T1 Thermocycler

T1 Thermocycler
“Fast and reliable for routine work and high throughput”
• Silver block for fast heating and cooling
• 5 exchangeable block format available
• Smart lid technology for defined pressure of the heated lid
Silver block
The high thermal conductivity of silver allows for the T1´s high heating and cooling rates. The use of silver makes
it possible to quickly achieve uniform temperature distribution across the block. This ensures that all samples
undergo the same temperature profile, which is the prerequisite for reproducible results. The block is goldplated to protect it´s surface against corrosion.
Five different exchangeable blocks are available for the T1 thermocylcer. The most popular version is the 96 well
silver block, which holds 0.2ml tubes, microplates or strips. Further blocks are the 48 well version for 0.5ml
addition a combi block for both 0.2 and 0.5ml tubes and the 384 well block for 384 well microplates. In addition a
combi block for both 0.2 and 0.5ml tubes and an in situ-module are available.
Smart lid technology
Like all Biometra cyclers the T1 features a heated lid with in-built pressure control. Thanks to a special clutchmechanism always optimum pressure is applied on the tubes. Thus, condensation is reliably prevented and the
tubes have perfect contact to the thermoblock.
Temperature uniformity
384 well version
In situ version
Technical Specifications:
Order Number
T1 48
T1 96
T1 384
48 tubes, .5ml
96tubes, .2ml
384 well microplates 4 slides
96 well Microplates
Program Memory
Total capacity: 1500 steps
10 directories with 100 programs each, maximum 99 steps per program
Maximum 99 cycles per loop
T1 In-Situ
Temperature Range
-3.0 to 99.9°C
Cool samples to 4°C
Maximum Heating Rate
4.0°C/sec (silver block)
Maximum Cooling Rate
3.0°C/sec (silver block)
Temperature Uniformity
+/-0.3°C within 15 seconds
Control Accuracy
+/- 0.1°C
Back lit graphical LC display
Auto restart after
power failure?
Touchdown. Time increment. Pause. Alarm. Online help.
Temperature increment.
Smart lid technology
Lid Temperature Range
30 - 99°C
Power consumption
Maximum 310 Watt
Noise emission
Very low
Seriell RS232. parallel Centronics
Dimensions (W x D x H)
25 x 34 x 18.0 cm
8.8 kg
“Thermocycler version specially designed for PC-control”
• Ideally suited for high throughput laboratories
• Up to 16 x T1 plus Thermocyclers can be controlled from one PC
• T1 plus Manager software
The T1 plus thermocycler is designed for bi-directional communication with a computer. Windows based
T1 plus Manager Software can control up to 16 T1 plus Thermocyclers in parallel. Software features
include editing programs, download to thermocyclers, start/stop cyclers, monitoring of thermocycler
Connection to PC
Each thermocycler is connected to a serial port (COM) of the computer. Interface cards for 4 or 8 cyclers
are available. The T1 plus Manager supports a maximum of 16 serial ports. Thermocylcers can be run with
the same program in parallel for high throughput, or with individual programs.
T1 plus Manager Software
T1 plus Manager software allows editing programs and download to thermocyclers. After data transfer
programs are available in the cyclers internal memory for stand-alone operation. Temperature data can
be recorded and archived on the computer for validation purposes. The software is available at no charge
upon request (mail to [email protected]).
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