw, Ultra Short Throw, Green Slim, Pro Series and
Advanced Projector Systems. Please telephone 01754 769967 to book
your no-obligation demonstration. UK mainland only.
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: Repeat Signage
Repeat Signage helps you get your message across to
promote your activities. It is easy to use and you can
create a presentation and have it playing in minutes...
To start, download the trial version of
Repeat Signage 2014 onto your Windows
computer. You do not have to leave your
details to download.
Once installed, select 'Presentations', then
click 'Create New Presentation'.
Choose a screen size to design your
presentation for or select ‘This computer
screen’. Click ‘Create’. You will then see a
blank white 'page' with a floating toolbar.
On the toolbar menu, select 'Insert' to
insert a variety of controls.
24_Copyright © 2014 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
To create the bottom bar - Text label with burgundy background and white text
Insert 'Text Label', type your text, click OK. Your text appears in a box. Right click, choose 'Size'
and 'Screen width' OK. Double click the text box, select 'Colours' and change the font colour
to white and the background to burgundy. Drag the text label to the bottom of the screen.
To create the top bar - Text label with burgundy background and no text
Right click the bottom bar and choose 'Duplicate'. Double click the box and remove the text
(or you can type in different text). Drag the text label to the top of the screen.
Logo is a static Picture - Middle left is a static Picture
To add a picture, Insert 'Picture', browse for your logo or picture on your PC and OK. Drag into
position and resize if necessary by dragging a corner handle of the picture.
Middle right is a Flash banner with 5 pictures
To create a playlist of pictures, choose Insert Flash banner (pictures with text). Select 'Add',
browse for your picture. In the 'Title' box you can name your picture and give it a description
if you want or leave the 'Description' box blank. Choose a transition effect which determines
how one picture moves to the next. OK. Continue selecting 'Add' and repeat the above steps
until you have 5 pictures in the playlist. Click OK.
Text is a Text Block (Rich text block)
Select Insert 'Text block (rich text block)' Type in your text, selecting colour and font. OK.
Drag into position.
Save your presentation
Select File 'Save as' and name your presentation. The select File 'Exit'.
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Creating, editing and playing a sample presentation
in under 9 minutes
To edit your presentation
Select 'Open existing presentation'. Double click text or pictures and edit. Then save and exit.
To play your presentation
Select 'Play Presentation'. Choose the file you have just saved. OK. This will then play your
For a step-by-step video of creating, editing and playing a sample presentation General01, in
under 9 minutes, please visit: www.repeatsoftware.com/training.aspx
You can create and save different presentations in a play list
Make a playlist of your presentations and schedule different presentations to play
at varying times of the day or week
Updating your presentations
Update your presentations from your
local network drive (shared drive)
From your website
From www.repeatserver.com
No on-going costs - one-off licence fee
unless you upgrade
You can collect content (videos,
pictures, etc.) from Internet websites
and network drives
This means if you have offices in London and
want to change content being displayed on
screens in Edinburgh, New York and Paris, you
can upload new presentations, files and play
lists to a website and the remote players (when
connected to the Internet) can download and
display the new information.
26_Copyright © 2014 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
RepeatServer.com is a free service
You can create and host RSS feeds online, free of charge. You can use these for
your websites, with desktop RSS readers or in digital signage software. Repeat
Signage's newsfeeds can support Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Greek and other
RepeatServer.com was designed with users of Repeat Signage digital signage software in mind
so that you can create, host and maintain RSS feeds to be displayed on LCD / LED screens in
public areas. This online portal provides a way for Repeat Signage digital signage screens to
be updated from anywhere in the world.
Sign up for a free account www.repeatserver.com
For an example of a live RSS newsfeed please visit:
You can insert a variety of controls into your presentations
Animated gifs control
Pictures (static or play list) control
Flash banner control
Audio control
Video control (.wmv .mpg)
Flash video control (.flv .swf)
Clock (text based) or date control
Flash clock control
(real-time world time zones)
.PDF / document control
Flash RSS reader control
PowerPoint presentation scheduler
RTF (rich text formatted) document
Shape control
Web browser control
Webcam control
Controller control (syncing of text and
Text label control (transparency
Text block control (rich text block)
Streaming media control
Repeat Signage
Repeat Signage Standard Edition 2014 digital
download for playing presentations from 1 PC
to 1 screen £245+VAT / Euro 285+VAT / $359
Repeat Signage Professional Edition 2014
digital download for playing presentations
from 1 PC to up to 4 screens £345+VAT / Euro
399+VAT / $519
Download evaluation:
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What equipment do I need?
Large format LCD / LED display screen or touch screens, for example, NEC,
iiyama or other leading brands (you could also use a
desktop display on a reception desk)
We recommend using
a commercial display
screen (not a consumer
TV) as you these are better
build, good connectivity,
better manufacturer
warranties and designed
for commercial use, some
warranted for 12/7. 16/7 or
24/7 usage. Some brands,
for example, NEC, have OPS
Slots with optional Slot-in
PC with Windows operating
iiyama touch screen
NEC portrait display
Digital signage player, for example, Nexcom NDiS players or OPS module
(Slot-in) PC that slots into a large format display
We recommend using Full Windows
operating system, so any upgrades can
easily be downloaded onto a digital signage
player (mini PC). Please note Repeat
Signage only supports Windows XP, Vista,
Nexcom fanless player
Nexcom OPS module
28_Copyright © 2014 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
The Repeat Software team offer an outstanding level of support with free training
videos, sample presentations, online help menu system (also accessible by
selecting F1 within the software) and email support Monday to Friday 8.00 to
22:00 UK time, with approximately 6 hours of weekend support. You can purchase
Repeat Signage online 24/7 and receive an activiation licence code.
Creating content
Content can be as
simple as inserting
pictures, text and videos
of your school activities
or promoting the latest
courses or lunchtime
menus. Perhaps
involving your students
creating content or
learning a new skill creating digital signage
Photo courtesy of Velo Restaurants Ltd. London, displaying Repeat Signage
Professionally designed templates which can be used as a background help
create a professional 'house-style' for your digital signage presentations.
Copyright © 2011-2014 www.teachingtechnology.co.uk_29
What support does Repeat Signage offer?
Repeat Signage - a
picture paints a thousand
words at Our Lady’s
Convent School
30_Copyright © 2011-2014 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
Our Lady’s Convent School (OLCS) is one of Loughborough’s
oldest independent schools, set in extensive peaceful, walled
grounds. Founded on Catholic principles in 1841, the school relocated to its present site in April 1850, and
is co-educational from ages 3 to 11 and girls only for Senior School and Sixth Form (11 to 18). At OLCS,
their philosophy is based on strong traditional family values and students are supported and encouraged
to appreciate the rewards of hard work and success and also to have fun and be happy throughout their
schooldays. www.olcs.leics.sch.uk
“We think Repeat Signage is marvellous. We’re delighted with the support offered and when
we’ve encountered a glitch their team have bent over backwards to help.
We currently use the software on a screen in our main school reception. The screen is
personalised with our logo and a dynamic date. Images are uploaded with captions to give
visitors and students a flavour of life at the school - a picture speaks a thousand words!
When I have time I update the screen weekly with a mixture of photos from the previous week,
to keep it fresh and the details of events and activities happening this week. When time is
tight, such as this term, I periodically create a scrolling picture show which illustrates the
range of activities, ages and genders we welcome into school.
The software is so easy to access and change that if we have a VIP visiting, I can quickly
format the screen to welcome them, making it an extra special welcome.” Alexa Derbyshire
Repeat Signage 2014 edition has new features added including support for Microsoft XPS files, a controller
which allows other control’s play lists to be synchronised and a new type of play list that plays presentations
faster. The software is so easy to use you can have a simple presentation up and running in minutes.
Download an evaluation at www.repeatsoftware.com/downloads.aspx
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Shopping List
InFocus educational projectors
www.w ORS
•Projec dgwood-gro
3M, Ac
Eiki, Ep , BenQ, Cano
son, Hi
tachi, I , Casio,
Panaso i, NEC, Opto cus,
nic, So
tor com , ViewSonic,
by man
ufactu arisons
edgwo please visit:
tors.ht d-group.com
Soladapt touch screen overlays
en overlays
asonic, Sam
ay, Soladap
SigNET portable loop kit
Please telephone on
01754 769967 for
brochures and
No obligation onsite
demonstrations on
many brands.
Optoma ultra-short throw projectorr
Epson passive 3D technology
ultimed TYPE
twin-stacked projector system
•By brig
•By tech ness
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Free Audio Visual guides from Wedgwood AV
Wedgwood AV Ltd, suppliers of audio visual equipment into local
education authorities, government, schools, academies, colleges,
universities and training establishments, since 1996, produce a series
of FREE audio visual guides for its customers.
For your FREE guides please visit www.wedgwood-group.com
32_Copyright © 2011-2014 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com
Audio visual equipment
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Repeat Signage 2014
Standalone digital signage
software worth £125+VAT
with every purchase order
£500 or over.
Tel: 01754 769967
Wedgwood AV supplier of:
www.lc ITORS
edgwo s.co.uk
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InFocus BigTouch
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TOP-TEC Synergy
Wedgwood AV Ltd
Supplier of projectors and presentation equipment throughout the UK.
Projectors, projector lamps, projector screens, projector mounts and trolleys
Whiteboards, LCD monitors, DICOM medical monitors, touchscreens, interactive
products, lecterns, security products, digital signage, audio, LED lighting and other
presentation equipment. Full list of products. We do not supply to home users.
AV Limited
Tel: 01754 769967 Fax orders: 01754 768036
[email protected] www.wedgwood-group.com
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Chance for you to
win prizes in our
free prize draws
Win Repeat
Signage Standard
2014 digital
signage software
Repeat Signage digital signage software helps you get your message across and promote your
school. It is easy to use and you can create a presentation and have it playing in minutes. See the
training video 'Creating the General01 sample presentation' in 9 minutes.
Repeat Signage allows pixel-by-pixel control of displays including plasma screens, LCD monitors
and projectors. Features include touch screen support, remote updating and scheduling of
presentations, and it supports Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.
Standard licence is per PC playing the presentation onto one screen. Professional licence is per PC
playing presentations on up to 4 screens. Evaluation download www.repeatsoftware.com
10 copies of Repeat Signage
Standard Edition 2014 digital
signage software to be won
Repeat Signage is truly flexible digital signage software for Windows. It
allows pixel-by-pixel control of displays including plasma screens, LCD
monitors and projectors. It is one of the easiest to use digital signage
packages on the market. You simply design the presentation for the
resolution of your screen. Includes touch screen capability.
10 downloadable software licences
to be won - Download evaluation software
at www.repeatsoftware.com
Free prize draw
For your chance to win one of ten prizes of Repeat Signage 2014 Standard Edition
flexible digital signage software, (worth £245+VAT), all you have to do is download
a free evaluation copy from www.repeatsoftware.com Then open the software and
look at the bottom of the main screen. You will see a 4 digit code in the format TT
0000. You will need this code to enter the free prize draw. Good luck!
AV Limited
To enter the prize draw, simply go to
www.teachingtechnology.co.uk and
create a free online account. Login and
click on the ‘Competitions’ link to enter the
4 digit number. Closing date is midnight on
31 October 2014.
Wedgwood AV Ltd. Part of Wedgwood IT Group. www.wedgwood-group.com
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