Black Box | ACR1000A | Go farther, do more with digital KVM Extension and Switching over IP.

Go farther, do more with digital KVM Extension and Switching over IP.
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ServSwitch Agility
Go farther, do more with digital
KVM Extension and Switching over IP.
» Single or Dual Link DVI, Audio, USB and serial.
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» Flexible Architecture:
KVM Point-to-Point Extension
Single Target Sharing
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KVM Matrix Switching
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ServSwitch Agility
Go farther, do more with digital KVM extension and switching over IP
ServSwitch Agility Single Link DVI
• Flexible KVM Extension and KVM
• Delivers perfect digital video:
Single Link up to 1080p at 60fps
and RGB4:4:4
Dual Link up to 2560 x 1600
• No-loss compression minimizes
bandwidth use while maximizing
the user experience.
• Optimized extreme fast switching
(< 1 second). • Configure your network to suit
your needs:
Point-to-Point extension,
KVM Switching,
Single-target sharing, or
• Allows selective switching of the
DVI, USB, audio, and RS232
• Offers link aggregation with 2GB
or link redundancy.
• Features keyboard/mouse
emulation, and virtual
transparency for other standard
Human Interface Devices, such as
touch screens or flash drives.
• Distance is only limited within
your LAN/CAN network.
• Various mounting options.
• Fanless design ensures silent
ServSwitch Agility™ with DVI, USB,
Audio, and RS232 over IP enables you to do
more and go farther with perfect digital
video over nearly unlimited distances.
The flexible topology of the Agility gives
you application options that are brand new
for KVM devices. The Agility can be a KVM
Extender, a KVM switch, or a sharing portal.
It’s up to your application how you decide
to configure it.
Choose between the ServSwitch Agility
(ACR1000A-R2) with one single link
DVI-D video channel and the Agility DL
(ACR1002A) with two single link channels
or one dual link DVI video channel for computers with two digital video outputs.
The Agility features besides the RJ45
CATx link connection also a SFP slot that
can be used to establish an inexpensive
and fast point-to-point extension over fiber,
a second redundant link or bandwidth
aggregation with a throughtput of 2Gb for
high demaninding video applications like
RGB 4:4:4 or 1080p at 60 fps.
Switching Network
Turn your network into a KVM switch
with the Agility. Create a KVM switching
system with as many users as you want —
just keep adding receivers for every user
console. With mixed channels combine
digital video, audio, USB devices and serial
data from different computers. When you
change channels on the receiver unit, you
switch DVI, audio, and USB to another
source, while the transmitters not in use
continue to emulate the previously attached
Single Target Sharing & Pooling
In this configuration, multiple users can
share a single remote computer. Users can
connect in three ways:
View-only shows only the video feed.
In Share Mode, an open connection is
available for all users to use the connected
devices at the same time.
In Exclusive Mode, one user locks out the
other users, preventing them from viewing
or sharing the connection, with the exception of network administrators.
This unique feature enables the Agility
to reflect video and audio from a single
computer over an IP network to several
receiving units. To prevent saturating the
network, an installed network switch
should feature Internet Group Management
Protocol (IGMP) snooping. This prevents an
IP switch from passing on multicast data
onto ports being not part of the Agility
Multicast content can be sent to as
many receivers as you want with no
distance limits within the network. This is
an ideal configuration for digital signage
ServSwitch Agility Dual Link DVI
Transmitter front and rear view
Connection Reliability
Management system: iPATH
In the most straightforward configuration, use the Agililty as a point-to-point
KVM Extender. Use CAT6 cable to connect
a transmitter and a receiver to deliver
perfect DVI video, audio in CD quality, and
USB over distances up to 100 meters.
If you need cable runs longer than 100
m, add another standard Ethernet switch
every 100 meters. You can add as many
switches as distance is required. Alternatively
larger distances can be realized over fiber
optic connections by occupying the SFP-Slot
with a corresponding fiber SFP.
You may even configure this setup to go
to multiple screens at one time or add new
Agility units for additional functionality.
ServSwitch Agility is perfectly designed
for mission critical environments.
In a Point-to-point connection, the link
between transmitter and receiver will automatically re-establish again after a network
disconnect or power shortage. In addition
the SFP-Slot can be used to establish a
second backu link in 24/7 applications.
In a matrix setup with iPath Controller
the function is similar! Even if the iPath
Controller is unavailable the previous link
will be re-established after any kind of link
loss and return.
The ServSwitch Agility Controller Unit offers
a management suite enabling you to remotely
and securely configure all the transmitter and
receiver units. Use the Agility Controller to
define new content channels, restrict and
enable access privileges, disable specific USB
device classes, and so on whenever you decide
to configure a ServSwitch Agility switching
system (ACR1000A-CTL-R2 is not needed for
point to point extensions).
The iPATH™ system is a single box that
plugs right into your network. Once plugged in,
system administrators can begin configuring
devices, users, and channels using a standard
web browser. The iPATH interface features a
useful on-screen dashboard that gives you a
current overview of the system. It is continually
refreshed so you always have the most up-todate system information. The configuration of
the various channels becomes a piece of cake.
Multihead Graphics and Control
Desk Operation
Control Room setups and similar applications require multiple graphic heads to be
switched simultaneously. The Agility allows
to synchronously switch channels that are
consisting of multiple video signals from
either a single source computer or even
multiple computers easily.
The selective channel configuration
offers trading switch capabilities from only
one single keyboard and mouse at a control
desk monitoring various video signals from
many sources.
Out-of-band access via VNC
The Agility Dual VNC (ACR1012A-T) features
an additonal management port that allows you
to remotely access the Agility system via VNC
down to the BIOS-level. This feature provides
quicker service capabilities via WAN or the
Internet further reducing potential downtime of
the system.
Hot Redundancy for
iPath with
automatic failover!
ServSwitch Agility Controller
rear view
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Application Examples
Point-to-Point KVM Extension over CATx
& Audio
CATx up to 100m (328 “)
(add Ethernet Switches for every 100m additionally required)
ServSwitch Agility
ServSwitch Agility
Point-to-Point KVM Extension over Fiber optic
& Audio
Multimode up to 500m, Singlemode up to 10 km
(depending on SFP Transceiver)
ServSwitch Agility DL
ServSwitch Agility DL
Single Target Sharing / Pooling
iPATH Controller (ACR1000A-CTL)
Remote Software User
USB 2.0 & Audio
ServSwitch Agility
ServSwitch Agility
iPATH Controller (ACR1000A-CTL)
Remote Screens
DVI Video,
serial & Audio
ServSwitch Agility
ServSwitch Agility
Application Examples
KVM Switching
Remote Users
USB 2.0 & Audio
iPATH Controller (ACR1000A-CTL)
(ACR1000A-T-R2 or ACR1002A-T)
(ACR1000A-R-R2 or ACR1002A-R)
(ACR1000A-R-R2 or ACR1002A-R)
(ACR1000A-T-R2 or ACR1002A-T)
ServSwitch Agility Transmitters
(ACR1000A-T-R2 or ACR1002A-T)
ServSwitch Agility Receivers
(ACR1000A-R-R2 or ACR1002A-R)
Control Rooms
In command and control room setups, multicast video and data to
receiver units between LCD display walls. Users can interact with any of
the computers using separate keyboard, mice, and DVI displays.
Media post-production suites become collaborative with the Agility.
Machine rooms store the media assets and hardware, and can distribute
them throughout a post-production facility. Editors, producers, and
directors can instantly communicate with animators and colorists.
Digital Signage
Distribute high-quality medical images to doctors and staff across large
medical facilities. Agility uses standard Ethernet equipment, so the networking hardware won’t need to be updated.
Deliver rich media experiences in public spaces, such as museums
or libraries. The flexibility of the system makes reconfiguring your
implementation a snap.
Get real flexibility for your digital signage network. All you need is an
IP network running through the installation, and you can easily deliver
content from one playout device via DVI. The number of screens is up to
you. Or, use the Agility to switch between multiple video sources.
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Case Studies
Agility Solution Healthcare
Agility Solution Video Distribution
A large medical centre had an urgent need for its surgeons and
practitioners to be able to view high resolution images of x-rays,
photographs and medical charts from its servers — as well as
conforming to patient confidentiality and data protection laws —
whilst still maintaining a completely sterile environment. Power
supply fans inside PCs or Servers suck in air to cool down the
processor, which means they are unsuitable for such an environment as germs and dust can easily gather. Cleaning them is also
not practical as joints, holes and openings are common.
A well-known advertising agency required a method of moving
live video from a server in a data cupboard, up to a 103” screen in
a large train station. The screen resolution was full high definition
(1920 x 1080p) and the videos displayed were advertisements that
needed to be displayed clearly and concisely, and without interference.
Black Box provided the solution by enabling the servers to be
placed down the corridor in a secure environment, and using a
ServSwitch Agility to extend the keyboard, monitor and mouse
into operating theatres, x-ray and consulting rooms. Cleaning was
now not an issue as the keyboards, displays and mice were of a
medical standard ensuring they could be disinfected directly.
The Black Box Agility was chosen as the reliable method for
transporting high resolution video across the train station, to the
large screen. The Agility introduced no loss and transported the
original video faithfully. Even on the large display, there were no
signs of artefacts or anomalies.
Agility Solution Broadcasting
Agility Solution Court Rooms
A large TV Broadcaster was looking for a switching solution to
optimise his playout process. All source computers are housed in a
central computer room. 50 users (directors and assistants) in multiple control rooms should be able to access about 80 computers. A
special attention had to be put on a very fast switching between
the computers. For the highly concentrated work, the solution
should work very quietly.
A court in West Palm Beach was looking for a control solution
for its court session recording system. Data from five court houses
within 36 km radius should be documented and recorded on DVR
systems mounted in several cabinets within the control room.
The customer chose the ServSwitch Agility due to its outstanding fast switching times. Using a TCP/IP network the Agility units
connect the users within the various control rooms to the remote
computers without loss in video quality. The Agility recei-vers in
the control rooms operate very quietly without a fan. The Agility
system can flexibly be adapted to future changes. The customer
was particularly pleased as the Agility system turned out to be a
very cost effective solution in comparison to other systems.
The court chose the Agility system to connect the remote court
rooms to the central recording system. All over 45 Agility transmitters send video, audio and microphone signals back to the control
room. Ten supervisors got Agility receivers being fed into a
ServSwitch 4Site and ServSwitch Freedom. This equipment assures
not only a detailed documentation of the court sessions, each
supervisor now easily navigates each incoming audio and video
feed by moving his mouse around and he can hear the audio from
the currently selected channel.
Specs and Order Information
T ech S p ecs
Connectors — ACR1000A-T-R2 and ACR1002A-T:
Video: (1) DVI-D F; ACR1002A-T/ACR1012A-T: (2);
Audio: (2) 3.5 mm Audio jacks, input and output;
USB peripherals: (1) USB Type B F;
Serial: (1) RS232 DB9 M AUX port;
Power: (1) 2.5 mm DC jack;
Network: (1) RJ45, 1 Gigabit network connection (CAT6 ideal);
(1) SFP Slot 1.25 Gbps
Management: (1) RJ45 for remote access via VNC or JAVA
(ACR1012A-T only)
Connectors — ACR1000A-R-R2 and ACR1002A-R:
Video: (1) DVI-D F; ACR1002A-R: (2)
Audio: (2) 3.5mm Audio jacks, line/mikro in, line out;
USB Peripherals: (4) USB Type A F;
Serial: (1) RS232 DB9 M AUX port;
Power: (1) 2.5 mm DC jack;
Network: (1) RJ45, 1 Gigabit network connection;
(1) SFP Slot 1,25 Gbps
Hardware Compatibility — all computers with DVI (digital only), USB, and Audio; Network Switches: IGMP Function recommended
Size — each unit: 4.4 H x 20.1 B x 12.2 T cm
Weight — each unit: 0,75 kg
What’s included
What’s included
Agility Transmitter
Agility Kit
• ServSwitch Agility Transmitter
• (1) power supply with cord, 1.8m
• (1) or (2) Combo USB/DVI-D cable(s), 1.4m
• (2) Audio cables 3.5mm M, 3m
• (4) self-adhesive rubber feet
• CD-ROM with Manual and Quick Starter
• ServSwitch Agility Transmitter
• ServSwitch Agility Receiver
• (2) power supplies with cord, 1.8m
• (1) or (2) Combo USB/DVI-D cable(s), 1.4m
• (2) Audio cables 3.5mm M, 3m
• (1) Serial Nullmodem cable, F/F, 1.65m (Upgrade)
• (8) self-adhesive rubber feet
• CD-ROM with Manual and Quick Starter
Agility Receiver
• ServSwitch Agility Receiver
• (1) power supply with cord, 1.8m
• (4) self-adhesive rubber feet
• CD-ROM with Manual and Quick Starter
Agility Controller
• ServSwitch Agility Controller Unit
• (1) power adapter
• Rackmount bracket
ServSwitch Agility, Single Link DVI
Kit with Transmitter and Receiver ACR1000A-R2
Transmitter only ACR1000A-T-R2
Receiver only ACR1000A-R-R2
ServSwitch Agility, Dual Link DVI Kit with Transmitter and Receiver ACR1002A
Transmitter only ACR1000A-T
Transmitter with integrated VNC HOST for remote access via Internet
Receiver only ACR1002A-R
ServSwitch Agility Controller Unit iPATH
Unlimited endpoints
Up to 16 endpoints Up to 8 endpoints Licence Upgrade 8 to 16 endpoints
Licence Upgrade 8 to unlimited endpoints
Licence Upgrade 16 to unlimited endpoints
19” Rackmountkit for one transmitter and receiver unit
19” Rackmountkit for two transmitter and receiver units (1U)
VESA/Wall/Table Mountingkit
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