R&S®ZVA/ZVT Firmware Release Notes Version 3.30

R&S®ZVA/ZVT Firmware Release Notes Version 3.30
Release Notes
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Release Notes for R&S ZVA Firmware Version 3.30
New features:
• Support for R&S ZVAX-TRM extension unit
Product improvements:
• Possibility to retain port group settings for calibrations with calibration unit.
(Particularly useful for calibrating Simultaneous Measurement with Frequency
Offset with a calibration unit.)
• New version of the GPIB Explorer tool
• New version of R&S NRP-Z power meter drivers
• Improvements of HP 8753 emulation mode (immediate execution of commands
without EOI and newline character, optional suppression of device clear)
• Configuration file for new revision of R&S ZVA-Z90 frequency converter
• Default calibration kit file for Anritsu 3654D calibration kit
• New and modified remote commands
◾ New command SENSe<Ch>:CORRection:COLLect:AUTO:RPGRoup
retain port group settings for calibration with calibration unit
◾ New command SENSe:CORRection:COLLect:AUTO:CKIT:PORTs
characterization of calibration unit with arbitrary port assignment
◾ New commands for R&S ZVAX-TRM: [SENSe<Ch>:]TEUNit:...
◾ Remote command SENSe:CORRection:COLLect:AUTO:CKIT now allows
to explicitly characterize a calibration unit either with or without
through standards
◾ For reflect standards the query SENS:CORR:CKIT:<std_type>? now
always returns the load model
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Sporadic loss of keyboard focus when closing online help
• ALC error message showing up in defined coherence mode
• Merging of one port calibrations with MMEMory:LOAD:CORRection:MERGe
• When opening the Split Manager dialog, the first entry of the drop-down list was
• Automatic sweep update after remote calibration
• Ground loop embedding and port pair embedding not deactivated during calibration
(only relevant for trace display during manual calibration or automatic port
detection for automatic calibration)
• Minor deviations of parser-preset (*RST, SYSTem:PRESet) and instrument preset
• Configuration of long distance mixer delay setup (option R&S ZVA-K10) using the
Mixer Delay Measurement Setup dialog
• Delayed start of firmware when another process has 100% CPU load
• Reset of noise figure setup guide settings during system preset
• Update of port configuration table when unplugging a power sensor
• No "?" appended to Cal label when Dynamic Bandwidth at Low Frequencies was
• Calculation of delta marker when using different marker formats
• Handling of special cases for sync generator settings
• Using pulse trigger in time sweep
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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• Harmonic Power Cal in combination with Use Reference Receiver Only setting
• Unnecessary reset of mixed mode S-Parameter settings in More S-Parameters
dialog when switching true differential mode on or off
• Data -> Mem restarts the sweep
• Modification of calibration kit connector impedance when changing the match
standard offset line impedance
• Deletion of all calibration pool entries when using the mouse wheel in the
calibration pool list under certain conditions
• Missing hidserv.dll for special external keyboards
• Corrections for display of user defined softkeys
• Query for calibration standards definition for standards with port restriction
• Corrected command definition for SENS:CORR:CKIT:<std_type> parameter list
• Firmware crash when pressing a hardkey in power calibration dialog when RF Off is
• User defined preset taking effect with delay in HP and Anritsu emulation mode
• Small corrections in R&S ZVA-Z110 frequency converter configuration diagram in
system configuration dialog
• Firmware crash when turning power correction off in port configuration under
certain conditions
Changes in Firmware V3.21 (Compared to V3.20)
New features:
• Support for new revision of R&S ZVA67 synthesizer board
• Support for R&S ZVA24 and R&S ZVA40 with four independent sources
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Improper sweep initialization when switching between setups with different IF
bandwidth settings
• Unnecessary short power reduction at the start of a CW sweep for ZVA40 and
Changes in Firmware V3.20 (Compared to V3.12)
New features:
• Mixer Noise Figure Measurement with Embedded LO
• Possibility to read out time of calibration via remote command
• For calibration units with SD slot (e.g. R&S ZN-Z51), characterization data can be
stored to and read from SD card
Product improvements:
• Generator frequency limits can be read dynamically from an external generator
(instead from configuration file)
• New version of "GPIB Explorer" tool
• Reworked automatic port detection for calibration units: better performance in
situations with low port power or high attenuation
• Automatic generation of minidump files in case of internal firmware errors
• Auto-completion in file dialogs now only displays files of correct type
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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• Reduction of small power transients at some frequency points when internal
switching occurs
• Default calibration kit for R&S ZV-Z129
• Manual changes of port power are now synchronized back to "Define Mixer
Measurement Dialog"
• Display of "Power" column in port configuration dialog now possible without option
• New calibration unit models retain last switched calibration standard after
• Display of informative tooltip when frequency converter configuration can not be
applied in system configuration dialog
• Predefined SMA connector type
• Small improvements for certain HP emulation parsers
• New and modified remote commands
◾ Commands
[SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:DATA:PARameter<Cal>? [<info>]
can now return the calibration time
◾ New command PROGram[:SELected]:RETVal? to query the exit code of
an external program
◾ SOURce:LPORt can now also redefine single ended ports
◾ When
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Printing active marker table
• Wrong help hyperlink in description of DISP:WIND:TRAC:FEED
• Error message when using multiport calibrations with more than two ports and
AVG detector
• Print to file when application window is not maximized
• Prevent conflicting mixer power calibration settings in combination with external
• Possible inconsistent internal firmware states after SOUR:LPOR:CLEAR
• Conversion of scattering parameters to impedance values for cases with complex
reference impedance
• Exiting the firmware for special cases
• Frequency converter reference receiver power calibration
• During S-parameter calibration the source power calibration was turned off when
linked to the calibration pool
• Small memory leak when creating diagram areas
• Internal error for certain incorrect user defined math formulas
• Manual "Repeat Previous Cal" was enabled after automatic calibration
• Sporadic internal firmware error when quickly changing the number of sweep
points in CW sweep mode
• Several SENS:EUN remote commands not returning an error code when hardware
option is not present
• Auxiliary LO port driving under certain conditions although not configured
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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• Firmware hanging with 100% CPU load when changing "Receiver Measured Wave
Quantities" for certain devices with receiver step attenuators
• Inconsistent LO power settings possible during vector mixer measurement setup
• Magnitude of time domain DC value was limited to 1
• Simultaneous measurement of port groups for certain setups with wave quantities
• Input of numerical quantities for calibration standard model constants
• ALC on R&S ZVA67 for special cases
• Matlab .dat file format
• Start of power calibration not possible when no trace is present
• Display of "More than 20 traces ..." error message when moving coupled traces
between diagram areas
• Restrictions when using a four port calibration unit on a two port device
• Calculation of standard deviation for complex valued trace formats
• Unnecessary sweep interrupts for special setups with multiple IF bandwidths in one
• Unnecessary extra sweep for SOUR:POW:CORR:MIX:RF:ACQ for vector mixer
• Performance improvement of several dialogs for setups with a high number of
• Limit Fail Trace Color was only applied to active Ripple Tests if Limit Check was
also enabled
• Internal firmware errors when working with snp files with higher number of ports
than available on analyzer
• Sporadic "Illegal math operation ..." errors for one path two port or TOSM
• Wrongly displayed "Receiver step attenuator settings are not in accordance with
system error correction data" messages for settings that result in a Ca? calibration
• Calibration unit port detection frequency for mixer measurement setups
• Simultaneous measurement of port groups for special cases
• Wrong order of S12 and S21 data for s2p file export of calibration unit
characterization data
• Possibility to set an approximate sweep time although only a DC trace is present
• Enhanced wave correction could be enabled for a mixer delay measurement and
harmonic measurements although not supported
• Firmware hanging for very special remote command sequences
• Handling of special cases when configuring pulse generators via PULS:GEN:MODE
• Internal firmware error when characterizing a two port calibration unit with thru
connections on a four port device without using automatic port detection
• Search limit lines not removed when turning off markers
• Missing update of receiver frequency display in port configuration dialog when
changing the frequency stimulus axis
• Delta marker showing absolute units
• Calibration unit port settings are unnecessarily changed after automatic port
detection when deselecting a port for calibration
• Wrong power limits of frequency converter LO ports for setups with an external
generator connected to the LO port
• R&S ZVA67: Compensation for loss of external power splitter for frequency
converter setups with external generator
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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• R&S ZVA67: IF bandwidths above 1MHz and frequencies above 40GHz resulted in
a-wave dropouts (for certain measurement setups)
• Context sensitive help for imbalance sweep types mixed up
• Noise Figure Setup Guide: the option to reduce generator step attenuator setting
to 0 dB during Receiver Power Calibration should not be offered if "Preamp or
Direct Receiver Access Used" was selected
• Manual DC extrapolation for time domain option not considering trace math
• Display of "Server Busy"/"Switch To..." dialog when installing an option key from
an USB stick
Changes in Firmware V3.12 (Compared to V3.11)
New features:
• Simultaneous measurement of port groups with frequency offset
• Support for calibration units with new controller board
Product improvements:
• Meaning of unit keys of the "DATA ENTRY" keypad changed from "G, M, k" to "n,
u, m" for unit less quantities (unit "1U") like linear trace format
• Availability of Port 2 Pwr Offset control in Noise Figure Setup Guide is now directly
coupled to option Preamp of Direct Receiver Access Used
• Definition of port groups and simultaneous measurement of port groups can now
be set independently of each other
• Added warning about potential system reboot when performing LAN Config
Initialize command in the LXI configuration dialog
• Increased size of drop-down list in Select Ports child dialogs of Export S-Matrix
• Explicit warning for incompatible combinations of permanent driving ports (Gen
column in port configuration) and intermodulation distortion measurement
• Rearranged menu items on Trace Data (Import/Export) menu
• Range Limit Lines On remains enabled when changing the active marker's search
• Disabled automatic selection of Apply button in calibration wizard
• A modal info dialog is displayed while creating/saving a system report
• New and modified remote commands
◾ New commands to activate/deactivate simultaneous measurement of
port groups:
◾ New commands to activate/deactivate and configure Simultaneous
Measurement with Frequency Offset:
- SOURce<Ch>:GROup:SIMultaneous:FOFFset[:STATe]
- SOURce<Ch>:GROup:SIMultaneous:FOFFset:CONDition?
- SOURce<Ch>:GROup:SIMultaneous:FOFFset:MOFFset:MODE
- SOURce<Ch>:GROup:SIMultaneous:FOFFset:MOFFset:DVALue
- SOURce<Ch>:GROup:SIMultaneous:FOFFset:MOFFset:BWFactor
◾ New commands to manipulate the analyzer's identification string:
- SYSTem:IDENtify:STRing
- SYSTem:IDENtify:FACTory
◾ New command to select the master channel for continuous pulse
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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◾ For setups with multiple channels, command PULSe:GENerator:MODE
now behaves as documented and consistent with manual control
◾ In
reference plane shift can now be specified per calibration
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Displayed frequency range in Mixer Power Cal dialog diagram for IF range receiver
power cal
• Mixer power calibration for LO port when using an external generator and selected
option Reference Receiver Cal
• New user characterization not displayed in Characterize Cal Unit dialog directly
after calibration unit characterization
• Offered calibrations in Intermod Dist Meas Power Cal dialog in combination with
option Prepare Enhanced Wave Correction
• Internal error in compression point search when evaluation range was outside of
sweep range
• Memory leaks in configuration dialogs, when using calibrations in combination with
Simultaneous Measurement of Port Groups
• Removed redundant "Conv x" receiver power cal dropdown list entries for R&S
ZVA110 systems
• Firmware crash when pressing preset in "HP8510" compatibility mode.
• ALC auto mode settings for R&S ZVB20 and R&S ZVT20 and frequencies below 1
• Possible short-term output power present on ports when deactivating RF Off
• OUTPut OFF remote command could be canceled by following commands under
certain conditions
• Option Dynamic Bandwidth at Low Frequencies in combination with Measure
Source Port Waves at: Receiver Frequency and frequency converting configurations
• Internal error when combining balanced ports with Simultaneous Measurement of
Port Groups under certain conditions.
• Combination of S-parameter measurement and mixer delay measurement (option
R&S ZVA-K9) in one channel
• :DISPlay:MENU:KEY:SELect remote command not working under certain
• ALC warning message not reset correctly under certain conditions
• Modifying the preset configuration caused unnecessary Preset
• Inconsistent behaviors of user defined presets in combination with Frequency
Converter settings
• Prevent selection of UTI (upper tone at DUT input) measurement quantity for
intermodulation distortion measurements with two tone output at external device
and external generator as upper tone source
• Wrong result of SOURce:POWer:CORRection:DATA:PARameter? WAVE query for
frequency converter source power calibration
• Cal label of noise figure trace when number of points are changed
• Prevent activation of ALC for defined coherence and true differential mode
• Loading a setup file generated on a R&S ZVA40 on a R&S ZVA24 when segmented
sweep is active
• Power meter trace removed after change in port configuration when an external
generator is involved
• S-parameter calibration for intermodulation distortion measurement in CW and
power sweep mode
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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• Calibration state labels for intermodulation distortion measurement in combination
with enhanced wave correction
• IF range S-Parameter calibration for mixer measurement
• Power calibration for intermodulation distortion measurement with an external
generator selected for Upper Tone and Ext. Dev. selected for Two Tone Output
• Trace format reset when changing between S-parameters
• Display of RF Off in channel list when power stimulus axis is set to port x.
• Marker function Span = Marker
• Calibration units with different connector types
• Inconsistent behavior of the Meas column in true differential mode.
• Status bar erroneously showing error log entries under specific conditions
• Step size not saved for certain settings
• Marker display for power sensor traces in linear trace format
• Display of PCal labels in arbitrary mode under special conditions
• Inconsistencies when using predefined configs in Balanced Ports and Port Groups
dialog after configuring port groups
• Update of calibration unit connector type in Characterize Cal Unit dialog
• Update of displayed formula in Shift Response Value dialog
• Inconsistent availability of Compression Point and Define Compression Value menu
• Calculation of compression point when coincident with a sweep point
• Overwriting a noise figure calibration when calibration pool link is active
• Overwriting a power calibration via remote control when a pool link is active
• Performing a remote source power calibration for intermodulation distortion
measurement with SOURce:POWer:CORRection:IMODulation:SPORts:ACQuire
when using an external generator as upper tone source
• Performing a power calibration via remote command when Additional Two-Port is
• Scrolling in Available Connector Types list not possible if list of predefined
connector types exceeds dialog size
• Mixer delay calibration under certain conditions
• Display of ALC flag for ratios in trace list
• Settings of PULSE:GEN:MODE not visible in GUI; remote behavior not consistent
with documentation and GUI; possibly inconsistent settings for setups with
multiple channels
• Shift stimulus value for CW sweep type
• Mixer power calibration for LO port, when configured as external generator
• Automatic calibration unit port detection in segmented frequency sweep mode
Changes in Firmware V3.11 (Compared to V3.10)
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• ALC in CW sweep mode on R&S ZVA67
• Touchstone file export with renormalization turned off generated scattering
parameters in wrong order under certain conditions
• User Defined Preset taking effect with delay on some instruments
• Compatibility of MMEM:LOAD:CKIT remote command with legacy SENS:CORR:CKIT
commands (without specifying label)
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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• Performing a flatness power calibration using reference receiver only and a
calibration pool link
• Switching of step attenuators creating minor power spikes on certain instruments
Changes in Firmware V3.10 (Compared to V3.02)
New features:
• New calibration method NIST Multiline TRL
• Complete revision of automatic level control (ALC):
- Complete redesign of dialogs
- Relocation of ALC Config in Power Bandwidth Average menu
- ALC settings are now channel specific
- Complete redesign of Auto mode
- Support of ALC over the whole frequency range of the instrument
- Display of ALC status in trace list
- Improved warning and error messages
- Support for frequency converting applications
Note that due to concept changes some old port-specific ALC remote commands
are not 100% downward compatible.
• Complete revision of intermodulation distortion measurement (IMD):
- Power calibration for each intermodulation product frequency
- Support of enhanced wave correction for IMD measurement
- Receiver step attenuator adjustable in IMD dialog
- Complete redesign of IMD power calibration dialog
- Support of automatic level control
- Improvements for cases with external generator as upper tone port
• Support for new Netcon hardware board with increased amount of memory
Product improvements:
• Improvement of Time Domain menu structure and dialogs (option R&S ZVAB-K2)
• Improved time gating in bandpass mode. Reduced artifacts due to band limitation
in certain configurations at the diagram borders in frequency domain display
• When loading a power calibration with a Cal Power Offset setting, the Port Power
Result value is kept constant now
• Three-Port and Four-Port calibration menus now provide the selection of the
calibration method
• Compression point measurement considers actual reference receiver reading when
• Power calibration wizards with tree view now retain the display of performed
calibrations when settings are changed via Modify Settings
• Several improvements of the HP compatibility parser
• Display of External Reference state in status bar
• Display of information message in setup info if virtual memory is disabled
• Improved source calibration state display in receiver power calibration dialog
• Improved keyboard navigation in several dialogs
• New and modified remote commands
◾ New commands for automatic level control (ALC):
- SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:ALC:BANDwidth
- SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:ALC:COUPle
- SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:ALC:CSTate
- SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:ALC:LPNOise
- SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:ALC:POFFset
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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- SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:ALC:RANGe
- SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:ALC:SOFFset
- SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:ALC:STOLerance
◾ Commands modified for ALC:
- SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:ALC:CLAMp
- SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:ALC[:STATe]
◾ New command for "NIST Multiline TRL":
- [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:COLLect:RPSHift
◾ Commands modified for "NIST Multiline TRL":
- [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:CKIT:<std_type> and other commands
for calibration standard definition
- [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:COLLect[:ACQuire]:SELected
- [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:COLLect:METHod:DEFine
- [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:DATA:PARameter<Cal>? [<info>]
◾ New commands for intermodulation distortion measurements:
- [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:COLLect:IMODulation[:STATe]
- [SENSe<Ch>:]
- [SENSe<Ch>:]FREQuency:IMODulation:PEWCorr[:STATe]
- SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:CORRection:IMODulation:RPORt
- SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:CORRection:IMODulation:SPORts
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Noise Cal status not displayed in trace table when no system error correction is
• Time domain step response display with time gating
• Sporadic error log entry "Phase synchronization failed" on R&S ZVA67
• Target search next in combination with delta markers
• Changing to remote control mode when dialog windows are still open
• Inconsistencies in definition of port groups in Port Config dialog
• Legacy commands for creating, selecting, deleting and saving calibration kits were
not completely downwards compatible
• Calibration kit user connectors with different impedances could not be created
• ALC unleveled messages
• ALC not automatically turned off during power calibration
• ALC timeout for slow filters (20Hz)
• User Defined Math dialog not completely visible when "Numeric Value" was
• IMD: Upper Tone at DUT In measurement when two tone output at port 1 is
• ALC for certain frequency converting configurations
• Missing update after SENS:FREQ:IMOD:TTO and SENS:PORT:ZREF remote commands
• Accuracy of IMD noise level trace
• IMD power calibration for upper tone port when two tone output at port 1 is
• Measurement of major IMD product at DUT in when two tone output at Ext. Dev. is
• UOSM calibration with calibration unit for certain configurations
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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• External generators could not be set to "0 Hz + ..." when stimulus axis was not set
to "fb"
• S21 trace showing small spikes after a transmission normalization calibration
• Small differences in timing of calibration sweep in comparison to later
measurement for certain configurations
• Compatibility issues of MMEM:STOR:CKIT (in combination with labels) with older
firmware versions
• Automatic power reduction for remote calibration with calibration unit
• Firmware crash in Cal Kits dialog under certain conditions
• Marker number clipped in movable marker table
• CONT:HAND remote commands did not return error code if option is not available
• SENS:CORR:DATA:PAR? did also return data of factory calibration
• Minor correction of time domain bandpass mode with even number of points
• Minor corrections in extended sliding load calibration
• Wrong file exists error message when exporting data with the option "Export all
• Resource leak in HCOPy remote command
• Overwriting a power calibration in the calibration pool with a new calibration or
adding a power calibration to the calibration pool
• Memory leak when viewing error log or creating a system report
Changes in Firmware V3.02 (Compared to V3.01)
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Reduced dynamic range for network analyzers with an odd number of ports
• Adjustments for the production of R&S ZVA67 systems
Changes in Firmware V3.01 (Compared to V3.00)
Product improvements:
• Clarified descriptions in online help:
- Scattering parameter normalization during export
- remote commands for trace export
- remote command SOURce:GROup:PORTs
• Improved calibration standard frequency check in cases where multiple calibration
standards are used to cover the desired frequency range
• Default calibration kit definition file for Maury 8050 calibration kit
• Marker and calibration standard definition was only possible up to 1 THz. Changed
to 2 THz
• New remote commands:
- Auxiliary command to support writing system error correction data to be used
with enhanced wave correction:
• Changed remote commands:
- In firmware V3.00 optional renormalization was inconsistently also added for
remote command MMEMory:STORe:TRACe. This behavior is again removed in
Firmware V3.01. See MMEMory:STORe:TRACe and MMEMory:STORe:TRACe:PORTs for
a detailed explanation of renormalization in combination with remote commands.
- ABORt command now can be used to stop a sweep that has been started with
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Inconsistent averaging count when stopping sweep and restarting sweep with
certain menu commands
• Unnecessary restart of sweep when turning on bandpass search
• Error during certain remote calibrations with calibration unit when user
characterization was active
• :SOUR:FREQ:CONV:ARB:CFR was only working for frequency converters with
electronic attenuator
• In power meter configuration files parameter POWERMEAS_SETUPDELAY only took
effect if parameter POWERMEASSETUP was set
• Marker Export when impedance format was selected
• Incomplete screen update after print to file
• Port group definition was deleted when performing a calibration
• Using external generator for two tone generation in group delay measurement
• Remote command for selection of DC measurement was not completely compatible
with old firmware versions
• USB sticks could not be safely removed on certain devices with FMR7 computer
board and Windows XP Service Pack 3 disk images
• Improved calculation of switchover frequency for TRL calibration, when the thru
standard is not the shortest calibration standard
• Intermodulation measurement traces could not be set via remote control in special
• Error when loading an old setup file where a mixer measurement with decreasing
frequency axis was active
• Marker unit display in time domain mode with distance axis
• Remote calibration with calibration unit when device ports were not in increasing
• Repeat previous cal when using AVG detector for calibration
• Interchanged order of S21 and S12 parameter in exported s2p file when
renormalization is disabled
• Improved calculation of image frequency in very special cases
• Defined coherence mode on R&S ZVA67 when using more than two ports
• Restart menu command did not restart an ongoing sweep
• SENS:CORR:DATA:PAR did also return factory calibration
Changes in Firmware V3.00 (Compared to V2.92)
New features:
• Frequency converting noise figure measurement (option R&S ZVA-K31)
• Possibility to use higher order interpolation of calibration data for special
measurement scenarios.
• Measurement of image gain for scalar mixer measurement.
• Renormalization of scattering parameters during import and export can be freely
configured; see Import/Export Data.
• Restart Hold All menu command
• Support to simultaneously define calibration kits with the same name but different
label; see [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:CKIT... with Labels
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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• Extensions of power meter configuration file, like modification of measurement
result by a general mathematical formula, to support special external power
• Reworking of power calibration wizards; see e.g. Mixer Power Cal....
• Checkbox Narrowband DUT in Define Noise Figure dialog.
Product improvements:
• Mixer power cal wizards now propose two source power calibrations for enhanced
accuracy when enhanced wave correction is activated
• Relaxed restriction on calibration unit port assignment list. Now more special cases
are allowed.
• Diagram windows shown in calibration dialogs now use the same color scheme as
the main diagram area.
• Improved display color of title bar in color scheme Light Background.
• Reflect calibration standards in ideal kits changed to Short.
• Improved error messages in Import Complex Data dialog.
• Export of unconventional cases like S21 or Sdd11 to an *.s1p file improved.
Reference impedance written to Touchstone file is adjusted appropriately, if
• For multiport calibrations with reduced number of Through connections, the
measured Through connections are listed in the calibration manager and setup info
• Improved frequency range check of calibration standards and warning messages
• Setting of power stimulus axis to input port of device under test when adding
traces from within noise figure setup guide
• New version of GPIB Explorer tool
• Calibration unit characterization info shows a message if Through characterization
is missing
• Improved handling of low memory situations
• Improved handling of power correction data in segmented sweep mode
• Improved calibration in power sweep type
• Dialog Define Scalar Mixer Measurement: display of frequency and power settings
from the sub-dialogs in the mixer diagram
• Add External Generator dialog in System Configuration: Identify Type button now
always enabled
• Suppressed warning Problem concerning external generator ... when generator is
not used in setup
• Explicit display of preparation sweep for calibrations with certain frequency
• Improved display of detected USB switch matrices in System Configuration
• Improved error messages for frequency converter mode
• When performing a power calibration out of the noise figure setup guide, a warning
is shown when the IF bandwidth is too high or the generator power too low
• Remote error messages are deleted when returning to local mode
• For frequency converters without electronic attenuator, flatness calibration is
deactivated by default
• RF Off state is checked when performing a calibration.
• New driver files for R&S NRP power sensors
• Load Match Corr menu command is now only enabled for frequency converting
• New remote commands
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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◾ To read out calibration properties:
- SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:CORRection:DATA:PARameter<wave>
- SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:CORRection:DATA:PARameter:COUNt?
- [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:DATA:PARameter:COUNt?
- [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:DATA:PARameter (extended)
◾ For dynamic bandwidth reduction:
- [SENSe<Ch>:]BANDwidth[:RESolution]:DREDuction
◾ For querying the noise calibration state:
- SENSe<Ch>:CORRection:NSTate
◾ For renormalization of scattering parameters during import and export:
- MMEMory:SETTings:RENOrm:RIMPedance
◾ For narrowband DUT:
◾ To change segment name and spurious avoidance in segmented sweep
- [SENSe<Ch>:]SEGMent<Seg>:NAME
- [SENSe<Ch>:]SEGMent<Seg>:SBANd
- [SENSe<Ch>:]SEGMent<Seg>:SBANd:CONTrol
◾ New (modified) commands to support calibration kits with the same
name but different label:
- [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:CKIT:<connector_type>:LSELect
- [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:CKIT:LCATalog?
- [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:CKIT:LDELete
- [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:CKIT:LLABel
- [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:CKIT:LSELect
- [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:CKIT:<standard_type>:WLABel
◾ To query and modify the system time and date
◾ To change the computer name
- SYSTem:COMMunicate:NETwork:HOSTname
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Improved handling of automatic gain control during calibration for models R&S
ZVA40 and R&S ZVA50
• Channel not sweeping after remote command DISPlay:WINDow:STATe
• Hiding of displayed columns in Port Configuration table, when deselecting a whole
display group
• Small correction in the calculation of the optimum number of points in the Define
Pulse Profile dialog
• Step size of sweep time property not handled correctly when using the rotary knob
• Resolved several issues with fast sweep mode of external generators:
- error messages when having multiple channels with different number of points;
- sporadic missing of first trigger pulse after firmware start;
- multiple channels with CW sweep type;
- setting of measurement delay in certain cases;
- unnecessary learning of list after Restart menu;
- timeout during learning of lists;
- sporadic crashes when opening error log several times;
- clear error message when maximum number of points is exceeded;
- detection of extra trigger impulse in very rare cases
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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• Issues with Fit Frequency Range for intermodulation distortion measurements with
higher order intermodulation products
• Port power could be set to 0 dBm + ... (independent of Pb) although the stimulus
axis was set to this port
• Overlapping properties in channel info line.
• Usage of external generator during defined coherence mode under certain
• Exceptions during Refresh Tables when defining external generators under certain
• Power calibration in segmented sweep mode for certain constellations
• Improved frequency range check for calibration with calibration unit for frequency
converting configurations
• Measurement of relative intermodulation products
• Unnecessary display of Unknown Through Characteristics dialog in very special
• Detection of external generator via VXI-11 interface
• Calibration in frequency converting configurations in sweeps with fixed frequencies
• External generator not sweeping in certain frequency converting setups with true
differential mode
• Commands following a device clear in HP emulation mode
• One Path Two Port calibrations with calibration unit out of noise figure setup guide
• Several fixes regarding the ROUTe:PORTs command:
- functionality when only one channel was present;
- channel not sweeping after command
• Displaying LTI in intermodulation distortion measurement when the port with
highest port number was used as upper tone
• Display of calibration frequency for remote power calibration in frequency
converting mode
• Bandwidth Fine Adjust dialog elements disabled in certain cases
• Step size for port power offset in Noise Figure Setup Guide dialog
• SENSe:CORR:SSTate? also returned the noise calibration state
• Improved width of Stimulus column in printout of marker table
• Source noise figure not displayed correctly during source noise calibration
• Remote calibration for vector mixer measurement
• Frequency setting for external generator when intermodulation distortion
measurement is active in special cases
• Update of sweep settings after power calibration in combination with enhanced
wave correction
• Corrections in product help:
- timing of output signals;
- description of Split All menu command;
- description of SENS:CORR:SST?, SENS:CORR:PST? and SENS:POW:ATT.
• Option R&S ZVA-K10 when using slave R&S ZVA as LO source
• LO power calibration in mixer mode when using cal power offset
• Importing a load standard with offset length from a *.prn file. Automatic detection
of gender during import of calibration kit from*.csv format. Import of offset loss of
a match from *.csv format
• Application crash when opening Define Vector Mixer Meas Dialog for very large
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
Page 15 of 37
• Automatic changing of traces with external generator as drive port when making
changes in port configuration
• Misleading display of frequency transformation equation under special conditions
• Unnecessary reset of stop time in time sweep when performing certain setup
• Remote Display Active screen when no setup is loaded.
• Correction in queries of SENSe1:CORRection:COLLect:METHod for calibration types
OPTport and ROPTport
• No automatic display update after remote command MMEMory:LOAD:TRACe
• Sweep preparation phase of SENSe2:CORRection:POWer2:ACQuire could not be
canceled by device clear command.
• Free disk space returned by MMEMory:CATalog?
• Power calibration quality label for special cases, like interpolation in segmented
sweep mode
Changes in Firmware V2.92 (Compared to V2.91)
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Output power stability for R&S ZVA67 under certain conditions
Changes in Firmware V2.91 (Compared to V2.90)
New features:
• Dynamic reduction of measurement bandwidth at low frequencies; see Bandwidth
Fine Adjust
Product improvements:
• Improvements in HP compatibility parsers
• Option R&S ZVAB-B14, Universal Interface:
– Improved timing of pass/fail strobe signal
– Support of port E and F
• Display of calibration frequency instead of base frequency during remote mixer
power calibration
• Added default calibration kit for R&S ZV-Z135
• Definition of additional through standards in default calibration kits 85052D and
85054D for TOSM calibration method
• Single step power calibration over whole frequency range for R&S ZVA80 and R&S
ZVA110 systems
• New remote commands:
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Sporadic hanging sweeps and error dialogs for setups with high number of points
on devices with new FMR9 computer board
• Transmission coefficient settings were not considered for remote power calibration
sweep diagram
• Noise figure setup guide update of displayed attenuator settings when returning
from a sub dialog
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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• New remote commands for calibration with calibration unit and multiple port
assignments did not consider channel number
• Rounding issues when entering mechanical offset values
• Display issues in mixer measurement wizard for segmented sweeps or when
setting the stimulus axis to All Receivers
• Base power could not be changed in mixer measurement wizard for specific
• Unnecessary calibration sweeps during remote mixer power calibration for specific
• Default port assignment for calibration with calibration unit if only one port is
• RF Off in single sweep mode taking effect only after restart of sweep
• Configuration of upper tone frequency for mixer delay measurement with fixed RF
• Calibration with calibration unit in segmented sweep mode when one or more
segments were switched off
• Saving a characterization of calibration unit in rare cases
• Check for cutoff frequency for calibration with waveguide connectors in segmented
sweep mode
To check your R&S ZVA firmware version, click Help – About Nwa... in the network
analyzer's main application window. Refer to section Firmware Update in the help system for
information about an upgrade of your network analyzer firmware.
Changes in Firmware V2.90 (Compared to V2.86)
New features:
• Mixer measurement wizard now supports up to two mixer stages and internal
frequency multiplication factors
• Support for multiple port assignments for calibration unit. For example it is now
possible to perform a four port calibration with a two port calibration unit
• Support for multiport calibrations with reduced number of Through connections
• Calibration sweep diagram for remote power calibration
• Display update during execution of remote commands; see Switchover to Remote
• The switchover frequencies for a multi-line TRL calibration can now be influenced;
see TRL Extensions
• Support for ELVA power meter 4806
• Support for socket based Ethernet communication for external devices
Product improvements:
• Documentation of file format for external generator and power meter configuration
files incorporated into online help; see section Configuration Files
• Support of second GPIB1 bus to configure external generators with two GPIB
• New softkey Max Unambiguous Range for time domain transform
• New power meter driver version and support of new models like NRP-Z211 or NRPZ221
• Small improvements on noise figure setup guide
• New version of GPIB explorer tool
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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• Device clear softkey in remote mode; see Switchover to Remote Control.
• New keywords for device driver configuration files to better support non SCPI
compliant devices
• Cal and Corr at Base Freq now also considers power calibration
• Improved firmware stability in low memory situations
• Improvements in HP compatibility parsers
• Driver file for Hittite generator HMC-T2240
• Possibility to replace not measured S-parameters during export with zero; see
Select Ports
• New remote commands
◾ Extension to CALCulate:DATA:NSWeep:FIRSt? to read several sweeps
at once.
◾ CALCulate:PARameter:DELete:ALL
◾ CALCulate<Ch>:PARameter:DELete:CALL
◾ [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:COLLect:AUTO:ASSignment<Asg>:DEFine
◾ [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:COLLect:AUTO:ASSignment<Asg>:ACQuire
◾ [SENSe<Ch>:]
◾ [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:COLLect:AUTO:CONFigure
◾ [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:COLLect:AUTO:SAVE
◾ [SENSe<Ch>:]FREQuency:CONVersion:MIXer:FIXEd extended
◾ [SENSe<Ch>:]FREQuency:CONVersion:MIXer:FUNDamental extended
◾ [SENSe<Ch>:]FREQuency:CONVersion:MIXer:TFREquency extended
◾ SOURce<Ch>:FREQuency:CONVersion:MIXer:FUNDamental extended
◾ SOURce<Ch>:FREQuency:CONVersion:MIXer:PFIXed extended
◾ SOURce<Ch>:FREQuency:CONVersion:MIXer:PMODe
◾ SOURce<Ch>:POWer:CORRection:MIXer:LO[:ACQUire] extended
◾ [SENSe<Ch>:]FREQuency:CONVersion:MIXer:IFPort
◾ [SENSe<Ch>:]FREQuency:CONVersion:MIXer:LOMultiplier
◾ [SENSe<Ch>:]FREQuency:CONVersion:MIXer:LOPort
◾ [SENSe<Ch>:]FREQuency:CONVersion:MIXer:MFFixed
◾ [SENSe<Ch>:]FREQuency:CONVersion:MIXer:RFMultiplier
◾ [SENSe<Ch>:]FREQuency:CONVersion:MIXer:RFPort
◾ [SENSe<Ch>:]FREQuency:CONVersion:MIXer:STAGes
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Improved import of .csv files
• Refinement of frequency grid during calibration with calibration unit will not be
saved in correction data
• Side effects for remote operation when switching back from frequency converter
• Remaining Port Power Unleveled warning when using ALC with several channels
• Port Power Unleveled warning was only reset at end of sweep even when settings
were changed
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
Page 18 of 37
• Small power peaks when switching between certain frequency points
• Wrong unit of scaling displayed under certain conditions
• SYSTem:PRESet:USER:NAME did not use default path and did not show an error if
file did not exist
• Entering sweep time when defining sweep segments
• Open sub menus when switching to remote control
• Wrong default format when changing a trace from admittance to scattering
• Wrong display of channel info line for segmented frequency sweep under certain
• Application crash in port configuration dialog under special condition
• Application crash in frequency converter tab in system configuration under special
• Behaviour of limit line between two measurement points under certain conditions
• [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:COLLect:METHod:DEFine with empty calibration name
• Setting up a scalar mixer measurement in CW mode under certain conditions
• Using frequency converter R&S ZVA-Z325 on a R&S ZVA80-BU device
• Wrong estimation of sweep time for frequency converting modes
• Display of sweep time for segmented frequency sweep under certain conditions
• SYSTem:WAIT could not be interrupted by device clear
• Pressing Preset was possible during remote operations which could cause
undefined instrument states
• Error dialog box when deleting external generator while in use
• Display of Cal quality label for bidirectional transmission normalization
• Checkmark for softkeys Couple all Traces.
• Global meas delay for segmented sweep
• Noise figure setup guide Add and Replace button if more than one channel present
• Power calibration for vector mixer meas under certain conditions
• Correction in NRVD power meter configuration file (no service request for zeroing)
• Application chrash in More Harmonics dialog under special conditions
• Slowly responding firmware with large setups under certain conditions
• Active trace changes after remote power calibration
• Mixer power cal verification sweep was available when flatness cal was turned off
• Corrected error in SML generator configuration file
• DISPay:MENU:KEY:SELect caused user interface to be unconditionally active during
remote operation which can lead to undefined instrument states and application
Changes in Firmware V2.86 (Compared to V2.85)
New features:
• New menu command Cal and Corr at Base Freq to force calibration and system
error correction to be performed at base frequency for setups with external
frequency conversion
• Re-enabled Anritsu parser; see Remote Settings. A basic command set is
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
Page 19 of 37
• S-parameter correction for ports at channel base frequency in arbitrary mode
• Correction at base frequency for R&S ZVR emulation mode
• UOSM dialog showing up when selecting Repeat Previous Cal after TOSM
• Source power calibration for external generator
• Configuration of external generators under certain conditions
• Source power calibration with setting Reference Receiver Only and interpolation
• Power normalization for true differential mode with frequency converters
• Display of Cal Off label under certain frequency converting configurations
• Mixer mode S-Parameter correction now independent of setting Enhanced Wave
Correction. Correction can be switched off by Correction Off
Changes in Firmware V2.85 (Compared to V2.81)
New features:
• Load match correction for scalar mixer measurement
• Receiver power calibration allows selection of reference power value
• User characterization info message for calibration units can be turned off; see
Characterize Cal Unit
Product improvements:
• Improved user interface responsiveness for setups with large number of points
• Mixer power calibration: IF range sweep display update
• Display of source port in trace names for wave quantities and ratios
• Display of active trace properties in status bar
• Reference for power and frequency stimulus axis indicated more clearly
• Several improvements in calibration unit dialogs
• Power meter correction accessible from Trace – Measure – Power Sensor dialog
• Changed default setting for Frequency Information for Power Meter (see Power
Meter Correction)
• New menu command Trace – Scale – Couple All to easily couple the scaling of all
• Support for calibration units with different connector types
• New version of GPIB Explorer tool
• New version of rsib32.dll for RSIB communication channel
• Generator configuration file for HP83620A
• Extended frequency grid for UOSM calibration
• New remote commands
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Averaging for intermodulation measurement quantities
• Keep trigger settings for output power calibration
• Deactivate automatic IF bandwidth reduction for output power calibration
• Remote command [SENSe]:PAE:EXPRession (C10 and C1 were interchanged)
• Application crash for coupled markers in very special cases
• Shift response value for noise figure traces
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
Page 20 of 37
• Export of S-matrix if folder name contains a period
• Long Distance Mixer Delay (R&S ZVA-K10) calibration with remote commands
under certain conditions
• Frequency out of Range warning when disconnecting power meter
• Loading of setup files from other instruments under special conditions
• Undo function under certain conditions
• Calibration in CW mode with calibration unit
• AVERAGE:COUNT:CURRENT? when no averaging active
• Display order of LAN 1 and 2 connections in LXI configuration dialog
• Define Mixer Delay Measurement dialog allowed incompatible port selection
• Gender setting missing when loading calibration kit on R&S ZVA110
• Display of Source power reduced to limit for defined coherence mode
• Switching between setup with different internal/external reference settings
• Trace info table not formatted correctly when maximizing diagram area
• Resizing main window with maximized diagram area
• Multiple through calibration standards for overlapping UOSM calibrations
• Missing tooltip in Compile Calibrations dialog if sweep start is below waveguide
cutoff frequency
• Cal label for wave quantities
Changes in Firmware V2.81 (Compared to V2.80)
Product improvements:
• Two alternative calibration methods for optimum accuracy or calibration speed.
See Same Sweep Setup for All Standards
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Increased calibration time in specific configurations (see Product improvements
• Definition of Offset Short 2 and 3 calibration standard via remote control
• Calibration via remote command when receiver step attenuator is set
• Power reduction for unknown mixer standard for vector mixer measurement
calibration (option R&S ZVA-K5) with calibration unit
• Calibration with AVG detector in combination with isolation term
• Possible error messages in combination with new CPU board (under very rare
• Calibration in combination with sweep averaging
Changes in Firmware V2.80 (Compared to V2.79)
New features:
• Enhanced mixer measurement
• Gain-corrected noise figure measurement
• Noise figure setup guide
• Calibration unit support for vector mixer measurement calibration (option R&S
• Enhanced wave correction
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
Page 21 of 37
• Configurable RF Off behavior; see System Configuration – Power
• Defined coherence mode support for certain frequency-converting configurations
• Support for data set-based advanced power transfer model for frequency
converters. Calibration data can be acquired by means of the R&S ZVA Frequency
Converter Leveling Tool; see Power Transfer Models
Product improvements:
• Improved stability under low memory conditions
• Additional correction of non driving port wave quantities in defined coherence
• Improved calibration speed for setups with a large number of points (for devices
with maximum frequency above 8 GHz)
• Existence of error log entries is signaled by status bar icon
• Support for new revision of CPU boards
• Support for option R&S ZVAX-B203, Low-Noise Preamplifier. Refer to sections
ZVAX Path Configuration and Noise Figure Measurement
• Support for Windows XP Embedded Service Pack 3
• New version of the GPIB Explorer tool
• SYSTem:USER:DISPlay:TITle supports multiple text lines lines.
• New menu entry for easy access of two port UOSM calibration
• Support for demo option keys with longer duration
• Reference for power stimulus axis is indicated in channel info line
• Global system configuration is retained in case of firmware crash
• Improvements of true differential and defined coherence mode in frequency
converting configurations
• Safely remove USB stick now possible when storing setup on USB stick
• Option R&S-ZVAB-B14: New commands CONTrol:AUXiliary:A,
CONTrol:AUXiliary:B, write the active channel number to the handler ports A and
• New remote commands CALCulate<Ch>:DATA:CALL:CATalog? and
CALCulate<Ch>:DATA:CALL?, return all S-parameter traces in the active channel or
in the active system error correction
• Support of DC measurements in true differential mode
• Support for S-parameter measurements with average detector; see More
• Possibility to set the channel power stimulus axis out of the power calibration
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Combo box problems during bandfilter search for certain dialogs
• Minor corrections for extended power transfer mode for converters
• Defined coherence mode when port 1 is not involved
• Reference marker default value in special cases
• Bandfilter marker tracking in delta mode
• Moving delta marker with mouse freezes trace under special conditions
• Delta markers in discrete marker mode
• No error code was returned for R&S ZVAX extension unit remote commands if no
unit was present
• Reset values of Handler-IO board R&S ZVAB-B14
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
Page 22 of 37
• Port power limit not considered for defined coherence mode
• CALCulate:PARameter:SELect did not change the active trace in diagram area for
memory traces
• Misleading display of Calint calibration state label in true differential and defined
coherence mode
• Several calibration unit dialog issues
• HCOPy remote command image artifacts under certain conditions
• Pulse profile mode in frequency converting configurations
• R&S SMF signal generator driver file frequency limits extended
• Scalar mixer power cal dialog issues when no LO port is selected
• Firmware crash when creating new channel when a mixer delay trace is active
• Improved convergence of true differential and defined coherence mode
• R&S ZVA67 output power issues under rare conditions
• Corrected documentation for remote command [SENSe<Ch>:]
• Corrected unit of "Detector Meas Time has been limited" warning
• Issues with "Offset / Mechanical Length" softkey
• Display update after remote command DISPlay:WINDow1:TRACe1:Y:SCALe:AUTO
• Missing 1 mm, 1.85 mm and 2.4 mm connector definitions for
• Calibration issues in certain frequency-converting configurations
Changes in Firmware V2.79 (Compared to V2.78)
New features:
• Arbitrary (one or two-port) S-parameters may be exported to a *.s1p Touchstone
file. Use Export S-Matrix to export a full set of S-parameters
• New command [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:PSTate?, queries the power calibration
state label
Product improvements:
• Improved compatibility of SYSTem:ERRor? and SYSTem:ERROR:ALL? response for
PNA emulation
• Measurement info (extended header) for Touchstone export; see Touchstone Files
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Power Calibration dialog when pressing "Take Cal Sweep" several times
• Scalar mixer power calibration IF range
• Display of PCao and PCal Off attributes
• Scroll bars in Fixture Compensation and Step Attenuators dialogs
• Sporadic measurement delays with external generators over GPIB under special
• Calibration Unit: automatic port assignment detection for Defined Coherence mode
• Sweep progress marker, special cases
• Defined Coherence and True Differential mode amplitude accuracy for special cases
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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Changes in Firmware V2.78 (Compared to V2.76)
New features:
• Power meter correction list
• Extended power transfer mode for converters with and without electronic
• True differential mode in combination with frequency converters; see True Diff
• True differential mode in combination with frequency-converting mode; see True
Differential Mode on Frequency-Converting DUTs
• Possibility to generate a system report; see Obtaining Technical Support
• Isolation term can be considered for one path two port and TOSM calibrations
• Customization of BUSY signal
• Password protection for calibration unit characterizations
• Set all traces to zero on sweep restart; see System Configuration – General
• Password protection for frequency info; see System Configuration – General
• Sweep progress marker; see Marker Tracking
• Short form of bandfilter search info for small displays; see System Configuration –
• Phase preview in Calibration – Measure Standards dialog is optional
• Center frequency calculation for bandfilter search is configurable; see System
Configuration – General
• New remote control commands
◾ HCOPy:MITem... and HCOPy:MPAGe:WINDow, configure the output to a
printer file
◾ MMEMory:LOAD:CORRection:MERGe, supports merging of power
◾ [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:STIMulus?, queries the current stimulus
◾ SYSTem:COMMunicate:RDEVice:AKAL:PREDuction[:STATe], enables or
disables automatic power reduction during an automatic calibration
◾ SOURce<Ch>:POWer:CORRection:CONVerter<Converter_Number>:STATe,
enables or disables the source power calibration for a frequency
converter with electronic attenuators
◾ CALCulate<Chn>:FORMat:WQUType POWer | VOLTage, selects voltage
or power units for wave quantities
◾ MMEMory:AKAL:USER:CONVersion, copies an arbitrary (e.g. userdefined) set of calibration data for the active calibration unit to a
◾ New command group [SENSe<Ch>]:UDSParams<Pt>..., defines userdefined (virtual) analyzer ports
Product improvements:
• New checkbox in the mixer delay calibration dialog to divide the calibration data by
• Improved support of device clear (remote command *DCL) for cancelling long
• Better signaling if time grid is too close in time sweep mode
• Added default .calkit files for several Anritsu/Wiltron calibration kits
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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• Frequency converter default .calkit files are loaded as read-only files to prevent
issues when changing the connector settings
• New GPIB driver
• New version of the GPIB Explorer tool
• Improvements of TOM calibration procedure (consideration of non-ideal Match and
• The setting of the sync generator type is preserved when temporarily setting the
pulse type to constant high or low
• Changed handling of the up/down arrows when navigating trace lists
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Combination of S-parameter measurements with frequency conversion in one
• Power correction of b1 wave in special conditions with active scalar mixer mode
• R&S ZVAB-K9 calibration under special conditions
• Hanging power meters in rare cases
• Connector gender issue with sexless connectors
• Intermodulation measurement at fixed intermediate frequency
• Saving of setups via remote command under certain conditions
• Calculation of the sideband filter ranges for vector mixer measurements
• Stopped power cal verification sweep with high number of points
• Irregularities with PCal attribute under certain conditions
• Problems with CALC:DATA:ALL? when deleting traces
• Display problems in intermodulation distortion power calibration dialog
• Global ALC settings with more than one open setup
• Distributed LXI configuration setup in certain cases
• Calibration unit characterization with sexless connectors
• Output power stability for R&S ZVA67 under certain conditions at high IF
• Reduced power stability
• TRL with multiple lines, when through standard is longer than the line standards
• Loading .calkit files with special characters in the connector name
Changes in Firmware V2.76 (Compared to V2.75)
New features:
• Support for vector network analyzers R&S ZVA80
• Support for timed and unregistered option keys
• Support for frequency converter R&S ZVA-500 (with calibration kit R&S ZV-WR02)
• New remote command [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:COLLect:CONNection:GENDers,
qualifies whether the genders of the connectors at the analyzer ports (but not their
types) are equal or independent
Changes in Firmware V2.75 (Compared to V2.70)
New features:
• Support for frequency converter R&S ZVA-Z220 (with calibration kit R&S ZVWR05)
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
Page 25 of 37
• Extensions to the mixer delay measurement: external receiver with LXI connection
• Extensions to Virtual Transform: port pair (de-)embedding
• Configurable ALC settings
• Port-specific trigger delay
• Extensions to source power calibration: auto zero and sensitivity correction for
power meter
• Extensions to the vector mixer measurement (option R&S ZVA-K5): Independent
power setting and remote control commands for auxiliary LO signal (Aux LO)
• Extended LXI pages: Utilities for event and status logging and for connection tests
• New calibration types for calibration units R&S ZV-Z51 ... -Z59: Bidirectional,
forward or reverse transmission normalization. Selection of node port for one path
two port calibration
• IF Gain a setting in the Port Configuration table; defines the IF gain in the
reference receiver path.
• New remote control features
◾ New command MMEMory:LOAD:CORRection:MERGe, merges several cal
group files for a channel
◾ New command SYSTem:SHUTdown, switches the analyzer to standby
◾ New command [SENSe<Ch>:]AVERage:COUNt:CURRent?, returns
currently measured sweep (progress of sweep average).
Changes in Firmware V2.71 (Compared to V2.70)
New features:
• Support for network analyzer R&S ZVA67 with 4 ports
• Support for frequency converters R&S ZVA-Z140 and R&S ZVA-Z170 (with
calibration kits R&S ZV-WR08 and R&S ZV-WR06)
• Primed wave quantities for two-tone measurements with a port-specific frequency
• New source power calibration modes: Use Reference Receiver only, Use Reference
Receiver after n Power Meter Readings. See Modify Source Power Cal Settings
• New remote control features
◾ New parameter CALCulats<Chn>:DATA? TSData, used to retrieve the
raw measurement data in pulse profile mode
◾ New command SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>[:LEVel][:IMMediate]
LLIMit:DGRaccess, optimizes the automatic level control (ALC) for test
setups where the additional connectors of option R&S ZVA-B16 are
◾ New parameter IPORts for
MMEMory:LOAD:VNETworks:SENDed:DEEMbedding etc., interchanges
port numbers in imported *.s2p files.
◾ New parameter ALL for MMEMory:LOAD:CORRection and
MMEMory:LOAD:CORRection:RESolve, used to apply a calibration to all
channels or resolve the pool link for all channels.
◾ New commands CALCulate<Chn>:STATistics:DOMain:USER:SHOW,
CALCulate<Chn>:MARKer<Mk>:FUNCtion:DOMain:USER:SHOW, display
or hide range limit lines
◾ New commands PROGram[:SELected]:INIParameter, PROGram
[:SELected]:INIMessage, configure the preferences file (*.ini) for
external applications
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
Page 26 of 37
◾ New command SYSTem:FREQuency?, queries the frequency range of
the analyzer
◾ New command SYSTem:PRIority, selects the priority of the running
NWA application.
Changes in Firmware V2.70 (Compared to V2.62)
New features:
• Support for network analyzer R&S ZVA67
• Support for frequency converter R&S ZVA-Z90E (with calibration kit R&S ZVWR12)
• Noise figure measurement (option R&S ZVAB-K30)
• Average detector, calculates the arithmetic mean value of the complex results over
a selectable measurement time
• Ground loop (de-)embedding, adds (compensates) the effect of a non-ideal ground
connection of the DUT
• Support of Universal Interface (option R&S ZVAB-B14)
• New trace functions, calculate the linearity deviation of the active trace
• Extended parameter lists for the commands MMEMory:LOAD:CKIT:SDATa,
[SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:COLLect[:ACQuire], [SENSe<Ch>:]
CORRection:COLLect[:ACQuire]:SELected, select multiple offset short standards
• New commands to query connector types, calibration kits, and standards:
Product improvements:
• Simplified menu for limit check and ripple limit check; common fail beep
• Frequency Conversion Off softkeys for various frequency-converting measurements
renamed: Reset Frequency Conversion
Changes in Firmware V2.62 (Compared to V2.61)
Product improvements:
• Performance improvements for R&S ZVB20 and R&S ZVT20
Changes in Firmware V2.61 (Compared to V2.60)
New features:
• Port-specific source power limits
• New commands CALCulate<Chn>:MARKer<Mk>:NAME,
CALCulate<Chn>:MARKer<Mk>:REFerence:NAME, define marker names.
• Automatic configuration for all USB-connected NRP-Zxx power meters
• Frequency Conversion Off softkeys, disable an active Intermodulation or Mixer
Delay measurement
• Export of system error corrected but incomplete S-parameter sets to Touchstone
(*.snp) files is possible
Product improvements:
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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• Remote control of frequency converters with electronic attenuators R&S ZVAZ110E improved
Changes in Firmware V2.60 (Compared to V2.53)
New features:
• Support for extension unit R&S ZVAX24
• Support for frequency converter with electronic attenuator R&S ZVA-Z110E
• Internal pulse generator (option R&S ZVA-K27)
The pulse generator option R&S ZVA-K27 requires network analyzers equipped with
motherboards part no. 1305.6470.02 (see Info Hardware Info). Please contact your Rohde
& Schwarz service representative should you experience any problems on older network
• Mixer delay measurement without LO control (option R&S ZVA-K9) with support of
primed wave quantities and ratios
To ensure accurate mixer delay results, network analyzers R&S ZVA40 and R&S
ZVA50 must be equipped with reflectometer (RM) control boards part no. 1305.3042.40 or
newer (see Info Hardware Info, e.g. Rm 1 Generator RM44 CONTROL 1305.3042.40).
Please contact your Rohde & Schwarz service representative should you experience any
• Vector mixer measurement (option R&S ZVA-K5)
• Min Hold mode for traces
• Faster algorithm for the correction of measurement results based on the system
error correction data (Fast Multiport Correction)
• New calibration types: Forward transmission normalization, reverse transmission
• Convergence Factor for source power calibration
• New remote control features
◾ New command DISPlay[:WINDow<Wnd>]:TRACe<WndTr>:SHOW, display
or hides all data or memory traces
◾ New commands for external generators and power meters:
◾ New reference marker commands
CALCulate<Chn>:MARKer<Mk>:REFerence:MODE and
◾ New command SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:GENerator<Gen>:STATe, turns
an external generator on or off
◾ Command CALCulate:DATA can be used to write a memory trace
◾ Commands SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:ALC:CONTrol and
SOURce<Ch>:POWer<Pt>:ALC[:STATe], define channel-specific ALC settings.
◾ New command [SENSe<Ch>:]SEGMent<Seg>:SWEep:TIME:SUM?, returns
the total duration of a segmented sweep.
Product improvements:
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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• Frequency values queried via remote control are returned as 12-digit numbers.
This ensures a frequency resolution of 1 Hz at RF frequencies >10 GHz
• Support of new external power sensor and generator types. The supported types
are listed in the System Configuration – External Power Meters – Add External
Power Meter and in the System Configuration – External Generators – Add External
Generator dialogs
• Network analyzers are configured with enabled virtual memory paging file
• Improved bandfilter search functions
• Data lines in Touchstone files are terminated with a newline character
Changes in Firmware V2.53 (Compared to V2.52)
New features:
• Support for calibration unit R&S ZV-Z55.
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Occasional problems with stimulus range definition solved
• The port groups for system error correction data and power calibration data stored
together in a cal group file are independent from each other. In firmware versions
V2.50 and V2.51, the power-calibrated ports (including drive ports) had to be a
subset of the system error-corrected ports.
Changes in Firmware V2.52 (Compared to V2.51)
New features:
• Fixture Compensation, corrects the measurement result for the effects of a text
• New command CALCulate:DATA:DALL?, returns the trace data of all data traces.
• New parameter HCOPy:DESTination 'DEFPRT', selects the default printer for
Changes in Firmware V2.51 (Compared to V2.50)
New features:
• The network analyzer application can be started with a minimized window; see
Startup Procedure
• CALCulate<Chn>:DATA can be used to write memory traces.
• Bandstop Search ref to Marker searches the absolute minimum in the active search
range. The response value for the lower and upper band edges is calculated as the
response value at the active marker position plus / minus x dB, where x is equal to
the <x dB Bandwidth> value
Product improvements:
• Corrections to the help system: [SENSe<Ch>:]
CORRection:LOSS<port_no>:OFFSet <DC_loss> defines the frequencyindependent part (DC value) of the offset loss. R&S ZVR-compatible command
[SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:OFFSet<port_no>:MAGNitude <DC_loss> defines the
frequency-independent part (DC value) of the offset loss. [SENSe<Ch>:]
CORRection:LOSS<port_no> <ref_loss> defines the offset loss at the reference
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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Changes in Firmware V2.50 (Compared to V2.47)
New features:
• Wizard for intermodulation distortion measurement and detailed intermodulation
distortion results (with option R&S ZVA-K4)
• New "Defined Coherence Mode" (with option R&S ZVA-K6)
• New "Low Noise" mode for generator step attenuators
• Export of full sets of single-ended S-parameters to Touchstone files, irrespective of
the balanced port configuration and the measured quantities
• New LXI browser interface
• Extended functionality of DATA ENTRY keys (entry of characters)
• Absolute bandpass search (bandpass/bandstop absolute level)
• Fast power calibration mode
• Adjustable Font Size in diagrams
• Channel Info, shows or hides the channel list below the diagrams
• System Configuration – Matrix Configuration tab
• New remote control features
The new features are also available via remote control; the SCPI commands are
reported in the relevant reference sections. Besides the following remote-control
features have been added:
◾ New command SOURce:POWer:CORRection:COLLect
[:ACQuire]:DEFault ON | OFF, enables the analyzer to generate a
default source power calibration with no need of using a power meter.
◾ New command CALCulate<Chn>:GDAPerture:SCOunt, defines the
aperture steps for the group delay calculation.
◾ New command CALCulate<Ch>:DATA:ALL?, return the response values
of all traces in the active setup.
◾ Align *RST to User Defined Preset switch in the System Config – Preset
tab causes *RST and SYSTem:PRESet restore the user-defined settings
◾ New command [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:CKIT:LABel, assigns a label
to a user-defined or imported calibration kit.
◾ New command CALCulate<Chn>:DATA:NSWeep:FIRSt?, reads the
sweep results in single sweep mode in ascending order.
CALCulate<Chn>:DATA:NSWeep:COUNt? returns the number of
completed sweeps
◾ New command SOURce<Ch>:GROup<group_no>:PORTs defines a port
group with an arbitrary, not necessarily continuous port range.
SOURce<Ch>:GROup<group_no>:COUNt queries the number of port
Product improvements:
• A system error calibration during a power sweep can be started using the
[SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:COLLect[:ACQuire]:SELected. Restrictions in earlier
firmware versions do not apply any longer
• Improved automatic full n-port calibration with automatic adjustment of frequency
step size during the calibration
• Equidistant time sweep for the full set of 60001 sweep points
• The version of the data sheet that corresponds to the current firmware version is
displayed in the Info dialog
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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Changes in Firmware V2.47 (Compared to V2.46)
New features:
• Support for frequency converter model R&S ZVA-Z75 (for analyzers with a
maximum frequency of at least 20 GHz)
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• In a mixer power calibration, the external power meter is controlled correctly
Changes in Firmware V2.46 (Compared to V2.45)
New features:
• Added emergency power off in single sweep mode by means of command
Changes in Firmware V2.45 (Compared to V2.40)
New features:
• Support for frequency converter model R&S ZVA-Z325 (for analyzers with a
maximum frequency of at least 20 GHz)
Changes in Firmware V2.40 (Compared to V2.30)
New features:
• Extension to the TRL calibration: Calibration with three lines
• Renormalization of port impedances can be based on two alternative waveguide
circuit theories
• The sweep segments for Segmented Frequency sweep type can overlap
• Selectable field separators (semicolon, comma, tabulator, space) for trace export
files (Export Complex Data, Export Formatted Data)
• New remote control features
The new features are also available via remote control; the SCPI commands are
reported in the relevant reference sections. Besides the following remote-control
features have been added:
◾ A default directory 'C:\C:\Rohde&Schwarz\Nwa' can be set using
MMEMory:CDIRectory DEFault
◾ New command [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:CKIT:DELete
'ckit_name>', deletes a user-defined or imported cal kit.
◾ New command SYSTem:LANGuage selects the remote language for the
Product improvements:
• In the Port Configuration dialog the source Power Result is always displayed
Changes in Firmware V2.30 (Compared to V2.21)
New features:
• Ripple limit test
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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• Characterization of R&S calibration units
• Support of One Path Two Port calibration by R&S calibration units
• Directory for Additionally Available Cal Kits and Conn Types: Cal kit files will be
(re-)loaded automatically every time the NWA application is started (System
Config. – General)
• Possibility to raise the priority of the running NWA application (System Config. –
• Transparent info fields for markers and trace statistics (System Config. – General).
• The analyzer supports sweeps with a single sweep point. The maximum Number of
Points is 60001
• The NWA application is available for restricted users without administrator rights.
Firmware update still requires administrator rights
• New remote control features
The new features are also available via remote control; the SCPI commands are
reported in the relevant reference sections. Besides the following remote-control
features have been added:
◾ New command CALCulate<Ch>:PARameter:DELete:SGRoup, deletes an
S-parameter group
◾ New command
SYSTem:COMMunicate:RDEVice:PMETer<pmeter_no>:AZERo, starts auto
zeroing of an exernal power meter
◾ New parameter SENSe:CORRection:COLLect:DELete ALL, deletes all
system error correction data
◾ New command MMEMory:STORe:TRACe:CHANnel, stores the trace data
of all data traces in the specified channel to a trace file
◾ New command
[:STATe], enables or disables Auto Config NRP-Zxx
◾ New command CALCulate<Ch>:LIMit:SEGMent:COUNt?, queries the
number of limit line segments
◾ New command SYSTem:LOGGing:REMote[:STATe], enables logging of
all remote control commands transferred to the analyzer
◾ New commands [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:COLLect:AUTO:PORTs:TYPE
and [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:COLLect:AUTO:TYPE, start an
automatic calibration with a specific calibration type.
Changes in Firmware V2.21 (Compared to V2.20)
New features:
• Support of R&S ZVA50 vector analyzers including generator and receiver
attenuators. Notice the maximum attenuation factors: 50 dB for generator
attenuators, 35 dB for receiver attenuators
• New remote control commands, define diagram names
(DISPlay:WINDow<Wnd>:NAME '<Name>') return diagram numbers and names
(DISPlay:WINDow<Wnd>:CATalog?) and traces in diagrams
Changes in Firmware V2.20 (Compared to V2.13)
New features:
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
Page 32 of 37
• Support for frequency converters (for analyzers with a maximum frequency of at
least 20 GHz)
• Compliance with LXI class C
• Selectable source power settings in true differential mode
• Alternative use of compensated a-waves in amplitude and phase imbalance sweeps
• New source power calibration parameters: Includes Flatness Cal, Includes
Reference Receiver Cal
• Extended harmonic power calibration dialog
• New Resolution Enhancement Factor for time domain measurements
• Automatic calibration of n > 2 ports with full one-port, separate full two-port and
full n-port calibrations possible
• New remote control features
The new features are also available via remote control; the SCPI commands are
reported in the relevant reference sections. Besides the following remote-control
features have been added:
◾ New queries for the channel names and number of a particular trace:
◾ Extended preset: SYSTem:FPReset
◾ New statistical parameter GAIN is command
◾ New command DISPlay[:WINDow<Wnd>]:TRACe:EFEed displays a trace
in a diagram area without numbering it
◾ New command DISPlay:CMAP<Element>:TRACe:RGB for trace color
◾ New commands for harmonic power calibration
Changes in Firmware V2.13 (Compared to V2.11)
New features:
• Support for new front module controller FMR7
Changes in Firmware V2.12 (Compared to V2.11)
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Corrected function of the Measure "a" Waves at radio buttons in the Port
Configuration dialog
• Corrected marker formats for complex reference impedance settings
Changes in Firmware V2.11 (Compared to V2.10)
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Occasional problems with Automatic Level Control (ALC) in combination with active
automatic generator attenuation fixed (no error message "Port <n> output power
Changes in Firmware V2.10 (Compared to V2.02)
New features:
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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• True differential mode (option R&S ZVA-K6)
• Automatic calibration for arbitrary combinations of ports in manual control
• Extended trace statistics: Gain/Slope/Flatness
• New commands for trace names and numbers (CONFigure:TRACe<Trc>:CATalog?,
CONFigure:TRACe<Trc>:NAME, CONFigure:TRACe<Trc>:NAME:ID?)
• New command OUTPut[:STATe] switches internal and external power sources on
or off
• New command for verification of a source power calibration
Changes in Firmware V2.02 (Compared to V2.01)
New features:
• New commands to change trace names: CONFigure:CHANnel<Ch>:TRACe:REName,
Changes in Firmware V2.01 (Compared to V2.00)
New features:
Keyboard control of Eval. Range and Define Limit Line dialogs improved.
Ready for Trigger signal switched off for pulsed measurements.
Preset performance improved (delay time eliminated).
Mixer measurements extended to the frequency range <50 MHz.
Dialog performance improved compared to firmware version V2.00.
Extended functionality
• The C:\Program Files\Rohde&Schwarz\Network Analyser\Rsib directory
contains the files needed for remote control via RSIB protocol (for programming in
C/C++ and Visual Basic)
Changes in Firmware V2.00 (Compared to V1.92)
New features:
• Pulsed measurements (with option R&S ZVA-K7)
• Extension of the Offset menu: compensation of a frequency-dependent, portspecific loss.
• Selectable reference for stimulus value definitions in the Port Configuration dialog
(Stimulus dialog)
• Selectable reference for power and frequency definitions for mixer measurements.
• Low-frequency extension for TRL calibration with an additional match or sliding
• Optional display of time gate limits in the diagram area
• Import of cal kit files (*.prn) generated with the PNA Cal Kit Editor
• Improved display of hardware error messages
• Extension of the frequency range for R&S ZVA 24 vector network analyzers up to
25 GHz (specified range 10 MHz to 24 GHz)
• New remote control features
The new features are also available via remote control; the SCPI commands are
reported in the relevant reference sections. Besides the following remote-control
features have been added:
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
Page 34 of 37
◾ New status registers STATus:QUEStionable:INTegrity... monitor
hardware failures
◾ Extended command MMEMory:LOAD:LIMit, can load limit lines from
Touchstone files, assigning a response and stimulus offset
◾ Extended command MMEMory:STORe:TRACe, can store traces with
various data formats
◾ New command CALCulate<Chn>:PARameter:DEFine:SGRoup creates
the traces for all S-parameters associated with a group of logical ports.
CALCulate<Chn>:DATA:SGRoup? returns the results
◾ New command [SENSe<Ch>:]BANDwidth|BWIDth
[:RESolution]:SELect defines the selectivity of the IF filters for
unsegmented sweeps
◾ New command CALCulate<Chn>:MARKer<Mk>SEARch:BFILter:RESult
[:STATe] to display or hide the results of a bandfilter search.
◾ New commands CALCulate<Chn>:STATistics:MMPTpeak[:STATe],
CALCulate<Chn>:STATistics:EPDelay[:STATe] to display or hide
statistical information about traces
◾ New command FORMat:DEXPort:SOURce, defines the format for traces
retrieved with the ZVR-compatible command TRACe[:DATA]
◾ New command
defines an attenuation or gain in the signal path between an external
generator and the calibrated reference plane.
Changes in Firmware V1.92 (Compared to V1.91)
New features:
• Support of configurable generator step attenuators
• The generator step attenuators can be controlled from the Port <Port_no> Source
Power dialog
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Interchanged remote control parameter names for FORMat:BORDer NORMal |
Changes in Firmware V1.91 (Compared to V1.90)
New features:
• Support of R&S ZVA40 vector network analyzers
• Extended frequency range of TRL calibration due to a second line standard
• A tooltip for remote command errors, to be activated in the GPIB Settings tab of
the System Configuration dialog, is available. The tooltip is to provide information
that can be useful for program development and optimization; it does not
necessarily indicate that a remote control script is faulty or non-executable
• Extended GPIB Language selection in the GPIB Settings tab of the System
Configuration dialog
• New remote control features
The new features are also available via remote control; the SCPI commands are
reported in the relevant reference sections. Besides the following remote-control
features have been added:
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
Page 35 of 37
◾ Optional trace name parameter (replaces numeric trace suffix) in the
DISPlay:WINDow:SCALE... commands
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• In time domain representation the exported formatted trace files contain the actual
stimulus (time) values
• Memory traces can be handled in remote control (e.g. CALCulate:PARameter...)
without limitation.
Changes in Firmware V1.90 (Compared to V1.86)
New features:
• Extensions to the TOSM calibration type: unknown through
• New Imbalance parameter for balanced port configurations
• Automatic identification of the port assignment between the analyzer and the
calibration unit. The numbers of the connected ports must no longer match
• Several calibration units may be USB-connected simultaneously. See also remote
control commands SYSTem:COMMunicate:RDEVice:AKAL:ADDRess...
• Extended diagram scaling functions: Max and Min.
• Max Hold function for the active trace
• Global Limit Check returns the result of a composite limit check (on several traces)
• In the Presets tab of the System Configuration dialog, it is possible to specify a
user-defined preset configuration
• In the remote screen, it is possible to define user-defined softkeys and assign the
functionality of function softkeys to them
• A single menu command All S-Params displays all S-parameters
• Improved calibration wizard for calibrations using a sliding match
• Port frequencies for ports with a common synthesizer are no longer coupled unless
the ports are used as permanent signal sources
• New remote control features
The new features are also available via remote control; the SCPI commands are
reported in the relevant reference sections. Besides the following remote-control
features have been added:
◾ Export of marker values to an ASCII file (MMEMory:MARKer<Mk>:STORe)
◾ Optional port restriction parameters in the [SENSe<Ch>:]
CORRection:CKIT:<std_type> command
◾ New parameter MDATa for CALCulate:DATA to read unformatted data
after evaluation of the trace mathematics
◾ A trace generated with CALCulate<Ch>:PARameter:SDEFine
automatically becomes the active trace
◾ The new command [SENSe<Ch>:]
CORRection:COLLect:AUTO:PORTs:CONNection? queries the port
assignment between the analyzer and a calibration unit
◾ SYSTem:KLOCk locks or unlocks the local controls of the analyzer
◾ New command [SENSe<Ch>:]
CORRection:COLLect:SCONnection<port_no> selects the connector
type of the ports using a string variable
◾ New command [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:FACTory[:STATe] enables or
disables the factory calibration
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
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◾ New command CONFigure:CHANnel<Ch>:NAME:ID? '<Ch_name>'
returns the channel number for a named channel.
◾ New command SYSTem:USER:DISPlay:TITLe changes the title of the
remote display.
◾ Refined calibration unit settings:
MMEMory:AKAL:FACTory:CONVersion, [SENSe<Ch>:]
◾ New commands for calibration: [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:DATE?,
◾ New commands DISPlay:MENU:KEY:EXECute and
DISPlay:MENU:KEY:SELect combine remote and manual control
◾ New command [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:CKIT:SELect
'<conn_type>', '<ckit_name>' selects a calibration kit for a
connector type with arbitrary name
Changes in Firmware V1.86 (Compared to V1.84 and V1.85)
New features:
• Systematic protection of the analyzer's RF amplifiers against excess input levels.
An update to firmware version V1.86 is highly recommended to eliminate any
possibility of damaging the instrument hardware
Changes in Firmware V1.84 (Compared to V1.83)
Product improvements:
• The system error correction data is acquired at a constant IF gain. During the
calibration sweep, the IF Gain b in the Receiver section of the Port Configuration
menu is set to Low Distortion. A possible AGC (Auto) setting is suspended
Changes in Firmware V1.83 (Compared to V1.80/V1.82)
New features:
• Support of calibration unit R&S ZV-Z52 (models 72 and 30 for frequencies up to 18
GHz and 24 GHz, respectively)
• Improvement of the power calibration process with active Automatic Level Control
• Power calibration data acquired in Power sweep mode can be re-used for Time and
CW Mode sweeps (for frequency sweeps this feature was already implemented in
firmware V1.80)
• The sweep average (Average On, Average Factor) and the Trigger settings are also
valid for calibration sweeps
Changes in Firmware V1.80 (Compared to V1.78)
New features:
• New measurement mode: Frequency Conversion (option R&S ZVA-K4, including
Harmonic Distortion measurements and Mixer Mode)
• New calibration type: Power calibration
• Support for external test devices: External generators and power meters can
be controlled via USB, LAN, GPIB bus, or other interface types
• Adaptive Gain Control (AGC) of the receiver
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
Release Notes
Page 37 of 37
• Automatic Level Control (ALC) of the source
• Low Phase Noise mode
• Extended bandfilter search mode: Bandpass Search Ref to Marker
• Improved access to the time domain and frequency domain stimulus values in the
Transform – Time Domain Stimulus Axis menu
• Frequency Step Size is a setting parameter for frequency sweeps
• Marker values can be exported to an ASCII file
• New remote control command [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:COLLect:METHod?
returns a list of all calibration types for channel <Ch>
• New remote control commands [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:CONNection and
[SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:CONNection:DELete configure and delete user-defined
connector types.
• New remote control command [SENSe<Ch>:]CORRection:CKIT:<std_type>
defines the parameters of arbitrary connector types.
• New remote control commands SYSTem:SOUNd:ALARm[:STATe] and
SYSTem:SOUNd:ALARm[:STATe] switch alarm and status sounds on or off
Resolved issues for the following measurements / operating modes:
• Trace mathematics can distinguish between voltages and dimensionless quantities
(Result is Wave Quantity).
• Zero Delay at Marker can now be used for all ports, the arithmetic problems have
been solved
R&S ZVA Network Analyzers V3.30
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