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Instruction Manual
MANSQDN-1 REV-B 19/5/10
Diesel Transfer units
600 Litre
ABN 48 099 851 144
244- 264 Greens Rd,
Dandenong South, 3175 Australia
Telephone: +61 (03) 9215 2700
Facsimile: +61 (03) 9215 2701
22 Sunshine Avenue
Te Rapa, Hamilton, 2001 New Zealand
Telephone: +64 (07) 8496033
Fax: +64 (07) 8496070
No liability can be accepted for any inaccuracies or omissions in
this publication, although due care has been taken to make it as
complete and accurate as possible.
The information, illustrations and technical data were considered
to be correct at the time of preparation.
In accordance with our policy of continuous development Silvan
Australia Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to make changes at any time
without notice.
Record the details here for future reference when discussing service with your Silvan
dealer, ordering service parts or making a warranty claim.
Attached to all Diesel Transfer units a serial number sticker; from the sticker record the following
details below.
New Product Warranty
the Silvan
This warranty is the only warranty applicable to Silvan new products ('Products') and, to the
maximum extent permitted by law, is expressly in lieu of any other conditions or warranties expressed
or implied in relation to the Products.
Subject only to legislative obligations to the contrary, Silvan shall not be liable for incidental or
consequential damage resulting from ownership or use of a Product.
Silvan does not authorize any person to create for it any other obligation or liability in connection with
these products.
Silvan warrants its authorised Dealer, who in turn warrants the original purchaser (owner) of each new
Silvan product that it will repair or replace the product, or, pay the cost of repair or replacement, as
determined by Silvan without charge for labour or any defective or malfunctioning parts in accordance with
the warranty limitations and adjustment schedule below.
The warranty period begins on the date the product is delivered to the first retail purchaser for a period of 12
This Warranty Covers
Only conditions resulting directly from defects in workmanship or material under normal use and service.
Warranty Exclusions
The Warranty does not cover:
Conditions resulting from misuse, use of incompatible chemicals, exceeding machine specifications
including overloading, impact damage, negligence, accidental damage or failure to perform
recommended maintenance services.
Any product which has been repaired by other than an authorised Silvan service outlet in a way
which, in the sole and absolute judgement of Silvan, adversely affect its performance or reliability.
The replacement of maintenance items such as diaphragms, batteries, V belts and ground engaging
components, etc.
Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of the product liability to third parties or any other
consequential damages.
Incidental costs associated with a warranty repair including any travel costs, out of hour’s labour
charges, cleaning costs, transportation costs, freight costs or any communication costs.
The repair of a defective product qualifying under this warranty will be performed by any authorised Silvan
service outlet within a reasonable time following the delivery of the product, at the cost of the owner, to the
service outlet’s place of business. The product will be repaired or replaced, using new parts supplied by
Silvan. Silvan, in its absolute discretion, may choose to pay the cost of replacement or repair of the product.
The owner is responsible for the performance of regular maintenance services as specified in the
Owner/Operator Manual applicable to the product. Failure to carry out regular maintenance may invalidate
Safety Instructions
Before attempting to operate or install the diesel unit carefully read and take note of the following
safety warnings.
Failure to comply with these warnings may result in serious injury or death.
Warning ! This Diesel unit is designed and manufactured solely for the purpose of carrying and pumping Diesel fuel. Under no
circumstances may it be used for any other purposes.
Warning ! Prior to installing or using the Diesel unit all operators must have read and fully understand the contents of this instruction
manual as well as all other manuals supplied and the safety decal fitted to the Diesel unit.
Warning !
Never allow an inadequately trained person to install or operate the Diesel unit.
Warning !
Ensure the capacity of the vehicle is suitable for the loaded mass of the diesel unit. Refer to the vehicle operator’s manual
for safe working loads, correct secure points and relevant safety instructions.
Warning ! Avoid diesel contact with skin and eyes, and avoid breathing vapours or mists. Refer to the Material Data Safety sheet from
your Diesel supplier for recommended safety precautions and any required protective equipment for use when handling.
Ensure that all operators and associated personnel are familiar with the legal regulations and codes of practice that apply to
the safe use, storage and disposal of Diesel.
Warning ! This diesel unit should be securely restrained or tied down when being transported on a vehicle
Warning ! This Diesel unit should not be lifted when partially or completely full unless supported by an appropriate frame or pallet.
Warning ! This unit should never be left unattended while dispensing or being filled.
Warning !
Before attempting to fill the tank at a service station consult the operator for the correct procedure.
Warning !
Do not store the diesel unit within or next to a dwelling or garage attached to a dwelling.
Warning !
Always store the diesel unit in well ventilated open areas.
Warning !
Storage of the diesel unit must not be in the proximity of any heating or ignition sources.
Warning ! No combustible wast material or residues shall be permitted to remain in or around areas in which diesel is stored or
Warning ! Any spillage shall be cleaned up immediately and the materials used in the clean-up shall be disposed of safely and in
accordance with any legal regulations and codes of practice that apply to the safe use, storage and disposal of Diesel.
Warning ! When filling the tank, attach the earthing strap to the utility tray or earthed object.
Warning ! Do not stack tank, this tank is not suitable for stacking.
Safety Instructions (cont.)
The location and wording of the safety decal fitted to your Silvan Diesel tank is shown below. It is important that all
operators read and follow the information on all safety decals before operating the unit. Failure to comply with these
warnings could result in serious injury or death. Safety decals should be kept clean and legible at all times. If any decals
are missing or unreadable, they should be replaced by ordering new decals from your Silvan dealer using the part
numbers shown.
Warning decal part number: DEC90.
All transfer units come standard with an Auto shut-off gun and all pumps feature a duty cycle for 30 minutes of continues
dispensing, all pumps also contain an internal bypass that allows for the pump to operate for up to a maximum of three
minutes when the dispensing gun is closed without Damaging the Pump or motor.
TANKS- Made from impact resistant polyethylene, UV stabilized, coloured grey and fitted with lid and breather with a
600L capacity in a free-standing design.
GUN- Trigger filling nozzle with automatic shut-off and hose swivel.
FILTRATION - Suction foot screen filter.
PUMPS AND DELIVERY HOSE- All Selecta Diesel transfer units are fitted with an electric self priming vane pump
with a 4 meter power lead and alligator clips, details are provided below.
Diesel unit
model number
(part number)
Pump Name
Motor Duty
Delivery hose
30 minutes
4 meters
(20mm I.D.)
30 minutes
5 meters
(20mm I.D.)
IMPORTANT OPERATIONAL NOTE- The internal Bypass found in all diesel pump models is designed to
protect the pump and motor from damage when the trigger is shut off for a time no greater the 2-3 minutes which
will allow the operator to switch off the pump or recommence pumping. The internal bypass engages from
increased ‘back pressure’ from a shut off trigger, closed tap or over extended delivery line; when this happens the
motor will be creating more work and utilizing more amps which is why it important not to keep the bypass
engaged for more that 2-3 minutes.
Mass is specified with tank empty. To roughly calculate gross
mass, add 1 kg/liter capacity. (eg 200L =200Kg). All dimensions
are in mm, Mass in Kg, The mass of each tank may vary
according to the type of pump fitted and other accessories.
Tank Capacity
Operation and Installation
For transport purposes some transfer units will be supplied with the Delivery hose and Automatic Shut-off gun disconnected
from the pump. Before attempting to pump any Diesel ensure that the delivery hose is securely fitted to the pumps outlet,
and that the Automatic Shut-off gun (with swivel) is fitted to the other end of the delivery hose. If you have a Diesel unit
featuring the BP3000 pump (that was not factory fitted with a litre meter) you will need to connect the hose using special
“Half Clamp” connectors that will be included with this operators manual (as per the diagram below).
Push the Fitting from the Delivery hose into the outlet
Tightly fit the ‘Half Clamps’ and 5mm Allen head screws (as per the diagram).
Note: Once connected the outlet fittings should not be able to swivel.
Each diesel unit is supplied with a comprehensive pump Use and Maintenance Manual. Be sure to have read and understood
its contents prior to operation. In addition, the following information must be followed and noted.
All of the diesel transfer units fitted with DC electric motors are supplied with alligator clips that can be connected directly
to a 12 volt DC battery. Connect the brown (or red) wire to the positive terminal and the blue (or black) wire to the negative
terminal. If the pump runs backwards, simply swap the clips on the battery.
Ensure that the tank is supported by an even base capable of taking the weight. No Special equipment is required for filling
the tank, however when the lid has been removed from the tank take care not to introduce contaminants into the tank via the
filler neck and ensure that the lid is kept free of contaminating particles while filling.
The pump will need to prime itself upon first use. Turn the pump on and depress the trigger to allow air to be bled from the
hoses; after a short time the pump will have primed and delivery will commence. We recommend for this first priming that
the lid is removed from the tank and the nozzle is directed back into the tank while pumping to avoid spillage or loss of
Diesel; with this done the unit is now ready to operate.
To dispense the pump must be turned on and the nozzles trigger depressed; the nozzle features an automatic shut-off for
when fluid contacts the outer nozzle end which can be noted by a “Click” sound from the nozzle followed by a change in
tone from the pumps motor as the back pressure causes the by-pass to open. Once the pump has stopped delivery turn off
the pump or immediately start dispensing into another container (without allowing the bypass to operate for longer than 2-3
minutes) and not allowing the motor to run for longer than its specified duty cycle.
The pumps have been designed and built to require minimal maintenance however it is still important that you Always
remove the pump from the power source before any inspection.
The Vanes in the head of the pump will wear over time and require replacement. To extend the life of the Vanes, ensure that
the filters are kept clean and the tank free of contaminants. If a reduced flow rate is noticeable, or a screeching sound is
heard from the pump, dirt or debris may have entered the pumps and requires immediate cleaning before parts are
permanently damaged. Periodically check the suction foot filter to ensure that is clean and free of debris. In particular this
should be done if there is a noticeable decrease in diesel flow rate. There is also a coarse screen mesh at the inlet of the red
“Selecta” Auto shut-off gun supplied with the BP2000, BP3000 pumps can be checked by removing the gun from the swivel.
Pump does not operate
To Test & Repair if Pump does not
• Remove pump end cover, connect power to White & Black wires to test
• If motor runs, replace loom kit, PN: R09789000 (4m), PF0225-14 (2m)
• If motor still does not operate, remove 2 x 8mm head motor bolts &
check for rust or calcification, & replace motor if required.
This can happen when pump is operated in bypass mode for longer than
3 minutes or if low voltage/amps. Ensure that pump is not left running
for longer than 3 minutes without depressing Transfer Gun trigger.
This can be caused by dirt or debris entering the pump and becoming
caught in the working parts. Remove the end cover of the pump by first
unscrewing the three Socket Head screws and lifting off the cover.
Clean the impeller vanes ensuring you remove any dirt particles caught
between the ends of the vanes and the impeller housing. Do not overtighten head screws when reassembling.
The non-return valve in the outlet of the pump may be jammed shut.
Remove the outlet hose from the pump. Operate the white plastic valve
in the outlet port of the pump manually (by pushing it in and out), to
ensure it moves freely.
Remove gun from hose & re-test
If flow improves, check hole in the end of the nozzle for blockage
Replace gun as required
Pump Wiring Overheating
Pump makes a
squealing/scratching sound while
Pump stalls when Transfer Gun
trigger is released and pump is
To Test & Repair if Pump is
running, but low or nil flow from
Ensure battery wires are connected to battery properly.
Check Fuse and Fuse Holder under pump end cover.
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