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Teaching Technology for Education


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04 Interactive presentation birngs

history to life

Success story: York Museum installs 2x2

portrait large format display in their entrance

hall to feature life-size images to attract

more visitors and to bring life to the

atmospheric surroundings

06 South East Dance Studios choose

Repeat Signage

Success story: The studios wanted to use

digital signage in their foyer area to inform

and be visible to all their customers and


08 3D educational software for

Amazing Interactive learning

A look at 3D software for the classroom

09 3D projection + ultra short throw +

long life lamp = InFocus

InFocus range of educational projectors

include ultra short throw and interactive

10 You can transform your existing

PC monitor, TV or LCD screen into

an interactive touch screen

Soladapt's touch screen overlays attach to

your monitor, transforming it into a touch


11 Epson projectors at Staffordshire


Success story: Epson large venue projectors

for new science block

12 Preview of new technology

BETT 2014 January 22-25 2014 held at

ExCel, London

13 Prizewinners

Congratulations to the winner of an NEC

23-inch widescreen monitor

14 Collaborative learning

Main feature: Are we seeing a shift from

traditional to team-based collaborative


18 Synergy collaborative learning desks

Success story: University of Bradford:

School of Life Sciences - Pharmacy

20 Digital signage school challenge

All Saints School foyer team's end of

summer term project

22 NEC solution for digital signage in


NEC launch E-Series for education and

digital signage

02 _

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9/11/10 10:10:25

to win

Repeat Signage digital signage software

23 Schools that have old projectors

stored away can trade them in

for cash and help the environment

NEC ReTrade promotion for schools

24 Digital signage players

A look at Nexcom digital signage players

25 Privacy filters keep information


3M privacy filters give you full 60% privacy


26 Focus on inclusiveness

Success story: Glasgow University

27 Induction loop systems

A look at hearing enhancement systems

28 Shopping list of AV equipment

Wedgwood AV Ltd. suppliers of audio

visual equipment, offer a complete service

to education and public sector in the UK

30 Education in Prague

UKT&I visit to Prague, Czech Republic

32 Free prize draws


We celebrate Teaching Technology for Education's third birthday with Issue 10 and hope you find the contents inspirational.

Many of you like to visit the annual BETT Show held at London's

ExCel, to give you an idea of new technology you can use in the classroom, library, museum and other places of learning. It's not always possible to attend, especially if you live and work some distance away. Wedgwood AV, who publish Teaching Technology, have arranged for technology to come to you (UK only). With an offer of onsite demonstrations from leading brand manufacturers, you and your colleagues can learn about new technology and what it can do for you, giving you an opportunity to ask questions and share ideas. You can see details throughout this issue.

If you look in your classroom cupboards you may find old projectors stored away that no-one ever uses, perhaps because they need repair or the bulb has blown and not been replaced.

NEC have a ReTrade offer that invites you trade them in for cash when you purchase a new NEC projector.

Last issue we challenged schools to design a digital signage presentation after 10 year old Stephanie showed us her fantastic design. Thank you to the schools that took part and well done to All Saints'

Primary School in Thurlestone. The challenge is open worldwide to schools and academies.

Linda S. Adams - Editor

We’d love you be part of Teaching Technology and welcome your input, articles and feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Linda Adams

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_ 03

Interactive presentation brings history to life

Having just undergone a complete refurbishment and with so much history on it’s doorstep, York Museum has a magnificent story to tell. Andrew

Morrison, curator at York Museum explains “science, roman history and medieval religion, all represented at our museum, are all strongly routed in the classical world and the refurbishment allowed our building to reflect this with its own classical beauty.” Using NEC

X Series Reference video wall displays, with their precise image and virtually invisible bezels, innovative display solutions were created to bring life to the atmospheric surroundings.

The challenge

“We wanted to bring the museum up-to-date using new interpretation techniques”

Having had no major investment for over 20 years, the staff at York Museum wanted to bring the displays up-to-date to reflect new interpretation techniques and the latest research. Whilst museums are traditionally about dead things and ancient artefacts, York Museum was keen to inject movement, colour and people to really bring history to life.

Having recently worked with the University of Reading investigating human remains found in York City in order to gain an understanding of where and how people lived, the Museum wanted to reconstruct these people in a way which you and I today would feel a genuine affinity with.

Waxworks are too static and lets face it - wax! The vision resulted in the creation of a life size interactive presentation where the characters were in fact real people telling their story through time.

Using computer generated graphics, actors chosen for their features matched as closely as possible to reconstructions, appear to walk through roman buildings.

Accurate research had identified the building layout and was the basis for the back story told by the characters themselves.

The NEC solution

“The superb screen quality makes the image appear eerily life like”

04 _

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story today.

The equipment and benefits

4 x NEC MultiSync

X461UN in portrait mode configured in a 2 x 2 video wall solution. This high impact video wall was installed in the main entrance hall.

NEC ultra narrow bezel displays create a virtually uninterrupted image, whilst the high brightness displays create a lifelike image.

Integrated touch panel creates an interactive presentation.

Picture shows side view of the NEC

X462UNV model.

This interactive presentation was to be the focal point of the central hall immediately drawing visitors back in time to meet the people who inhabited the City, before moving on through the museum to see the actual remains and burial goods.

NEC’s X461UN display screen which when used in portrait 2 by 2 configuration offered a virtually seamless image thanks to its ultra narrow bezel in a size capable of portraying a lifesize human image.

“The NEC product delivered exactly what we wanted. The superb screen quality makes the image appear eerily life like”,

Andrew Morrison continued, “it’s not 3D but the effect is the same. Our visitors are captivated!” The solution has been integrated with a touch screen to create an interactive experience.

The results

The refurbishment was expected to breathe life back into the museum and ultimately to increase visitor numbers.

York is an attraction rich city where tourists are spoilt for choice to satisfy their craving for culture. York Museum hopes to attract 150,000 visitors in the first year. They re-opened following the refurbishment and in the first three months alone has seen more visitors than in the whole of the year prior to the close.

Thanks to the unveiling of the building’s classic beauty, complemented by NEC’s aesthetic technology, the inhabitants of ancient York are reawakened to tell their


NEC are happy to come along to your museum, gallery, exhibition centre or other educational visitor attraction to demonstrate the NEC X Series of ultra narrow bezel displays for video walls, touch screens for interactive presentations and ultra short throw or interactive projectors.

• Wedgwood AV Ltd

• 01754 769967

[email protected]

• www.wedgwood-group.com

Please telephone 01754

769967 to book your no-obligation demonstration.

UK mainland only.

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_ 05

South East dance studios choose Repeat Signage

South East Dance Studios wanted to use digital signage in their foyer area to inform and be visible to all their customers and visitors. They wanted to highlight their community dance classes and events, rehearsal space for artists, and conference area for businesses and community groups...

South East Dance Studios, located in Hextable, Kent, looked to Repeat Signage digital signage software for their solution.

“We also want to inform and communicate about dance opportunities within the county and with the different streaming effects and features on Repeat Signage digital signage is a great way to be able to do this,” revealed Luci Napleton, Communications Administrator of South East Dance Studios.

“We found that Repeat Signage digital signage software was user friendly and accessible. With the different features on digital signage we can frequently and easily update our three terms of dance classes and varying dance events both at the studios and county wide that we wish to promote. With Repeat Signage we are able to do this easily ourselves which means we can communicate the latest information and dance opportunities available to all who enter our building. We wanted a professional finish and with Repeat Signage

2013 Professional Edition, we can upload and create all our communications in-house which will be sustainable for the future. Thanks very much to Wedgwood AV for providing a professional and friendly service, one that we would recommend.”

06 _

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“We found that Repeat Signage digital signage software was user friendly and accessible. We will be upgrading to the Repeat Signage 2013 Professional edition.” Luci Napleton.

Repeat Signage Standalone lets you display your signage presentation to a single LCD or plasma screen or through a projector. Luci and her team wanted to be able to upload their presentations from www.repeatserver.com and can do so with either Repeat Signage

Standard or Repeat Signage Professional. Once the presentation is uploaded then a remote machine/player can play it. Then when a new presentation is uploaded, the remote machine will automatically download and play the new version onto your display screen.

Repeat Signage Standard edition can display presentations on two LCD or plasma screens, whilst the Professional edition can be displayed on up to four screens.

Repeat Signage digital signage software for Windows is available in three versions:

Repeat Signage Standalone

Repeat Signage Standard

Repeat Signage Professional

Standalone is designed for displaying your presentations onto a single LCD or plasma screen; Standard for display on two screens, Professional for display on up to

4 screens. Prices and information

Repeat Signage 2013 digital signage software for Windows, is so easy to use, even a 10 year old child can design a presentation in 25 minutes.

10-year old child challenge

You can download an evaluation of

Repeat Signage 2013 digital signage software for Windows at: www.repeatsoftware.com

RepeatServer lets you create your own

RSS feeds and update these, plus there are over a thousand images for you to download and use in your signage presentations. www.repeatserver.com

• 01754 769967 • [email protected] • www.wedgwood-group.com

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_ 07

3D software: Explore Tudor Life

3D educational software for Amazing

Interactive learning

As the majority of education projectors are 3D-Ready, teachers may find the number of lessons they teach in 3D may increase as more 3D software becomes available on the market. Students put on 3D glasses and their content comes alive as they see objects floating about or take journeys through 3D virtual worlds...

3D software: 3D Biology Tutor

What are the benefits of teaching in 3D?

We previously reported that North

East based UK company Reach-Out

Interactives have dedicated themselves to providing 3D solutions for the classroom.

With intensive research based at Red

House School, Teesside and extensive trials with Texas Instruments at The Abbey

School, Reading and internationally, they are bringing together teachers and content creators to use 3D to aid in explaining often traditionally difficult to teach subjects, and to engage with the latest generation of digital natives.

The main objective of the research is to show how 3D combined with new teaching methodologies can be used to increase engagement, aid learners in understanding and increase knowledge retention.

What the Teachers Say!

"A truly amazing resource to inspire children's learning and bring the fun back into the classroom." Tiffany White, KS2

Coordinator, Red House


What equipment do I need to teach in 3D?

3D capable DLP projector

DLP Link 3D active glasses

3D software

Or you can stack two 3D projectors together for a passive system which uses inexpensive 3D passive glasses.

Reach-Out Interactives publish a wide range of 3D software for primary and secondary edition with new content based on Timber Technologies and

Functional skills for Maths and English.

Reach-Out Interactives is a trading name of Amazing Interactives Ltd.

To find out more about

3D projectors and 3D software please contact:

• 01754 769135

[email protected]

• www.wedgwood-group.com

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3D projection + ultra short throw + long life lamp =

InFocus IN130UST Series is designed with classrooms in mind, offering a range of benefits to help teachers, care for the environment and save you money...

InFocus IN130UST Series

InFocus IN130UST Series

3D capable

3D literally adds a whole new dimension of excitement and accessibility to subjects like Maths, English, History and Sciences that brings teaching to life. With complete

3D support you can project 3D software or connect to a Blu-ray 3D, plus there is a port for a 3D IR emitter.

How does 3D DLP technology work?

DLP (digital light processing) technology uses millions of microscopic mirrors that reflect light to create an image. This imaging technology is so fast, it can actually project two images on the screen at the same time: one for the left eye and one for the right eye. The 3D glasses combine the two images to create an amazing 3D effect.

Ultra-short throw

Compact enough to be mounted, or portable, you can achieve a 100-inch image from 17-inches (43.2cm) away.

When wall mounted to shine on your interactive whiteboard, wall or screen, you reduce shadowing, thus preventing any light glare in your eyes when teaching.

Long life lamp

The cost of consumable replacement projector lamps can sometimes cost as much as the projector itself. InFocus have lowered the cost of ownership with an efficient lamp that lasts up to 5,000 hours

(up to 8,000 hours if used continually in eco mode). Typically, if you use the projector 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, for approximately 39 weeks a year, this adds up to 975 hours. So your projector should last up to around 5 years before needing a replacement lamp. On top of that there are no filters to buy, clean or replace and the

InFocus IN130UST series is rated for 24/7, non-stop operation.

Adding sound to projection

Although most projectors have integrated loudspeakers, InFocus has a microphone input and two 10-watt stereo speakers that act as a room PA system, thus saving further costs of installing a classroom loudspeaker system.

Networking and connectivity

InFocus has included numerous inputs to handle your digital and analogue sources, network management and room control systems.

InFocus IN3920 Series

Interactive projectors

Schools, academies, colleges and universities can further save costs by using interactive projectors. These allow you to project onto a dry-erase whiteboard, projection screen or plain wall, onto which you interact with the supplied interactive pen. Your surface then becomes a collaborative interactive workspace, like having an interactive whiteboard without the board.

With the InFocus IN3920 series of interactive projectors, you can use two wands at the same time.

InFocus IN3920 Series

No special software is needed, so you can interact with the entire web, although they do include some interactive software that you may find comes in handy.

InFocus are happy to come along to your organisation and demonstrate their range of educational projectors. To book your no-obligation demonstration in mainland UK, please telephone: Wedgwood AV Ltd on 01754 769967 or complete our contact form.

For price comparisons and brochures please visit our website www.wedgwood-group.com/infocus.htm

• 01754 769967 • [email protected] • www.wedgwood-group.com

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_ 09

You can transform your existing PC monitor, TV or LCD screen into an interactive touch screen

Epson projectors at

Staffordshire University help science students examine the evidence

Soladapt’s touch screen overlays attach to your monitor, transforming into a touch screen...

Soladapt have brought out a range of touch screen overlays for desktop screen sizes from 17-inch to large format screens up to 132-inch. They are available in various aspect ratios, namely, 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10, with either two point touch, six point touch or 10 point touch when used with

Windows 7 or Windows 8. Compatible with

Windows, Mac and Android software.

Another innovation that brings interactive touch to your laptops is the Soladapt

Windows 8 Touch Pen. This converts a regular laptop into a touch screen device. When the pen is attached, your laptop thinks its a touchscreen and you can take advantage of all that Windows 8 has to offer. Price is around



Attach the touch screen overlay to your monitor using the straps provided

. Plug the cable from the touch screen overlay into a USB point in your computer

. Your monitor is now a touch screen. It’s that simple!

For comparisons of sizes and touch points please visit: www.wedgwood-group.com/ soladapt-touchscreen-overlays.


• 01754 769967

[email protected]

• www.wedgwood-group.com

10 _

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Staffordshire University

Epson EB-Z8000WU

Staffordshire University chooses Epson EB-G5450WU and EB-Z8000WU projectors for new state-of-the-art science department

Staffordshire University has chosen

Epson’s EB-G5450WU and EB-Z8000WU projectors as part of the AV installation in its new state-of-the-art science facility.

Installed in April this year, the three Epson

EB-Z8000WU projectors were selected for the main lecture halls, which seat up to 250 people, due to their 6,000 lumens brightness and range of features suitable for large venues, including full HD picture quality and demanding performance.

42 x EB-G5450WU projectors were also installed and will be used in meeting rooms and science laboratories to display detailed scientific images, such as blood samples, plant cells and forensic materials, in a widescreen format in bright, natural colours.

Epson’s projector range was chosen for several key reasons, including image quality, longer lamp life and a lower total cost of ownership. In addition, the status of all the projectors can be monitored centrally, allowing the University’s support staff to quickly respond to any issues. In working with Epson on the projectors’ installation and learning the full range of their capability, the University’s IT team now qualifies as an Epson Approved

Technical Specialist, empowered to train staff in the projectors’ use and maintain them to a high standard. Staffordshire

University is now planning to install the

Epson projectors as standard across the campus, to be deployed by the qualified IT team, saving on implementation costs.

“In a competitive procurement process,

Epson won out in a number of areas including imaging quality and an improved experience for students,” said Paul

Bossons, IT and Learning Technical

Services Manager, Staffordshire University.

“The new equipment is easier to use and maintain and our IT team now enjoys demonstrating and training other staff members on its range of uses, including connecting the projectors to microscopes and document cameras.”

Epson are happy to come to your school, college, university or academy to demonstrate their range of projectors.

Please call 01754 769967 to book a no-obligation demonstration.

• 01754 769967 • [email protected]

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_ 11

The first ever Bett show was held in 1985 as the ‘Hi Technology and Computers in Education Exhibition’ at the Barbican Centre.

As the use of technology grew, so did the show and in 1993 it moved to London Olympia. In 2013, Bett found a new home at

ExCel, London. The show floor space at ExCel London equals that of 13 Olympic size swimming pools. 2014 marks the Bett show’s 30th year. Every year, more than 700 exhibitors use Bett as a launch pad for products that are new to the educational technology market. For 2014, visitors will have the chance to not only see but get hands on with the latest technologies on offer from the big technology giants down to smaller innovative start ups. Under one roof, visitors can meet with suppliers, evaluate each and ask all the questions needed to make an informed purchasing decision. When considering the ‘cost’ of making the wrong decision, spending a day at Bett is invaluable.

Preview of new technology

January 22-25 2014 ExCel London

Wedgwood AV, suppliers of audio visual equipment to education and public sector, are able to supply you with projectors, whiteboards, the latest multi-touch flat screen panels, visualisers and other

AV equipment. Wedgwood also publish guides to help you choose equipment for your school. www.wedgwood-group.com

NEC will be showcasing new products:

- UMi series interactive UST projectors

with DisplayNote wireless collaboration


- E-series professional displays

- M-series education eco-projectors

For a full list of products, exhibitors and travel directions at Bett 2014, please visit: www.bettshow.com

Powered by Hitachi StarBoard software,

Hitachi Solutions multi-touch 20-inch interactive panels, make lessons more vibrant and inspiring. Use in a classroom with an interactive whiteboard, or use it with a computer and video projector for powerful interactive presentations in large auditoriums. Hitachi Solutions’

65-inch Full HD, six-point touch panel means six students can work together simultaneously whilst teachers make use of gesture controls.

12 _

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Prize winners

Congratulations to Catherine Whitehead of Burton and South

Derbyshire College, winner of an NEC 23” wide LCD monitor in our prize draw from issue 8 of Teaching Technology for Education.

The NEC E231W 23” wide LCD monitor with

TN TFT display and LED backlight is ideal for office use in schools, colleges and universities.

With the highly efficient LED panel technology this saves more than 50% energy. Information on your carbon footprint is recorded on the unique integrated Carbon Meter.

The monitor has a height adjustable stand

(110mm), swivel (20 degrees) and portrait

(90 degrees). Plus an ambient light sensor for optimised brightness levels.

NEC offer a 3 year RTB warranty including the backlight.

The competition asked you to answer the following question:

What information can be found on NEC’s unique integrated Carbon Meter?

Catherine’s entry was the first drawn at random from all correct answers: ‘Information on your carbon footprint’.

NEC are happy to come to your school, college, university or academy to demonstrate their short throw projectors, interactive projectors, LCD monitors and touchscreens. Please call 01754 769967 to book a demo.

When you subscribe free to Teaching Technology or Healthcare Technology, you will be automatically entered into the ongoing monthly prize draw to win digital signage for your organisation.


Repeat Signage Standard Edition digital signage software

Congratulations to the 10 winners, all drawn at random from Issue 8 who have now received their software licences:

Y ou can download a trial version of Repeat Signage at www.repeatsoftware.com

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_ 13

Collaborative learning

Are we seeing a shift from traditional learning to teambased collaborative learning?

TOP-TEC Synergy

As your students use own devices - smart phones, tablets and iPods - and share apps with friends, it becomes second nature to them to share interests and to naturally work and learn in team-based collaboration...

In our last issue of Teaching

Technology for Education, we looked at options when your whiteboards and projectors reach the end of their useful life. These included replacing same; opting for an allin-one interactive whiteboard/ projector system; choosing an interactive projector where you write on a dry-erase board or even a wall, with a special pen; or purchasing large format LCD interactive touch displays, some of which include educational software. If you missed the feature and would like to read a copy then please feel free to download this and circulate amongst colleagues or share the link. www.teachingtechnology.co.uk/



When I walked into our local library after school time, I noticed a big change there.

The rows of computers still line the walls with students and adults alike making full use of these (there were even children waiting to use them), but now there are also tables for small groups of friends to collaborate and work together. So let’s have a look and see what manufacturers’ have to offer you as a solution to encourage collaborative learning.

Before we start, let’s take a look at

Windows 8 and how this helps with collaboration. There is a Remote

Desktop that lets you get to your files and apps from anywhere. So even when you’re away from your desk, you can work on your files and apps on any of your PCs. There are a few options open to you. Where you want to sync your files across computers, you can install

SkyDrive desktop app on them and this creates a SkyDrive folder on your computer. When you save your files in that folder any changes you make syncs across your computers and SkyDrive.

com You can sign into SkyDrive.com and see a list of your files and apps on your PC. Choose the file you want, make changes and these will save onto your local PC. Using the Fetch Files option you can fetch files on your PC from other devices. Your students are probably quite familar with sharing apps and working in collaboration.

An amusing incident I’ll share with you.

I wanted to share a photo on my smart phone with a friend, who asked how do you get the photo from your phone to mine. Her 11 year old daughter took the phone off her mum, accessed Bluetooth to link up with my smart phone and asked me to send the photo over. She then switched on the TV, sent the photo over and viewed it on that device. Her mum just stood there open-mouthed.

Back to Windows 8, you can now do more with multiple monitors. You can talk to remote colleagues or friends via

Skype™ messenger service on one monitor; and view an app on a second monitor. Some apps are easier to work with when they are spread across two or more monitors. When you connect additional monitors to your Windows 8 or Windows RT PC, you can use the four corners of any monitor to open the Start screen, charms or your recent apps; open apps from the Windows store on one monitor and desktop apps on any of them. You can move apps from the

Windows store to another monitor and move apps to the left, centre and right on a monitor and then to the next monitor by pressing Windows logo key and right arrow or Windows logo key and Shift and left arrow.

Source of Windows 8 information obtained from: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/ how-to http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows-8/ remote-desktop http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows-8/ multiple-monitors

SMART Table 442i multi-touch for 8 students

Multi-touch tables


SMART Table 442i 42-inch interactive table helps young learners grow together socially and academically, allowing them to learn and play to inspire centre-based learning and active collaboration. This 42-inch high definition (HD) interactive table supports 40 touches based on SMARTs DViT technology.

Up to 8 pupils can learn together. With an anti-scratch and anti-spill resistant surface and sturdy pedestal, this horizontal 360 degree surface is easy for your pupils to gather round, including pupils in wheelchairs or with limited motor skills.


According to Promethean, collaborative skills are increasingly recognised as critical for success in later study, adult life and in work.

ActivTable offers you and your students a vehicle for building 21st century skills such as communication, creativity and critical thinking. Up to 6 students can work around the ActivTable with each student accessing interactive tools to accomplish an individual task in order to achieve a common group objective.

TOP-TEC Synergy

Top-Tec Synergy is ideal for libraries, museums, colleges and universities where collaborative teaching and learning is encouraged.

For more details on collaborative tables please visit www.wedgwood-group.com/ interactive_tables.htm

Promethean ActivTable multi-touch table or 6 students eBeam Connect collaboration tool eBeam Connect - cloud collaboration tool www.ebeamconnect.com

eBeam Edge for Education is widely used in schools as a portable whiteboard system.

You simply attach the eBeam to an existing dry-wipe whiteboard or a plain wall and it becomes interactive. You then ‘write’ on the wall with the special pen or you can access the Internet via your computer and annotate. eBeam now have a bracket that can mount an Edge making a non-interactive LCD interactive. For more information please visit: www.wedgwood-group.com/ebeam_products.htm To help your students collaborate, eBeam Connect is a cloud collaboration tool for teachers and students to create inspiring content and learn together. As a web application there is nothing to download or install. Anyone with a device that has access to the Internet can join to view and collaborate on your lesson. iiyama optical touch iiyama infrared touch iiyama capacitive touch

14 _

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TOP-TEC Synergy is available in two heights, sitting and standing, and in three designs; standard, teardrop or plectrum. Display screen sold separately.

For comparison charts, prices and manufacturers brochures please visit www.wedgwood-group.com

For demonstrations and sales enquiries in the UK please contact • 01754 769967 • [email protected]

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Hitachi LED65 multi-touch display Hitachi 20-inch interactive panel

Hitachi FHD6500 interactive display

LCD touch screens

Hitachi LED interactive displays

Hitachi LED65 and the 20-inch interactive panels are powered by StarBoard software making it ideal as an alternative to an interactive whiteboard and projector, for schools, colleges and universities.

Hitachi FHD6500 65-inch interactive panel

(white bezel), has 4 point multi-touch and gestures, ideal for collaborative learning or training. This model comes with RM Easytech software. You could use interactive (touch screen) digital signage software and a media player, to show students how to design digital signage presentations. For comparisons and brochures please visit: www.wedgwood-group.


Mitsubishi LCD and touch screen displays


Mitsubishi have a range of large format LCD displays and touch screen overlays which are designed to fit over the LCD screen transforming it into an interactive touch screen.

Mitsubishi also have a range of touch screen displays with various touch properties, such as Dispersive Signal Touch (DST), Surface

Capacitive Touch (SCT) and Optical Sensing

Touch (OST). It will depend on your application as to which touch technology will be best suited for your needs. For example, Optical Sensing is where the sensor is installed behind the original Mitsubishi bezel and offers Windows

7 dual touch capability. Ideal solution where handwriting and creative drawing are the principle requirements. For comparisons and brochures please visit: www.wedgwood-group.

com/mitsubishi_tft_lcd_monitor_range.htm iiyama International iiyama manufacturer a wide range of desktop monitors and large format displays. iiyama touch monitors are available in a range of touch technologies to suit varying applications. The

ProLite T2336MSC multi-touch is based on

Projected capacitive technology (PCT). The screen is covered with a glass layer and is scratch-resistant. Even if the screen is scratched the touch function remains unaffected. All the multi-touch functionality is available, including browsing the web, emailing and drawing on multiple screens, docking and or typing on the on-screen keyboard. The 10-point multi-touch function is supported under Windows® 8. The iiyama large format monitors come with or without multi touch functionality. These commercial IPS

LCD screens are ideal from anywhere in the classroom. Unlike interactive whiteboards there is no shadows or reduction in image performance to contend with. Furthermore they are ideal for interactive digital signage to update students and teachers on activities. For comparisons and brochures please visit: www.wedgwood-group.


InFocus BigTouch

InFocus BigTouch 55 Touch PC is an all-in-one

5-point touch screen/PC. Effectively a big tablet, it comes with Windows 8 so that you can run all

Windows apps, even older ones, in touch mode.

Also available in 70-inch. This makes it ideal for schools, colleges and universities as teachers and students are able to swipe or gesture and collaborate on work. For comparisons and brochures please visit: www.wedgwood-group.


iiyama ProLite with PCT 10-point touch iiyama ProLite with PCT 10-point touch iiyama ProLite with Infrared 6-point touch

InFocus BigTouch 5-point touch PC

16 _

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BenQ TL650 LED interactive display

BenQ’s interactive dual touch displays are designed to encourage collaborative learning and team building in education. TL650 65” LED interactive display is ideal for education and can be bought with or without SMART Notebook collaborative licence. It is energy efficient, networkable and allows you to assemble several displays as a large one to accommodate multiple windows or other usages that require a large screen. With the built-in DVI port, you can splice an image into 1x2 to 5x5 screens for flexible placement of images. The display uses optical touch and you can touch the screen to pan, zoom and scroll images with two fingers. This eliminates the need for a mouse or keyboard, so you can operate education software or presentations like using a tablet to enjoy an engaging experience.

For comparisons and brochures please visit: www.wedgwood-group.


CTOUCH Leddura touch displays

CTOUCH large format touch displays are ideal for use in the classroom or around the college campus. CTOUCH now includes Smoothboard tablet collaboration software that allows you to share your computer screen among multiple colleagues or students with mobile devices such as iPads, Android tablets and smartphones. Smoothboard

Air will stream up to 40 devices simultaneously.

For comparisons and brochures please visit: www.wedgwood-group.


BenQ’s interactive displays

NEC LED-backlit multi-touch displays

NEC MultiSync® V651TM 65-inch multitouch display has integrated speakers and comes with a dual slot so you can slot-in an optional NEC PC. It is ideal as an interactive public display whiteboard for the classroom. With tempered glass for safety, you can have up to 4 simultaneous touch points, Windows 7 compliant, Mac and Linux driver support.

It comes with free DisplayNote Presenter licence so you can present, share and collaborate with multiple participants across multiple devices.

For comparisons and brochures please visit: www.wedgwoodgroup.com/nec_tft_lcd_monitor_range.htm

Wedgwood AV, suppliers of AV equipment to education, public sector, healthcare and businesses are able to arrange onsite demonstrations for many products.

Manufacturers brochures, prices and product comparisons are available in the UK from:

• Wedgwood AV Ltd

• 01754 769967

[email protected]

• www.wedgwood-group.com

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_ 17

Syngergy collaborative learning desks

information that they use together to solve simulated and challenging problems.

Active learning methods require learning spaces that have evolved from the traditional lecture theatre - now seen as a one-dimensional environment that supports students learning from the teacher - to spaces where students can be actively engaged in their own learning, discussing and solving simulated problems, whilst learning from each other as well as from the teacher. Strategies such as this develop a deeper and more sustainable learning that is truly inspirational, and creates trusting and energetic learning communities.

The solution

Using Top-Tec’s Synergy Tables, the

School of Life Sciences at the University of Bradford has created a learning environment that optimises the use of their new team-based active learning strategy. Pharmacy students work together in teams to apply new course material, discussing and debating issues with their peers in order to solve challenging problems.

Students study course content, which would previously have been delivered as a lecture, as bespoke student guides which include learning resources written or sourced by their teachers. Students are encouraged to and rewarded for studying these packs prior to the teambased learning class.

In small teams there is nowhere to hide; everyone prepares, contributes, and works together in a supportive community; students deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills, raising their academic ability and enhancing their employment potential.

The benefits

Student-centred team-based learning not only increases academic outcomes, but it also enhances the student university experience. Learning becomes more inspirational, stimulating an evolution of curriculum design and delivery as

Bradford develops its ‘inspirational place to work’ philosophy. For comparisons please visit: www.wedgwood-group.com/ top-tec_collaborative_working_tables.htm

TOP-TEC will happily come along to your university, college, academy, teaching hospital or library to plan space for Synergy collaborative tables. Available in rectangle, plectrum and tear drop shapes with chairs in a range of colours. To book your no-obligation appointment please telephone Wedgwood AV on 01754 769967.

18 Synergy tables promote collaborative learning

A plug socket, HDMI port, network connection port and USB ports are all incorporated into Synergy’s mast. The standard

KVM switch swaps video, audio and all other inputs between

PCs, laptops and other devices connected to the screen

(supplied separately, sizes 37-65” diagonal).

University of Bradford

School of Life Sciences - Pharmacy

Pharmacy undergraduates utilise a suite of TOP-TEC

18 Synergy tables that advance team-based learning skills.

Teams of 5-6 students work together applying their new knowledge to solve challenging and significant problems.

Learners are engaged in team and class discussions enabling a deeper understanding of course content. Team-based learning also develops skills in the workplace, for example, team-working, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, whilst cultivating a higher level of confidence in students that traditional teaching methods fail to achieve.

The background

For almost 50 years, Bradford has been a forward-thinking, modern and student-orientated University with a thriving and vibrant student community.

Bradford constantly invests in its campus buildings to ensure students are exposed to world class learning and teaching environments, engaging social and informal learning spaces, as well as other facilities that contribute to a welcoming and innovative campus.

The situation

Learning and teaching is evolving; modern student-entred active learning methods provide students with an engaging learning experience, a deeper understanding of their subjects, whilst equipping them with the collaborative and problem-solving skills that go forward with them into the workplace.

These new active learning methods require modern well equipped rooms that support students working together in small teams, accessing, discussing, and debating web-based

18 _

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• 01754 769967 • [email protected] • www.wedgwood-group.com

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All Saints' Primary School,

Thurlestone took up our challenge to design a new display for their school foyer

Last issue we showed how we had designed a simple digital signage presentation that an estate agent might use, taking us 15 minutes (once the signage was installed on our computer).

We invited a 10-year junior school girl to follow the screen shots and instructions and 25 minutes later her design was finished. Then we left her to design her own creation which she said was great fun. You can read the article on line at www.teachingtechnology.co.uk/


Details of our school challenge www.teachingtechnology.co.uk/repeatsignage-challenge.htm

All Saints'


School, Thurlestone, is a thriving village school set in a breathtaking position overlooking fields and the sea, for children age

2 to 11. Year 6 children took up our school challenge to design a new display for their school foyer...

20 _

Copyright © 2013 Wedgwood AV Ltd. Suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK. 01754 769967 www.wedgwood-group.com

Project: The Foyer Team

Report to: Repeat Software as part of the

Partnership work with All Saint's Primary

School, Thurlestone, IQ7 3NB.

The Brief: To prepare a new display for the school foyer.

The Scene (Presented by Mr Haysom)

A small team gathered from Year 6 following their return from a successful

Activities Week in July 2013. We were asked to prepare a suitable foyer message for the new school year. The team who volunteered were Gemma, Rosie, Milo and

Tommy - aided by Mr Haysom (ICT).

We brainstormed what the theme should be. Various ideas were tried and discussed

- the for and against - all the different possibilites being carefully considered. It was agreed we would use the pictures from the various events and the many activities we have enjoyed in this school year as this shows the like in our brilliant school. The team felt they would like to use PowerPoint (we needed to check this was feasible). An email to the supplier

(Independent Products Ltd) established it was possible to convert and insert a

PowerPoint into the display. This pleased the group as it was easy to pull together

(as we are short of time this last week of term!) and we needed to meet the Friday

19th deadline.

Planning and paper roughs were used to finalise and improve layout and the

Mark I paper thoughts and planning.

Revisions agreed and Repeat Signage software was used to build the draft Mark

IV using signage. Pupils saying, "easy to use as it is much like using the normal

MicroSoft progammes". A latest news item came in - that new school websites are ready, so the Stop Press Text was added to the bottom of the screen. The team making real progress now!

Proud of their achievement

Work in progress by Year 6 children

Brainstorming and discussions about clear fonts and speeds of scrolling text were tried and tested on the software. We applied these to Mark IV to test on the monitor. Then came an issue. The logo for the school did not have a blue green background, but because we shared and demonstrated the display plan, a solution was found. The school administrator showed us how to use Paint to fill the white background. The colour pallet we found was the same in Repeat Signage as it was in Paint,

"what a bonus we all said!"

Back to the final tweaks to ensure PowerPoint was ready for conversion. We all decided that the "fancy" transitions were best taken out to make it clearer. These done and all put together, we were able to convert - but the software support team came to our rescue and we now have a quality picture display on the foyer screen for the welcome of the new school year in September.

The team's request for help was how to get the background of the logo to blue green to match the rest of the background colour.

How do we get the PowerPoint to work in place of our cottage picture.

Comments on the software:

Fun and easy to use, online videos helped. It worked on our standard school laptops and PCs, looks professional, has many great tools which we were not able to explore. We had a couple of freezes during build but by saving at each step nothing was lost.

The team liked the clocks, analogue for the little ones in the school and backed up by a digital clock, we also liked the date being built in too.

We shall extend the use of Repeat

Signage software to Year 5 and Year 6 in the 2013/2014 school year and know it will serve the school well. It was a good, fun task in a busy week with a good outcome. Richard Haysom (ICT).

Thank you All Saints'

Thank you to Mr Haysom and his Year 6 team - Gemma, Rosie, Milo and Tommy. You did an excellent job and did your school proud. All Saints' have received a complimentary Repeat Signage digital signage software licence as a thank you for taking part in our School Challenge to design a digital signage prsentation. http://www.allsaintsthurlestone.co.uk

Is your school up to the challenge?

Children and students from primary, secondary and further education are invited to send in their report and pictures of their digital signage presentation. Published features will earn their school a licence for Repeat Signage Standard digital signage software for Windows. The Standard licence covers one computer that is playing Repeat Signage onto one or two display screens. You can schedule your presentations to run at various times of the day or week. It also supports remote updating and touch screen support. Online help, trainng videos, free RSS creation. School Challenge Download www.repeatsoftware.com/downloads.aspx

Teaching resource

Repeat Signage can be downloaded and installed on a school's server, and used as a teaching resource. Students can learn a new skill - how to design digital signage presentations. Their presentation can then be 'played' onto their laptop or PC screen.

After 10 minutes, a 'trial version' message is displayed. However, this is long enough for students to view their work and teachers to mark it. If you then want to display your presentation on a large screen in your foyer/reception area, then purchasing a licence key will remove the trial message. Download Repeat Signage

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_ 21

NEC solution for digital signage displays in education

NEC has launched the E-Series of energy-saving, commercial-grade, LCD displays for education and digital signage applications. Ideal in reception areas, college and university public areas and restaurants, you can display information on your up-coming events and school life.

As an alternative to projectors and interactive whiteboards, some schools and colleges are replacing end of life products with LCD displays and interactive LCD touch screen displays for classroom teaching.

LCD displays can also be used in reception area, in public areas and around the campus, to inform students, teachers, parents and visitors of lunch time menus, students artwork, after-school clubs, and upcoming events. Also ideal for leisure and museums and conferencing.

When budgets are tight, high-end displays are not an option. NEC has come up with a solution - the E-Series.

NEC MultiSync® E-Series

In sizes 32”, 42”, 46” and 55”, the E-Series is a minimalistic entry level line which is positioned blelow the NEC V-Series and is aimed at cost-conscious education and public sector customers who have used

TV-grade displays for their signage in the past.

The E-Series has many features, including Full high definition (HD

1920x1080), the latest edge-LED backlight technology (65” has direct-

LED) to help you save on energy, comprehensive connectivity including

RS232 and 3 x HDMI ports. There is a USB picture viewer, integrated speaker, all in a slim, sleek stylish design with a narrow bezel. NEC have warranted the displays for 12/7 usage per day for 3 years.

NEC E-Series

22 _

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Schools that have old projectors stored away can trade them in for cash and help the environment...

It’s a simple process:

Describe your returned projector

Receive an instant TradeIn quotation

Accept an online quotation

Ship your pre-owned projector using provided shipping label together with a proof of purchase for an NEC projector

Receive your payment in the preselected form

When you make your next projector purchase an NEC you could trade-in your old projector for cash and take comfort that you are doing your part in preserving resources and creating a sustainable environment. Full detailed information on the ReTrade programme is available at: www.nec-display-solutions.com/retrade

So what happens to any projectors I return to NEC?

85% of the returned projectors will be refurbished and returned to the market meaning fewer hazardous substances require disposing of, vastly less material are wasted and fewer new resources are unnecessarily consumed. Purchases and trade-ins are welcomed by NEC and virtually any common projector is covered within three month after purchase of the new NEC projector.

NEC ReTrade programme is available in: Austria, Belgium, France,

Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands, UK and the Republic of Ireland.

NEC UMi Series

• 01754 769967 • [email protected] • www.wedgwood-group.com

NEC demonstrations

NEC are happy to come along to your place of learning to demonstrate their range of portable, short throw, ultra short throw and interactive education projectors, and range of LCD display screens. To arrange a no-obligation appointment please telephone:

Wedgwood AV Ltd on 01754 769967 (an NEC Solutions Plus registered reseller).

For prices, quotations, NEC brochures and comparison charts please visit: www.wedgwood-group.com/nec.htm

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_ 23

Professional digital signage players

A large format LCD display screen in your school reception area providing information of current activities, upcoming events and promoting other services within the school, via digital signage software, can easily be updated by the receptionist. For example, when important visitors are expected, a simple welome text message can easily be keyed-in to scroll along the bottom of the screen. Also useful for advising on fire drills, etc.

You could use a spare computer to run your digital signage software presentation onto the display screen, however, there are professional signage players on the market that are designed specifically for this purpose.

We tested a Nexcom NDiS 125-L digital signage player with

Windows operating system. We were impressed by how quiet it was, no noisy fan. A fanless, embedded computer powered by Intel® Atom™ D525, it has low power consumption and a powerful NVIDIA ION2 GPU graphics card. The player can handle very rich multimedia contents, and supports display output by VGA and HDMI ports. NDiS 125-L with either embedded or full Windows operating system, is ideal as an entry level digital signage player for advertising and brand promotion.

Nexcom have brought out two new models in the NDiS range; the M422 and the M532. The M422 specifically designed to be compliant with OPS (Open Pluggable Standard) which means it enables easier installation, usage, maintenance and upgrades.

Powered by AMD G Series T56N 1.65GHz Dual-Core APU with high graphic performance and low power consumption, the

NDiS M422 is a powerful media player for digital signage applications.

NDiS M422

The M532 model is 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor and

Intel® integrated HD 4000 graphic engine, it has USB 3.0 and

W/LAN TV tuner support and can fit into a myriad of OPS-panels and yet is compact in size and can maximise visual impacts for digital signage applications. For comparisons, prices and brochures please visit: www.wedgwood-group.com/nexcom_ digital_signage_players.htm

24 _

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Privacy filters keep information private

Using 3M™ microlouver technology the filter gives you full 60 degree privacy protection on either side, protecting sensitive information from unauthorised viewing. With a light matte finish the filter can help to reduce glare offering a solution for screen privacy and especially for e-assessment exams.

3M™ black privacy filter for desktop monitors

Teachers and school administration staff working on sensitive data such as students' personal information, students' examination results, school accounts and online banking, etc., may be interested to learn that privacy filters are available to help protect sensitive information from unauthorised viewing.

In colleges and universities, libraries and museums, where there are open plan reception and office areas, on-screen privacy may well be an issue. The use of privacy filters is beneficial during exam times as a lot of exams are now moving down the e-assessment (on-line examinations) route. With guidelines that exist stating that desks need to be placed a certain distance apart and separated by dividers, it can be an expensive and laborious process for schools to implement. Privacy filters offer an easier and less expensive solution, allowing more computers and students in a smaller space (the filters also comply with JCQ regulations).

3M™ have developed a black filter to fit widescreen desktop monitors available in varying sizes. With a simple attachment system the filter can be removed for screen sharing. Using 3M™ microlouver technology the filter gives you full 60 degree privacy protection from either side of the monitor, thus protecting your information. The filter is available in reversible glossy finish or matte finish, the latter reduces discomfort from screen glare.

LCD desktop monitors and touchscreens already fitted with

3M™ privacy filter are also available.

3M™ black privacy filters and gold privacy filters are also available for Notebook computers and Macbooks, whilst 3M™ black privacy screen protector is available for use on Apple® iPad® 2 / iPad® 3rd Gen (Landscape) tablets. 3M™ gold privacy filters offer nearly twice the privacy; protecting from above and below, as well as the side and offer 14% better viewing clarity compared to the black filters. They also appear a vibrant gold colour from the side view, giving an obvious privacy warning.

3M™ black privacy filter for desktop monitors

3M™ Gold privacy filter for laptops

Furthermore, there is privacy protection for tablets and mobile phones. For dual orientation tablets (landscape/portrait), you can keep your information private or share it with others by simply changing the orientation of your tablet screen.

3M™ black privacy filter for laptops and tablets

• 01754 769967 • [email protected] • www.wedgwood-group.com

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_ 25

DDA Compliant furniture

Founded in 1451, the University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world...

As a member of the prestigious Russell Group of leading UK research universities, the student experience using audio visual technology is at the heart of everyday university life. With over

3000 lecturers at the University the requirements for presenting, lecturing and learning are extremely diverse.

The University as a whole is focused on inclusiveness and meeting the current Equality Act obligations, the AV/IT team led by Brian

Husband work towards ensuring that all AV furniture is DDA

Compliant. In addition, the many listed buildings across the university campuses create the need for audio visual furniture that fits both the requirements of the academics and the building space. Here are two projects that JM Supplies are particularly proud of.

The Kelvin Gallery and Kelvin Building

JM Supplies sought to address the needs of wheelchair access and the varied heights of lecturers by designing and manufacturing the DDA range. This range does not meet every criteria of the current Equality Act but does go some way to address some of the key areas.

All of their electric height adjustable desks and lecterns work with a touch of a button either up or down. They have an anti-collision mechanism built in to ensure no finger trapping or coffee mug incidents can occur. The actuators they use do not interfere with


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any of the AV equipment or hearing loops that may be installed into the lectern or desk. JM Supplies have worked with Brian and his team, and AV Integrators to develop a number of lecterns that work with the academic requirements, DDA Compliance and fit within the University’s architectural needs.

Induction loop systems

A hearing enhancement system, using induction loop, infrared or radio transmission, should ideally be installed in rooms used for meetings, lectures, classes, performances, spectator sports or films, and used at service and reception counters where the background noise level is high or where glazed screens are used.

A range of both portable and installed induction loop systems are available from SigNET.

SigNET portable loop kits are ideal for placing on desks for person to person contact and cover a range of approximately 1.2m2

JM Supplies are happy to come along to your organisation and advise on a range of lecterns, desks and furniture to suit your requirements. To book your no-obligation demonstration in mainland UK, please telephone: Wedgwood AV Ltd on 01754

769967 or complete our contact form.

For price comparisons and brochures please visit our website www.wedgwood-group.


SigNET PDA Pro-Range Loop Kit with optional wall or 2U

19-inch rack mount kit, covers 200m2, 500m2, or 900m2.

• 01754 769967 • [email protected] • www.wedgwood-group.com

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_ 27


Shopping List

Soladapt touch screen overlays

InFocus educational projectors



Projector compar ood-group.com

, Canon, C itachi, InFocus isons asio,


Eiki, Epson, H

Mitsubishi, NEC, Opt


, Sony, ViewS onic, Vivitek www.wedgw


Please telephone on

01754 769967 for manufacturer brochures and quotations.

No obligation onsite demonstrations on many brands.





• Touchscreen o verlays

, Samsung,

Mitsubishi, Panasonic

SMART Board o verlay, Soladapt www.wedgw




SigNET portable loop kit

Epson passive 3D technology twin-stacked projector system

• INDUCTION LOOPS www.wedgwood-group.com

• Portable loops

• Installed loops

• Counter loops www.wedgwood-group. com/induction_loops.htm

Optoma ultra-short throw projector





By brightness

By weight


By type - in

Ready, HD R teractive, 3D ull HD www.wedgw



Free Audio Visual guides from Wedgwood AV

Wedgwood AV Ltd, suppliers of audio visual equipment into local education authorities, government, schools, academies, colleges, universities and training establishments, since 1996, produce a series of FREE audio visual guides for its customers.

For your FREE guides please visit


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Wedgwood AV supplier of:

Audio visual equipment

iiyama touch screen monitor

LCD MONIT www.wedgw

iiyama, M

ORS ors ors.co.uk

Touchscr eens - lar ge format,


including models f

3M, Clev

or 24/7 use

Mitsubishi, NEC, S

Touchscr www.touch-scr

amsung, Shar




Repeat Signage 2013

Standalone digital signage software worth £125+VAT with every purchase order

£500 or over.

Tel: 01754 769967



• Lecterns and desks

JM Supplies, OPTI,

Turning Leaf

Rack mount tr olley cabinets

JM Supplies, S ahara, TOP-TEC,

Turning Leaf

• Interactive tables

Promethean A ctiv Table,


, TOP-TEC Syner gy

om www.wedgw


InFocus BigTouch



Full product list www.wedgwood-group.com

Hitachi Starboar short throw pr d and ultr ojector a




Hitachi StarB oard, Panasonic

ActivBoards, SM


, Promethean

ART Boards

ART Podium


TOP-TEC Synergy

Wedgwood AV Ltd

Supplier of projectors and presentation equipment throughout the UK.

Projectors, projector lamps, projector screens, projector mounts and trolleys

Whiteboards, LCD monitors, DICOM medical monitors, touchscreens, interactive products, lecterns, security products, digital signage, audio, LED lighting and other presentation equipment. Full list of products.

We do not supply to home users.

Tel: 01754 769967 Fax orders: 01754 768036

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AV Limited

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Untitled-1 1 9/11/10 10:10:25

Týn Church

Old Town Square


The Old Town Square, Prague

UKTI visit to Prague

by Linda S. Adams

Situated in the heart of Europe, Prague is a beautiful city, full of architecture styles, a wealth of monuments, music and nostalgia.

Arriving at the Hotel Grand Majestic Plaza in Prague, I joined a party of 32 business people headed for the British Embassy on a two day research visit.

The UKTI (UK Trade & Investment) in Yorkshire and The Humber organised the visit of delegates to research into exporting to the

Czech Republic. With a well developed and highly competitive IT market with demanding customers, ICT is now recognised as one of the most important areas of the Czech economy.

The first thing they do at the British Embassy is offer you a cup of tea and a warm welcome. Here we had the opportunity to talk to interesting people, including Helena and Simona from City &

Guilds, Vikki Aiden from the English International School in Prague and Jeff Buehler, Deputy Director of Prague College.

Jon Rowley, Principal of Train EQ, and a qualified English teacher, now living in the Czech Republic told me, “Education is important to the Czech people. Even the receptionist in a local business is likely to have a degree, and lifelong learning and training is ongoing.”

Prague College, the British University in Prague, is a university of opportunity. Located in one of the most beautiful areas of Prague

- Vinohrady, next to a large park, 5 minutes from the commercial and historical center of Prague (Wenceslas Square), it is situated in a fit-for-purpose, reconstructed historical building offering a great place to study and relax.

Students from more than 80 countries are enrolled at Prague

College on a variety of programmes across three schools:

Business, Art & Design and IT & Computing. Along with the

In the Czech Republic, children attend primary school from age

6 to 15 (they have a 9 year education system), and secondary school (high school) is for 4 years, from age 15 to 19.

At the English International School, located in Libus, a suburb of

Prague, their commitment is to create and maintain a safe, happy and child-centred environment in which children are inspired to activities and events organised by their Research Centre, the

Humanities Society and Student Council, they offer a wide range of great opportunities to enjoy the experience of an international university environment. Over the past year some of the 550 students and faculty took part in conferences and exhibitions in

Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, France, Singapore, Serbia,

Slovakia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, the United States and of course Czech Republic and Great Britain.

One of the business and educational products available in become purposeful life long learners. They provide an education based upon the English National Curriculum in an international context for pupils aged 2-18 years old, with a range of abilities.

Prague and across Europe and Great Britain, is Repeat Signage

Standalone digital signage software for Windows. So easy to use, a 10 year old school girl designed a presentation in 20 minutes.

Repeat Signage allows still and moving images to be displayed on

30 _

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small or large screens, which can be updated from somewhere in the building. Different presentations can be screened at varying times, for instance, displaying student artwork in the morning, menus over lunchtime and details of after school clubs or messages for parents. Repeat Signage is available as

Standalone, Standard or Professional editions, all with touch screen support.

Publishers of this UK developed software,

Repeat Software Ltd., are encouraging teachers to download Repeat Signage for their students to use in class, to gain another skill and contribute to their school’s communication system.

Whilst discussing IT & Computing, Jeff

Buehler told us that Prague College has digital signage software running on screens around the college campus, as a communication system for its staff and students. The college is well equipped with IT equipment.

Prague College’s Deputy Director, Jeff Buehler, holds a BA in English from the University of

Wisconsin, Madison and a postgraduate

MA in Applied Educational Leadership and

Management with the Institute of Education,

University of London. In recognition of his crucial role in setting up the direction of the college and its environment and culture, he was given an Honorary Founder award at the Graduation Ceremony in 2009. Prior to joining Prague College, Jeff was a teacher who then became deeply involved in the

Czech and international art scenes, and edited the contemporary art magazine Umelec

International, helping to bring it to audiences around the world.

Prague College’s Director and Founder,

Douglas Hajek, MBA, BA (Hons), is originally from Edmonton in Canada. Doug completed secondary school in Italy and after working in Canada and Japan, he settled in Prague in 1990. Doug holds primary responsibility for the strategic development of the college, and for the accreditation and development of their programs with Teesside University,

Edexel, LCCI International Qualifications, the Czech Ministry of Education and other partner colleges and universities around the world. Co-founder and publisher of Yazzyk magazine, Doug is interested in all aspects of transnational education, especially in national and international systems of quality assurance and enhancement.

After our British Embassy visit, there was free time to take in the sights, with Gothic towers and famous landmarks just waiting to be explored in this vibrant city. Prague Castle overlooks the Charles Bridge which spans the

Vltava river, connecting the Old Town to the

Lesser Town. A visit to the Old Town Square is a must, home to the famous astronomical clock and Tyn Church. It is said that Tyn

Church gave Walt Disney the inspiration for

Sleeping Beauty’s castle. True or not, its

Gothic towers are truly awe-inspiring. And so is the wonderful city of Prague.

The Charles Bridge, Prague

Lesser Town Bridge Tower, Prague

Prague College, Prague, Czech Republic www.praguecollege.cz

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