HLC-3e HID Lighting Controller

HLC-3e HID Lighting Controller
HLC-3e H.I.D. Lighting Controller
The HLC-3e HID Lighting Controller will prevent your light from Hot starts and
your crops from Overheating. A Hot start occurs whenever your lights are
turned off and then back on before the lamps are allowed to cool off. Hot starts
are usually caused by power outages and they reduce your lamp’s life and
intensity. The HLC-3e also works as a high temperature shutdown by shutting
your lights off if the temperature exceeds the temperature that you set.
When the HLC-3e is powered up, it constantly monitors your incoming power. If the HLC-3e
senses a power interruption, it will start a 15 minute time-delay to keep the lights from trying
to re start while they cool down. If the temperature of your growing area exceeds the
temperature that you have set, it will turn off the lights, and wait until the temperature in the
growing area temperature goes down by 6º before turning back on the lights.
Plug the HLC-3e into your lighting timer.
Plug your ballast or MLC into the outlet on the front face.
Set the maximum temperature that your garden can sustain using the knob on the front.
The HLC-3e power light (green) should be on at all times while it is receiving power.
The red “Temp Exceeded” light will be solid until your temperature has gone down by 6º,
after which it will blink, showing you that an overtemperature event has occurred.
You can reset the “Temp Exceeded” light by pressing the reset switch. Please note that
this will start a 15 minute time delay.
Do not expose the HLC-3e to water. Electrical shock may occur.
Do not open the HLC-3e. There are no user serviceable parts inside!
Do not not exceed the 15 amp rating!
The HLC-3e is warranted against defects in workmanship and parts for Three Years.
Main power voltage:
Time Delay:
Operating humidity range
120 volts
15 Minutes
0-99% RH (non-condensing)
Maximum amperage:
Operating temperature range
15 amps
30-120º F
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