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CES 2011 Cameras
By Terry Currier
Prices listed are rounded up
The 2011 VIXIA line-up retains
many popular features that make
it easy to record outstanding HD
video, such as Canon’s Smart
Auto mode which intelligently
detects and analyzes brightness,
color, distance and movement
and automatically selects the
best setting for the scene being
recorded. Canon’s Touch & Track
feature allows users to select
any subject on the Touch Panel
LCD screen with their finger, the
camcorder will then track the
subject ensuring sharp focus and
proper exposure. All 2011 VIXIA
models have Relay Recording
for seamless uninterrupted video
recording from one memory
source to the next. When the
primary recording media is full
the camcorder continues to record
the scene by switching to the next
memory source, so that users
won’t miss a moment of action.
Canon’s Powered IS provides
a higher level of compensation
for subtle hand movement at the
telephoto end of the zoom range.
In addition, all VIXIA camcorders
with built-in memory feature HDto-SD Downconversion which
enables users to convert recorded
high-definition video to standarddefinition files while preserving the
original HD footage. These downconverted files make it even more
convenient to share video online
or create a DVD. Each new model
is also compatible with Eye-Fi
SD Memory Cards, allowing for
wireless uploading of video content
to a computer, social networking
site or video sharing website.
All have a Genuine Canon HD
Video Lens, Canon DIGIC DV
III Image Processor, and Canon
Full HD CMOS Image Sensor.
Additional advanced features
• Video resolution of 900
horizontal and 800 vertical
TV lines, for Full HD video
with professional precision
• A 25 percent improvement
in low-light sensitivity with
a minimum illumination
rating of 1.5 Lux, Canon’s
lowest Lux rating to date in
a consumer HD camcorder
• A 280 percent improvement
in dynamic range for
exceptional reproduction
of both highlights and
• Dual SDXC-compatible
Card Slots: Each new
model in Canon’s 2011
VIXIA lineup includes two
card slots which ensure
that users always have
multiple sources of memory
and allow for super-high
capacity storage that
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expands as the capacity
of SDXC memory cards
• High-Quality Microphone:
Canon has enhanced the
internal microphones on
its 2011 VIXIA models to
give users the high-quality
sound to match their HD
video. With four directional
options, users can set
internal microphones to
Monaural, Normal (Stereo),
Wide, and new Synced
with Zooming mode. When
in Synced with Zooming
mode, the microphone
will adjust directionality
to coincide with the lens’s
focal length position to
properly match the audio
with the portion of the
scene being captured. Users
can also adjust frequency
response characteristics
to dampen the effect of
unwanted noise.
• Tele Macro: Reduces the
minimum focusing distance
at the telephoto end of the
zoom range to 1.3 feet
(from 3 feet) allowing
users to capture close-ups
at full telephoto with the
appearance of a shallow
depth of field for stunning
imagery. This is one of 38
scenes available in Canon’s
Smart Auto mode.
• Cinema-Look Filters:
Nine different built-in
cinema filters – Cinema
Standard, Cool,
Dramatic B&W,
Dream, Memory,
Nostalgic, Old
Movie, Sepia,
Vivid – allow
users to create
video with a
variety of professional
cinematic looks.
• Story Creator: Canon’s
new Story Creator assists
you in the process of
storyboarding an organized
and sophisticated video
shoot. Choose one of five
themes – Travel, Kids &
Pets, Party, Ceremony, and
Blog – and the camcorder
provides a list of suggested
scenes to shoot to help walk
users through the process of
creating a complete video
• Touch Decoration: While
shooting, Touch Decoration
allows users to add creative
flairs to video via the
Touch Panel LCD screen.
Users can superimpose fun
images into their video,
such as animations (i.e.
shooting stars or thought
bubbles), freehand drawing
or writing, clip art, or
decorative frames.
Recording Full HD 1920 x 1080
video, this camcorder features a
Genuine Canon 10x HD Video
Lens (35mm equivalent of
30.4mm-304mm) with an 8-blade
iris providing smooth background
blur and reduced lens diffraction.
The lens also includes a dedicated
manual-focus ring for enhanced
control. The VIXIA HF G10
features the new HD CMOS Pro
Image Sensor for high video
resolution, outstanding low-light
performance and an expanded dynamic range. It also
features a 3.5-inch High Resolution (922,000-dot)
Touch Panel LCD screen for a large, bright display
and easy menu navigation. A Custom Key and Dial
can also be used to assign commonly used functions
for quick and easy access. As the flagship model in
the lineup the camcorder includes, selectable zooming
speed, Face-Only AF, Canon’s new customizable
Cinema-Look Filters and Tele-Macro as well as Touch
& Track technology, Smart Auto, Relay Recording,
Powered IS, and HD-to-SD Downconversion. Comes
with 32GB of internal flash memory and dual SDXCcompatible card slots which allow for simultaneous
card recording enabling users to create immediate
For more advanced videographers, the VIXIA HF
G10 includes manual color temperature adjustment
(2,000K-15,000K in 100K increments), color bars
with test tone, manual shutter speed and aperture
control, a built-in Remote Control Terminal (which
supports LANC protocol), and Native 24p recording.
For shooting on a sunny day, the camcorder also
includes a color viewfinder which offers a reliable
viewing environment when shooting in bright
conditions. Scheduled to be available in March with
an estimated retail price of $1,500.
The camcorder captures Full HD 1920 x 1080 video
and features a Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Lens and
a Canon 1/2.6-inch, 8.59-megapixel Full HD CMOS
Image Sensor for stunning video and outstanding eight
megapixel photos. Equipped with 32GB of internal
memory and two SDXC-compatible card slots, the
camcorder features Canon’s 3.5-inch High Resolution
(922,000-dot) Touch Panel LCD screen and a
color viewfinder. Features Canon’s Touch & Track
technology, Smart Auto, Relay Recording, Powered
IS, HD-to-SD Downconversion, and Advanced Video
Snapshot. Users can also to assign commonly used
functions to the Custom Key and Dial for quick and
A host
professional features such as color bars and selectable
Zebra patterns, a built-in Remote Control Terminal
(which supports LANC protocol), and Native 24p
recording. The VIXIA HF S30 Flash Memory
camcorder is scheduled to be available in March for an
estimated retail price of $1,100.
VIXIA HF M-series
The Canon VIXIA HF M41, VIXIA HF M40 and
VIXIA HF M400 Flash Memory camcorders offer
HD video in
an ultra-sleek,
compact and
Full HD 1920
x 1080 video they feature a Genuine Canon 10x HD
Video Lens and Canon’s new HD CMOS Pro Image
Sensor for high video resolution, outstanding lowlight performance and a wide dynamic range. All three
models include Canon’s 3.0-inch Touch Panel LCD
screen for a large display and easy menu navigation.
Included is Canon’s Touch & Track technology, Smart
Auto, Powered IS, Tele Macro, and Advanced Video
Snapshot. The VIXIA HF M41 and VIXIA HF M40
incorporate 32GB and 16GB of internal flash memory,
respectively, and feature HD-to-SD Downconversion.
The VIXIA HF M400 records directly to dual SDXCcompatible card slots. The VIXA HF M41 features
a color viewfinder which helps provide a reliable
viewing option, free from glare, when shooting in
bright conditions. The new VIXIA HF M-series is also
compatible with the new Canon WP-V3 Waterproof
Case. The VIXIA HF M41, VIXIA HF M40 and
VIXIA HF M400 Flash Memory camcorders are
scheduled to be available in March for an estimated
retail price of $800, $700 and $650 respectively.
VIXIA HF R-series
The Canon VIXIA HF R21, VIXIA HF R20 and
VIXIA HF R200 Flash Memory camcorders offer the
ideal combination of price and performance for the
budget-conscious consumer who wants Full HD 1920
x 1080 video. All three models include a Genuine
Canon HD Video Lens with 28x Advanced Zoom,
3.28-megapixel Canon Full HD CMOS Image Sensor,
a 3.0-inch Touch Panel LCD screen, Touch
Dynamic IS, Smart Auto and Advanced Video
Snapshot. All three models feature Relay Recording
while both the VIXIA HF R21 and VIXIA HF R20
include Canon’s HD-to-SD Downconversion. The
VIXIA HF R21 and VIXIA HF R20 models
incorporate 32GB and 8GB of internal flash memory,
respectively, and the VIXIA HF R200 records directly
to dual SDXC-compatible memory card slots. The
Flash Memory camcorders will be available in
February for an estimated retail price of $500, $400
and $380 respectively.
FS series
In addition to the new VIXIA High Definition lineup,
Canon is also introducing two standard-definition
models, the FS40, and FS400 Flash Memory
camcorders. The Canon FS40 model records to 8GB
of internal flash memory, while the FS400 records
video directly to an SDXC-compatible memory card
slot. Compact and lightweight (approximately 7.8
oz.), both new FS models offer 41x Advanced Zoom
to help capture great video even at extreme telephoto
distances, as well as Dynamic IS. The Canon FS40
and FS400 Flash Memory camcorders are available
in February for an estimated retail price of $300 and
$280 respectively.
XA10 Professional Camcorder
Ideal for
shooting is
critical. This
records Full
HD 1080p
video using
codec. The ultimate professional camcorder for runand-gun shooting it includes a detachable handle for
low-angle shooting and portability. With the handle
attached the functionality is further enhanced with the
addition of XLR inputs and an external microphone
holder. Features dual XLR inputs for external audio
sources as well as a built-in stereo microphone.
The new camcorder supports Dolby Digital 2ch
(AC-3 2ch) with automatic and manual audio level
Capable of shooting in the dark, the camcorder
features infrared video capture, ideal for Military and
Law enforcement markets, as well as Nature and
Wildlife videographers. The camcorder also includes
an infrared emitter with a diffuser as well as a Green
or White color option to shoot pleasing high-definition
infrared imagery even in complete darkness. Provides
the option of recording to a 64GB internal flash drive
or two SDXC-compatible card slots, as well as Relay
Recording and the ability to record simultaneously to
two cards for instant backup.
Features a Genuine Canon 10x HD Zoom lens, Canon
DIGIC DV III Image Processor and a Canon 1/3inch native 1920 x 1080 CMOS image sensor. The
10x HD Zoom lens boasts a 35mm equivalent zoom
range of 30.4mm – 304mm with an eight-blade iris
capable of rendering natural, smooth background
blur with reduced lens diffraction. The lens also
features Canon’s SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer
(OIS) system with standard, Dynamic and Powered
IS modes for steady video in most any shooting
situation. Autofocus speeds can be selected from
Instant, Medium and Normal to match the shooter’s
preference. A focus ring on the lens allows for manual
focus as well. The ability to focus manually combined
with other manual features such as shutter speed,
aperture control, and gain settings provide users with
complete creative control.
It provides users with complete manual control of
various functions including frame rates, zooming
speed, focus, white balance and gain control. Various
frame rates can be selected to match the user’s
preference – 60i, PF30, PF24 and native 24p. Through
internal menus, users can adjust zoom speed settings
for High, Middle and Low in 16 one-step increments
for both the body lever as well as the handle control.
The focus ring on the lens can be customized for
manual focus control and users can set the direction
of rotation, as well as three levels of response control.
In addition to the focus ring, auto focus speed can be
adjusted for smooth auto focus transitions, as well as
a Face-Only AF mode allowing for a blurred image
as a person walks off-screen. The camcorder’s white
balance is adjustable from 2000K to 15,000K in 100K
The camcorder also features Canon’s Edge Monitor
Focus Assist system that is quickly becoming the
standard on Canon professional camcorders. Through
this dynamic focus feedback the user can intuitively
tune focus in a scene and quickly change the zone of
focus. Included is nine different customizable cinema
filters. The amount of filter effect can be adjusted in
three levels (Low, Medium, and High) Additionally
the Standard Cinema Filter function is further
customizable through Color Depth, Contrast, Soft
Filter, and Key adjustments.
The camcorder’s overall design is intended for
comfortable operation whether gripped in your palm,
or by the handle for low-angle shooting. Compact and
lightweight the entire camcorder weighs only 1.7 lbs.
and measures only 3.7 x 8.1 x 7.0 inches including the
lens hood and handle. The 3.5-inch High Resolution
–922,000-dot – Touch Panel LCD screen provides
a large, vibrant display and can be flipped for solo
shooting with the LCD screen facing the subject. The
camcorder also includes an electronic viewfinder for
more for use in bright conditions and where it would
be difficult to use the LCD panel.
Embedded in the detachable handle are the
camcorder’s XLR terminal inputs, audio switches,
infrared light, tally lamp, removable microphone
holder, zoom and record switches and a “cold” shoe.
For easy connection to both Canon and third party
wired remote controllers, it has a built-in remote
control terminal (compatible with LANC protocol).
A custom key and dial allow for more convenient,
one-touch access to various functions such as focus or
exposure and are set through the camcorder’s menu
system. The Canon XA10 Professional camcorder is
scheduled to be available in March for an estimated
retail price of $2,000.
A3300IS, A2200 and A1200
Whether at a concert or taking a bike ride with the
family, the Canon PowerShot A3300 IS, A2200 and
have 32
in its
with the new addition of Subject Detection, where a
specific object is the main focal point of the image.
Live View Control is another useful facet in these
three new models, providing beginners with userfriendly terms for altering features within the camera.
Brightness, vividness and color tone, can be quickly
adjusted, making it easier for entry-level users to
adjust the look and feel of an image.
Ensuring a low-disturbance when capturing photos of
a sleeping baby or a wedding ceremony, the models
come equipped with a new Discreet Mode. With
the press of a button, the camera’s auto-focus assist
beam, sound and flash are turned off, making it easier
to capture a photo without unnecessary sound or
Both the PowerShot A3300 IS and A2200 come
equipped with 720p HD video. The Canon PowerShot
A3300 IS is available in five vibrant colors - grey,
red, blue, silver and pink - and features a 16.0Megapixel CCD sensor along with a 5x Optical
Zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer, a wide angle
28-140mm equivalent lens and 3.0-inch LCD screen.
The PowerShot A2200 Digital camera has a 14.1Megapixel CCD sensor, 4x Optical Zoom, a wide
angle 28-112mm equivalent lens along with a 2.7-inch
LCD screen and comes in black, blue, silver and red.
The PowerShot A3300 IS is scheduled to be available
in late February for an estimated selling price of $180.
The PowerShot A2200 is scheduled to be available in
early March for an estimated selling price of $140.
For consumers who are transitioning from film to
digital, another great feature is the Optical View
Finder found in the PowerShot A1200 model. The
Optical View Finder offers an easy way to frame
shots on a sunny day and is a good option to conserve
technology to
for potential
shake, the
A1200, A800
feature Blur Reduction, helping to reduce image
distortion and to ensure crisp photos.
A1200 and A800
The Canon PowerShot A1200 Digital camera features
720p HD video and an Optical View Finder. The
A1200 Digital camera also includes Canon’s basic and
easy to use mode dial, a 12.1-Megapixel CCD sensor,
4x Optical Zoom, a wide angle 28-112mm equivalent
lens and a 2.7-inch LCD screen, AA battery-powered
and is available in both black and silver. For the valueconscious consumer, the PowerShot A800 will offer
a 10-Megapixel CCD sensor in addition to 19 Smart
AUTO scene modes, a 3.3x Optical Zoom with a 37112mm equivalent lens, a 2.5-inch LCD screen and
AA battery-powered.
The PowerShot A1200 is scheduled to be available
in early March and will have an estimated selling
price of $110. The PowerShot A800 is scheduled to
be available in mid-February for an estimated selling
price of $90.
Boasting 18-megapixel resolution, a three-inch VariAngle Clear View LCD screen, EOS Full HD video
recording with manual overrides including audio
level control, and in-camera functionality for RAW
image processing plus Creative Filters to manipulate
images after taking them. Designed primarily for
advanced amateurs it has a broad array of new features
that make it easier for photographers to add personal
creativity to their images.
Unveiled the TRYX® camera that will allow
consumers to stand out and be noticed. It impresses
with a distinctive super thin (.59-inches thick),
variable frame design. Users can hold the camera
horizontally, in a traditional point-and-shoot style
to capture still
images or flip
out the rotating,
three-inch, touchscreen LCD and
swivel the body
to experience
countless other
positions. The
frame rotates 360degrees and can
be adjusted so that
the body can act as a tripod, allowing it to stand on
its own, or the LCD screen can be rotated up to 270degrees so that users can perfect their own self portrait
and see themselves in the frame. Users can even flip
out and rotate the body so that the camera can hang
from a hook, doorknob or other surface.
At the heart of the camera is a 12.1 megapixel backilluminated CMOS sensor which will help capture
stunning images thanks to its enhanced sensitivity
and low-light performance. The CMOS sensor is also
coupled with dual core processors as well as Casio’s
state of the art EXILIM® ENGINE HS, which add
significant processing speed and enhance the overall
imaging experience. Together, they power many of the
camera’s unique creative functions, including High
Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, High-Speed SR
Zoom, and slow motion video.
Fully-loaded with a full range of functions, such as
Slide Panorama and slow-motion video recording,
which users can take advantage of to boost their
creativity and truly express themselves through
images. With Slide Panorama, users can effortlessly
capture 360-degree panoramic images, and with
slow-motion video, users can record events that are
ordinarily too fast for the eye to see, at speeds up to
240 fps (432x320). TRYX also incorporates Casio’s
HDR-ART technology, which gives users the ability
to effortlessly transform any photo from ordinary
to extraordinary, all with just the touch of a button.
HDR-ART works by combining continuous shots with
differing exposures and performing highly-precise
image analysis to locally change the contrast and
level of color saturation. Users can select from three
different processing levels to suit their artistic tastes.
Housed within the three-inch LCD screen (460K
pixels / 3:2 aspect ratio) is the camera’s intuitive
touch-screen interface which puts all camera controls
right at the user’s fingertip. Through the touch-screen
LCD, users can activate the touch-shutter, which can
focus on an area or subject in the frame and capture
the photo, just by touching the screen. The self-timer
can also be activated using the touch-screen LCD.
Featuring a clever little twist, the self-timer can be
triggered using the camera’s built-in motion sensor.
Users can configure the self-timer using their finger
to designate an area in the frame on the LCD where
the camera needs to monitor for motion. When
motion is detected in the specified area, the self-timer
will be triggered, enabling users to take pictures of
TRYX’s 21mm ultra-wide-angle lens is also outfitted
with Casio’s state-of-the-art High-Speed SR Zoom
technology. It captures multiple still images at highspeed and combines them to produce sharp and clear
photos. Image quality can be maintained up to two
times the range of the focal length.
Casio also preloaded the camera with software
that facilitates the uploading of images and video
directly to the Internet, including many of today’s
most popular social networking platforms such as
Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. Users can simply
select which photos and videos they would like
uploaded from the camera beforehand, and upon
connecting it to a computer, the files will automatically
be sent to each specified destination.
The Casio TRYX will be available April 2011 for
Casio added even more depth to its popular EXILIM®
family of digital cameras with the announcement of
the 16.1 megapixel EX-H30. With a 24mm, ultrawide-angle, 12.5x optical zoom lens as well as the
ability to
capture up
to 1,000
photos on a
single battery
The optics
can be
with no
loss in image quality by leveraging Casio’s Single
Frame SR Zoom. With Single Frame SR Zoom,
users can extend the maximum telephoto range by
1.5x, putting an effective zoom of 18.8x right in the
palm of their hand and in a camera body measuring
under an inch thick (.95-inches). With Casio’s Slide
Panorama technology allow users to capture natural
panoramic images. When panning across the scene,
Slide Panorama will automatically recognize moving
subjects, and will omit them from the combined points
of the final image (maximum of 240-degree panning).
The new advanced image processing capability
provided by Casio’s EXILIM ENGINE 5.0 ensures
that color reproduction is clear and bright, and that
images have a rich tonal gradation. In addition it
also offers 720p high-definition video recording with
continuous auto-focus. While recording video, users
can also take advantage of the camera’s full optical
zoom so that they capture the action no matter how far
away they are. All images and video can be reviewed
right on the camera’s large, three-inch LCD display
When set to Premium Auto, the EX-H30 will
automatically analyze the scene being photographed
and simultaneously optimize settings for exposure,
ISO, sensitivity, focus location, photo blur
correction, tonal range, color balance, and level of
noise reduction. Premium Auto will automatically
distinguish night scenes, back lighting, a blue sky,
green trees or a sunset and can sense whether there is a
person’s face in the frame, the movement and position
of the subject, and whether a tripod is being used. All
images are analyzed pixel by pixel to apply different
corrections depending on the subject. For example, if
Premium Auto recognizes that the subject of the image
is a person, it will automatically apply Makeup Mode,
and will automatically apply Landscape Mode if it
detects that the subject of the image is a landscape.
Users can set the camera to Silent Mode instantly,
which will prevent the camera from emitting any
sound or flash, so as to not disturb those around you.
Users can also get creative and have a little fun with
their images using the EX-H30’s Dynamic Photo
function. With Dynamic Photo, users can combine
moving characters preloaded to the camera’s memory,
with a still image or movie background of their choice.
The Casio EX-H30 will be available in four colors,
sliver, black,
red, and gold,
and will ship
in March 2011
for $250.
The 12.1
is powered
by Casio’s new EXILIM ENGINE HS with dual core
processors, which work together to offer consumers a
high-speed shooting experience. Also joining the EXZR100 is the EX-ZR10.
It incorporates a 12.1 megapixel back-illuminated
CMOS sensor which will help users capture highresolution, low-noise images even in dimly lit
environments. The camera also features sensor-shift
image stabilization to help reduce the blur associated
with hand movement for even better results. The
sensor-shift stabilization technology also allows users
to capture impressive 1920x1080 full-HD video at
30 frames-per-second (fps) with continuous auto
focus. In addition, the EX-ZR100 features a built-in
stereo microphone, and even offers users the ability
to leverage the camera’s full optical zoom and capture
digital still images with high-speed burst shooting (10
megapixel), all while recording video.
The EXILIM ENGINE HS with dual core processors,
further enhances the digital imaging experience. The
EX-ZR100 can do a .37 second shot-to-shot time,
slow-motion video recording as well as high-speed
burst shooting. With burst shooting, consumers can
capture 30 10 megapixel images at a maximum speed
of 40 shots per second. Adding even more versatility
it’s Pre record Continuous Shutter will begin prerecording images when the shutter button is pressed
halfway, ensuring users will not miss a single critical
moment even if they’re a little late in snapping the
photo. All photos and video can be reviewed on the
camera’s high-resolution three-inch LCD.
With slow-motion, users can record fast-action events
at a maximum speed of 1,000fps (224x64), revealing
detail that’s simply too fast for the naked eye to see.
Additional high-speed frame rates include 480fps
(224x160) and 240fps (432x320).
Each press of the shutter button actually takes several
shots with different exposures and instantly combines
them into a single image with a high dynamic range.
This ensures that both light and dark areas are clearly
visible in the photograph and that washed out or
overly dark areas are minimized. It locally controls
the contrast and the level of color saturation of the
analyzed subject. The effects of the HDR-ART
function can be set at three different processing
levels, so now anyone can easily create dramatic, eyecatching HDR images that suit their artistic tastes and
are sure to impress.
Users can also get creative with Slide Panorama,
which will give them the ability to pan across a scene,
such as an expansive landscape, to capture 360-degree
images. Unique about Casio’s Slide Panorama is the
fact that the function can detect moving subjects or
peoples’ faces and will not use these subjects for the
points. This
makes it
easy to take
more natural
images. With
Photo, users
can combine
moving characters preloaded to the camera’s memory,
with a still image or movie background of their choice.
Casio enhances the optical zoom with its Multi Frame
SR Zoom technology, which doubles the camera’s
zoom to achieve a zoom that’s equivalent to a 25x
optical zoom.
The Casio EX-ZR10 is available in black and will ship
in January 2011 for $249.99
The Casio EX-ZR100 will be available in black and
will ship in March 2011 for $299.99
EX-ZS10 and EX-ZS5
The EX-ZS10 and EX-ZS5 are new models priced at
$120 and $100 respectively, and will ship in March
2011. They come with 14.1 megapixel resolution
and 26mm wide-angle lenses with 5x optical zooms.
What’s more is that with the EX-ZS10, users can
record their memories in high definition as the camera
offers 720p HD video. The EX-ZS5 features VGA
video recording at a resolution of 640x480.
Included with each is 23 scene modes at the user’s
fingertips, each of which are designed to help users
capture a wide range of subjects in just about any
environment to produce the best images possible.
They feature a 2.7-inch LCD screens as well as USB
charging, which gives users the ability to recharge the
battery in camera while connected to a computer or
using the supplied AC adapter.
Announced the world’s first consumer camcorder to
offer 3D recording in Full HD, thanks to a new JVCdeveloped high-speed processor that can produce
two simultaneous Full HD images. The new GS-TD1
uses two camera lenses and two 3.32 megapixel
CMOS sensors – one for each lens – to capture threedimensional
much the
same way
that human
eyes work.
JVC’s new
simultaneously processes the two Full HD images
– left and right images at 1920 x 1080i – within
that single chip. The newly developed “LR
Independent Format” makes the GS-TD1 the world’s
first consumer-oriented camcorder capable of 3D
shooting in Full HD. JVC’s new camcorder offers
other shooting modes as well, including the widely
used “Side-by-Side Format” for AVCHD (3D) and
conventional AVCHD (2D) shooting.
It also features round iris diaphragms that enable
beautiful bokeh effect (background blurring) shooting
of video and stills alike. Additional highlights
include 3D optical 5x zoom, Optical Axis Automatic
Stabilization System for disparity control to give
depth to 3D images, JVC’s BIPHONIC technology
for dynamic 3D sound and Automatic Parallax
Adjustment to optimize the 3D-video comfort zone .
A 3.5” 3D touch panel LCD monitor displays 3D
images without any need for 3D glasses, making it
easy to check 3D images while shooting and watch 3D
playback in the field.
JVC’s other new HD Everio with 3D capabilities is
the GZ-HM960. Similar to other HD Everio models
in size and features it is distinguished by its 2D-to-3D
output function, which turns any 2D footage into 3D.
Output can be viewed without glasses on the camera’s
3.5-inch 3D LCD monitor, or by connecting the
camcorder to an external 3D television. Bluetooth®
wireless technology enables integration with other
devices, such as smartphones, to synch images with
Google Maps™.
Both use Everio
software (for
for full
editing and
sharing of
content. In
addition to full-fledged video and still image editing,
files can be uploaded effortlessly to social media sites
such as YouTube™ or Facebook. In the GS-TD1, the
software allows 3D video to be shared on YouTube™.
The JVC GZ-TD1 Full HD 3D camcorder will be
available in March for $2,000.
The HD Everio GZ-HM960 will be available in
February for $950.
JVC’s new HD Everio camcorders all use CMOS
sensors. Super LoLux, made possible by the use of
a large back illuminated CMOS sensor in selected
models, enables images to be recorded in low light,
while Advanced Image Stabilizer achieves superior
image stabilization over a wide range. Intelligent
AUTO instantaneously analyzes faces, brightness,
color and distance to automatically select the best
settings for the particular scene. Face Recognition
allows certain faces to be given priority for focus and
exposure, and great sound quality is assured with K2
technology featured in high-end audio components.
The lineup also boasts a 40x optical zoom, plus 70x
Dynamic Zoom in standard definition mode, a touch
panel LCD for intuitive touch operation, Smile Meter
and Smile Shot to make sure shots are filled with
happy faces, Face Sub-Window to simultaneously
record a group shot and a close-up of any face in the
scene, and Animation Effect to enliven recordings with
animated graphics. Time-lapse recording condenses
hours of recordings into just a few seconds and an auto
record function (Auto REC) uses motion detection
to start recording automatically. Several HD Everio
models also offer HD/SD dual format recording to
choose between maximum quality and maximum
and sand. The Easyshare Sport is a 12 MP camera
with a 2.4-inch LCD, Kodak’s Smart Capture feature,
multiple scene and color modes to have more fun with
your pictures, and video.
The new Kodak Playfull Video Camera (US $150
MSRP) is made for social butterflies and social
networking superstars, it fits
Its newest offerings include the world’s only digital
in the pocket of your skinny
cameras with 3-step sharing making it easy for you to
jeans. You can capture video
email your pictures to friends the Kodak Pulse Digital in full 1080p HD video or
Frame, or upload them to popular social networking
5 MP stills. Then simply
sites including Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Using
press the Share Button to
Kodak’s exclusive Share Button, you can tag pictures
tag to your favorite social
to the largest number of social networks and also
networking sites and email,
simultaneously share to multiple social networks and
and connect to your computer
for automatic upload.
The new Kodak Easyshare Touch Camera (US
Available in spring of 2011.
$150 MSRP) has a 3-inch high resolution capacitive
• Built-in software
touchscreen LCD. It also features a dedicated video
and USB arm for
record button that makes it easy to take 720p HD
automatic sharing,
video that you can edit and share right on the camera.
in-camera charging
In addition, the Easyshare Touch Camera has an
and easy transfer to
auto organization feature that simplifies finding the
moments you want to share. With 14 MP and a 5X
• On-camera editing
wide-angle SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH Optical
lets you trim and
Zoom Lens, the camera also boasts Kodak’s Smart
extract still pictures
Capture and Face Recognition features, multiple scene
from video
and artistic modes – like photo booth and film effects
• Four fun capture effects including black and
– to have more fun with your pictures, and an HDMI
white, sepia, high saturation and 70’s film look
• Built-in digital image stabilization for sharper
videos and less blur
The new Kodak Easyshare Mini Camera (US $100
• Smart face tracking technology
MSRP) is Kodak’s smallest camera yet. About the
• LCD Glare Shield feature to help you see the
size of a credit card, it has a 3X wide-angle optical
screen in very bright sunlight
zoom lens and built-in front mirror so it’s a snap to get
• Expandable SD/SDHC card slot up to 32 GB
you and all your friends in the picture. The Easyshare
The Kodak Playsport Video Camera (US $180
Mini is a 10 MP camera with a 2.5-inch bright LCD,
MSRP) in addition to being waterproof up to 10 feet,
Kodak’s Smart Capture and Face Recognition features, it’s now also shockproof and dustproof to withstand
multiple scene and color modes.
tough conditions and elements like dirt, dust and sand.
The new Kodak Easyshare Sport Camera (US
Capture your adventures in full 1080p HD video or 5
$80 MSRP) is the perfect companion for your daily
MP stills, then press the Share Button to easily share
adventures. Dunk it
them with your social network.
in the pool or bring it
• Shockproof, dustproof and waterproof up to 10
to the beach. Kodak’s
first waterproof digital
• 3-Step sharing – with Kodak’s Share Button,
still camera can go up
you can e-mail to friends and the Kodak
to 10 feet underwater
Pulse Digital Frame or upload to many social
and is also dustproof
to withstand dirt, dust
• On-camera editing lets you trim and extract
still pictures from video
• Underwater white balance mode
• Built-in digital image stabilization for sharper
videos and less blur
• 2-inch LCD adjusts to lighting conditions
• LCD Glare Shield feature to manually adjust
settings to help you see the screen in very
bright sunlight
• Four fun capture effects including black and
white, sepia, high saturation and 70’s film look
• Built-in software and included USB cable to
easily edit and share videos
• Smart face tracking technology
• Incredible low-light performance
• Expandable SD/SDHC card slot up to 32GB
• Remote control compatible
PocketShare V24
• 2.4” color LCD viewing screen
• 1280 x 720 (720p) high definition recording
• 5 megapixel still photo (Max. 12 megapixel)
• H.264 compatible
• Easy flip-out USB jack
• On board SD / SDHC card slot
• Direct transfer to YouTube™ and Facebook™
with supplied upload software
• Approximately 2 hours recording time by built
in Li-polymer battery
• AV Out, USB 2.0 port, HDMI (Option)
• 4X Digital
4X Digital
• Video: up
to 1280 x
720 at 30
fps /
• 6-in-1 Multi-functional Camera: Digital Still
Camera, Digital Video Camera, Digital Voice
Recorder, Video Player, PC Cam, Mass Storage
• 5MP CMOS Sensor
• 1.8” TFT LCD
• 4X Digital Zoom
• 32MB Internal Memory
• SD / MMC / SDHC Up to 8GB
• USB 2.0 / AV Out
• 4X
• Photo:
• Video: AVI
• Audio: WAV (Digital Voice Recorder)
• Multifunctional
PC Cam
• Waterproof to 9.8’ Depth
• 9MP CMOS Sensor
• 2.4” TFT-LCD
• 4X Digital Zoom
• SD / MMC
• Mini USB 2.0 / Video Out
• Photo: JPEG Compatible
• Video: AVI(MJPEG)
• Photo: up to 4000 x 3000 12M (Software
• Video: up to 720 x 480
The new powerfully simple PEN E-PL2, expands
your creative potential with Live Guide II, new incamera creative features, new auxiliary lenses, a new
Close-Up Spotlight accessory (MAL-1) and the new
Olympus PENPal™ Bluetooth accessory.
Outstanding Features:
• MSC Lens - the new Movie & Still Compatible
(MSC) ED m14-42mm f3.5/5.6 zoom lens
(28mm-84mm equivalent) features a highspeed, silent autofocus during still shooting
and high definition (HD) video capture
• New 3” 460,000 dot LCD - for bright and easy
image composition
• Live Guide II - preview HD video and still
image effects on the E-PL2’s high-resolution
LCD screen to achieve the perfect result
• Art Filter Variations and Enhancements -choose from different art filter looks to expand
your creative horizons or overlay different art
filters to create something new, now with full
manual control
• ISO 6400 - take great low-light photos with the
camera’s increased ISO sensitivity
• New Ergonomic Body Design - shoot stills and
videos comfortably with a more ergonomic
grip and updated button placement and
functionality for ease of use
• Face Detection with iDetect - an amazing new
function makes it easier to capture the spirit of
your subject, automatically making a person’s
eye the focus point of the image.
• The E-PL2 further reduces the chance of
blurred subjects in images by recognizing
up to eight faces, tracking them within the
image area, and automatically focusing and
optimizing exposure for sharp portraits.
At an affordable $600 with the new MSC ED m1442mm f3.5/5.6 zoom lens (28mm-84mm equiv.),
the 12.3 megapixel ergonomically-designed E-PL2
is perfect for everyone from beginners, who want
to expand their creative horizons, to experienced
photographers who desire high-quality results without
the size and weight of a traditional DSLR.
This new kit lens has a smooth, silent and uses a
quick inner focus mechanism to make it exceptionally
fast and nearly silent when recording high-definition
movie. The M.Zuiko Digital MICRO Four Thirds®
lenses are designed to be more compact and portable,
just like the E-PL2 itself.
If you’re looking for even more options, the MMF-2
Four Thirds™ System Lens Adapter makes the E-PL2
compatible with all Olympus Zuiko® Digital Specific
lenses and other Four Thirds System lenses from
Sigma, Panasonic and Leica. Olympus OM film-based
lenses can be attached to the E-PL2 with the MF-2
OM Lens Adapter, and third-party adapters have been
developed for lenses from most other manufacturers.
Live Guide takes the guesswork out of great
photography and videography by previewing effects
at the touch of a button. Want more vivid or muted
color in your shot, or a sharper or softer background?
Simply select Live Guide and turn the wheel on
the back of the camera to slide through numerous
photographic and videographic effects. Make
adjustments and watch the LCD as the effects are
made live – before the image is captured.
Olympus has Image Stabilization built right into the
body of the camera. This means that any lens (MICRO
Four Thirds, Four Thirds and any third-party lens)
attached to the E-PL2 will deliver blur-free images
thanks to three modes of in-body Image Stabilization
that automatically compensate for camera shake,
including in low-light situations or when shooting
without a tripod.
The E-PL2 features Face Detection with a new Eye
Detection function called iDetect to make it easier
to capture the spirit of your subject. This feature
automatically makes a person’s eye the focus point
of the image. It recognizes up to eight faces, tracking
them within the image area, and automatically
focusing and optimizing exposure for sharp portraits.
In addition, the E-PL2 has a variety of automated
technologies to free you up to focus on your subject
instead of the camera settings.
• 22 Scene-Select Modes -- from portraits
to sunset shots, the E-PL2 is equipped
with 22 Scene-Select modes for effortless
picture taking, including Fireworks, Sunset,
Children, Macro and Panorama, to name a
few. Capturing beautiful portraits is easy with
the ePortrait mode that enables you to smooth
your subject’s complexion. There are even
three scene modes that are specific to shooting
with the new conversion lenses to optimize the
performance of those lenses
• Intelligent Auto (iAuto) Mode -- when you
don’t want to use the scene-select modes,
the iAuto mode automatically identifies what
you’re shooting and adjusts settings to ensure
you capture the best result for each situation
you encounter
• In-Camera Panorama -- capture three images
and stitch them together to create one amazing,
seamless panoramic picture. Or use the
included OLYMPUS ] software to stitch up to
10 images together for the ultimate panorama
• iEnhance -- with this mode the warm yellow
and orange colors of a sunset are heightened
to a dramatically lifelike color that’s truer to
what you see with the naked eye. iEnhance
is available in any mode, and automatically
engages when using iAuto to enrich color in
any subject.
The Live MOS image sensor is complemented by
Olympus’ TruePic™ V Image Processor, which
produces clear and colorful photos using all the
pixel information for each image to provide the best
digital images possible. The image processor offers
a maximum ISO sensitivity of 6400, to reduce image
noise in photos shot at higher ISO settings, enabling
great results in low-light situations.
Available now with an estimated street price of $600.
The full-featured SP-610UZ is a lightweight, 22x
wide-angle ultra-zoom camera with HD Video
• New Magic Filters – make it possible to create
special artistic effects in still images and/or
movies directly in the camera
• HD Movie & HDMI™ Control – highdefinition video (HD video) delivers a
broadcast-quality movie experience when
played back on an HDTV
• 3D Photo Mode – captures two shots of a scene
from two different angles to create still photos
that can be viewed with the added excitement
and realism of 3D. Simply select the 3D Photo
shooting mode, release the shutter for your first
shot, slowly pan until the camera automatically
takes a second image from a slightly different
perspective. The 3D data is processed incamera resulting in an .MPO file, the universal
industry 3D format for easy display on 3D
televisions or laptops.
• Eye-Fi™ Card Compatibility – enables
automatic wireless uploading of images to the
website or
PC of your
• In-Camera
– offers
and easy
press the
button and slowly pan across the scene. The
second and third images will be captured
automatically and stitched together with
the first image resulting in one seamless
panorama-size picture. To create the ultimate
panorama, consumers can use the OLYMPUS
Software to stitch up to 10 images together.
• AF Tracking – tracks a moving subject
automatically and keeps it in focus for optimal
image quality
With an f2.8 (Wide) / f5.6 (Tele) wide-angle lens
providing the equivalent of a 28-616mm focal
length, users can get closer to the action with
zoom performance comparable to that of a 500mm
equivalent telephoto lens for Digital Single lens Reflex
(DSLR) cameras. The wide-angle lens makes it easy to
take a picture of the entire stadium, while the powerful
zoom lets you focus on your favorite player (22x
Optical Zoom + 4x Digital Zoom.)
It can take 720p HD video, and with HDMI Control
playback also is a breeze. With HDMI Control, you
can use your HDTV’s remote to control playback
functions and navigate the camera’s menus from the
comfort of your couch. Comes with a large 3.0-inch
LCD monitor.
Dual Image Stabilization combines two technologies
– Mechanical Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization and
Digital Image Stabilization – to provide one powerful
anti-blur solution for capturing great images whether
the photographer or the subject is moving. Olympus’
mechanical Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization keeps
images sharp by adjusting the internal image sensor
to compensate for camera movement, even in lowlight conditions when shutter speeds are slower.
Additionally, Digital Image Stabilization freezes the
action with high ISO sensitivity and fast shutter speeds
to prevent blurry images often caused by a moving
subject. ISO’s include Auto, High Auto, 80, 100, 200,
400, 800, 1600, 3200.
Wedding, team shots and family reunion photos have
never been easier with Face Detection. It detects up to
16 faces within the frame and automatically focuses
and optimizes exposure to capture sharp, brilliant
portraits and group shots. Even more remarkable
it comes equipped with Beauty Mode. Designed to
touch up the appearance of your subject’s skin as the
photo is captured, enhancements that typically would
necessitate retouching in a graphics editing program.
AF Tracking technology locks focus on your fastmoving subject – everything from house cats to
Siberian tigers – and continuously adjusts focus and
brightness. This enables you to keep quick-moving
and unpredictable subjects like kids and pets in focus
for the perfect shot. There’s even two newly designed
“Pet Modes” for animal lovers, offering the ability to
recognize the faces of a variety of breeds of both cats
and dogs.
Taking a moonlit stroll on the beach? Intelligent Auto
Mode automatically identifies what you are shooting
(i.e., Portrait, Night + Portrait, Landscape, Macro or
Sports) and adjusts the camera’s settings to capture the
best quality results. Amateurs can jump into this quick
and hassle-free feature that does the thinking for them
and produces incredible images.
Whether you are globetrotting or attending a sporting
event, the SP-610UZ offers a 14-megapixel sensor,
Olympus developed its exclusive TruePic III+ Image
Processor for the demanding performance of DSLRs
and has migrated the technology to the S-series
cameras. TruePic III+ also captures crisp, clear photos
at high ISO settings, which are traditionally associated
with increasing noise or producing grainy photos.
All Olympus digital compact cameras now offer
the new OLYMPUS photo organizing and editing
software. It includes photography workflow, browsing,
editing and unique photo organizing functions. You
can organize photos by person with automatic facerecognition technology, by place with a map-tagging
function, or by event. All information will be tagged in
each photo’s data. You can then easily upload images
to the integrated online service, on the net, to share
and backup photos, as well as order prints and photo
merchandise. The name stands for image bridge,
because the software is designed to create a bridge
to help you get images from your camera to services
where you can do more with your photos. Comes with
30 shooting modes.
The SP-610UZ will be available in February 2011
Estimated Street Price: $230 (U.S.)
The first in a new line of pocket-friendly, creativityenabling, and budget-conscious cameras aimed at
photographers of all ages and experience levels.
The value begins with an impressive feature set that
includes: 14 MP, 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens,
720p HD video capture, and a large 3.0-inch LCD
to capture and review your images. Add pocketable
portability, Digital Image Stabilization, AF Tracking,
and the shot-enhancing Magic Art Filters. Top this
combination off with an affordable price point ($140)
and you have a multi-function camera in a slim body
that far surpasses other models in its class.
The Magic Filters include:
• Pop Art – enhance and saturate colors to create
vivid, high-impact pictures that express the
joyful, lighthearted feeling of the Pop Art style
of the 1960s
• Pin Hole – reduce the peripheral brightness of
an image as though it were shot through a pin
hole, connecting the viewer intimately with the
subject at the center
• Fish-Eye – emulate the wide-angle of a fisheye effect lens by taking extremely wide,
hemispherical images and magnifying the
center of the frame
• Soft Focus -- encloses the foreground of an
image in gentle, pastel colors with a soft,
elegant focus; similar to effects achieved in a
• Drawing – turn your image into a sketch
outline for children to color
• Sparkle – shoot photos with the luxurious feel
of added twinkling lights
• Punk – create two-tone images full of rock and
roll spirit.
Features Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) to capture
crisp, clear pictures. By boosting the camera’s ISO
sensitivity and shutter speed, DIS freezes the action
and provides virtually blur-free images, even when
you or your subject is moving.
The camera detects up to 16 faces within the frame and
automatically focuses and optimizes exposure to capture
sharp, brilliant portraits and group shots. AF Tracking
technology locks on your fast-moving subject and
continuously adjusts focus and brightness. This enables
you to keep fast-moving, unpredictable subjects like small
children and pets in focus for the perfect shot.
Lighting Fix can be used to adjust any underexposed
areas and Red-Eye Fix can be used to reduce the
effects of red-eye sometimes caused by a direct flash.
Additional in-camera editing functions can be quickly
accessed right in the camera by the touch of a button;
features available include resizing and trimming. It has
25 shooting modes.
Available now with an estimated street rice: $140.
The XZ-1 comes with the super-bright iZUIKO
lens. The X-factor that achieves this categorydefying quality: A combination of three state-ofthe-art features: the X-tremely large, super-sensitive
CCD sensor, the X-tremely fast TruePic™ V image
processor and the X-tremely bright, fast f1.8-2.5
iZUIKO digital lens.
• X-ceptional Image Quality - a range of new
features offer superior image quality, together
with 10 megapixel CCD sensor with the
TruePic™ V Image Processor to produce sharp
• X-cellent Low-Light Performance - iZUIKO
f1.8-2.5 6.0-24mm lens for improved shooting
in low-light scenarios, enhancing image
clarity and drastically reducing grain. Also
featuring Dual Image Stabilization and an AF
Illuminator to maximize performance in lowlight settings
• X-treme Creativity - offers six Art Filters,
each of which uses different settings to create
incredible photographic effects that would
otherwise require additional lenses, filters
or complex editing. Additionally, the Live
Guide on-screen setting offers quick tips for
shooting different subjects (kids, pets and
flowers, for example) assists the photographer
with some of the more complex in-camera
settings (aperture, shutter speed and exposure
compensation, for instance).
The 3.0-inch OLED monitor shows off still images
and High Definition (HD) movies in detailed 720p.
The LCD displays 610,000 dots in vivid color,
reproduces colors and shades more accurately with
deeper black tones and consumes less power. The
monitor also provides a wide-viewing angle ensuring
that images can be composed from even the most
obscure angles. A new graphic interface makes it
easier to read text and find the settings you need on
the fly, and Live Control enables intuitive operation
allowing you to shoot photos while viewing the effects
on the camera’s LCD.
The camera captures all the action in crisp 720p HD
video at 30 frames-per-second. The easy-to-reach
record button on the back of the camera body makes
recording videos a breeze. If you’re about to snap
a photo and you realize a video would capture the
spirit of the scene even better, simply press the record
button. Easily toggle back and forth between capturing
stills and videos by using your index finger to press
the shutter button or your thumb to press the record
The XZ-1 pairs a high sensitivity 10 megapixel CCD
sensor with the TruePic™ V Image Processor to
produce clear and colorful photos using all the pixel
information from each image to provide the best
digital images possible. It also lowers image noise in
photos shot at higher ISO settings (ISO 100 to ISO
3200), enabling great results in low-light situations.
Shoot full manual, and also with a control ring around
the front of the lens and the wheel controller on the
back, it gives immediate access to the most important
manual settings like ISO, aperture and shutter speed to
make it easy to adjust the camera on the move. Three
levels of exposure control using a neutral density
(ND) filter distributes light offering greater flexibility
to change the aperture and exposure time in different
situations while allowing the photographer to take the
best picture in any condition.
With a minimum aperture of f1.8 at wide-angle and a
maximum aperture of f2.5 at telephoto, this lens boasts
super-fast shutter speeds for sharp, low-light images.
This aperture range also allows photographers to take
portraits that highlight the subject by defocusing the
background, a capability that is not normally possible
in compact cameras.
Apart from the speed of the f1.8 lens, the camera’s
low-light mode automatically adjusts the ISO
sensitivity up to ISO 3200 to take sharp, fullresolution photos in dark places. The camera’s iAuto
mode automatically detects low-light scenes and
adjusts the ISO accordingly for the best image quality.
The camera also features an AF illuminator to make it
simple to focus in low-light locations. The XZ-1 also
features a low-light mode for even quicker access to
maximize low-light situations.
It also offers Dual Image Stabilization to further
assure you’ll get the shot you want while holding the
camera. Mechanical Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization
compensates for camera movement in low-light
conditions when shutter speeds are slower while
Digital Image Stabilization freezes the action with
high ISO sensitivity and fast shutter speeds that
prevent blurry images often caused by a moving
(5x on
the TG610 and
3.6x on
the TG310)
and dual
stabilization. The cameras come in a variety of colors
to complement your own individual style.
• HD Movie & HDMI Control – high-definition
video (HD video) delivers a broadcast-quality
movie experience when played back on a highdefinition television (HDTV)
• 3D Photo Mode – captures two shots of a scene
from two different angles to create still photos
that can be viewed with the added excitement
and realism of 3D
• Eye-Fi Card Compatibility – allows automatic
wireless uploading of images to the website or
PC of your choice
• New Magic Filters – make it possible to create
special artistic effects in still images and/or
movies directly in the camera
• In-Camera Panorama – offers quick and easy
panorama shots
• AF Tracking – tracks a moving subject
automatically and keeps it in focus for optimal
image quality.
The TG-610 has a 5x wide-angle optical zoom (28140mm equivalent in 35mm photography), and TG310 has a 3.6x wide-angle optical zoom (28-102mm
Dual Image Stabilization combines two technologies
– Mechanical Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization and
Available now with an estimate street price: $500.
Digital Image Stabilization – to provide one powerful
TG-610 and TG-310
anti-blur solution for capturing great images whether
The new TG-610 and TG-310 camera are Waterproof, the photographer or the subject is moving. Olympus’
Shockproof and Freezeproof models. The new Tough
Mechanical Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization keeps
cameras are Waterproof (to 16 feet for the TGimages sharp by adjusting the internal image sensor
610 and 10 feet for the TG-310), Shockproof (to 5
to compensate for camera movement, even in lowfeet) and Freezeproof (to 14 degrees Fahrenheit) to
light conditions when shutter speeds are slower.
deliver amazing images even when you take them to
Additionally, Digital Image Stabilization freezes the
extremes. Beyond their durable exteriors, the TG-610
action with high ISO sensitivity and fast shutter speeds
and TG-310 deliver superior image quality thanks to
to prevent blurry images often caused by a moving
14 megapixels, high-definition (HD) video, wide-angle subject.
The cameras can detect up to 12 faces within the
frame and automatically focuses and optimizes
exposure to capture sharp, brilliant portraits and group
shots. Even more remarkable, the TG-610 and TG310 come equipped with Beauty Mode. Designed to
touch up the appearance of your subject’s skin as the
photo is captured, enhancements that typically would
necessitate retouching in a graphics editing program.
With Intelligent Auto Mode it automatically identifies
what you are shooting (i.e., Portrait, Night + Portrait,
Landscape, Macro and Sports) and adjusts the
camera’s settings to capture the best quality results.
In-Camera Panorama mode makes it easy by capturing
three images and stitching them together to create
one amazing panoramic picture. Olympus’ enhanced
TruePic III+ Image Processor produces crystal-clear
photos using all the pixel information for each image
to deliver superior picture quality with more accurate
colors, true-to-life flesh tones and faster processing
Available in February 2011 TG-610 Estimated Street
Price: $300 (U.S.) TG-310 Estimated Street Price:
$200 (U.S.)
Their latest model in its camcorder portfolio is the
HMX-Q10. With a BSI CMOS sensor making
recording movies easier than ever before, and
smart features such as it’s innovative Switch Grip
technology via an LCD screen. The Switch Grip
means that no matter how the camcorder is held, the
G-magnetic sensor inside the HMX-Q10 recognizes
the angle and turns the LCD display so it’s easy to
see, and controls recording easily from any angle.
Easy Operation means that users can control detailed
processes, turning the camcorder on and off, or operate
the playback function easily through the LCD screen.
The prominently placed record button makes capturing
video extremely simple, and straightforward.
Built around the needs of the consumer who wants
to capture their movies without fuss or complication.
Whether you are left- or right-handed, shooting in
positions or
film with
other activities, you can always maintain perfect
control over your video.
The camcorder includes a brand new Easy Operation
and Smart Access UI that makes using the camcorder
easier to use than ever before. Featuring an intuitive
and clearly visible record button it eliminates the need
to have many separate buttons and keys to control
the camcorder. Easy Operation via the 2.7” wide
LCD screen allows the user to perform a variety of
functions, including a pause function allowing you to
stop and work out the best angle for your recording
experience, the ability to turn the camcorder on and
off, and playback mode so users can immediately
review their footage.
It captures video in 1920x1080/60i full HD, and
includes an OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) Duo
system to compensate for hand-shaking better than
ever before, creating a stable, clear video every
time – even when walking or moving around. The
HMX-Q10’s features also include a 5MP BSI CMOS
sensor, which records with twice the sensitivity of
normal CMOS sensors, dramatically reducing noise
and distortion while also enhancing recording quality
in low-light conditions, so great quality video can be
captured in any situation.
It also features an upgraded version of Samsung’s
Smart Auto scene recognition technology, which
analyzes key elements of the composition of the
footage such as brightness, motion, color and subject
and then selects the most appropriate settings to
produce the best results possible. It can also capture
4.9MP still photos.
Users can also choose to adopt more manual control.
With Easy Manual Mode setting, users can access
and calibrate the entire breadth of easy-to-use
manual features (White Balance, Exposure Values,
Backlighting, Self Timer, and C.Nite) through the
intuitive interface. The new Art Film function also
means that video can be captured in more creative
ways, using special effects such as Time Lapse and
Black & White, making video recording fun and easy.
It will be available in February. Further specifications:
• Schneider-Kreuznach Varioplan-HD F1.8 10x
optical zoom lens with OIS
• 2.75mm ~ 27.5mm focal length
• Face detect (up to 6 persons)
• HD Time Lapse recording
• HD resolution: 1920 x 1080 60i, 1280 x720
• Device Connectivity: USB interface (including
USB charging), Composite interface (output
only), HDMI interface
• Price: $299
The new WB700 features a 24mm ultra-wide
Schneider KREUZNACH® lens to capture the perfect
wide shot, as well as a 24X zoom function, made up
of an 18X optical
zoom and 1.3X
Smart Zoom.
Equipped with
a 16 Megapixel
sensor, full
manual control
and the ability to
record in 720p
high definition
video (H.264 format).
Users can capture high quality video footage, as
well as still images. It also features Smart Filter 2.0 artistic filters in modes such as ‘soft focus’, ‘half-tone
dot’ and ‘cinema’ alongside traditional features such as
‘fish-eye’, ‘miniature’ and ‘sketch’, giving entertaining
and professional finishes at the touch of a button.
Also introduced was the ability to remove zoom
noise from video content. It uses an advanced noise
reduction algorithm that actively cancels out the
zoom noise, as the optical zoom slides backwards
and forwards, giving you uninterrupted clear sound
to complement your detailed High Definition movies.
Estimated available in April for an MSPR of $300.
It has Dual OIS and DIS (Optical / Digital Image
Stabilization), Full Manual Mode, Movie Recording
button, and built in HDMI.
ST95 ST90 ST65
The ST95 ($200), ST90 ($150) and ST65 ($130) are
Samsung’s latest additions to its ultra-slim, stylish
design range. With each device measuring 16.5mm
(ST90) or 17mm (ST95 and
ST65), the compact design
of each model has been
specifically developed to
improve the overall usability
and function of the cameras.
They feature a 26mm wide
lens on the ST95 and ST90, and a 27mm wide lens
on the ST65 plus a 5x optical zoom lens, to ensure
users can capture every detail within the frame while
delivering a deeper image perspective. The camera
range also boasts 16 megapixels for the ST95 and 14
megapixels for the ST90 and ST65, the intelligent
Smart Auto system chooses from 16 different
landscape and portrait modes (15 modes on the
ST65) to automatically select the appropriate settings
allowing you to capture the perfect image.
All three cameras include 720p HD Movie recording,
and the ST95 also supports H.264 codec, providing up
to 2-4 times longer recording capabilities compared
to conventional models with MPEG-4 OR MJPEG.
The ST95 also reaches new levels of interaction with
the consumer, through newly developed Smart Touch
3.0 User Interface which works on the 3.0” wide
multi-purpose LCD touch screen, so users can quickly
access, manage and use key features like they would
on a modern day Smart phone.
The ST cameras range also boasts Smart Filter and
Smart Album functions. The Smart Filter delivers a
high-performing artistic edge to both still shots and
videos through the miniaturizing effect, compositional
contrast with a Vignetting filter and the Fish-eye
setting to provide a cool, unique and stylized finish.
For all those photos of friends, birthday parties
and celebrations with loved ones, the Smart Album
automatically organizes photos by type, date and even
by face recognition. Availability for all is February.
With an ultra compact design
(about the size of an average
mobile phone) the ST30 you
can carry it anywhere on
you. Comes with Smart Auto
focus, an internal battery
charging system, a 28mm lens
and 3x power optical zoom. The additional image
stabilization provides real value to your camera
experience, preventing even the tiniest shake, resulting
in sharp images no matter what your environment. The
10.1-megapixel sensor provides sharp, crisp detail to
make your images stand out from the crowd.
Perfect images are captured, with innovative face
detection technology, Red-eye fix and even next
generation technology that detects facial blinking.
It also evens out skin tones, erases blemishes and
removes dark circles, so you can control the quality of
your appearance in any situation. Available in March
for $100.
WB210 PL210
The WB210 ($280) and PL210 ($200) – two high
zoom, wide angle cameras which boast intuitive
features that
make it easier
than ever to take
great pictures
on the go. The
WB210 boasts a
long 12x optical
super zoom lens
set in a slimline 22.4mm body. The new camera also includes
the option of a 21mm wide angle setting, through its
super wide shot mode, to get deeper shots at close
range – perfect for capturing landscape scenes or big
groups of friends when on the move. 14 Megapixel
photo quality, for crystal clear pictures, and a large
3.5” touch screen with Samsung’s new Smart Access
UI system. The camera also delivers HD quality movie
recording, as well as face detection to ensure you
never miss your family and friends in your pictures.
If you’re looking for simplicity and great shots, the
PL210 offers a comprehensive set of features to help
capture better images, with ease. It features a 10x
optical zoom with 27mm wide angle lens in a body
measuring just 19.7mm to ensure portability, and a
large 3.0 LCD screen. It also provides high image
quality with its 14 Megapixel sensor and HD movie
The WB210 and PL210 both incorporate powerful
long zooms, for detailed pictures on the go. The
WB210 features a 12x optical zoom, while the
PL210 includes a 10x optical zoom. Additionally,
the WB210’s optional 21mm wide angle lens, when
set to super wide shot mode, provides users with the
opportunity to capture great panoramic or distance
Both cameras feature Smart Filter 2.0. The WB210
includes the innovative Smart-Access user interface,
delivering easy access and control and the emotional
satisfaction to smart-phone friendly users. The UI
function also allows users to drag, click and control
‘app-style’ icons, easily flip through photos, and
control camera’s features including aperture and
shutter speed. Both will be available in February.
The ST700 represents the ultimate in dual screen
innovation from Samsung. The new camera
boasts a 1.8” front LCD screen, the largest ever
incorporated into this style of camera, giving even
more opportunities for portrait self-shooting, which
has become the hallmark of the DualView camera.
The front screen is complemented by a new 3.0”
touch screen with Smart Access UI on the back of the
camera. Comes with a 16.1 Megapixel (MP) image
sensor and a 26mm 5x optical zoom lens.
The PL170 and PL120 gives a bright 1.5” front screen
that allow you to perfectly frame your portrait, these
two models also incorporate the Easy Self Shot feature
from the ST700, which allows you to turn on only the
front screen for added privacy.
DualView cameras
Designed with
in mind. In
addition to
the innovative
new Easy Self
Shot feature,
the ST700
($280) also
includes a new
Children mode
that allows you
to create your own animations to keep kids happy
and engaged when you want to capture those special
family memories. All three models use 26mm lenses
for a wider and deeper perspective that is ideal for
portraits. The ST700 and PL170 ($200) have 16.1MP
sensors for some of the sharpest images available,
with the PL120 ($150) at 14.2MP. For the new ST700
model has the Smart Access user interface (UI), with a
large, clear 3.0” wide touch LCD screen.
All three models come equipped with a HD Movie
recording feature, so you can capture great videos
alongside your still images. The Smart 2.0 filters,
such as ‘soft focus’, ‘half-tone dot’ and ‘cinema’ sit
alongside more common features such as ‘fish-eye’,
‘miniature’ and ‘sketch’ in the three new models,
giving entertaining and professional finishes at the
touch of a button. You can also deploy the newly
added Magic Frame feature to instantly create
formatted postcards or posters to share with your
friends and family. By simply pre-selecting the
template available on the camera and then taking
your picture, the photo will automatically appear
on selected template for original photo display. In
addition, the ST700 and PL170 feature an HDMI
output feature which provides seamless connectivity to
your TV, and also come in four great stylish colors. All
three new models also include Samsung’s Smart Auto
feature, which works for both still and video images.
All have 5X 26mm Slim Optical Zoom Lens, Digital
Image Stabilization, and will be available in March.
The new camcorder series features long battery life,
a 3” touch
LCD, and
30x optical
Designed to automatically deliver stable video in
crystal-clear HD, with a battery life of up to three
hours, and built-in USB charging, the camcorder
allows users to relax while filming. The Face
Detection function makes sure that the faces of up
to six people in the shot are kept in focus at all times
so that clarity isn’t sacrificed in busy scenes such
as parties or concerts. The upgraded Smart Auto
feature automatically selects the right shooting mode
depending on outside factors, such as brightness,
subject and color. The camcorder also features the
new and innovative Record Pause function, allowing
users to briefly pause in recording, before resuming
recording in the same file, linking the files together to
save time when editing or sharing.
Built with a 5 Megapixel 1/4” (1/6.3”, 1.75M
Effective) BSI (Back Side Illuminated) CMOS
sensor, which is twice as sensitive as a regular CMOS
sensor. With the BSI CMOS sensor, noise and image
distortion are reduced and video quality in low-light
conditions, such as dimly-lit restaurants or nighttime
scenes, is dramatically improved. Similarly, the HMXH300 series also includes an advanced OIS (Optical
Image Stabilization) Duo system to ensure steady and
stable footage by compensating for minor hand and
body movements, even when walking around.
The series also has a 3” Touch LCD screen, and lets
the user capture 4.9MP still images without the need
for a second camera. They will take HD video up
to 1920 x 1080 60i or 1280 x 720 60p. Available in
February with a starting price of $399
SMX-F50/F53/F54 camcorders
Its SMX-F50 series camcorder is designed to capture
with a compact, high performing, affordable and
convenient design. Comes with an impressive 65x
zoom lens, while incorporating additional high-end
features including SD Memory and the first Smart
Background Music (BGM) in a family camcorder.
The lightweight and compact design allows users to
keep the camcorder with them at all times. It boasts
65x zoom technology (52x Optical Zoom, 1200x
Digital Zoom), with additional pixel capability. I
can do continuous
recording time of 6 hours
20 minutes (with 16GB
memory or card) and the
capability of producing
H.264 high quality
formatted videos. The
camcorder also includes
a USB port for charging
on the go or connecting
to a PC. Comes with the SD Memory card and built-in
flash memory (at 8GB for the F53 and 16GB F54.)
Recording background sound and music can often
prove difficult with conventional camcorders, as the
music can drown out people’s voices when played
back. The SMX-F50 series allows you to choose
music to accompany your memories. When the music
is edited into the video, the Smart BGM feature
automatically lowers the music volume when speech
is detected in the film, making sure everyone’s voice is
heard. Samsung is the first company to offer the Smart
BGM feature. The latest and newly introduced Record
Pause technology allows users to briefly pause while
recording and then resume filming from that exact
Record up to 720 x 480 60i, 2.7” 230K LCD screen,
Face Detection, takes still pictures at 1.9 MP.
Available in February with prices starting at $199.
The world’s
first “Double
Full HD” 3D
employs an
dual lens system, which includes two of each key
component—double Sony G Lenses, double “Exmor
R” CMOS image sensors, and double BIONZ®
image processors. The dual recording system allows
3D content to be recorded in 1920x1080 Full HD
resolution. The content can be viewed with 3D active
glasses on 3D-capable HDTVs or in Full HD 2D on
non-3D displays. In addition, the 3D footage can be
viewed in 3D without glasses on the camcorder’s 3.5inch Xtra Fine LCD™ 3D touch screen. In addition
to other innovative features, 10x optical zoom with
Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization with Active
Mode and iAUTO are offered in 3D mode. Providing
64 GB of flash memory, the HDR-TD10 will be
available in April for about $1,500.
from Sony’s
The camera
boasts filmlike shooting
with 60p/24p
native recording, along with CinemaTone presets, as
well as advanced features such as Expanded Focus,
Zebra and Peaking settings and other manual controls.
The newly developed 16:9 “Exmor R” CMOS sensor
realizes a wider angle of view and higher megapixels
for video and photos. With 96 GB of flash memory it
will be available in March for about $1,300.
HD 3D pocket cameras
On the other end of the video spectrum, Sony’s
affordable and fun Bloggie HD camera line welcomes
three models that each brings distinct value to the
category. The world’s first HD 3D pocket camera, the
MHS-FS3 “Bloggie 3D” model boasts two lenses,
two image sensors and two stereo speakers to capture
incredible 3D or 2D video and photos.
Handycam camcorders with a built-in video projector
offer the ultimate playback experience, even on
the go. A compact, LED-based projector is built
into the 3-inch flip-out LCD panel, maintaining the
camcorder’s compact size and allowing video and
images to be projected at up to 60 inches (diagonally;
when projected 18 feet away) onto walls, ceilings or
other flat surfaces.
Recorded content from the MHS-FS3
can be played back in 3D without
glasses on the camera’s 2.4-inch
LCD screen or on any 3D capable
HDTV with glasses.
Combined with powerful stereo speakers with Clear
Phase™ and S-Master™ digital amplifiers, the
integrated projector provides a whole new way to
enjoy video playback without needing to plug into an
HDTV. The HDR-PJ50V with a 220GB Hard Disk
Drive will be available in April for about $1000,
while the HDR-PJ30V with 32GB of flash memory
and HDR-PJ10 with 16GB of flash memory will
be available in March for about $950 and $700,
A consumer camcorder with hallmark Handycam
features—“Exmor R” CMOS image sensor,
Wide Angle Sony G Lens, Optical SteadyShot™
image stabilization with Active Mode, Event
Browse, Highlight Playback—and a wealth of new
The simple HD camera lineup also
offers a dual-screen option dubbed
the Bloggie Duo camera (MHSFS2). The slim camera features two
vibrant LCD screens a 2.7-inch on
the back and 2-inch on the front
for new ways to capture yourself
and others in full HD video or 5.1megapixel photos. The Bloggie Duo camera has a
built-in LED light and comes in four fashionable
colors including violet, green, pink and white.
The MHS-FS1 sports an ultra compact, lightweight
design with a large 2.7-inch LCD screen and comes in
black and white.
The Bloggie (MHS-FS1) and Bloggie Duo (MHSFS2) cameras, both with 4GB of internal memory,
will be available in March for about $150 and $170,
respectively. The Bloggie 3D camera (MHS-FS3) with
8GB of internal
memory will
be available in
April for about
For entry-level
HD camcorder
Sony gave
options in both hard drive (HDR-XR160) and flash
memory (HDR-CX160 and HDR-CX130) formats.
The HDR-XR160 features a 160GB hard drive for
up to 66 hours of HD video (LP mode), while the
HDR-CX160 has 16GB of embedded flash memory
for up to six hours of HD video (LP mode), and the
HDR-CX130 allows for customizable capacity with
the purchase of a memory card. These camcorders are
packed with features including:
• ¼-inch “Exmor R” CMOS Sensor with “ClearVid”
• 30X optical zoom lens and 42X extended zoom
• 3.3-megapixel still photos
• 29.8mm Wide Angle G Lens (35mm equivalent,
video mode)
• Wind Noise Reduction
• Mic jack (except HDR-CX130)
• 5.1ch microphone and stereo speaker (HDR-XR160
The HDR-XR160 will be available in April for about
$600, while the HDR-CX160 and HDR-CX130
will be available in March for about $500 and $450,
respectively. The HDR-CX130 will come in black,
blue, and silver.
Cyber-shot Digital Still Cameras
Sony has designed five new innovative 16.2megapixel Cyber-shot cameras (DSC-TX100V, DSCTX10, DSC-HX7V, DSC-WX10 and DSC-WX9)
that are the world’s first compact digital still cameras
to include 3D Still Image mode for taking 3D images
using only one lens and imager. They also have
innovative Dual Rec (record) technology for taking
still photos during video capture.
The DSC-TX100V camera is the world’s first compact
digital still camera to include full HD (1920 x
1080/60p) video capability for smooth playback while
recording action shots such as sports.
It is also the first Cyber-shot with a 3.5-inch touch
screen with OLED that provides deeper blacks and
more vibrant color contrast while being thinner than
most LCDs.
Additionally, the
camera is one
of few digital
still cameras
to include a
high speed
linear autofocus
feature that
provides quick
and more precise
focusing similar to the speed of a DSLR camera. Also
the camera is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and
freeze-proof compliant, offers HD movie and 3D
photo capture, plus Intelligent Sweep Panorama, an
“Exmor R” CMOS sensor that promises crisp clear
photos even in low light and a 3-inch touch screen.
With Sony’s “Exmor R” Back illuminated CMOS
sensor technology, these models provide excellent
low-light performance, up to 10fps burst shooting
and the Intelligent Sweep Panorama™ feature. These
cameras with CMOS sensors will range from $220 to
$380 and will be available in March.
Some of Sony’s most affordable full-featured pointand-shoot cameras to-date, Sony today also announced
new models with CCD sensors in its W, H, and
T-series Cyber-shot lines including models DSCW510, DSC-W530, DSC-W560, DSC-W570, DSCT110 and DSC-H70. Starting with the entry-level
16.1-megapixel DSC-T110 with a CCD sensor, the
T-models feature a three-inch LCD with touch screen,
Sweep Panorama mode and 720p HD movie capture.
The Cyber-shot DSC-T110 camera will be available at
about $230. The DSC-H70 will run about $230.
The all new W-series models feature Sweep Panorama
mode plus a bevy of Sony innovations including
SteadyShot® image stabilization that reduces blur,
iAuto mode that automatically optimizes camera
settings plus Face Detection and Smile Shutter™
technology, making it easy and affordable to get the
best shot. The DSC-W530 and DSC-W570 will be
available in February and the DSC-W510 and DSCW560 will be available in March, ranging in price
from about $110 to about $180.
The all new W-series models feature Sweep
Panorama™ mode, plus a variety of Sony innovations.
These include SteadyShot® image stabilization that
reduces blur, iAuto mode that automatically optimizes
camera settings plus Face Detection and Smile
Shutter™ technology, making it easy and affordable to
get the best shot.
HDMI® cable. Another key feature is the Internet
Upload Button, which allows users to quickly and
easily upload videos and photos to YouTube™,
Facebook®, Twitter and Picasa®.
Sony also introduced a fresh, sleek addition to its
world-class all-touch-screen T-series cameras (DSCT110) that combine the must-have ultra slim design
factor with all the cutting-edge features the in-crowd
demands. Starting with the entry-level DSC-T110, the
T-models feature a 3-inch LCD touch screen, Sweep
Panorama mode and 720p HD movie capture. The
DSC-T110 camera will be available in March for
about $220.
Immediately available at and at a
variety of major consumer electronics and computer
stores nationwide starting at $180 MSRP.
Sony also introduced a new 10x optical zoom Cybershot camera (DSC-H70). With a 16-megapixel CCD
sensor, it has the innovative Sweep Panorama™
feature, 720p HD movie recording, Optical
SteadyShot™ and a 25mm wide lens. The DSC-H70
will be available in March for about $230.
At only three-fourths of an inch thin and weighing
only 4.2 ounces, the CAMILEO S30 is the size of a
smartphone. Now
features image
stabilization in 1080p,
720p and 480p modes
for smooth and clear
videos, a touch screen
designed for easier
navigation and a
16X digital zoom
for getting in on the
The camcorder’s
swiveling three-inch
diagonal LCD display now features a touch screen,
making navigation through menus easier than ever.
In addition it doubles as an eight megapixel digital
still camera for great pictures every time. The
compact device also accommodates an SD/SDHC/
SDXC memory card with up to 64GB capacity for an
estimated 10 hours of recording at 1080p, or 24 hours
at the lowest setting.
Consumers can also view videos and still photos
directly on a computer or HDTV with the included
The Vivitar DVR 780HD allows you to share in the
excitement, with a 2.0” flip out LCD screen. Upload
your photos and videos wirelessly with built in Wi-Fi
capabilities. With HDMI output, you can watch your
videos directly on your home theater. Rechargeable
Lithium Ion battery and a 4x Digital Zoom make this
DVR easy to use, even for the beginner. At an SRP
$200. The 5.1 megapixel camera is also HDMI
compatible and SD card supported.
Vivitar also launched the DVR 790HD, a
megapixel, 3D video camera. With the ability to
shoot and view all the action in 3D, it has a
preview screen and 4x
zoom. The model is HDMI
compatible and operates with the included lithium
battery and is available at an SRP of $200.
Camera Accessories
The products flexible nature allows for Spiderpodium
to position a camera, phone, or tablet at
virtually any angle, in any position, in any location.
Designed with today’s portable handheld consumer
electronics in mind, the ‘take it everywhere, use it
anywhere Spiderpodium portable dock & podium is
a universal, multi-purpose, gadget grip, holster, dock
and display podium which is compatible with most
all compact handheld devices including smartphones,
portable phones, portable movie players, mp3 players,
gaming systems, camcorders, e-readers and more.
Camtrol’s exclusive “true feel grip” provides the
shooter a “grab n shoot”
for fast access and
it provides a secure,
safe handle that helps
deliver the operator
steady floating and
dramatic moving shots.
The action control grip
works for both right and
left handed operators.
With its three locking
ball joints and its
vertical stabilizer bar,
the Camtrol can be set
to numerous customized
configurations that
allow the user to remain
standing upright while
capturing ground level shots, overhead shots, and
around-objects shots. Adjustments are made with you
hands, no special tools required. Cost is $399, easy
setup and installation—no need for tools.
• Handles camera/lens combinations weighing up to
7 lbs.
• It can act as an additional safety device for you
• Anatomical grip provides secure handling.
• Eliminates fatigue caused by holding your camera
at eye level by hand.
• Dynamic mounting locations allow perfect
alignment to your camera’s center of balance.
• While on the move, shoot over crowds, around
corners, and at ground level, all while standing
• Can be used for self-imaging without the use of a
• Handles everything from current miniDV cameras
to older, first-generation camcorders.
The new Canon WP-V3 Waterproof
Case helps protect any of the 2011
VIXIA HF M-series Flash Memory
camcorders in depths of water up to
130 feet, allowing users to capture
exciting HD footage even underwater.
The ultimate camcorder accessory
for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts,
this compact and lightweight housing
seals the camcorder, allowing easy
on-camera operation and control.
Available in February for an estimated retail price of
Also new from Canon is the WM-V1 Wireless
Microphone for recording accurate audio without
cumbersome wires from up to 164 feet away, ideal for
ceremonies, family events and recitals. Compatible
with the new 2011 VIXIA HF G10, VIXIA HF
M-series, and VIXIA HF R-series camcorders and will
be available in May for an estimated retail price of
Frame Wizard
This company
makes digital
picture frames
look really
amazing. They
take the picture
and change the
background or
add new things
to it. Go to
their website to
see what they
can do. The
8-Inch Frame and
Software will
cost you $200.
Software Features:
Change of
Matte Magic™
A 15” will cost $300.
Kingston Digital
Released the SDHC UHS-I UltimateXX memory
cards. Photographers will appreciate the ability to
easily capture sequential shots
that were once a challenge due to
the speed limitations of memory.
The UltimateXX also makes it
easy to capture HD video. The
performance of SDHC UHS-I
memory card is optimized when
paired with a UHS-I device,
although the card is backwards
compatible with Class 4, 6 and 10
The cards meets the SD Association standards for the
UHS-I speed class with speeds up to 60MB/sec. read
and 35MB/sec. write. At this performance level, the
write speed of SDHC UHS-I memory cards is more
than three times as fast as SDHC Class 10 cards. The
UltimateXX product line will offer capacities of 8GB,
16GB and 32GB.
Kingston SDHC UHS-1 UltimateXX Features and
• Performance: 233x
• Fast: ultra high-speed bus I (UHS-I)
• Compliant: with the SD Card Association
specification version 3.01
• Reliable: lifetime warranty
• Simple: as easy as plug-and-play
• Capacities: 8GB $70, 16GB $180, 32GB $350
The next generation of the Pulse Digital Frame has
its own email address now has an extra shot of social –
allowing you to comment on the pictures you receive
from friends and family the moment you receive them.
A Quick Comment button on the touchscreen lets
you communicate back to the picture sender directly
from the frame. In addition it connects to Facebook
and Kodak Gallery albums so pictures are streamed
to your frame automatically. You can also now create
playlists to choose the pictures you want to see the
most. Available in 7-inch (US $130 MSRP) and 10inch (US $200 MSRP) sizes. It also has a new built-in
activity sensor that turns the frame on when you’re
nearby and conserves power when you’re not.
Consumers are finding their way back to print –
because innovative and customizable offerings like
photo books and cards from Kodak Gallery and Kodak
Picture Kiosk are so compelling. The latest innovation
from Kodak Gallery, Photo Books with SMART FIT
Technology, revolutionizes the photo book industry.
This modern, cutting-edge technology allows you
to organize, preserve and create a beautiful book of
memories with speed
and ease – and in a
fun and creative way.
Creating photos books
from a Kodak Picture
Kiosk offers instant
gratification. Books
are offered in a variety
of sizes and prices
to meet the needs of
every consumer. (Dedicated website is http://www.
Kodak’s PYNK Smart Print System – an innovative
and unique design tool found on the Kodak Picture
Kiosk – redefines the frame category by automatically
measuring, cropping, arranging and printing photos
to fit your frame. The output is a Kodak PYNK
SmartPrint that falls right into place – no scissors
or searching for that perfect sized picture. Making
the sharing process simple and solving the inherent
problems of so many photo products, Kodak’s Picture
Kiosks can be found in over 100,000 retail stores
Kodak also expanded there Webcam line with new $20
and $30 models that make video calling easy as well
as affordable for both PCs and Macs. Features range
from clear full-motion live images and still image
capture at up to 1.3 megapixels to built-in parental
controls, drag-and-drop image uploads to social
networking and image sharing sites, and a mini-tripod
included with the $30 model.
Designed to simplify video chatting over services
such as SKYPE and YAHOO!, AOL and MSN Instant
Messenger as well as Google Talk and iChat AV for
Macs, the new Kodak Webcams require no technical
expertise to install, use or share captured images.
They also offer the first affordable webcam solutions
for Mac users, who until now have had few choices
under $100. A built-in noise cancelling microphone
eliminates the need for a separate microphone
peripheral. Compatibility with WINDOWS 7/VISTA/
XP and MAC OSX 10.5x and above
International Supplies
Camera Duck
The Camera Duck allows photographers and
videographers to protect their cameras from all harsh
weather conditions. Essentially a cover that users
can install to fit around their camera. There is an
opening on both ends so not only will it fit snugly
around the lens, but it also leaves room at the back
so users can continue shooting no matter what the
conditions are like outside. The Camera Duck is made
with waterproof rip stop nylon so it will protect your
camera from rain, snow, sand, sun, salt spray, and any
other environmental elements that can adversely affect
your camera.
The Camera Duck is also uniquely designed to combat
condensation and fogging on the lens, which is one of
the most aggravating problems with shooting in cold
or humid weather. Camera Ducks are available in a
variety of different models. The Downpour Cordura
Camera Duck is an outer shell that can be used over
the standard Camera Duck and is ideal for heavy rain
and cold down to about -10° F. There is also the Polar,
which consists of three layers of protection: a nylon
inner shell, which is the standard Camera Duck, a
Thinsulate insulated cover and a Cordura outer shell.
The Polar can be used in -30° F temperatures.
Low angle images and
scenes are dramatic
and beautiful, but
capturing them is a
different story. It can
involve practically
lying down on the
ground, or kneeling
or crouching in
very uncomfortable
positions. Te Pro
Finder attaches to
the camera and with the use of two built-in angled
mirrors, allows users to simply look down into the
viewfinder to see the shot. This provides shooters
with much more freedom of movement and its much
easier to use than having to attach an assortment of
accessories, or having to bend over backwards to
capture the right
The Pro Finder
features a 3x
zoom so users
can magnify their
shots to make sure
they are in focus, a Diopter for near and far-sighted
shooters, and a loupe. The low angle viewfinder
is ideal for capturing all types of camera angles.
When it is not being used for low angle photo and
video capture, the device can be used as a regular
viewfinder or transformed into a hood so users can
see their shots better during the day or in the presence
of bright lights. Use of the Pro Finder also prevents
condensation from building up on lenses. It works
with the Canon 5D Mark II, 7D and Rebel T2i
cameras. Price is $363.
SDXC Cards designed to increase
the experience in capturing,
storing and sharing important
moments, the SDXC (Secure
Digital eXtend Capacity) cards
from Maxell deliver speeds up
to 50MB/s, offering the speed
and capacity that is necessary to
support features that are available
in today’s consumer electronic
devices, mobile devices and industrial devices.
Featuring a class 10 speed and UHS-1 (Ultra High
Speed) for the BUS interface, the card offers the latest
in memory cards, along with much needed speed and
Available in 64GB today, with a future roadmap of up
to 2TB.
• Form Factor: SDXC
• UHS-1 certified
• Speed: Class 10, up to 50MB/s
• Capacity: 64GB
• Compatibility: Compatible with all SDXC host
• Security: Built-in write protect switch prevents
accidental data loss
Olympus unveils new accessories to further expand
PEN cameras.
• Add-on Conversion Lenses - Olympus has
three new affordable and compact conversion
lenses that mount on the new MSC ED m1442mm f3.5/5.6 zoom lens to further expand
what you can do with the E-PL2:
• Fish-eye Lens Converter (FCON-37): captures
a distorted hemispherical image covering 120°
- to generate dramatic shots and edges that
wrap around the frame of your image;
• Wide-angle Lens Converter (WCON37): enables the user to capture a broader
shot, for example, to include more people
in a photograph. It dramatically alters the
proportions of close and distant subjects.
Subjects close to the lens appear much larger,
while subjects in the background appear
smaller – creating a dynamic sense of depth;
• Macro Lens Converter (MCON-58): Enables
the user to capture fascinating close-ups
from as little as 24cm. away from the subject
(depending upon the lens in use).
• Macro Arm Light (MAL-1) - Not one, but two
bright LED lights – each on the end of its own
fully flexible metal arm and powered by the
camera. Both arms extend up to 17cm. from a
sleek and slender unit mounted on the camera’s
Accessory Port.
• PENPal - A sleek communication unit for
storing up to 2600 images and transferring
them via wireless Bluetooth to other
Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as a mobile
phone, PC or even another PENPal-equipped
• The PT-EP03, which is waterproof to a
depth of 40 meters (approximately 130 feet).
With its durable, high-quality polycarbonate
construction, this Olympus housing protects
the camera from water while also cushioning it
from knocks and bumps on land.
Announced the world’s fastest high-capacity
CompactFlash® card. The SanDisk Extreme® Pro™
CompactFlash® card features 128 gigabytes (GB)1 of
storage and up to 100 megabyte per second (MB/sec)
write speeds. With its Power Core® controller and
UDMA-7 interface, the card delivers the performance
demanded by high-end DSLR cameras.
Ideally suited for imaging
applications requiring
Full HD 1920x1080
resolution, up to 50Mbps
bit rate and 4:2:2
color sampling. The
card’s unprecedented
combination of speed and
storage lets photographers
capture more frames when
shooting in continuous burst mode, and enables them
to record high quality Full HD videos.
Enhancing its lineup of recordable media with the
addition of SDHC Class 10 memory cards to increase
transfer speeds. These new SDHC Class 10 cards have
a 22-megabytes-per-second transfer rate.
Compatible with all SDHC devices, SDHC Class
10 cards from Sony are recommended for use with
features such as continuous shooting of stills, 3D
capture and HD video. As an added bonus, users can
shoot with ease knowing their photos and videos
are protected thanks to downloadable file recovery
software. The software is available with all Sony
memory card products including the newly launched
SDHC Class 10 cards. Users are able to recover their
photos and videos that may have been accidentally
damaged or deleted.
Like other Sony memory Cards, the new SDHC Class
10 cards offer a free download of x-Pict Story™ photo
sharing software. Sold in capacities ranging from 8GB
to 32GB, the SDHC CL10 series starts at $49.99. Sony
SDHC Class 10 memory cards will be available at
major electronics retailers and in
early 2011.
The Steadicam Smoothee™ is specifically engineered
to work with your Apple® iPhone 3Gs, 4, FLIP Mino
and other hand held devices. Based on the same
technology as the big rigs, it captures incredible
video without the shakes
normally associated with
hand-held video shot on
the go.
The Steadicam Merlin
offers light, agile,
seamless shooting for
today’s videogapher. So
lightweight, it weighs
less than a can of soda.
Designed by Garrett
Brown, the inventor of
the original Steadicam
Jr, the Merlin is the next
generation hand held
Steadicam system. Ultra-light and ultra-compact, the
Steadicam Merlin allows you to keep up with the
action more easily than ever.
If you’ve ever worked for a boss who reacts before
getting the facts and thinking things through, you will
love this! Arcelor-Mittal Steel, feeling it was time
for a shake-up, hired a new CEO. The new boss was
determined to rid the company of all slackers.
On a tour of the facilities, the CEO noticed a guy
leaning against a wall. The room was full of workers
and he wanted to let them know that he meant
business. He asked the guy, “How much money do
you make a week?”
A little surprised, the young man looked at him and
said, “I make $400 a week. Why?”
The CEO said, “Wait right here.” He walked back to
his office, came back in two minutes, and handed the
guy $1,600 in cash and said, “Here’s four weeks’ pay,
now GET OUT and don’t come back.”
Feeling pretty good about himself the CEO looked
around the room and asked, “Does anyone want to tell
me what that goof-ball did here?”
From across the room a voice said, “Pizza delivery
CES 2011 GPS
By Terry Currier
Announced today the nüvi 2400 series of personal
navigation devices, featuring a large five-inch display
and a new range of optional features like voiceactivated navigation, lifetime traffic and map updates,
and advanced route planning and calculation with
Garmin’s nüRoute technology.
The nüvi 2400 series is comprised of four models:
the nüvi 2460LMT, nüvi 2460LT, nüvi 2450LM,
and the nüvi 2450. Models featuring voice activated
navigation let users control nüvi by voice, so they can
keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.
Simply wake up nüvi with a customizable voice
command and begin speaking
menu options that are displayed on
the screen. Bluetooth connectivity
lets users make and receive
phone calls when paired with a
compatible Bluetooth-enabled
phone. Lifetime traffic-enabled models help notify
drivers of traffic delays and road construction and
suggest detours around them. Units featuring lifetime
map updates let users download the most up-to-date
maps and points of interest up to four times a year.
All models feature nüRoute with trafficTrends™ and
myTrends™ predictive routing. With trafficTrends,
nüvi automatically learns traffic flow trends to
improve route calculation and better predict the
estimated time of arrival based on time of day and day
of week. With myTrends, nüvi will, over time, begin
to anticipate a route to favorite destinations as soon as
the device is powered up.
The nüvi 2400 series lets consumers customize their
unit in new ways as well. Users can give a one- to
five-star rating to any point of interest. When the unit
is connected to a myGarmin account, they can submit
their ratings and receive an updated community
database of ratings from other users. Owners can also
customize their device’s main menu to display their
most-used icons for quick navigation.
Priced from $249.99 to $349.99, the nüvi 2400 family
is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2011.
Showed the new Magellan RoadMate 9055 GPS a
feature-rich navigation 7-inch car Navigation product
line. This is the first of a select group of Magellan GPS
units that will support a new, proprietary Magellan
back-up camera scheduled for release this spring.
The unit’s large, high-definition screen transmits a
live feed from
the vehicle’s
bumper when
the car is placed
in reverse gear.
Children and
pets behind the
vehicle car are
now visible and
can be avoided,
helping make the road safer for both the driver and
They will include three features most requested by
consumers: a high-definition WVGA screen, Bluetooth
connectivity to mobile devices, and a lifetime traffic
subscription that alerts drivers of congestion ahead
and calculates alternative routes.
The 7-inch screen offers the user the same viewing
area as most in-dash car navigation units for a crisp,
clear view of the screen. Bluetooth connectivity
enables hands-free operation of mobile phones,
helping drivers to communicate safely while driving.
Magellan’s Free, Lifetime Traffic Feature, feeds
continual updates of traffic conditions in trafficcongested North American cities directly to the GPS
unit. The driver is provided with an accurate estimate
of travel times factoring in distance and traffic, as well
as suggestions for less-congested alternative routes.
Preloaded with maps of the 50 United States, Canada,
and Puerto Rico and more than 6 million points of
interest locations, all Magellan RoadMate models
features exclusive rich content from the AAA. The
built-in AAA TourBook guide with Diamond ratings
and descriptions for US and Canada provides highly
detailed information about hotels, restaurants local
attractions, and a guide to merchants offering member
discounts. A special AAA roadside assistance feature
(for AAA members only) gives you your exact
location with a touch of a button so you can get the
roadside help you need quickly and easily.
The RoadMate 9055 includes Highway Lane
Assist which guides the driver into the proper lane
for upcoming lane changes and exits, as well as
Magellan’s proprietary OneTouch user interface
providing users instant access to favorite addresses,
searches and destinations. The GPS unit also features
text-to-speech technology, which provides spoken
street names while navigating; and a convenient
Video-In jack, which can be used to connect an iPod®,
back-up camera or other video source to watch live
video on the bright 7-inch display (cable not included).
The RoadMate 9055 comes with a specialized heavyduty Extension Mount that brings the GPS navigator
up close and personal. With three points of articulation
and an extra 12 inches of extension, no cab is too
large to maneuver the display within easy reach. The
specialized multi-surface mounting pad will also stick
directly to vinyl dashboards, safely securing the device
and avoiding the long reach to the windshield. Drivers
in smaller vehicles will appreciate the ability to bring
the Magellan RoadMate 9055 GPS below dash level
so that windshield space is not taken up.
Available now at Amazon retailing at a MSRP of
The newest addition to the eXplorist family of
dedicated outdoor GPS receivers, the eXplorist
310 provides outdoor enthusiasts with many of the
features found in higher-end devices, including a
premium world map and the ability to upload detailed
topographic maps.
With a 2.2-inch transflective color screen, a highly
sensitive GPS chipset providing 3-5 meters of
accuracy, and the ability to record hundreds of
waypoints, tracks, and routes it provides all the
essential navigation features required to venture
into the great outdoors. It comes pre-loaded with
Magellan’s World Edition map, which includes a
road network of more than 200 countries. The device
supports 10,000 paperless geocaches and users
can expand the map detail and coverage by adding
regional versions of Magellan’s Summit Series
topographic maps. Users start each adventure with
a single click, record every step, and monitor their
progress by viewing the track summary statistics
or quickly find their way home using the backtrack
function. Two AA batteries provide up to 18 hours of
continual outdoor use.
The eXplorist 310 will be available in March 2011 at
an MSRP of USD $200.
Search for Your Ancestors and
Make A Family Tree
by Ira Wilsker
top50genealogy2010.htm (Social Security
Death Index) Ellis Island Immigration
Over the years I have dabbled in genealogy
trying to create a family tree. While I have
always been curious about my ancestors, my
interest was piqued in pre-internet days when I
encountered a gentleman in Germany with the
same unusual last name as I have. We exchanged
letters and photographs noting some commonality
in our respective families, but could not prove a
relationship. Sometime later, in the early days of
the internet, I saw a reference to a British author of
children’s books with my last name, and we started
an online correspondence in an attempt to find a
common ancestor; while we still email each other,
and I get regular reports of his son’s football (soccer)
matches, we have not found that common ancestor.
In this country I periodically see articles in
some professional journals referencing lawyers,
business executives, artists, and others with my last
name with several of us exchanging emails trying
to find that common link. Several years ago I went
to Los Angeles to speak at a professional meeting,
and stayed for a few days with someone with my last
name who may have been a distant cousin; when he
picked me up at LAX I thought someone was playing
a practical joke on me, as it appeared that my brother
was picking me up. After some research, we found
that my paternal grandfather was his grandfather’s
brother. Also a few years ago I received a cryptic
phone call from an individual looking for a bone
marrow donor for his daughter who had leukemia.
This individual in Washington, D.C. had hired a
professional genealogist to find relatives who may
be potential marrow donors in an attempt to save his
daughter, and the genealogist found me, my brother,
my sister, and my maternal cousins. Our common
genetic bond was my maternal grandmother, who was
the sister of his maternal grandmother. Of my siblings
I was the better match, but another relative was the
best match, and she donated the marrow; in this case,
genealogy was a literal life saver.
Genealogy is a popular activity that many do for
religious reasons, while others do it as a hobby. A
recent online news story mentioned what it called one
of the best free online databases of genealogical
information. Being curious, I decided to try it; the
website mentioned was While
registration is not required to use the website, it is free,
so I registered online. The first example of the
advantages of free registration was that I could view
some of the actual documents found, rather than just a
detailed reference. The first name I entered was my
paternal grandfather and almost had an epiphany with
what was displayed on the first few screens I viewed.
The 1920 census listed the residents of the household,
and the names and ages of the adults were all correct
as I knew them, as were the names and ages of two of
my uncles; the shock was the first name listed for my
dad in the census was different from the first name
which he used around our family; we knew it was him
because the age shown on the census matched his age
on that date, and he did not have a twin brother. My
late dad’s listing on the Social Security Death Index
( shows his first name as
the one we knew him by, not the one shown on the
census records.
Another startling fact that I found on that my siblings and paternal first
cousins were totally unaware of is that we had a
paternal aunt; all of us only knew about the three sons
of my paternal grandparents, but in 1913 they had a
daughter. led me to a 1914 death
certificate issued in Philadelphia
that showed my grandfather and
grandmother as the parents, with
their address and all of their
demographic information correct,
but indicating that my aunt died on
April 1, 1914 at the age of seven
months. The cemetery where she
is buried is listed on the death
certificate, and that will be an
obligatory visit the next time we
visit Philadelphia. The cause of
death listed was an archaic term,
but a little online research quickly
defined the cause of death; now,
almost a century later and with
modern medical knowledge, my
wife used her medical training and
experience to deduce the likely
cause of death from a childhood disease that was little
known in 1914, but is now well understood.
On my maternal side, I found the census
listings for my maternal grandparents starting in 1920.
The names and ages of the household members were
all correct, except for the spelling on my maternal
grandfather’s first name; he passed away before I was
born, and I never knew him, but the census showed
his first name with a European spelling, not the more
Americanized name which my family and cousins
knew him by. I also found the municipal “wedding
registrations” from almost 70 years ago for two
pairs of my aunts and uncles with FamilySearch.
org displaying the actual pages of the city wedding
registry. claims to be the largest
genealogy organization in the world consisting of
4,500 family history centers in 70 countries. It is a
free service provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints. According to the website, “All are
welcome ... We encourage all people to seek out their
ancestors and preserve their family histories. Because
interest in family history is not limited by culture,
ethnicity, or religious faith, we welcome all who
wish to discover more about their family and their
There are many other websites that provide
genealogical information, many of which are free, but
some require a paid subscription. A comprehensive
list of the 50 most popular genealogy websites with
their respective popularity rankings is maintained
by ProGenealogists at
top50genealogy2010.htm. ProGenealogists is the
commercial research division of the most popular
genealogy website, About 80% of the
listed websites are free, but many of them require
registration in order to make full use of their services.
For those who may want to compile their
family tree information into some type of manageable
database, there are several excellent free genealogy
programs, as well as several commercial programs.
My favorite list of the free programs is Gizmo’s “ Best
Free Genealogy / Family Tree Software” list at www. This list displays about a dozen of the
top free genealogy programs, all of which have been
community evaluated and rated. Links are provided
to download each of the listed programs, along with
some hints and tips on their use.. According to the
Gizmo ratings of the free software, the free version of
Legacy Standard is the top choice of the community
(a commercial version is also available), followed by
Gramps, and Family Tree Legends. Anyone interested
in compiling family tree information will likely find
one of the free genealogy programs adequate.
There are several local organizations that meet
to discuss genealogy and search techniques, and they
may be a worthwhile activity for those who may want
to do more than they can on their own. With dozens
of free genealogy websites providing genealogical
information, and several free family tree software
utilities, anyone interested in researching his roots
may do so.
ensure the volume controls are turned up and that the
main volume isn’t muted.
News From The Help Desk:
Our Most Common Tech Calls
Each month, we receive numerous technical support
calls and email messages. Some computer problems
are fairly common, and we find that many callers
struggle to resolve the same issues. In this article,
we cover some of the most common or timely tech
support questions and provide our solution for each of
Q. I recently received an email from a family member
that included photo attachments. The pictures they sent
have low resolutions, but I want to print them as 4- x
6-inch pictures. Is there a way to increase the number
of pixels in a photo so that prints will be sharp?
A. It’s possible to take a digital photo with a low
resolution and make it bigger, but that doesn’t mean
the larger image will be as clear or sharp as the
original. If you attempt to enlarge a small image too
much, the larger image will be pixilated, meaning you
will be able to define the individual dots that make up
the image, and the picture as a whole will be blurry,
fuzzy, and sometimes difficult to recognize.
Your best bet would be to request larger images from
the sender. Ask for their original picture files, if they
are bigger. If the sender doesn’t have larger versions
of her pictures, you can try experimenting with an
image-resizing application such as IrfanView (www. or VSO Image Resizer (
Q. I recently bought new speakers for my computer.
I have tried plugging the speakers into both the
motherboard and my sound card, but I keep getting
a message from Windows telling me that there are
no speakers attached. The Device Manager says the
speakers are working, so what could be wrong?
A. Whenever your speakers aren’t delivering sound,
always start with the easiest fixes. First, check to make
sure your speakers are plugged into the correct jacks
on either your motherboard or your sound card. Next,
If the previous suggestions don’t solve the problem,
you might try attaching the speakers to another
computer to see if they work correctly. If the speakers
deliver audio from the other computer, you can rule
out an issue with the speakers themselves, then move
on to the following suggestions.
Next, check for driver updates for either your
motherboard’s onboard audio or your sound card. An
easy way to check for updates is to open the Device
Manager. In Windows XP, go to the Control Panel,
double-click System (in Classic view), and then
choose Device Manager under the Hardware Tab; in
Windows Vista and Windows 7, go to the Control
Panel, choose System and Maintenance (System And
Security in Win7), then Device Manager. Locate the
sound controller and your device (either the integrated
card on your motherboard or your separate sound
card), right-click, and choose Update Driver or Update
Driver Software. You can also visit your sound card
or motherboard manufacturer’s Web site to search for
driver updates.
Q. After installing a new version of Mozilla Firefox,
I suddenly have the Yahoo! Toolbar in my browser.
I didn’t ask for the toolbar, and I’d rather not use it.
How can I get rid of it?
The Yahoo! Toolbar may have been installed with your
latest Firefox upgrade, but you can remove it with just
a few clicks.
A. If you’ve recently updated Firefox and discovered
the Yahoo! Toolbar residing at the top of your browser
window, it’s possible that it was installed during the
setup process or was automatically loaded as an extra
feature when you installed another program.
Removing the toolbar from your browser is easy. In
Firefox, go to Tools and choose Add-Ons. Under the
Extension tabs, locate the Yahoo! Toolbar. You are
given the option to either Disable the toolbar or to
Uninstall it. Disabling the toolbar will remove it from
the top of your browser window but keep it installed
in case you would like to use it later. Uninstalling the
toolbar will remove it from Firefox altogether. When
either disabling or uninstalling an add-on, you may
have to restart Firefox before the changes take effect.
If you uninstall the Yahoo! Toolbar but decide later
that you still want to use it, you can reinstall it by
clicking the Get Add-Ons tab in the Add Ons window
and typing Yahoo! Toolbar in the search field, locating
the add-on, and clicking Add To Firefox.
Q. I have a PDF (Portable Document Format) file that
I want to convert into an RTF (Rich Text Format) file.
Is it possible to change a PDF into a regular text file
like this?
A. There are a couple different ways you can extract
text from a PDF file and put it in a word processing
document. First, you can select and copy the desired
text from the PDF file and then paste it into Microsoft
Word, WordPad, or any other text editor. Although
this method successfully moves the text from one
format to another, it doesn’t retain any of the PDF’s
formatting and may require you to organize and edit
the text in its new format.
A more efficient solution might be to use a PDF
converter, which is an application that can import
the data in any PDF file into another program,
such as Microsoft Word. There are several PDF
converters available, including 1-2-3 PDF Converter
(, which is free to try and
$79.90 to buy. You can try 1-2-3 PDF Converter by
navigating to the Web site and clicking Free Trial
under the PDF Converter section, then clicking Click
Here To Directly Download Your 1-2-3PDFConverter.
Once the information from your PDF file has been
transported to another format (such as Microsoft
Word), you can save the file in whatever format
you wish, such as RTF, DOC, or HTML (Hypertext
Markup Language).
Q. The other day while I was at work, I noticed one
of my co-workers had a screen saver on her computer
that displayed several pictures from her recent
vacation. How can I make my screen saver display a
You can show off your favorite pictures by displaying
them as your screen saver.
A. You can change your computer’s screen saver to
present a slideshow of personal pictures with just a
few clicks. In WinXP, go to the Control Panel and
choose Display in Classic View. On the Screen Saver
tab, use the drop-down menu to select My Pictures
Slideshow as the screen saver type. Next, click the
Settings button and click Browse next to Use Pictures
In This Folder. Select the folder where your pictures
are stored and click OK. From this window, you can
also change options for how often the pictures change
and how large the pictures will be.
In Vista and Win7, go to the Control Panel,
Appearance And Personalization, Personalization, and
Screen Saver. Choose Photos from the drop-down list
and then click Settings to choose which pictures folder
you want to use.
If you’d like to display photos from several different
folders, create a new folder called Screen Saver Photos
and deposit all of your favorites. Then, choose this
folder when selecting which photos you want to use
for the screen saver slideshow.
Compiled by Kris Glaser Brambila
Speed Things Up: Radio clutter and router
positioning can affect performance, but your router
may also be set to accommodate legacy network
protocols that slow it down. Today’s routers often
support 802.11b/g/n protocols, and their default
settings allow all three devices to connect. But having
802.11b devices running on an 802.11g or 802.11n
network will diminish performance all around. For
best network-wide performance, use devices with the
same Wi-Fi protocol and use router settings to restrict
the 802.11 mode to that protocol. If you have 802.11n
devices mixed in with 802.11b/g devices, consider
getting a dual-band router. These newer models will
put all of your older 802.11 devices on the 2.4GHz
radio band and let you run the 802.11n devices in pure
“n” mode separately and on the much less cluttered
5GHz band.
Inserting the User’s Address
Word automatically maintains several items of information
about you, as a user. One such item is your address, which is
changed on the User Information tab of the Options dialog
box. If you want to automatically insert the user address in
your documents, you can follow these steps:
iPad 2 Teardown
from iFixit
Prior to starting the teardown, we guessed that the
glass front panel was no longer held in place by tabs.
We were correct. The new tapered edge on the iPad
Position the insertion point where you want the 2 prevents any kind of tabs from being used; instead,
Apple engineers used generous helpings of adhesive
address inserted.
to keep the front glass in place. Consequently, the
Make sure the Insert tab of the ribbon is selected.
front panel is very difficult to remove -- it’s nearly
In the Text group, click Quick Parts. You’ll see a impossible to open the iPad 2 without shattering the
drop-down menu.
glass. We’ll be working hard in the forthcoming weeks
Choose Field. Word displays the Field dialog box. to provide a solution to this problem, but for now:
In the Categories drop-down list, choose User please don’t open your iPad 2.
The iPad 2 received a 4 out of 10 repairability score,
7. Click on OK to close the dialog box and insert mainly for the extreme difficulty of accessing anything
inside. But if you do manage to get in, you’ll find that
your field.
all screws are of the Phillips variety, and the LCD can
be easily taken out once you separate it from the front
Copying Values
panel glass (but separating it from the glass is difficult,
There are many ways that you can use Excel’s tools to fill
out various cells in a worksheet. One of the most common of course).
6. In the Field Names list choose UserAddress.
tools is to copy a cell (or cells) and then paste them into other
cells. The only problem with this approach is that when you
copy cells, you also copy the format of the original cells into
the target cells. What if you just want to copy the values from
the original cells, but retain the formatting already applied in
the target cells?
The teardown:
Teardown video for your enjoyment: http://www.
You probably already know that you can use the Paste
Special option from the Home tab of the ribbon (Excel 2007
and 2010) or the Edit menu (older versions of Excel), and
then choose the Values option to paste just the values. If the
target cells are right next to the original cells, there is an
even easier way to accomplish the same task. Simply follow
these steps:
* We did a quick glass and LCD thickness
* iPad 1:
lcd = 3.2 mm glass = .85 mm
* iPad 2:
lcd = 2.4 mm glass = .62 mm
* The thickness of these components -- especially that
of the glass -- could drastically reduce the durability
1. Select the original cells whose values you want to of the device, especially the glass’ resistance to
shattering. We’ll see in due time if the percentage of
2. Right-click on the fill handle (at the bottom right- folks with broken iPad 2 front glass is dramatically
corner of the selection) and drag the selection to different than that of the original iPad.
encompass the target cells. When you release the mouse button, a Context menu appears.
* Lifting off the LCD exposes the iPad 2’s battery.
3. Choose the Fill Values option. Excel fills the target We found a 3.8V, 25 watt-hour unit. That’s just a hair
cells with the values from the original cells; the more than the original iPad’s 24.8 watt-hours, so any
formatting remains unchanged.
improved battery performance should be attributed to
software and other hardware improvements.
Copyright © 2011 by Sharon Parq Associates, Inc. Reprinted by
permission. Thousands of free Microsoft Excel tips can be found
online at
* We confirmed via software that the iPad 2 indeed has
512 MB of RAM.
Taking out the logic board:
We’ve never taken apart a case before, but
the Smart Cover piqued our interest. The
moment Steve Jobs announced it alongside
the iPad 2, we knew was powered by
magical magnetic forces. But we wanted to
know exactly how it attached perfectly to
the iPad. We’ve never seen magnets snap
together quite so seamlessly. How did Apple
manipulate natural forces into providing this
level of elegance? Our Smart Cover went
under the knife to provide the answers to our
burning questions.
* The markings on the 1 GHz Apple A5 dual-core
processor appear to be Samsung’s, but Chipworks
will investigate in the forthcoming days to find out for
* Other components that power the iPad 2:
• Toshiba TH58NVG7D2FLA89 16GB NAND
• Broadcom BCM5973KFBGH Microcontroller
• Broadcom BCM5974 CKFBGH capacitative
touchscreen controller
• Texas Instruments CD3240B0 11AZ4JT
touchscreen line driver
• Broadcom BCM43291HKUBC Wi-Fi/
Bluetooth/FM tuner combo chip
• S6T2MLC N33C50V Power Management IC
• ST Micro AGD8 2103 gyroscope
• ST Micro LIS331DLH accelerometer
* There’s also an Apple-branded 338S0940 A0BZ1101
SGP chip. This looks like the Cirrus audio codec
Chipworks found in the Verizon iPhone, but they’ll
have to get it off the board to make
Great images:
Final layout:
Lifting the LCD to uncover the battery:
We were also curious to find out whether Apple was
using cutting-edge magnets with special properties
-- such as the awesome correlated magnets we keep
hearing rumors about from our uber-geek friends.
These magnets, developed by Correlated Magnetics
Research, are enabling revolutionary technologies
-- everything from friction-free gears to advanced
CNC machines to grappling hooks for astronauts. We
wanted to know if correlated magnets with multiple
poles were behind unique functionality of the cover.
The Smart Cover received a 0 out of 10 Repairability
Score. Apple had the audacity to bring a product to
market that was absolutely unrepairable. Imagine our
surprise when we cut up the entire thing, only to have
it be totally destroyed! (We joke, of course.)
The teardown:
Teardown highlights:
their polarity displayed: + - + - . The alternating
polarity of the magnets in the iPad 2 was
complemented by the opposite alternating polarity
of the magnets in the Smart Cover (- + - +), ensuring
that the Smart Cover always sits in the same
orientation on the iPad 2.
* There are a total of THIRTY ONE magnets within
the iPad 2 and Smart Cover: 10 magnets in the iPad 2,
and a whopping 21 magnets inside the Smart Cover.
They’re the reason why the cover works so well with
the iPad 2.
* We used magnetic viewing film to reveal the
magnets before taking our stuff apart. The film has
special properties that allow it to react to a magnet’s
poles, and it worked wonders in showing the magnets
hidden beneath the Smart Cover and iPad 2.
* Sadly, none of the 31 magnets inside the devices had
any special properties. All of them were the standard,
two-pole kind, but they were arrayed in such a way
that made clamping the Smart Cover to the iPad 2
quite easy.
* The Smart Cover has one dedicated magnet that
turns off the iPad 2’s screen. The rest are used to
either clamp to the iPad on the right side (the far-right
column of magnets), or to form the triangular shape
used to create a stand for the iPad 2.
* A steel plate on the far-left side of the Smart Cover
attaches to 15 of the cover’s magnets (on the farright) in order to form the triangular base. In fact,
the majority of those 15 magnets are specifically
there to assemble the triangular base. Only four of
them actually clamp to the iPad 2 when the cover
is in place. A steel-to-magnet bond is weaker than a
magnet-to-magnet bond, and so they needed lots more
magnets to prevent the case from literally falling apart
during use.
* The far-right row of magnets clamps the Smart
Cover to the iPad 2. The magnets in the iPad 2 had
* There’s also a row of magnets on the left side of
both products. The iPad 2’s magnets are actually
encased into the side of the device, and are used
to securely clamp the iPad 2 to the Smart Cover’s
frame. Interestingly, these magnets’ polarities were
manually marked -- a blue dash written with a
marker -- instead of having a machine stamp/engrave
the polarity into them.
* We just can’t keep these magnets off of one another!
The iPad 2’s frame magnets made a solid two inch
leap across the photo table towards the Smart Cover
by the time we snapped a photo. Their attraction for
one another is amazing!
* It turns out that the Smart Cover doesn’t work nearly
as well once you remove the magnets, steel plate, and
plastic structural supports. Go figure!
Magnetic images:
Final layout:
Magnets seen with magnetic viewing film:
The iPad 2’s sleep sensor (in red) and magnets with
marked poles (in yellow):
Delving into the Smart Cover:
We had a blast creating this teardown. Sometimes the
“supporting cast” for the latest devices goes unnoticed,
but we’re definitely glad we took the time to look
into the Smart Cover. Apple clearly spent a lot of its
engineering time developing the cover alongside the
iPad 2.
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