Pump Health Monitoring
Pump Health Monitoring for Improved Safety
and Operations
•Wireless instrumentation easily and cost-effectively
enhances visibility into the health of pumps and
attendant equipment
•Trending pump and motor vibration enables operators to
switch to spare pump in a controlled manner, avoiding
pump seal failure which can cause environmental and
safety incidents
There are literally hundreds of process pumps in a refinery operating
on a continuous basis. From pumping the crude oil into the refinery to
pumping the various crude fractions throughout the process units and
ultimately pumping the refined products to storage, pumps keep the
refinery running. Even though most process pumps are installed with
in-line spares, sudden pump failure typically results in process upsets
due to the time it takes to get the spare pump up and running. In some
cases pump seal failure can result in hazardous material releases and a
fire. Many technician hours are consumed with manual monitoring rounds.
Adding instrumentation to regularly monitor the process pumps is
now economical and easy to implement. By monitoring and trending
the pump and motor vibration, operators have a better view to pump
health and can reduce the wear on pump mechanical seals due to
increasing vibration by switching to the spare pump in a controlled
manner. In addition to monitoring vibration, the pump suction strainer
differential pressure, pump discharge pressure, pump and motor
temperatures, and pump auxiliary seal flush system alarms can be
monitored using Emerson’s Smart Wireless solutions. Continuous
measurements enable technicians to target known problems.
Emerson Smart Wireless instrumentation easily and cost-effectively
enhances visibility into the health of rotating and attendant equipment
to enable improved utilization and product quality. Trending pump
and motor vibration enables operators to switch to spare pump in a
controlled manner, thereby reducing wear on pump mechanical seals
to ensure improved production and lower maintenance costs.
Additionally, wireless technologies can prevent pump seal failure and
avoid environmental and safety excursions.
For more information:
Monitoring rotating equipment health has never been easier. Emerson
has a complete wireless solution ideally suited for pump health
monitoring that you can order today. The Pump Health Smart Wireless
Starter Kit includes the following components:
Field Instruments
You can start with the wireless vibration transmitter then add any
combination of wireless discharge pressure, pump suction strainer
differential pressure, motor and pump temperature, or auxiliary seal
oil system discrete level and pressure switches that satisfy the needs
for the pump service.
A secure, robust Smart Wireless Gateway.
Configuration and Asset Health
AMS® Device Manager predictive maintenance software delivers
powerful diagnostics from your wireless devices. Easily manage your
wired and wireless networks from a single application.
The Pump Health Smart Wireless Starter Kit may include:
CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter, Rosemount®
702 Wireless Discrete Transmitter, Rosemount® 3051S
Wireless Pressure Transmitter, Smart Wireless Gateway,
and AMS® Device Manager.
Smart Start™ Services help you with your first startup, including full
network health assessment to ensure robust communications plus
verification of device functionality through your chosen output
(Modbus, OPC, Ethernet, etc.), with the alerts properly configured.
Emerson’s technician will not leave the site until the wireless network
is successfully communicating with your control system – connectivity
of your network guaranteed!
Expansion is Easy and Cost Effective
Start with your critical pump services and add other pumps and rotating
equipment such as air cooled condenser fans and motors at your own
schedule with the flexibility to add field devices using the same
wireless backbone.
WirelessHART™ encompasses evolutionary enhancements
that build on the solid foundation of HART technology
used in more than 24 million installed devices worldwide.
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