Partners in Care Services Support, education and professional services

Partners in Care Services Support, education and professional services
Partners in Care Services
Support, education and professional services
that keeps equipment in the hands of clinicians.
Partners in Care Services.
Three essential services. Flexible choices.
One collaborative resource.
Nearly one hundred years of experience in frontline care has helped Welch Allyn understand
that healthcare staff can’t afford interruptions from out-of-service equipment. That’s why we
designed Partners in Care Services to deliver flexible programs to optimize your investments:
> Support Services to help manage service complexity and minimize downtime
ducation Services that promote clinical/technical best practices to enhance patient care
rofessional Services to help effectively integrate new technology into your environment
and workflows
These programs are designed specifically to help you adopt new methods of biomedical,
clinical, and IT excellence and provide the highest level of care, delivering a collaborative
service relationship that’s critical in helping you meet your facility’s top priorities, including:
> Achieving system reliability > Strengthening staff competencies
> Optimizing technology assets
> Extending the life of your systems > Managing costs
Your need
Partners in Care delivers:
Improve system uptime and performance
omprehensive suite of support, education, and
professional services
Predictable support costs
Support agreements with fixed costs sresulting in
no unexpected financial surprises
Regulatory compliance
nline or classroom; technical training courses with
documented certification of completion
Faster response times and issue resolution
upport agreements provide defined, enhanced
response times
Timely access to parts
Direct line to Partners in Care Technical Support Center
and expedited shipping
Timely, predictable, automated access to software and firmware updates
The Service Tool enables real-time access to updates
and licensable upgrades
fficient, cost-effective methods to keep
equipment maintained
The Service Tool provides sequential process steps,
with specifications and parameters at your fingertips
Comprehensive Program: Designed for busy medical practices or facilities with limited resources,
allows staff to focus on patient care without relying on a third-party provider. Includes:
• Repair parts and labor
• Accessory protection
• Loaner coverage
• Fast turnaround time
• Remote technical support
• Free shipping
• Calibration discounts
• Software updates
Biomed Partnership Program: Designed for hospitals to ensure our products and your people, never have
to leave your facility. Welch Allyn engineers, technical experts, core intelligence and trainers help biomeds
increase on-the-job efficiency and extend the useful life of devices and systems. Includes:
• Replacement parts and service kits
• Online technical training
• Accidental protection coverage
• Accessory protection
• Loaner coverage
• Free shipping
• Fast response and turnaround time
• Software updates
• Remote services & Welch Allyn Service Tool
System Programs: Designed to support the Connex Clinical Surveillance System for hospital medical
surgical floors. Choose from three levels of support based on your needs:
Basic Support Program: For facilities that require support of Welch Allyn software for EMR integration and maintenance
Full Support Program: For facilities that require support service on standalone, non-EMR integrated systems
Premium Support Program: For facilities that require EMR system integration and maintenance
Device Programs:
• Extended Warranties (available in select regions)
• Preventive Program (available in select regions)
Education Services: Designed to help your clinical and biomed staff enhance their skills and performance,
our clinical and technical training programs help optimize technology and processes with workflow
training and implementation.
• Clinical: On-site, hands-on instruction or online training help reduce the costs and productivity losses associated
with staff education and turnover
• Technical: Online Certification Program for warranty maintenance on-site, including calibration, upgrades and repairs
Professional Services: Our experience and proven methodologies significantly reduce the risks involved
when installing new products and software, ensuring the system is ready for clinical use. Includes:
• Examining your workflows to configure systems to your existing technology
• Ensuring systems match the way you send and record patient data in your EMR
• Customizing the HL7 interface to your EMR, eliminating third-party or internal resources
• Complete Installation and Configuration
• Validation and Hand-off at Go-Live
Experience the
Partners in Care advantage.
Partners in Care Support Programs go beyond
the standard product warranty to take service
and support to another level. It provides faster
turnaround times, free shipping, software
updates, and more—everything you need to
achieve higher service levels and to meet your
goals for cost and lifecycle planning. Talk to your
Welch Allyn representative on how Partners in
Care can help you.
To learn more about how Partners in Care Services can help you care for your patients and maintain your
equipment, contact your Welch Allyn representative, call 1.800.535.6663 to speak with a customer service
representative, or visit
Welch Allyn Corporate Headquarters
4341 State Street Road, P.O. Box 220, Skaneateles Falls, NY
13153-0220 USA
(p) 800.535.6663 (f) 315.685.3361
Certain Partners in Care service options and features are not available for all products or in all countries. Service features
and options for your equipment are determined by the written terms of your Service Agreement.
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